Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 376

However, these words had little persuasive power after the one who spoke them just vomited blood.

How was this a minor injury? The two of them had pushed their True Qi to the limit and it had subsequently exploded within their bodies. This was tantamount to them suffering their own full powered strike in a completely unguarded state. It was a small miracle that both of them hadn’t fainted on the spot.

“Do you have enough healing pills on you?” Yang Kai asked quietly.

There were a number of healing pills in his storage space, but those pills were prepared by Ling Tai Xu for him long ago and their grades weren’t too high. Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were both Yang Family Blood Warriors, obviously they had to be carrying some pills the Yang Family Alchemists had refined, each of which was no doubt higher in quality than the ones Yang Kai had.

Yang Kai wouldn’t be so foolish as to offer them these inferior pills.

“En,” Tang Yu Xian nodded as she and Tu Feng pulled out a pair of bottles from their sleeve pockets and poured out a single brown-coloured pill.

Both of the Blood Warriors expressions flashed a hint of unwillingness that seemed to be a mix of tears and laughter all at once.

This brown pill was a specially refined healing pill that Blood Warriors carried in case of emergencies. It was a Mysterious Grade Low-Rank pill that could treat most serious injuries extremely quickly.

This kind of pill was very precious, even if it was the Yang Family’s Blood Warriors, each of them would only be assigned a single one each year, so both of them were naturally reluctant to take it such a time.

However, right now their top priority was to ensure Yang Kai’s safety. If the two of them didn’t recover from their injuries as quickly as possible, if something unexpected happened, it would definitely not end well.

So even if they were reluctant, they had no other alternative at this point, so the two of them decisively swallowed the healing pill.

Above all else, Yang Kai had to be protected!

After the two of them had taken the brown healing pill, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn, and he quickly extended his hands and pulled the two up, while hurriedly kicking the dirt nearby to cover up the blood stains on the ground.

The next moment, Lu Liang along with many of the Lu Family’s masters arrived.

“What happened just now?” Lu Liang looked around worriedly.

With such a violent disturbance occurring, the masters of the Lu Family had naturally been alerted and subsequently rushed to Yang Kai’s quarters, not daring to delay even a single moment, almost tripping over themselves in their haste.

All of them were worried that some kind of accident had befallen Yang Kai. If a Yang Family Young Lord was injured or worse in the Lu Family’s home, even with the Qiu Family as its backer, the Lu Family would likely not last long.

With the overbearing arrogance of the Yang Family, it would be no surprise for them to raze this land to the ground.

This was a matter concerning the family’s survival, how could Lu Liang not be nervous?

After speaking these words, all the people’s eyes looked towards Yang Kai and saw him safe and sound. Seeing no injuries on his body, all the Lu Family masters breathed a sigh of relief.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian also appeared extremely well-kept. The two of them secretly circulated their True Qi slowly in order to let the colour return to their faces, giving them a healthy, uninjured appearance.

“It’s nothing.” Yang Kai said with a light smiled, “This Young Lord just let Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian compete a little for me, I didn’t expect that the noise it created would be so big.”

“What?” Lu Liang blankly stared.

Yang Kai casually smiled and waved, “I was a little bored and thought it would be entertaining to see two masters exchange some blows.”

Listening to Yang Kai speak as such, Lu Liang and others couldn’t help glancing around in shock.

Seeing the two big pits on the ground and cracked earth that spread out all around from them, Lu Liang and the others were secretly shocked at the strength of the two Blood Warriors.

Just exchanging fists had caused such a tremendous shock, if the two of them were to fight a real life or death battle, how much destruction would be caused?

An awkward smile surfacing on his face, Lu Liang courteously said, “Originally, Young Master Yang was just engaging in some casual leisure. It seems this Lu was overly sensitive, we’ll take our leave, please continue!”

“En!” Yang Kai harmlessly smiled, but before Lu Liang could leave, he casually shouted, “Right, Patriarch Lu.”

Lu Liang frowned and turned to ask, “What instructions does Young Master Yang wish to say?”

His tone seemed to have lost some of the dignity and caution it had yesterday, and even contained a tinge of annoyance; unconsciously, it seemed Lu Liang’s attitude towards Yang Kai had undergone some changes.

However, Yang Kai didn’t care, continuing as if he hadn’t noticed, “The Lu Family home’s scenery is quite outstanding, truly a beautiful place. I would like to spend a few more days here along with my two Blood Warriors, I trust that won’t inconvenience you will it?”

Lu Liang was slightly surprised but didn’t think much about it, only smiling and nodding, “Having Young Master Yang as a guest is my Lu Family’s honour, it isn’t inconvenient at all!”

“En, very good.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Lu Liang once again cupped his fists before leading the rest of the Lu Family masters out.

After they had left, Yang Kai shifted his gaze towards a loft several tens of meters away.

On the second floor of that building, Qiu Yi Meng was leaning on the handrail, meaningfully smiling towards him.

As their eyes met, Qiu Yi Meng slightly raised her chin, displaying a subtly smugness; Luo Xiao Man nearby was also smirking, like she had just witnessed something interesting.

Yang Kai glowered at them slightly before leading the two Blood Warriors into the house.

Inside, Yang Kai didn’t avoid the two Blood Warriors line of sight as he changed out of his wet clothes.

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian wore complex expressions, their moods somewhat unstable as they adopted a silent stance.

But as they stood there, Yang Kai seemed to not be in a hurry to speak.

After getting dressed, he casually sat down on a nearby chair and glanced at the two of them.

The two Blood Warriors exchanged a glance before brazing themselves, stepping forward and bowing, “Young Lord, this servant has committed an offence and asks to be punished.”

Yang Kai glanced at them indifferently for a moment before asking, “What offence?”

Tu Feng showed a look of guilt before quickly saying, “Because of our reckless behaviour we have delayed the Young Lord’s journey!”

Yang Kai had told Lu Liang just now that he planned to spend a few more days here, clearly, he wanted to let Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian have a safe and stable space where they could fully recover.

Knowing this, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian felt some heartfelt gratitude towards this Little Lord of theirs.

Amongst the Yang Family’s Young Lords, few of them would be so compassionate towards their subordinates. Their injuries were neither light nor heavy, but if it was not properly dealt with right now, it may leave behind some hidden dangers.

After Tu Feng finished, Yang Kai remained silent.

Tang Yu Xian followed up immediately after, “Because of our mistake, we’ve let the Young Lord be underestimated by Lu Family! We are both guilty!”

The slight change in attitude from Lu Liang had shown just now had not escaped their eyes.

Obviously, that subtle difference in attitude was because Yang Kai had said he was idle and bored so he let the two Blood Warriors spar in order to entertain him!

Who were the Blood Warriors? They were the elite masters who guarded the Yang Family, faithful throughout the ages, each one of them had made countless contributions to the Yang Family, and each one of them was willing to lay down their lives to safeguard the lives of the Yang Family and its descendants.

No matter what generation of the Yang Family it was, the Blood Warriors had shed blood for them!

The Yang Family’s prosperity was in large part due to the Blood Warriors tireless service!

The Blood Warriors were the epitome of loyalty and duty.

Even though many outsiders didn’t have favourable opinions of the Yang Family, all of them showed respect and admiration for the Blood Warriors.

But now, two of these honourably warriors were actually made to fight in order to entertain a Young Lord who had yet to even return home to claim his status. The two warriors no doubt were as close as any flesh and blood brother and sister, yet because of a casual order, they had been forced to exchange blows.

They weren’t trained monkeys! How could this Young Lord use them so disrespectfully just to alleviate his boredom?

Yang Kai’s arrogance and unreasonableness had been clearly revealed.

As such, Lu Liang’s opinion of him had dropped significantly.

If Yang Kai hadn’t taken responsibility for what had just transpired, he wouldn’t have been despised so.

If such events were to be propagated, people would begin to think that Yang Kai was a useless playboy, incapable of achieving anything great; such an image would have a terrible influence on his future.

In an instant, the two Blood Warriors had thought that they had harmed their Young Lord, so Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both had bitter tastes in their mouth and were extremely awkward.

“Is that it?” Yang Kai looked at them and chuckled.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both looked at each other and didn’t know how to respond.

“Get up,” Yang Kai said with a smile. “I know that Blood Warriors only bow to their masters. You haven’t fully accepted me as such right now, there’s no need for you to show such a ceremony!”

Hearing these frank words, both Blood Warriors blushed.

Yang Kai was straightforward, but such words truly reflected their inner thoughts. Over the past few days, Yang Kai had indeed brought them surprise after surprise, even allowing them to feel a little gratitude towards him, but there was still some distance yet to go before they would pledge allegiance to him.

“One day, when you’re willing to follow me, it won’t be too late to do as such.” Yang Kai said confidently.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both got up.

Tu Feng cleared his throat and hesitated a moment before continuing, “But now the Lu Family is definitely not optimistic about the Little Lord….”

“I said from the beginning, I have no desire to recruit them. Them not being optimistic about me is their own prerogative! Even if they thoroughly despise me it means nothing to me!” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully here, “But the two of you shouldn’t try spying on me anymore.”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s expressions cramped slightly at these words remembering back on that overwhelming pressure, the two of them couldn’t help feeling some fear.

The two Blood Warriors also knew that Yang Kai felt uncomfortable with them observing him so they frankly nodded their heads to his request.

Nonsense, if the two of them were exposed to that terrible suppression again, wouldn’t they be really crushed into the ground? The two of them really wanted to understand how Yang Kai was able to withstand that pressure.

“You’ll have a few days to heal properly when you’ve fully recovered, we’ll set out again for the Central Capital.”

“En,” Tang Yu Xian nodded with a light sigh.

Lu Liang no longer seemed to care much for Yang Kai because of this incident and the Lu Family’s Elders had all but determined that this Yang Family Young Lord was not worth associating with further.

Thinking themselves wise and worldly, they were easily blinded by Yang Kai’s disguise.

With a crisp cry, the Golden Feather Eagle circled the sky before gently landing on Yang Kai’s shoulders, using its hook-like beak to comb Yang Kai’s hair intimately.

The Golden Feathered Eagle did not suffer any hardships when with Yang Kai. In fact, before they entered the Lu Family’s grounds, the Golden Feathered Eagle would freely roam about in search of its own food.

Now, since they were guest of the Lu Family, the Eagle lived in luxury. It would now be fed plentifully, with a variety of sorts. Enough so that the Eagle no longer had to hunt on its own. However, this little rascal was picky. It would only accept live animals, which meant that the area it ate at would always leave a bloody mess after each meal.

Yang Kai glanced up at the Golden Feather Eagle before secretly offering it a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid.

For the past while, every day Yang Kai would feed it with a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid and soon the Golden Feather Eagle came to seek this delicacy on its own.

Yang Kai didn’t refuse as he still had some ideas about this Golden Feather Eagle.

He was eager to know if by feeding it so, could it evolve once more and become a true Sixth-Order Monster Beast?

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