Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 371

The two Blood Warriors, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man had been standing outside waiting patiently. Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian still maintained their stalwart appearance, but it seemed like Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man had gotten bored and had leisurely taken a seat.

After seeing Yang Kai’s composed manner, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

For an entire day and night, although they hadn’t seen Yang Kai, they could clearly sense the mournful atmosphere from the inner cave.

They hadn’t expected the Little Lord to completely adjust himself so quickly.

But now, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian could clearly see his expression was calm and filled with confidence.

“Make yourselves comfortable, I’m going down to check things out!” Yang Kai greeted the crowd before swiftly moving towards the cave’s entrance.

Qiu Yi Meng suddenly stood up and came over to him, staring at him curiously, “What exactly is down there?”

Ever since she had arrived here, Qiu Yi Meng had been curious about the Coiling Dragon Stream, but the disciples from High Heaven Pavilion had been too fearful to investigate. Even the people from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall had strongly advised her not involve herself with the Coiling Dragon Stream.

So until today, Qiu Yi Meng had still not gone to explore the Coiling Dragon Stream.

But now that Yang Kai had declared he was going to enter it, she was naturally curious.

“Heh…” Yang Kai simply smirked and let out a sly laugh before directly descending into the canyon.

“That little…” Qiu Yi Meng grumbled but eventually didn’t chase after him.

Yang Kai clearly didn’t want her to follow him, so if she were to rashly try to tag along, it would only serve to annoy him.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had disappeared into the depths of the Coiling Dragon Stream.

“Apologies, Young Lady Qiu. My family’s Little Lord’s temperament seems to be a little terse.” Tang Yu Xian said with a light chuckle. She hadn’t known Yang Kai for more than a few days, but she was keenly aware that Yang Kai had many impressive points; things that his fellow peers didn’t possess.

Because of this, Tang Yu Xian was actually very optimistic about this Little Lord’s chances and immediately made an excuse for Yang Kai.

“It’s nothing.” Qiu Yi Meng replied in an off-handed manner.

Tu Feng looked at her thoughtfully and casually asked, “Are Young Lady Qiu and our Little Lord old friends?”

“Haha, I wouldn’t dare claim we’re ‘friends’.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled wryly and slowly shook her head.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both couldn’t help feeling slightly surprised; Qiu Yi Meng, regardless of her identity or aptitude, was amongst the peak of her generation in the capital. The young lords of the Eight Great Families would all be proud to call her as a friend, but now she had intentionally humbled herself, even going so far as to say she wasn’t capable of calling herself Yang Kai’s friend. What exactly was this situation?

The bitterness and unwillingness in her smile was absolutely not false courtesy. Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were naturally clear about this.

“You’ve probably also noticed how coldly he treats me.” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t shy away from things and instead stated the situation quite clearly, lightly saying, “Him and I, we’re just people who met by chance… nothing more!”

The two Blood Warriors immediately became curious, Tu Feng inquiring, “If possible, could Young Lady Qiu explain how you met one another? If it is inconvenient to say then simply treat it like I had never asked.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly before calming, and only after a long silence did she reply, “There’s nothing inconvenient. I had been in charge of the team that first came to High Heaven Pavilion to inquire about the new Demon Lord’s information, it was then that I met him and we became enemies. What happened that day, you most likely already know.”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both nodded. High Heaven Pavilion’s Sect Master, together with four Immortal Ascension Boundary Elders engaged over a dozen Qiu Family, Bai Family, and Purple Fern Valley masters, but not only did they manage to escape safely, but they also injured several people. After that great battle, it became known that there was a supreme expert at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary in High Heaven Pavilion.

“But what the rest of the world doesn’t know… is just how amazing this place is.”

“Amazing?” The two Blood Warriors couldn’t hide their surprise. For Qiu Yi Meng to make such a comment, it seems like there were still many details about that day that remained hidden.

“En, amazing. High Heaven Pavilion is an amazing Sect, and your Little Lord is also an amazing person!” Qiu Yi Meng smiled playfully.

Before that day, she had never thought that there was a way for one to connect two different locations more than ten thousand kilometres apart.

Nor had she dreamed that a young man from her generation, with a far lower cultivation than her own, could fight evenly with her.

It was also beyond her wildest imagination that someone could capture the heart of the Beguiling Demon Queen after only spending a single month with her.

If she were to speak objectively, Qiu Yi Meng believed herself to be a top-tier talent. If she was a man, she would surely become the next Patriarch of the Qiu Family! Unfortunately, the Heavens had made her a woman.

But even so, she didn’t dare to compare herself with Yang Kai.

The potential of this young man was terrifying. If he were to truly grow up, his achievements would far exceed those of the current masters!

Maybe, he could even create a new generation of legends!

“What exactly makes him so amazing?” Tang Yu Xian’s beautiful eyes shimmered as she asked in anticipation.

“What exactly… Well, I don’t know how much I should say. If you want to know about it, you should ask Young Master Yang himself. If I say too much, he may really come to hate me… such a thankless endeavour, how could I willingly participate?”

“You…” The two Blood Warriors suddenly became disgruntled. Qiu Yi Meng had just stirred up their interest, only to not give them any satisfactory answers. This feeling of being stimulated and then let down was quite uncomfortable like a cat was clawing at their hearts.

If it were someone else who had spoken like this to them, the two Blood Warriors would have let her clearly experience the Yang Family’s information extraction methods, but since it was Qiu Yi Meng, there was really nothing more they could say.

Adjusting her appearance, Qiu Yi Meng solemnly continued, “Although it isn’t convenient for me to say too much, what I can tell you is that you should absolutely… absolutely… absolutely never underestimate your family’s Little Lord!”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian nearly staggered upon hearing these words.

Qiu Yi Meng had used three ‘absolutely’ in a row, and the tone she spoke in was extremely dignified.

What did such a statement mean? This showed that the First Young Lady of the Qiu Family was very optimistic about Yang Kai! Enough so to throw her full support behind him.

“Anyone who looks down upon him will pay a heavy price!” Qiu Yi Meng’s smiled meaningfully as she let out a giggle.

Tu Feng’s mouth twitched slightly, suddenly feeling somewhat like he was dreaming.

Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help furrowing her brow as she wondered why Qiu Yi Meng could make such a statement so confidently.

However, even if the two were suspicious, they also know Qiu Yi Meng would certainly not explain any further.

Facing such an impasse, the two simply nodded, “We’ll remember.”

“En.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded slightly, seemingly casually asking, “For this time’s Yang Family Inheritance War, will the Blood Warriors be participating?”

Tu Feng smiled wryly, “We do not know at this point as there hasn’t been a clear announcement from the family.”

“If you do participate, if I were you, I would definitely choose to follow him!” Qiu Yi Meng said with a somber expression.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian didn’t show any change in expression but instead lightly replied, “Many thanks for Young Lady Qiu’s advice, if such a time comes to pass, we will consider it seriously.”

Qiu Yi Meng nodded once and then no longer spoke, knowing that no matter what she said, it would be also impossible to influence the thoughts of the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. At that time, if they had to choose who to follow, they would only rely on their own judgment to do so.

Her saying so much now wouldn’t play any big role in their decisions, at most, it would only make them anticipate Yang Kai’s upcoming performance.

At the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream, Yang Kai stopped at the place where he had left Old Demon, but there were no traces of him to be found.

[That old devil must have left this place long ago, the soaring Evil Qi here has all been swallowed clean by him so he must have decided there was no point in remaining.]

Back then, Old Demon had said that he would come look for him after he finished absorbing the Demonic Qi here, but the events that had transpired before then were beyond both of their expectations.

The Qiu Family had arrived with a large number of masters, Su Yan and the others had flown ten thousand kilometer away through the Void Corridor, Yang Kai had been sent to the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

Whether it was him or Old Demon, neither of them could have predicted such startling changes.

Most likely, even if Old Demon really had the intention to find him, there would have been no clear direction for him to search.

If that was really the case, then Old Demon not having contacted him so far would be understandable.

But what if he had decided to betray him? Yang Kai wasn’t clear at all.

Closing his eyes, Yang Kai slowly let his Divine Sense sweep the surrounding area, and a moment later, his expression began to change, quickly turning to look at the side of the canyon.

At first glance, there was nothing unusual about it, there was nothing there to see, but under Yang Kai’s Divine Sense’s induction, he became keenly aware of something unusual.

In that spot, there was some trace of Demonic Qi left behind!

Focusing his sense towards the remnant Qi, an image slowly revealed itself.

Within the ripples of Demonic Qi, a blurry handwriting appeared on the grey canyon wall, and the message was clearly not very old, as if it had been written within the past few months.

With a glance, Yang Kai couldn’t help but smile.

Old Demon didn’t try to escape from him, if he had he wouldn’t have used such a discrete method to leave behind such a message here.

“Old Servant has already accomplished his task and has decided to go seek out Young Master. If Old Servant cannot find Young Master, he will return here after three months from the date of this message!”

This was clearly written by Old Demon for him. Old Demon must be planning to use three months to go out and inquire about Yang Kai’s information and would thus return here after that period of time.

Old Demon must have known that as long as Yang Kai was still alive, he would certainly come here to look for him.

This along was enough to prove that Old Demon was still loyal to him.

Smiling happily, Yang Kai drew a sword and wrote a line of text under the message.

“Central Capital, Yang Family Home!”

There was no need to say anything more, Old Demon only needed to see this and when he came back here.

After letting out a laugh, Yang Kai shot up like lightning towards his secluded cave.

Upon his return, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian cast an inquisitive gaze towards him.

Yang Kai wasn’t sure whether it was an illusion or not, but he somehow felt that these two were now observing him more carefully than before.

“Have you finished handling your business?” Qiu Yi Meng asked with a slightly playful smile upon her lips.


“Then what are your plans?”

Yang Kai grinned, proudly and confidently declared, “Head back to the Capital, and participate in the Inheritance War!”

Qiu Yi Meng slowly revealed an expression of such excitement before eagerly saying, “I also plan to head back. If you don’t mind, how about we travel together?”

Yang Kai gave a quick glance towards her before nonchalantly replying. “Do as you’d like!”

Qiu Yi Meng grinned, “Then I’ll be imposing on you.”

Yang Kai was puzzled by her remark, “Imposing on me?”

“You’ll know tomorrow,” Qiu Yi Meng said with a chuckle but didn’t answer and instead said, “Give me half a day, there’s still some things here I need to deal with. I’ll be ready to leave tomorrow morning.”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded readily. Qiu Yi Meng had been here supervising the rebuilding of High Heaven Pavilion; naturally there would be issues she needed to resolve before she departed.

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