Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 378

He couldn’t understand Yang Kai at all. Although he was the Patriarch of the Lu Family, Yang Kai’s status was by no means lower than his own. Even if Lu Liang felt incredibly annoyed, he still had no choice but to speak in a calm manner and hope that this Young Master Yang could understand the meaning behind his words, praying that he would respond to courtesy with courtesy.

However, this Young Master Yang seemed completely oblivious, like he had no intention of thinking any deeper at all, even given the obvious entreaty in Lu Liang’s words. Instead, he just stared back, blankly, “Why do we need to go somewhere else?”

The veins on Lu Liang’s forehead throbbed in distress.

Still forcing his anger down as best he could, Lu Liang wore a solemn expression and replied, “Young Master Yang, this place is the secluded retreat of a powerful master of my Lu Family. It is normally off limits to everyone. I’m afraid that if we were to speak here, it will disturb this Senior’s cultivation. If so… haha.”

“A powerful master!?” Yang Kai quickly stood up, and the volume of his voice multiplied several times, like booming thunder.

All of the Lu Family’s Elders’ faces suddenly became ugly.

[This brat… is he doing this on purpose?]

Yang Kai seemed ignorant of their pained expressions as he looked around with interest before turning to Lu Liang with a smile, “I don’t see anyone…”

“Young Master Yang!” Lu Liang’s face became gloomy as his patience was pushed to its limit. “Please be serious!”

It was no small feat to force the poignant Lu Liang to speak such harsh words.

If this place wasn’t Lu Si’s secluded retreat, Lu Liang wouldn’t possibly brave the risk of offending Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai just stared back at him with a sheepish grin.

His smile was calm, completely without other meaning.

Inside however there was just a tinge of surprise; he hadn’t expected that this place would be so important to the Lu Family!

Yang Kai knew that there must be a master living here, or else it would be impossible to have such an ornate courtyard, so he had used the Golden Feather Eagle dropping that porcupine in order to have an excuse to intrude here.

But despite knowing that there was a master here, Yang Kai didn’t fully understand how important this place was until Lu Liang and the other Lu Family Elders had shown up. It looked like he had stumbled upon the Lu Family’s most forbidden area.

However, with things having already reached this point, he had no choice other than to continue feigning innocence, or both sides would end up in an even more awkward state.

Yang Kai wasn’t someone who didn’t understand onset and retreat. As soon as he saw Lu Liang and the others appear here so swiftly, he realized that things weren’t as simple as he had imagined. Now that Lu Liang had spoken so far, Yang Kai could naturally determine who lived here.

The Lu Family’s only Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

If it was anyone else, it would be impossible for Lu Liang to be so nervous.

Interestingly, the thing that had caught Yang Kai’s attention actually seemed to be inside that powerful master’s room. This would be a bit tricky, apparently.

His brow furrowing lightly, Yang Kai thought about whether or not to press forward with this matter when suddenly the door to the pavilion house opened wide.

With a quiet squeak, the door came to a halt.

Lu Liang and the Lu Family Elders all trembled lightly, and their expressions became awkward as they quickly turned to face the door and bow.

“Little friend, come inside so we may speak.” From beyond the door, a somewhat old voice echoed. The sound was soft and temperate, but everyone outside couldn’t hide their shock.

Yang Kai blinked for a moment before smiling and walking towards the door, not showing the slightest sign of nervousness.

Lu Liang stared at him, with a look of envy creeping into his expression, but soon after he slowly followed.

In front of the door, Yang Kai paused and looked back at Lu Liang, motioning, “Patriarch Lu, after you.”

Lu Liang grinned wryly and waved his hand, “This one dares not, Grand Elder Si has only summoned you. Therefore, only you may enter.”

While saying so, he took up a position next to the door and firmly planted himself there, his expression now very meticulous.

Yang Kai glanced at him and knew that he wasn’t just saying these words, but truly meant them. He nodded slightly and stepped into the house.

The inside of this house was quite shabby; there wasn’t even a bed in it. The only furnishings that could be seen were a few chairs and a table with a teapot set atop it. Other than that, the room was essentially bare.

However, when Yang Kai entered the room, he immediately stared greedily towards the object under the old man’s butt.

Yang Kai didn’t even try to cover up the desire in his eyes!

The old man in this house was obviously the Lu Family’s Grand Elder Lu Si, the strongest cultivator in the Lu Family. Lu Si’s build was somewhat thin, and his face was adorned with an all white beard. His temperament seemed similar to Ling Tai Xu but without the same light-hearted warmth.

In the end though, Lu Si still gave the unique impression of a powerful master.

This was the second Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master that Yang Kai had seen so far.

Those who had achieved a cultivation of the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary realm seemed to give people a sense of detachment from the mundane. This feeling was incomprehensible and mysterious.

Any Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master was a powerhouse who stood at the apex of this world.

At this moment, Lu Si was sitting cross-legged atop a gigantic gemstone. This precious stone gave off a golden hue, and streams of light flashed within it like clever fish wandering through a jade lake.

This gemstone was like a naturally formed bed, large enough to accommodate a single person atop it.

Lu Si sat on this gem and calmly breathed.

This Precious Jade didn’t emit any obvious Qi. Even when standing right in front of it, Yang Kai couldn’t sense anything energy leaking from the bed, but as soon as he saw it, the Yang Origin Seal in his chest began throbbing.

The Yang Origin Seal would only react to the presence of Yang attribute Precious Treasures. Whatever this thing was, Yang Kai was certain it contained an incredible amount of Yang Qi.

Since the moment he had entered the Lu Family, Yang Kai had already noticed the existence of this large Precious Jade.

This was the reason why he had told Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian that the Lu Family had something he was interested in, but in the end he only knew that there was some kind of Yang attribute treasure here and couldn’t actually tell what it was.

Seeing this Precious Jade now, he was certain this was what he was looking for.

Such a large natural Precious Jade, if he were to absorb all of it into his dantian, Yang Kai was certain he could directly break through a minor realm.

There wasn’t much Yang Liquid left in his dantian after he had wantonly used it in the Evil Cavern. If he were to run out of Yang Liquid, Yang Kai didn’t know whether the thick evil energy in his Unyielding Golden Skeleton would erupt, possibly affecting him negatively. Even if that didn’t happen, if his Yang Liquid were to be completely exhausted, Yang Kai would lose the ability to use many of his most powerful techniques.

So for some time now, what Yang Kai wanted most was to find a way to supplement his Yang Liquid.

Unfortunately, Precious Treasures of the Yang attribute were hard to find. Even if he were to return back to the Yang Family it was likely he wouldn’t be able to receive any such resources from them. The Yang Family Young Lords who wanted to participate in the Inheritance War had gathered all their allies and materials on their own.

Now that such a great opportunity had suddenly presented itself, how could he easily let it go?

It was just that he had never expected that the treasure he sought was actually the bed of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

Yang Kai’s expression quickly became awkward as he wondered what kind of price he could offer. Was there something he had that would let the other party willingly hand over this Precious Jade?

For such a treasure, there was no way he could simply take it, and this caused Yang Kai to sink into contemplation.

After a long silence, Yang Kai secretly groaned in his heart; however, his unyielding gaze was still focused directly on Precious Jade under the old man’s butt.

Lu Si was also observing Yang Kai since he entered the door. His expression indifferent, like a tranquil ancient well. It was only after this long silence that he spoke in an amazed tone, “The intentions of this little friend is so obvious, it seems your actions just now really were intentional!”

Hearing these words, Yang Kai finally restrained his greedy gaze and laughed wryly, “Junior has been indiscreet!”

His own methods and careful plotting, in the face of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, were likely long ago seen through, so having been exposed already, Yang Kai was disinclined to quibble over things.

As he spoke, Yang Kai sat down on the floor in front of Lu Si.

Outside the house, all of the Lu Family’s Elders perked up their ears and held their breaths, not wanting to miss a word the two men in the room spoke.

“The Yang Family’s Young Lord is really extraordinary,” Lu Si nodded slightly, showing a slight appreciation. “Truly the great families from the Central Capital are different, such bearing and composure isn’t something my Lu Family could cultivate.”

Yang Kai grinned slightly, “Senior is too polite, the Lu Family is by no means bad.”

Lu Si smiled back temperately.

He himself was an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master. Amongst the younger generation, only these Young Lords from the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families would be capable of acting so calmly before him, anyone else would clearly be more cautious. However, the young man in front of him didn’t even seem to care about such things. The moment he had entered the room his eyes had been staring hotly at the Precious Jade under his butt, obviously not even regarding the house’s owner. If he wasn’t one of those great families’ Young Lords, how could he act so aloof?

“You came here for this?” Lu Si asked knowingly, pointing down with his finger.

“Yes!” Yang Kai admitted frankly, “It wasn’t premeditated, just taking advantage of an opportunity, haha!”

“You need it?”

“Junior certainly needs it, urgently in fact!” Yang Kai said seriously.

“This old master understands,” Lu Si nodded lightly, suddenly smiling. “Although I understand, I can’t give it to you.”

“Junior understands this point,” Yang Kai replied, not disappointed in the slightest, obviously having expected such a response. Sitting up straight, he continued, “Therefore I want to discuss what conditions Senior has in order to offer it to me.”

Lu Si looked at him temperately and said, “Even if you are a Young Lord of the Yang Family, this old master isn’t willing to offer this to you. Regardless of what conditions you put forward, you’re destined to be disappointed.”

Yang Kai however just shook his head, “Senior’s words are too arbitrary. In this world, as long as it exists, it has a price that Senior will be willing to part with it for, it only depends on whether or not I can afford such a price.”

Lu Si still shook his head, firmly denying Yang Kai’s argument.

The Lu Family Elders who were standing around outside listening all gradually wore awkward expressions.

There weren’t many words exchanged between the old man and the youth inside, and direct statements were few and far between, causing many of them to be confused about what was happening.

It seemed like this Yang Family Young Lord was eyeing one of the Grand Elder’s treasures?


Taking advantage of an opportunity?

Unable to offer a price?

Was he trying to buy it or just steal it!?

Amongst the Lu Family Elders, none of them could keep up with the changing situation.

Inside the room, Lu Si grinned, “Young Master Yang doesn’t need to waste any effort. True this old master invited you in, but that doesn’t mean I will sell you this.”

“Senior certainly has his own consideration, Junior well understands this point.” Yang Kai nodded slightly before wearing a grin, “But I still need that Jade Bed of yours!”

Lu Si had nothing else to say; however, outside, when Lu Liang heard these words, his expression suddenly became fierce, and he angrily shouted, “Young Master Yang, the Yang Crystal Jade Bed that Grand Elder Lu Si sits on is the most precious object in my Lu Family! No matter who it is, no one may take it away!”

Today, even when Yang Kai had thoroughly irritated Lu Liang, he still managed to keep his calm, but now that he knew Yang Kai wanted the Grand Elder’s Yang Crystal Jade Bed, Lu Liang couldn’t suppress his rage any longer and daringly shouted such words. His tone was firm and straightforward, obviously indicating his unwavering stance on this situation to Yang Kai.

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