Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 367

Not far away, Tu Feng was standing there with his arms cross, staring ahead motionlessly.

“What are you doing?” Tang Yu Xian walked over beside him and asked with a puzzled look.

“Hm…” Tu Feng casually made a gesture to her, indicating she should turn her gaze forward.

Secretly scoffing at his attempt to be mysterious, Tang Yu Xian rolled her eyes and looked in the direction he gestured and was immediately startled.

A short distance away, in front of his tent, the Little Lord was assuming an odd stance. With one foot on the ground and both his arms stretched out like two wings of a bird, he slowly and rhythmically swung them up and down.

At first glance, it seemed like he was imitating a bird soaring through the sky, his movements had an odd charm to them.

However, what made Tang Yu Xian even more surprised was that the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle was actually perched in front of the Little Lord imitating his stance.

With its two golden wings stretching out, a piercing cry resounded from its beak, and its wings swayed up and down sending out a gentle wave of wind.

The Golden Feather Eagle no longer displayed the intense hostility it had shown for the past few days, and instead, its cries seemed to contain a feeling of intimacy.

As time passed, when the rhythm of the man and eagle completely synchronized, the Little Lord and Eagle slowly lifted off the ground at the same time.

It seemed like at that moment, the two had united as one, perfectly coordinated with one another.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both stared at this scene dumbfounded.

Both of them were incredibly powerful and talented, but if they were honest with themselves, they had no way to make a Golden Feather Eagle so obedient. In fact, in the entire Yang Family, with the exception of ones who specially trained to raise them, the Golden Feather Eagles never became intimate with anyone, but now it was actually playing with the Little Lord.

On top of that, this was after the Little Lord had plucked two of its gold feathers!

For a moment, both Blood Warriors couldn’t help but wonder if they were still dreaming as they exchanged looks, and their eyes showed both confusion and shock. Neither of them had any idea what kind of magical method Yang Kai had used to achieve this.

After a moment, one man and one eagle had risen several tens of meters off the ground.

Then, with a loud laugh, Yang Kai suddenly flew directly to the Golden Feather Eagle, and under the watchful eyes of the two Blood Warriors, he landed atop the Golden Feather Eagle’s back, accompanied by a crisp resounding eagle cry as he did.

The back of the Golden Feather Eagle wasn’t very broad, just barely large enough for one person to sit down.

However, whether it was Tu Feng or Tang Yu Xian, they could clearly sense that Yang Kai was no longer using any True Qi to levitate at all. The Golden Feather Eagle was fully supporting him and flying of its own volition.

“Wasn’t that beast extremely vindictive and defiant?” Tang Yu Xian suddenly felt that her head couldn’t keep up with the reality before her.

Tu Feng grinned meaningfully before opening his mouth and replying, “Indeed, achieving such a feat is quite impressive, but if it’s just this… it’s still far from enough.”

Tang Yu Xian nodded slightly.

It was no simple matter to convince the Yang Family’s Blood Warriors to voluntarily submit. In particular, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were superb Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, so how could they surrender to him as easily as this eagle had?

After a long time, the Golden Feather Eagle slowly flew down, hovering roughly ten meters off the ground. Yang Kai jumped from its back and landed, and then the Golden Feather Eagle folded its wings and perched directly on Yang Kai’s shoulders.

Using its sharp hooked beak, it then began helping Yang Kai comb his hair.

“Little Lord’s methods are impressive.” Tu Feng complimented generously.

Yang Kai reached up and stroked the Golden Feather Eagle’s head and smiled, “I offended it a few days ago so it took some effort to make friends with it.”

“How did you do it?” Tang Yu Xian asked curiously.

Yang Kai faced her and solemnly replied, “I sincerely opened my heart to it and let it perceive my intentions.”

Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help but blink, pondering over Yang Kai’s profound statement.

“Let’s set off!” Yang Kai didn’t show off any further and firmly shouted as he turned to the Cloud Treading Colts.

Over the next few days, the groups’ speed was still not very fast, but it was obvious that the relationship between the Golden Feather Eagle and Yang Kai became closer and closer. This Fifth-Order Monster Beast seemingly had a clear insight into the various aspects of Yang Kai’s commands. Whatever orders it was given, be they simple or complex, were completed without any mistakes.

The two Blood Warriors couldn’t help being surprised by Yang Kai’s display.

In their opinions, even the members of the Yang Family who reared the Golden Feather Eagles wouldn’t be as adept at handling them as Yang Kai.

This time, even if the Little Lord failed to win the Inheritance War, he would have no trouble becoming the chief breeder for the Yang Family’s eagles.

Yang Kai on the other hand secretly felt the whole situation was funny; if it weren’t for the sake of winning over the two Blood Warriors, he wouldn’t have spent so much effort putting on a show of taming a mere Fifth-Order Monster Beast, as he could have simply used his Beast Slave Seal from the beginning.

But instead, he spent a few days playing with it to make it seem like he had struggled to achieve the current relationship.

Three days later.

High Heaven Pavilion.

The entire Sect was still devastated.

Here and there patches of scorched earth and collapsed buildings could be seen.

It was an awful sight to behold.

Yang Kai’s expression and mood were both gloomy.

This Sect, which had survived for centuries, now lay in ruins. If it was a few years ago, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had a sense of belonging here, but after experiencing so many things, Yang Kai had taken this place as his second home.

“Little Lord, this is your Sect?” Tang Yu Xian looked at Yang Kai curiously, not knowing why the scene before her looked as it did, a blasted ruin.

Yang Kai dismounted the Cloud Treading Colt and nodded slightly.

Tu Feng stepped forward and found a huge scorched plaque on the ground. After picking it up and turning it over, he and Tang Yu Xian examined it.

When she had asked Yang Kai about his Sect last time, Yang Kai had evaded her question which had caused her some confusion.

“High Heaven…” Tu Feng muttered as he read the partial text.

The plaque itself was burned and the last words couldn’t be made out; however, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were both quite knowledgeable so they immediately thought of a possibility.

“High Heaven Pavilion?” Tang Yu Xian’s pretty face showed surprise as both she and Tu Feng hurriedly looked towards Yang Kai.

“En!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

The two Blood Warriors both sucked in a deep breath, unable to hide their shock!

High Heaven Pavilion. Originally it was just a random second-class Sect, but this Sect was now world-famous!

It was the Sect the new Demon Lord had originated from!

On top of that, it was said that when the masters from the Qiu Family came here to sanction the Sect they had suffered a major loss.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady Qiu Yi Meng had also disappeared here, along with Luo Xiao Man of Purple Fern Valley and the Bai Family’s Bai Yun Feng. In addition to those who went missing, several Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had been heavily wounded.

After that incident, the Qiu Family’s masters sent out a startling message. High Heaven Pavilion had a top-class master who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master! No mere second-class Sect could possibly have a powerhouse of this level. The mere existence of such a figure watching over it allowed High Heaven Pavilion to be classified as a first-class force!

Because of Qiu Yi Meng’s disappearance, the Qiu Family’s masters had become enraged and burned down High Heaven Pavilion.

Even until now, there had been no news about the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady.

Such information wasn’t a secret amongst the Eight Great Families, so the two Blood Warriors from the Yang Family were naturally clear about this.

After learning about Yang Kai’s Sect, the two Blood Warriors couldn’t hide their shock.

Tu Feng stared at the broken plaque in his hands, hesitating on whether to keep holding it or to drop it, and a rare conflicted light flashed across his eyes.

Meanwhile, though, Yang Kai had already walked inside.

“Be careful Little Lord, there seem to be some people inside,” Tang Yu Xian hurriedly reminded.

“People inside?” Yang Kai was stunned, and he quickly swept the Sect with his Divine Sense, then a moment later showed a surprised expression.

There were indeed people inside, and quite a number of them at that, at least a few hundred or more.

A hint of suspicion welled up inside him, and Yang Kai hurried forward.

Having only walked a short distance, Yang Kai was greeted by an unexpectedly bustling scene inside High Heaven Pavilion. People were coming and going everywhere, and many of them were familiar faces. These people… were actually High Heaven Pavilion’s original members!

There were members of both the younger and older generations, and everyone was busy cleaning up the various ruins.

It seemed like they were in the process of rebuilding High Heaven Pavilion.

Yang Kai couldn’t help staring blankly.

Because of High Heaven Pavilion’s relationship with the new Demon Lord, it had been condemned as an evil Sect, and Ling Tai Xu had thus dismissed ninety percent of its disciples, leaving only about a hundred core Sect members who had evacuated through the Void Corridor.

But now, how come there were so many people here? And they even had the courage to start rebuilding like this.

Weren’t they afraid that the Qiu Family would come looking for trouble again?

As he was gazing around in confusion, a High Heaven Pavilion disciple who passed by in front of him suddenly paused and looked at him in panic, calling out involuntarily, “Yang Kai?”

Awoken by this voice, Yang Kai turned his eyes towards this person and discovered that it was actually Cao Zheng Wen.

Originally one of the Great Elder’s low ranked disciples, he was later solicited by the Bai Family’s Bai Yun Feng, but after being defeated by Yang Kai, Bai Yun Feng no longer paid any attention to him. Cao Zheng Wen had spent several months in the Sect recovering from his injuries, as for the matter of joining the Bai Family, it had apparently fallen by the wayside.

Since then, everyone inside the Sect had a rather unfavourable impression of him.

“Senior Brother Cao!” Yang Kai called out unconsciously.

However, Cao Zheng Wen panicked and stepped back a few steps. The last time they had met, Yang Kai had instantaneously heavily wounded him, which left a kind of psychological shadow, so the moment he saw Yang Kai again and found that he was much stronger than their previous meeting, he was naturally quite frightened.

The two voices which had called out loudly immediately attracted the attention of many people nearby.

After they discovered it was really Yang Kai, the disciples of the High Heaven Pavilion all showed awkward expressions.

“Yang Kai? Where is he?” Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a sigh as soon as he heard this voice call out from the distance.

Looking towards the source of the voice, he saw a handsome young man striding over to him. A black combat outfit accentuated his overbearing stance, and his eyes flashed as he looked coldly towards Yang Kai.

Approaching to within ten meters of Yang Kai, this youth glanced indifferently towards Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, although his eyes lit up slightly as they passed over Tang Yu Xian’s beautiful figure.

However, he immediately shifted his gaze back towards Yang Kai and nodded slightly with a smug grin on his face, “Junior Brother Yang, you’ve back.”

Yang Kai also grinned, “Senior Brother Xie!”

Xie Hong Chen, one of High Heaven Pavilion’s Core Disciples, and someone who had innumerable grudges and grievances with Yang KaI.

“It’s good that you’ve returned,” Xie Hong Chen said as he nodded flatly. Putting on a show of his status as a Senior Brother, he puffed out his chest as he arrogantly said, “Now that you’re back you can help rebuild the Sect together with us. We just happen to be short of labour around here. It looks like Junior Brother Yang has grown a lot in recent years so there are plenty of places where you can assist and show off the skills, don’t let the rest of us down.”

Yang Kai’s brow slightly wrinkled while Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian couldn’t hide their surprise, as extremely odd expressions spread across their faces.

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