Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 375

Qiu Yi Meng wiped her wet hair as her eyes flashed, immediately understanding what Lu Liang’s intentions were causing her brow to furrow slightly, “Good, please ask him to come.”

“Yes!” The maid respectfully retreated, and after a short while, Lu Liang walked in.

Smiling warmly, Lu Liang politely said, “First Young Lady, my Lu Family is not as splendid as the Qiu Family, therefore these accommodations are somewhat simple, please forgive me for this.”

Although this was a private meeting, Lu Liang did not dare to refer to her as a Great Niece any more. It was enough for him to call her so once or twice if he persisted in doing so it would inevitably incur the other party’s disfavour.

Lu Liang’s meticulous thoughts and sharp instincts made it impossible for him to make such a low-level mistake.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled lightly and said, “For Uncle Lu to so anxiously seek a meeting with me, it seems you must want information about Yang Kai quite badly, no?”

Seeing her cut straight to the point, Lu Liang didn’t show much of a surprised reaction, instead carefully replying, “En, the world’s situation right now is quite complicated and chaotic, how my Lu Family should act in these times is also uncertain. This one humbly asks the First Young Lady to express her opinion!”

As he spoke, he cupped his fists respectfully, his expression completely serious.

Qiu Yi Meng grinned, sat down at the table and casually asked, “Are you wondering why I brought him to your Lu Family, whether this move was meant as a suggestion to you?”

“First Young Lady is wise, this Elder really thinks so,” Lu Liang frankly admitted. The Lu Family rising to its current height was almost entirely due to it attaching itself to the Qiu Family, it could even be said that the Qiu Family was the Lu Family’s greatest benefactor.

Now, at this sensitive time, Qiu Yi Meng had brought Yang Kai to visit the Lu Family; Lu Liang naturally felt there was more to this than meets the eye.

Perhaps Qiu Yi Meng was optimistic about Yang Kai, so she had brought him here to win over the Lu Family, simultaneously this offered the Lu Family an opportunity to catch hold of Yang Kai.

Was this her way of soft selling?

If so, wouldn’t Qiu Yi Meng know more details about Yang Kai?

All kinds of speculations swirled through Lu Liang’s mind as he pondered over today’s sudden events.

Qiu Yi Meng, however, said, “There’s nothing wrong with you thinking so. I know you’re thoughts are meticulous, but I can tell you this, my bringing him here is not meant as a suggestion to you.”

“It’s not?” Lu Liang couldn’t help feeling surprised.

“No!” Qiu Yi Meng slightly bowed her head, a tinge of anger flashing across her eyes, “My purpose in coming to your Lu Family is merely to borrow two Cloud Treading Colts!”

“Ah…” Lu Liang was stunned and suddenly felt a slight headache coming on thinking that Qiu Yi Meng had only come to his Lu Family because of such a reason.

Quickly composing himself, Lu Liang nodded, “The Cloud Treading Colts that the First Young Lady wants will be ready by tomorrow.”

“En.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded lightly.

Lu Liang opened his mouth to continue but suddenly hesitated to speak. Qiu Yi Meng knew what he wanted to ask so before he could follow up she said on her own initiative, “I don’t know what kind of connections he has, but I don’t dare underestimate him. He can often achieve remarkable and miraculous things, it is truly amazing.”

Lu Liang couldn’t help trembling.

This kind of assessment from Qiu Yi Meng really carried some weight.

Regardless of Yang Kai’s background and allies, it was not difficult to infer from the words Young Lady Qiu that his personal abilities were undoubtedly peerless!

Qiu Yi Meng suddenly grits her teeth, as anger resurfaced on her pretty face, and muttered under her breath, “Also, he’s someone who must seek vengeance for even the slightest grievance!”

Hearing Qiu Yi Meng’s tone, Lu Liang’s neck shrank. He didn’t know how she had offended Yang Kai before, but it looked as if she had suffered quite a lot at his hands.

All he could do in this situation was stare straight ahead and pretend he had heard nothing.

“It seems like he only does things according to his preferences. For anyone, whether their intentions are good or bad, he’s difficult to handle! If you don’t plan on making friends with him, I only have one piece of advice for you!” Qiu Yi Meng grinned knowingly.

“Please advise this one, First Young Lady!” Lu Liang hastily said.

“Absolutely don’t become enemies with him!”

Lu Liang stared at her for a moment before solemnly replied, “This one will remember Young Lady Qiu’s words.”

“En, that’s all I have to say.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded, truly not offering any further insights.

Understanding that she was signalling for him to leave, Lu Liang naturally bowed and turned to leave.

But just as he reached the door, Qiu Yi Meng said, “If you really want to gamble on the Inheritance War, you have to step up now, the sooner you move closer to one of these Young Lords, the better your future benefits will be!”

Lu Liang agreed and nodded, suddenly inquiring, “What about Young Lady Qiu? What side will you be standing on?”

In the Inheritance War, the other seven great families of the Central Capital would also participate; the Qiu Family was naturally not an exception. As the leader of the Qiu Family’s younger generation, Qiu Yi Meng would definitely take part, possibly even serving as the leader of her family’s participants.

“You don’t need to have any ideas about me, the Lu Family’s future and destiny are completely in your own hands. Which of the Yang Family’s Young Lords you stand with is a decision you must make yourself. Success and failure will all be determined by your own choices.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled temperately.

Lu Liang was a little disappointed. He knew that Qiu Yi Meng was saying so because she did not want to be responsible for whatever consequences may come.

The conversation over, Lu Liang swiftly departed.

The next day, at dawn.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian woke early and left their respective rooms only to spot Yang Kai slowly executing a set of forms as he faced towards the rising sun.

His movements were slow but meticulous, and his expression was solemn and serious.

“It seems the Little Lord likes getting an early start.” Tang Yu Xian smiled.

“Young people are always full of vitality, it’s a good thing.” Tu Feng also grinned.

“However, it seems like the forms the Little Lord is practising aren’t anything special. They seem more like they’d be good for ordinary people to use in order to temper themselves, especially the elderly.” Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help laughing as she covered her mouth.

Tu Feng couldn’t help turning his eyes to stare at her, signalling her not to say any more.

Although he also disagreed with Yang Kai’s current method of practice, but after all, he was still a Yang Family Young Lord, so how could they as Blood Warriors say such things behind his back?

If the Little Lord liked practicing as such, then there was no reason to stop him, even if he was just playing around, it’s not like he was doing anything dangerous.

Soon after though, Tu Feng’s brow suddenly furrowed, whispering quietly, “Something’s odd!”

“Hm?” Tang Yu Xian asked hurriedly.

“Look closer.” Tu Feng’s expression became serious as he and Tang Yu Xian carefully stared at Yang Kai’s actions.

Suddenly, Tang Yu Xian’s pupils contracted.

She quickly discovered that Yang Kai’s muscles seemed to be extremely stressed and the ground around his feet was soaking wet, clearly because he had sweat a tremendous amount.

Facing the sun rising in the east, Tang Yu Xian clearly saw atop Yang Kai’s face, on his forehead, drops of crystal beads quickly dripping down his skin.

The slow punching movements he was executing seemed to put an extremely heavy load on him, each step he took even caused the ground beneath him to tremble.

[This is….]

These were all clearly sights that could be seen when someone was under overwhelming pressure.

However, what Yang Kai was currently practicing was just a set of seemingly ordinary stances, Tang Yu Xian had even commented that it seemed suitable for the elderly to use as exercise. How could these movements be causing him such strain?

After observing for a while, the two Blood Warriors had to admit that right now Yang Kai seemed to be enduring an overbearing pressure. Inside his toned physique, there seemed to be a devastating force; however, this force seemed to be constrained by an invisible strength, literally suppressing the force within his body.

Rather, the explosive force within Yang Kai seemed to be fighting against this external pressure, maintaining a kind of odd balance inside and outside his body.

But, what exactly was this pressure?

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were both deeply surprised by the scene before them. Inevitably, both of them released their Divine Senses in order to examine Yang Kai’s condition more closely, so they closed their eyes and concentrated their senses.

Faintly nosing the aura surrounding Yang Kai as he slowly wielded his fists, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian gradually incorporated their senses into Yang Kai’s surroundings.

With each action he took, the pair slowly observed a mysterious harmony in his movement.

All of a sudden, the pair’s Divine Senses harmonized with Yang Kai’s aura!


Immediately, a feeling like the sky collapsing atop their heads appeared, like the Heavens themselves were trying to crush them.


A loud burst of noise sounded as the ground the two Blood Warriors sunk.

A web of cracks spread out in all directions from where they stood.

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s eyes shot open at the same time, and their faces cringed as horror flashed across their faces. The pair’s True Qi instinctively circulated like mad, desperately trying to resist this crushing pressure.

But the two Blood Warriors didn’t anticipate that the terrifying pressure they had just felt would instantly disappear once they took back their Divine Senses.

Bursting forth at full strength, but lost the object it was meant to resist, the pair’s True Qi directly exploded within their bodies.

Two loud bangs erupted as both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian paled and staggered back several steps unsteadily.


The two immediately vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time before finally steadying themselves.

Yang Kai stopped his practice and frowned as he turned his head towards this disturbance.

While he was cultivating his Tempered Body Record, he also realized that the two Blood Warriors were behind him and could also feel that they had released their Divine Senses to observe him; however, Yang Kai hadn’t expected such adverse consequences to arise from their actions.

No one had ever observed him using their Divine Sense while he was cultivating this technique and as a result experienced the pressure he was under.

Because of their instinctual responses, the two Blood Warriors had suffered a loss.

Hurriedly lowering his stance, Yang Kai quickly walked over to the pair and asked, “Are you alright?”

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s eyes trembled lightly, not having the mind to inspect their own injuries, but instead stared at Yang Kai as if they were seeing some kind of monster.

That pressure they had just felt was definitely real.

With both of them having experienced it, how could it be fake?

But under such terrible strain, enough to even make them unable to resist, how exactly did the Little Lord withstand it?

Given his cultivation, his body should have long ago been crushed into dust. But instead…? The two of them were both high level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters yet only by contacting this pressure they had wounded themselves.

If this matter was leaked out, wouldn’t they be laughed at by the other Blood Warriors?

For a long time, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were too shocked and embarrassed to speak.

But above all else, the two of them kept asking one question to themselves over and over again: How did the Little Lord survive under that pressure?

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