Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 370

“How open-minded and generous of you,” Qiu Yi Meng said sarcastically, “Well whatever, you handle it, but let me say this, whatever happens, don’t come complaining to me. Although your Senior Brother acts like an elite, compared to you he’s not much better than trash, but if it’s just supervising some reconstruction, he should be capable enough.”

Luo Xiao Man who sat next to her also nodded imperceptibly.

Although she didn’t like Yang Kai and was even afraid of him, she also couldn’t deny that compared to those of his generation he was an outstanding talent.

Whether it was in terms of temperament, vision, perseverance or strength, he excelled far beyond his peers.

“Well, you should be clearer than I about the inner workings of your Sect, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving him in charge you can always swap him for someone else,” Qiu Yi Meng said carelessly.

“No need to bother, rebuilding the Sect’s buildings isn’t a big deal, let him manage it,” Yang Kai replied as he shook his head slowly and said before suddenly looking up towards the door and grinning, “Speaking of which, here he comes now.”

Qiu Yi Meng quickly heard Xie Hong Chen’s angry roar from outside, “Why are you blocking my way? I need to speak with Young Lady Qiu!”

“Young Lady Qiu is currently discussing some matters with our Young Lord, so you can’t enter!” Tu Feng said coldly as he stood in front of the door.

Xie Hong Chen couldn’t help bursting out into a fit of laughter as he looked at Tu Feng disdainfully and said, “Your Young Lord? Oh, oh, what Young Lord could you be referring to? You’re not talking about Yang Kai are you? Perhaps you’ve got the wrong idea, this is my High Heaven Pavilion’s site, wherever I wish to go, none can stop me!”

As he spoke, it was obvious he was preparing to barge in forcefully.

“You may not enter!” Tu Feng remained firmly in place with an indifferent expression upon his face.

Xie Hong Chen’s face sank as coldly spoke, “Out of consideration for Yang Kai I’ll give you a little face, but if you don’t know what’s good for you and continue to block my path, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Tang Yu Xian immediately showed a dazzling smile, like she was looking forward to what came next.

Tu Feng, on the other hand, continued to stare indifferently at Xie Hong Chen, not the slightest bit of worry could be seen on his face.

Inside the house, Qiu Yi Meng grinned as she stared at Yang Kai, obviously eager to see how he would handle this debacle.

“Let him come in.” Yang Kai frowned as he called out. Xie Hong Chen could still be considered a disciple of High Heaven Pavilion and his Senior Brother, so in the beginning he had wanted to give him a little face, but now that he had made such a foolish display of himself, Yang Kai was obviously not going to be considerate with him anymore.

Hearing this command, Tu Feng obediently stepped aside.

Xie Hong Chen coldly snorted and adjusted his clothes before striding into the house.

But after seeing the situation inside, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

What greeted him was the sight of Yang Kai sitting across the table from Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man. This kind of treatment was something Xie Hong Chen knew he couldn’t hope for.

Every time he came here to see Qiu Yi Meng, he would stand respectfully at the door and make his report before being sent off by her.

[How can Yang Kai sit there as though he is of their equal?]

Although the suspicions in his heart grew, Xie Hong Chen still wore a business-like smile on his face as he courteously spoke, “Greetings Young Lady Qiu, Young Lady Luo.”

“En,” Qiu Yi Meng responded with a sly grin, “You’ve come just in time, I was talking with your Junior Brother here about the rebuilding of High Heaven Pavilion, and it seems he has some ideas he wants to discuss with you.”

“Oh?” Xie Hong Chen chuckled lightly before turning towards Yang Kai, “What exactly is it that Junior Brother Yang wants to say?”

Although this voice was flat, it clearly contained some provocative tones.

Qiu Yi Meng quickly sat back and relaxed, as if she was a bystander watching a good show.

It was all she could do to stop herself from giggling. It seemed like this idiot still hadn’t figured out Yang Kai’s true identity. Not only was he speaking arrogantly in front of two Yang Family Blood Warriors, but he was also maliciously targeting one of the Yang Family’s Young Lords.

Even if someone was ignorant, how could they be stupid to such a degree?

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed and said, “I don’t have much to say, just a simple request.”

Xie Hong Chen laughed haughtily, “Request you say?”


In front of Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man, Xie Hong Chen at least knew not to directly stir up trouble, so he could only pretend to be magnanimous and say, “Very well, let’s hear it.”

“Everything inside the Sect should be rebuilt exactly in accordance with the original layout and deployment. All buildings shouldn’t deviate from their initial position or appearance in the slightest. Senior Brothers have lived in the Sect for so many years that you should be very familiar with everything here. With you supervising, it should be accomplishable.”

Xie Hong Chen’s mouth twitched slightly when Yang Kai said these words. The tone he was speaking in was not one would use when making a request but rather one would use to give an order, and this naturally made him feel uncomfortable.

This was nothing short of a command!

However, as soon as he was about to rebut, Yang Kai continued, “If there is a shortage of people, you can ask for more to be dispatched from the nearby Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall. You can use the name of the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady over here and afterwards give them some compensation.”

Qiu Yi Meng could not help pouting slightly and stayed slient.

Shocked by what he heard, Xie Hong Chen couldn’t understand why Qiu Yi Meng hadn’t retorted just now.

“If there is a shortage of funds or supplies… send a letter to the capital and the Qiu Young’s Young Lady will arrange for it to be sent to you. Given the Qiu Family’s financial might, they shouldn’t care about such minor expenses, right?” Yang Kai turned his gaze towards Qiu Yi Meng and smiled.

“Shameless!” Qiu Yi Meng cursed as she ground her teeth.

Xie Hong Chen’s expression became solemn as he finally felt that things were more complicated than he had originally expected, though if, after seeing all of this, he still couldn’t at least figure that much out he would really be a fool.

The Junior Brother Yang in front of him he disdained so much now seemed to have some kind of relationship with Qiu Yi Meng. Otherwise, how could Qiu Yi Meng not react at all when he had provoked her so blatantly?

Rebuilding a second-class Sect wasn’t a big deal for a super-force like the Qiu Family, but it would still be a large amount of financial and material resources.

So how could Yang Kai, in just a few words, make such a sweeping decision? If he had absolutely no connection to Qiu Yi Meng, how could the latter simply agree?

A storm was suddenly set off inside Xie Hong Chen’s mind as he subconsciously realized that this Junior Brother of his wasn’t as simple as he appeared.

“Additionally…” Yang Kai tapped his fingers on the table for a moment and then said in a low voice, “Send out a message to every corner of the world, let all the disciples of High Heaven Pavilion…”

“Return home!”

The last two words he spoke were Yang Kai’s resolute decision. It was like a drum that had been struck, which caused the hearts of everyone inside the house to tighten, and a sense of awe swept over them.

Only after losing their Sect and being scattered by the wind would people realize just how stimulating the word ‘home’ was.

Silence prevailed inside the house, and even Qiu Yi Meng wore a solemn expression.

“Does Senior Brother have anything he’d like to add?” Yang Kai raised his eyes and stared at Xie Hong Chen as he asked.

Xie Hong Chen shook his head subconsciously and barely managed to mutter, “No.”

He had come here many times to discuss with Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man during this period of time, so he was relatively well informed about the matters regarding the rebuilding of the Sect so he really had nothing else to add.

“If so, then carry on.” Yang Kai stated definitively.

After Xie Hong Chen took some time to regain his wits, he hesitantly turned to Qiu Yi Meng and stuttered, “Young Lady Qiu, this…”

Qiu Yi Meng suddenly wore a displeased expression, “Didn’t you hear clearly?”

“I… I certainly heard, but… can Junior Brother Yang take responsibility for such decisions?” Xie Hong Chen desperately said, still unable to bring himself to believe what was happening.

However, Qiu Yi Meng just grinned wryly at his feeble protests and declared, “If he can’t take responsibility, then no one can.”

It was as if Xie Hong Chen had suddenly been struck by lightning as he blankly stared towards Yang Kai, and his eyes quivered slightly.

Yang Kai still remained indifferent though as he stood up and walked towards the door. But, as he passed by Xie Hong Chen, he suddenly paused and said in a low voice, “If you dare make a mistake while managing this project, I’ll make you regret being born into this world!”

Hearing these words, Xie Hong Chen could only feel a cold chill from the top of his head to the tips of his toes!

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t even spare him a glance as she casually followed Yang Kai out.

When Luo Xiao Man was about to exit though, Xie Hong Chen suddenly reached out and blocked her path.

“What do you want to do?” Luo Xiao Man looked at him suspiciously, feeling that this fool was quite pathetic.

“Young Lady Luo, my Junior Brother… who exactly is he?” Xie Hong Chen licked his dry lips and asked softly.

Luo Xiao Man bit her lip as she continued walking towards the door but whispered back to him, “Your Junior Brother is a Young Lord of the Yang Family.”

After speaking so, she walked out without turning back.

Xie Hong Chen suddenly felt his entire body go soft as he sunk to the floor and landed on his butt with cold sweat pouring down his face.

A Yang Family, Young Lord!

Those few words had been like an eruption of thunder in Xie Hong Chen’s ears, shaking his consciousness.

The insignificant Junior Brother who was neither talented nor strong actually had such a fearsome background!

It was ridiculous that he had been targeting him for years, even secretly plotting against him.

What qualifications did he have to fight with him? What qualifications did he have to be jealous of him?

He must be clearly aware of everything that had transpired in the past, but why did he not kill him now?

To be spared under such circumstances, Xie Hong Chen not only didn’t feel happy, but instead felt like his heart and his pride had been reduced to ash!

It was even more unpleasant than if he had simply killed him!

The fact that he let him go definitely meant that Yang Kai disdained to even think about him anymore.

After all, would a tiger be concerned with the provocations of an ant?

“Ha… haha….” Laughing stupidly, Xie Hong Chen suddenly felt that in this life, he was undoubtedly a complete loser.

A thousand meters below the top of the Coiling Dragon Stream.

Yang Kai entered his secluded home.

A group of people soon following behind him.

Looking around at the familiar scene before him, the faces of Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes.

Although the Sect was destroyed, it seemed like only this place was completely preserved.

Inside this secluded home, it seemed like the two women’s fragrance still lingered about the stone bed in particular stained with Su Yan’s scent.

Little Senior Sister had also often slept here; every time she fell asleep, no matter how one shouted she wouldn’t wake up. Even if he stole some small advantages from her, she would resolutely ignore him.

Yang Kai didn’t know if she was really sleeping or if she was just extremely shy to this day. Thinking so, he suddenly felt that he should earnestly apologize to Xia Ning Chang the next time they met.

Regarding Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai wasn’t worried. She must still be studying the Alchemic Way with Xiao Fu Sheng atop Medicine King’s Valley’s Hidden Cloud Peak right now. Along with Meng Wu Ya protecting her, she was definitely safe.

But what about Su Yan?

Since he was last separated with her, he had never heard from her again.

Where exactly did she go?

It seems the heaviness of Yang Kai’s mood didn’t escape the eyes of the two Blood Warriors, Qiu Yi Meng, and Luo Xiao Man, and all of them chose to stand quietly at the entrance of the cave without disturbing him.

After he walked inside, Yang Kai sat on the bed and stroked the smooth stone surface as memories seemingly flashed across his thoughts.

[I’m afraid it will be difficult to have a chance to return here again this time.]

After this, he would have to participate in the Inheritance War, the end of which was difficult to predict..

As his mood swung up and down, it wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai discovered just how much he liked this place.

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