Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 365

Yang Kai clearly didn’t want to resolve their grievances peacefully, so he had taken the initiative to pull out those two eagle feathers, which allowed him to exact his revenge immediately!

Listening to him, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both looked indifferent, not showing the slightest surprise. It seemed as though they had long ago noticed the subtle tension here.

The two Blood Warriors simply remained silent and stared towards Yang Kai, curious to know how he would resolve things.

The task the Blood Warriors had received this time was only to safely pick up the Yang Family’s descendants and escort them back. There had received no other instructions. They had only forced the Nan and Xiang Family masters into such a pitiful state because of the Golden Feather Eagle’s injuries.

Now though, if Yang Kai were to look for trouble with these people, that would be his personal matter and the two Blood Warriors would absolutely not intervene!

They had sworn loyalty to the Yang Family, not Yang Kai. In other words, Yang Kai was not qualified to order them to do anything. Only if his life was in immediate danger would the two Blood Warriors act.

As they glanced around, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian suddenly felt that this time’s mission to pick up their Little Lord would be very interesting.

All of them were members of the Yang Family. Each of them had eyes higher than the top of their heads, so Yang Kai’s aggressive and unrestrained behaviour actually quite suited their appetites.

At that moment, both of them were actually looking forward to his performance.

Xiang Chu let out a bitter laugh before asking, “How does Young Master Yang intend to settle things?”

Since the other’s fists were bigger, Xiang Chu had no choice but to humble himself.

Xu Lao also endured the pain from his severed limb and frowned, “Though it may be too late for me to speak so, but as the saying goes, one shouldn’t be too rigid with their grudges. Having one more friend is always better than one more enemy. Young Master Yang, you will soon be participating in the Yang Family’s Inheritance War, yes? Please think twice before acting rashly.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became cold, snorting disdainfully, “Think twice you say? Bullshit!”

As soon as his voice fell, two blood-red petals suddenly flew out from his body.

These two petals gave off an odd floral fragrance that seemed to linger about everyone’s nose.

Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia!

The petals swayed and floated mid-air before suddenly turning into two red streaks that flashed across the battlefield.

Two ripping sounds immediately rang out, and soon after, Xie Rong of the Thunder Light Sect and Li Fu of Soaring Rainbow Court fell motionless to the ground.

Everyone in the audience was shocked!

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian also couldn’t help looking towards Yang Kai in surprise. The Nan Family and Xiang Family members also nervously glanced around at one another.

It seems that no one had expected that under the watchful eyes of all these people Yang Kai still dared to kill.

Once Xie Rong and Li Fu died, the remaining disciples from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court could only stand there dumbfound, staring towards Yang Kai in horror with an icy chill encompassing their entire being.

The two petals flickered again, and with a faint buzzing noise, all the juniors from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court, no matter where they stood or how they tried to evade, all lay dead after merely ten breaths of time!

As they swept their eyes over the field of dead bodies before them, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng suddenly stopped breathing and swallowed nervously.

“Within three months, I expect to see your sincerity for this offence, otherwise… I don’t mind tearing face with a pair of first-class families!” Yang Kai looked coldly at them as he laughed sinisterly, “As for your lives, I’ll let you keep them for a while longer.”

Xiang Chu’s expression was incomparably ugly as he felt a bitter taste spread throughout his mouth.

Nan Sheng was even worse off as he still held his wounded hand and glared back at Yang Kai hatefully.

After a long strained silence , Xiang Chu finally managed to pull a faint smile as he bowed deeply, “Many thanks for showing mercy, Young Master Yang! Let’s go!”

As soon as he finished this unpleasant farewell, Xiang Chu quickly led his forces away.

“Those three Cloud Treading Colts seem useful, leave them behind!” Yang Kai looked at the three Monster Beasts that the Nan Family rode over and shouted.

Nan Sheng, who had already mounted his steed, couldn’t help gritting his teeth in anger before quickly jumping off. He was then immediately held by the two Immortal Ascension Elders beside him as they swiftly departed.

Tang Yu Xian grinned as she looked towards Yang Kai approvingly. She felt deeply that this Little Lord seemed to have grown up a lot over the past five years, and he had learned to maximize his advantages.

As she was about to open her mouth and speak though, Tu Feng simply shook his head slowly.

“Little Lord, we will be waiting for you over there,” Tu Feng said casually. Even though he had the appearance of a muscle brain, his wits were actually quite sharp, understanding that Yang Kai and his friends still had things left to say, so he voluntarily withdrew along with Tang Yu Xian first.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded in appreciation.

When the only ones left were the members of Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall, Yang Kai discovered that these people were all giving him a weird look.

Many of them had a look of reverence and awe in their eyes; however, Yang Kai was pleased to see that the Hu Sisters and Fang Ziji didn’t look at him much differently, if anything, Hu Jiao Er’s beautiful face actually had a bit of anger about it.

“Is there anything you’d like to ask?” Yang Kai rubbed his nose as he looked at the Hu Sisters.

Hu Mei Er licked her parched lips, obviously wanting to ask many things but unsure of where to start.

However, before her little sister could compose herself, Hu Jiao Er firmly declared, “No!”

“Ah…” Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a stunned expression before confirming “Are you sure?”

“I said no, so I mean no! We already know everything we need to know, what else do we need to ask?” Hu Jiao Er mercilessly shot him down before signaling to her sister with her eyes, “Go on then, go back to your home!”

“Mmm…” Hu Mei Er glanced towards Yang Kai apologetically and smiled before quickly catching up with her elder sister.

Guan Chi Le also rushed over to Yang Kai, cupped his fists respectfully before letting out a carefree laugh and leading the others away.

Fang Ziji stayed a moment and quietly ask, “Brother Yang, is the Inheritance War exciting?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never participated before.” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Are there any requirements to participate?” Fang Ziji asked as his brow wrinkled.

“As long as we have a certain amount of strength, you can join, but you must first get my approval!” Yang Kai declared.

“Interesting, then I’ll have to pay you a visit later!” Fang Ziji laughed happily.

“I’ll be waiting for you!” Yang Kai smiled.

The wind swept through Yang Kai’s black hair as he stood there watching the dozen or so members of Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall set out. There were two young women amongst them who looked back from time to time until they had disappeared into the distance.

A moment later, like a pair of ghosts, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian appeared beside Yang Kai and waited quietly.

“I want to enter closed cultivation for a while, stand guard for me here!” Yang Kai calmly said before heading back into the camp to find a fairly spacious dwelling.

“Ah…” Tang Yu Xian muttered in a surprised tone.

After standing there for some time, Tang Yu Xian’s brow furrowed as she thought out loud, “Closed cultivation? Does the Little Lord want to break through?”

“En, probably.” Tu Feng nodded slightly, acknowledging Tang Yu Xian’s speculation, “His True Qi is pulsating slightly and indeed shows some signs of breaking through.”

“It seems like before we arrived, he experienced a great battle.”

If it weren’t for such a reason, he wouldn’t suddenly feel the impulse to break through without any prior warning.

Tu Feng smiled faintly as he looked up at the Golden Feather Eagle in the sky, quietly asking “Yuxian, are you thinking that the Little Lord is too lenient?”

Tang Yu Xian shifted her gaze towards Tu Feng and replied, “I think he is still young, so it’s inevitable that he wouldn’t be ruthless enough.”

However, Tu Feng slowly shook his and countered, “No, he’s definitely a member of the Yang Family. Even if he is still a child you shouldn’t underestimate him. You have been in the Yang Family for many years, how could you still be so naive? The Little Lord is definitely not as simple as he seems.”

“Why do you say so?” Tang Yu Xian’s curiosity was suddenly piqued.

“You saw that he and the Xiang and Nan Family kids have some kind of grudge, right?”

Tang Yu Xian laughed loudly, “I’m not blind, of course I could see that. Also, it seems their grudge isn’t shallow.”

“Knowing that, what do you think the Little Lord should do?”

“Kill!” Tang Yu Xian said calmly and relaxedly, “There was no reason to hold back! During the Inheritance War, there is no need for such an ally! He has thoroughly offended these people, yet he went and released the tiger back into the mountains. I’m afraid that the Xiang and Nan Families will now become his enemies.”

“And that’s why I say you’re still too naive.” Tu Feng grinned, “The Little Lord couldn’t easily kill those two kids. They are both candidates for the next Patriarch of the Xiang and Nan Families. If he were to kill them, the Little Lord would only bring trouble to himself. Right now, he isn’t powerful enough to handle such troubles. What’s more, it would be impossible for him alone to kill those two with those four Immortal Ascension Boundary Elders watching.”

“Does he plan to win them over then?” Tang Yu Xian muttered unconvinced.

“No, after all they have a deep grudge between them, what use is there trying to win them over? Even if he could draw them in, it’s likely those two would only superficially support him. Instead of fighting outright which will gain him nothing, or trying to win them over which isn’t likely to provide him much benefit, it’s best if he intimidates them and shaves off as much of their strength as possible.” Tu Feng’s eyes flashed, “If he can deal them a blow so severe that it will cause them to tremble in fear at the mere sight of him, it would be best.”

“But the Little Lord obviously doesn’t have such methods or strength to accomplish that.”

“True, the Little Lord really can’t do that, after all, he’s still young. But to those two Xiang and Nan Family kids, he should have given a deep enough impression, otherwise he wouldn’t have acted so overbearing towards them. Hah, I’m rather looking forward to how he performs in the Inheritance War now.”

Hearing this, Tang Yu Xian was suddenly puzzled, “How come you suddenly become so interested in him?”

Tu Feng grinned, stretching out his hand and casually drawing the two golden-coloured feathers which were lying on the ground some distance away to himself before handing them to Tang Yu Xian, casually stating, “These two feathers aren’t damaged in the slightest so they obviously weren’t shaken off by an impact.”

Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help squinting as she examined the two feathers, “These were pulled out? But who plucked them?”

“Who else?”

Tang Yu Xian stared blankly at the place where Yang Kai had secluded himself and exclaimed, “Is he really so sinister? He actually manipulated us!”

After realizing this point, she turned to Tu Feng and questioned, “Since you had seen through it long ago, why did you follow along with his scheme?”

“Was I supposed to expose him right then and there?” Tu Feng rolled his eyes, “No matter what, he’s still a Young Lord of the Yang Family, I couldn’t just let him lose face like that.”

“That smelly brat, he has such insidious methods!” Tang Yu Xian ground her teeth in frustration.

She had been just been manipulated into doing a junior’s bidding, so Tang Yu Xian was rather annoyed. Regardless of her status as a servant of the Yang Family, she was still a high level Immortal Ascension Boundary master, yet she hadn’t been able to see through this little trick. It was indeed a bit shameful.

Tu Feng’s brow furrowed suddenly as he said, “For this time’s Inheritance War, we don’t know which Blood Warriors will be asked to participate. If both of us are selected, we will need to find a trustworthy and strong Young Lord to follow during the battle, if we were to choose the wrong team, the consequences would be very serious.”

“Do you want to offer your services to him?” Tang Yu Xian also frowned slightly as she asked.

“No, at least not right now. We’ve only just met him and although his performance so far is decent, we should further evaluate him before making a decision. Heh, isn’t it one of the Yang Family’s unwritten rules that while escorting the Young Lords home, they are not only trying to win us over, but we are also observing them to see if they are worth serving?”

“Good, I’ll listen to you for now.” Tang Yu Xian nodded before suddenly wearing a fierce smile as she muttered under her breath, “I have to carefully polish my sight on the road home, I can’t have myself getting used by him so easily again!”

“Hahaha!” Tu Feng laughed loudly as he nodded happily.

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