Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 377

In order to evolve that Golden Feather Eagle, the Yang Family had also spent a lot of money and resources, and in the end only luckily caused it to advance.

Since then, no other Yang Family Golden Feather Eagle had evolved to the Sixth-Order. As time passed, the effort required and the benefit obtained were deemed not proportional, so the Yang Family had largely ceased its efforts to further evolve its Golden Feather Eagles.

In any case, the power of the Yang Family was not dependent on the Golden Feather Eagles, their greatest role was to detect enemies and seek out the scattered Yang Family descendants.

Whether they were Fifth-Order or Sixth-Order Monster Beasts, for the powerhouse Yang Family, it really didn’t make much difference.

But to Yang Kai, this difference was significant.

If the current Golden Feather Eagle could evolve into the Sixth-Order, the role it could play would also rise dramatically. If it were successful, even if it were to face an Immortal Ascension Boundary master it would still have the power to fight back.

For now, Yang Kai with the exception of the two Blood Warriors, this Golden Feather Eagle was the only additional force he could currently try to recruit.

For the upcoming Inheritance War, even the smallest additional bit of strength could mean the difference between success and failure.

Yang Kai himself also took a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid every day. By doing this over a long period of time it could allow a person to be reborn, cleansing their body and enhancing their aptitude, it would certainly be helpful for the Golden Feather Eagle.

After following this regimen for many days, the Golden Feather Eagle had become completely obedient towards Yang Kai. This was not just because of the Beast Slave Seal but also because its sentience and intelligence were quite high.

His eyes flashing, Yang Kai reached out a finger towards the Golden Feather Eagle.

In an instant, it seemed like something had shattered inside the Golden Feather Eagle’s soul causing it to send out a loud cry.

Naturally, the Beast Slave Seal had been dissolved by Yang Kai.

Freed from the Beast Slave Seal, the Golden Feather Eagle first looked at Yang Kai in surprise, a trace of confusion apparent in its gaze, but no signs of exclusion could be seen. Instead, a moment later, it care-freely continued to help Yang Kai comb his hair.

“Haha!” Yang Kai chuckled lightly.

This period of time was apparently enough for the Golden Feather Eagle to obey Yang Kai’s order without the Beast Slave Seal.

This Monster Beast was quite easy to handle actually, after feeding it a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid for ten days; it had become dead set on following Yang Kai. In order to continue obtaining this miraculous treat, it would no doubt faithfully obey him.

“Good, time to eat!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly showed a strange grin, his eyes lighting up as he stared in a certain direction, waving his hands and sending the Golden Feather Eagle off.

Its wings spread out, the Golden Feather Eagle flew off and grabbed a porcupine that had been prepared in a cage for it by the Lu Family nearby and immediately soared into the sky.

The porcupine’s size was not small so the Golden Feather Eagle seemed like it was having trouble holding on to it. As it flew through the air, its talons suddenly lost their grip and, accompanied by a series of unhappy cries, the porcupine fell to the ground.

After a moment, a loud thud resounded. On the ground, it seemed like an explosion of blood had occurred as the Golden Feather Eagle circled above.

Yang Kai also slowly got up and, after smoothing out his appearance slightly, took big strides out of his courtyard and went to the place where the Golden Feather Eagle fell.

Lu Family main hall.

Lu Liang was discussing some matters with several of the Lu Family Elders when suddenly a servant rushed in. Lu Liang looked up casually and asked, “What happened?”

The man who had rushed in quickly knelt and fearfully replied, “Patriarch, it’s terrible! The Grand Elder’s house has been bloodied!”

“What!?” Lu Liang stood up from his chair in shock, the other Lu Family Elders also reacted in a similarly panicked way.

It seemed like something incredible had happened.

“What exactly happened?” Lu Liang did not delay at all, stepped out from his chair and rushed forward to grab the servant, directly lifting him up.

It was clear to anyone who saw that he was extremely agitated.

The Grand Elder! Lu Si!

This was the Lu Family’s only member who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, a master who stood at the apex of this world’s power structure! It was only because of his existence that the Lu Family could become a first-class family.

It could be said that the rise or fall of the Lu Family was entirely dependent on Lu Si!

Under normal circumstances, Lu Si would not leave the Lu Family, he would only sit in his courtyard and dedicate himself to cultivating the Martial Dao.

Moreover, because a few years ago, when Lu Si had broken through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, an accident had occurred, he would not be able to leave the Lu Family for extended periods. His courtyard where he secluded himself was also a Forbidden Zone inside the Lu Family. No one was allowed to approach it, even the family Patriarch Lu Liang, unless it was a matter related to the family’s survival, lest they disturb Grand Elder’s cultivation.

But now, Lu Si’s courtyard had actually been bloodied!

How could the Lu Family people not be worried?

It was also strange that this servant didn’t clearly state what had happened. When the Elders heard the word ‘bloodied’, all of them couldn’t help thinking that an accident had happened with Lu Si’s cultivation, aggravating his injury and causing his courtyard to become bloodied.

However, after hearing the full report from the servant, Lu Liang and others breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next instant, Lu Liang felt a wave of grief and anger wash over him as he secretly cursed this servant for not speaking clearly.

It turns out that… a porcupine had fallen into Lu Si’s courtyard and made a mess. This was actually just a minor matter but if it had disturbed the Grand Elder’s retreat it couldn’t be treated lightly.

According to what the man said, it was because of the Yang Family Young Lord’s Golden Family Eagle Family losing its grip while it was holding the porcupine, thus causing it to accidentally fall into the Grand Elder’s yard. As a result, from far away it looked like the courtyard had become a bloody battlefield.

This servant was too afraid to go in and speak with Lu Si, so he had run here to seek Lu Liang’s instructions.

“En, this matter is no longer your concern.” Lu Liang said gruffly before releasing the servant, immediately stepping out of the hall and rushing towards the Grand Elder’s courtyard, his face filled with displeasure.

The other Lu Family Elders also wore similar expressions.

After looking around and seeing no signs of Yang Kai and the two Blood Warriors, some people began whispering, “Patriarch, that Yang Family Young Lord is simply too much! Now, even his pet eagle has insulted the Grand Elder!”

“En, we should expel them immediately!”

“But… he was brought here by Young Lady Qiu. If he refuses to leave, are we able to force him out?”

“Such a useless brat, why would Young Lady Qiu associate with such a waste?”

As they spoke about Yang Kai, all of the Elders slowly shook their heads. Obviously, they felt that this Young Lord Yang was worthless, no doubt he would be eliminated immediately upon the commencement of the Yang Family’s Inheritance War.

“Everyone shut up!” Lu Liang angrily muttered.

Although he was also not optimistic about Yang Kai, he was still not someone who the Lu Family could criticize. If he or his Blood Warriors were to find out about such idle talk, there would surely be terrible repercussions.

Having been scolded so by Lu Liang, the other Lu Family Elders didn’t dare continue to gossip.

Not long after, this group arrived at the Lu Family’s quietest most remote area.

As they approached, everyone could see that something was wrong.

Because the gate of the courtyard was actually open! The pavilion where Lu Si lived was always closed, and no one would dare enter it.

But now, the front gate was wide open! What was this all about?

Lu Liang held his breath before he cautiously looked inside, but the instant he did so he became so enraged he nearly passed out.

Inside this one pristine courtyard, where not a single leaf littered the ground, a large pool of bloody smashed meat was splashed around.

The vague remnants of the porcupine can be seen if one looked carefully, it must have fallen from a great height and exploded once it hit the ground, splattering its blood and entrails all over the courtyard.

Inside, the Yang Family’s Golden Feather Eagle was joyfully feeding on the scattered fresh meat.

Nearby, the Yang Family’s Young Lord was actually putting on the appearance of a countryside boy, casually squatting on the ground with his head resting on his hands as he watched the Golden Feather Eagle eat!

There was a completely content smile adorning his face.

Lu Liang’s eyes nearly burst from their sockets as he desperately struggled to control his anger.

In the presence of the Grand Elder, no matter which member of the Lu Family it was, they would display the utmost respect and dignity, no one would even dare step into this restricted area, but now, this Young Lord had casually strode in. Not only did he wantonly intrude here like it was his own home, he also stopped to appreciate the havoc his Monster Beast had wrought!

At this moment, Lu Liang actually couldn’t help feeling humiliation.

It was as if the woman he had loved and taken care of had suddenly been shamed and taken away from him.

In short, he was furious.

“Patriarch…” The Lu Family elders also trembled in place, not knowing how to proceed.

Waiting outside was not going to resolve the issue, so Lu Liang somehow suppressed his mood and stepped into the courtyard, and the rest of the Elders following close behind their Patriarch.

This was the Grand Elder’s private residence, many of them had never entered here before so although they were enraged with Yang Kai’s behaviour, some of them were also secretly grateful for this opportunity.

Walking straight up to Yang Kai, Lu Liang took a deep breath and bowed, still not forgetting to cup his fists politely as he called out, “Young Master Yang, Young Master Yang!”

Yang Kai seemed to be aware that someone had arrived and quickly looked up, seemingly surprised by these newcomers, stumbling slightly as he fixed his squatting stance before nodding, “Patriarch Lu.”

Lu Liang’s face twitched slightly at this sight but given the situation, they were in he was too lazy to care about his etiquette. However, just as he was about to ask about this situation, Yang Kai held up a finger to his mouth and made a serious expression.

Lu Liang stifled his words and hastily whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Kai smiled silently and pointed forward, “Don’t speak too loudly, it’ll disturb my eagle’s meal.”

Lu Liang almost cursed.

[His eagle, disturb his eagle? This is the secluded retreat of the Lu Family’s Grand Elder! Even if you are a Yang Family Young Lord, even if this Monster Beast is the rare and precious Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle, none of you can compare with Grand Elder Lu Si’s worth!]

Worried he’ll disturb this eagle? Patriarch Lu couldn’t care less! His only concern now was that this ruckus would disturb the Grand Elder’s cultivation.

How could Lu Liang still remain calm? At this moment, all he felt like doing was beating this little brat in front of him. Quickly taking a few deep breaths, his expression became even uglier as if he was about to cry, and he whispered quietly, “Young Master Yang, this is not a place to converse, can we move elsewhere to speak?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded deeply, “If there’s anything you wish to say I’ll listen to it later, let it eat its fill first!”

Lu Liang froze up in shock and staggered back a few steps, before nearly coughing up blood.

For a moment, he even thought that what he was seeing and hearing was some kind of illusion.

The eloquence that Lu Liang had always been so proud of didn’t play any role at this moment, and his mouth twitching as he started towards Yang Kai, feeling like his tongue was tied. “Yang K… I mean, Young Master Yang, I… that is… can we please leave here now to discuss this matter? ”

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