Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 383

After seeing Yang Kai’s honest reply, Tang Yu Xian returned the small piece of jade to him and said, “Little Lord has gotten something good, but make sure you don’t spread such news around or I’m afraid many of this world’s powerhouses will seek trouble with you over it.”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded, as he carefully stowed the jade piece into his Black Book space, inside there it would be near impossible for someone else to find.

Tu Feng grinned, chuckling slightly, “It looks like the Lu Family has eaten a big loss this time.”

No matter what Yang Kai had paid for Lu Si’s Jade Bed, it was obvious that he had picked up an incredible bargain.

Tang Yu Xian also smiled happily, “They must not have imagined it possible that a True Spirit would exist within that Yang Crystal Jade.”

This True Spirit had already begun to form its consciousness, so it was able to deceive most masters’ Divine Senses. Before, when it was hiding inside the Yang Crystal Jade Bed, it was unlikely that Lu Si had discovered it, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to give it to Yang Kai.

“Hmph, the Lu Family has some guts, even daring to monitor Little Lord’s movements. Such people are not worthy of trying to win over!” Tu Feng grumbled, “Yu Xian and I have already fully recovered. Little Lord, when do you plan on setting out again?”

“We’ll leave tomorrow,” Yang Kai said decisively. He hadn’t planned on staying at the Lu Family home for a long time, and he had only tarried here these past few days in order to let the two Blood Warriors heal and so that he could absorb the energy in the Yang Crystal Jade.

Having been away from home for so many years, even Yang Kai couldn’t wait to go back to see his family.

“Good, I’ll inform Young Lady Qiu, she had said she wanted to travel together with us earlier.” Tang Yu Xian nodded.

Yang Kai’s intent to leave the Lu Family soon spread.

Lu Liang and the rest of the Lu Family Elders collectively breathed a sigh of relief upon learning this. Although they couldn’t express exactly why, every day Yang Kai was here was another day they felt uncomfortable. They even worried slightly that the other Yang Family Young Lords would learn that their Lu Family had been in contact with Yang Kai.

In the evening, Lu Liang once again hosted a grand banquet for Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng.

At the banquet, everyone talked about their past heroics and future aspirations, but the Yang Family Inheritance War and the Central Capital’s current situation were both glossed over completely.

Qiu Yi Meng looked around and immediately understood that the Lu Family was not optimistic about Yang Kai, but she didn’t make any effort to persuade them otherwise and ate very little before departing early, exactly the same as she had done the first night they had arrived.

Yang Kai also simply enjoyed the feast, not once bringing up the idea of winning over the Lu Family. Instead, he drank and ate the various delicacies and spirit fruits placed before him merrily, allowing Lu Liang and the others to unconsciously feel relieved.

All of them were fearful that he would broach the subject of recruiting them to his cause at the last minute. If he did, Lu Liang didn’t know how he would respond.

Although the wine was the same as before, but different from when he had arrived, the other’s attitude towards Yang Kai had undergone some subtle changes. The Lu Family leaders were still respectful and polite, but they also seemed less inclined to flatter or curry favour with him.

Once three rounds of drink had been downed, everyone returned to their respective residences to rest.

The next day, all of the Lu Family’s leadership came to see Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng off from the main entrance with Lu Liang at their head.

Lu Liang sincerely stared towards Yang Kai and said, “Young Master Yang, safe journeys on your way to the Central Capital, and remember, this Inheritance War cannot be taken lightly.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Lu Liang suddenly smiled and continued, “Since Young Master Yang has honoured my Lu Family with a visit, this Lu also wishes to deliver you some silver as a token of friendship. I hope that Young Master Yang will not decline.”

Saying so, he beckoned to a man behind him.

The man hurried forward upon being summoned and held out a box of silver coins with both hands.

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s expression became slightly dark, obviously unhappy, as they coldly glanced towards Yang Kai, waiting for his instructions.

However, Yang Kai didn’t seem to notice anything and instead smiled back and nodded, “Since Patriarch Lu wishes to send this Young Lord a gift, I have no reason to decline! Tu Feng, accept it.”

“Yes!” Tu Feng nodded lightly and took up the box of silver coins.

“The Lu Family wishes Young Master Yang victory in the Inheritance War and glory in your future!” Lu Liang gently cupped his fists and shouted.

Yang Kai laughed seemingly happily, “This Young Lord will take advantage of Patriarch Lu’s auspicious words!”

Saying so, Yang Kai mounted his Cloud Treading Colt and turned to leave, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian quickly following behind.

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man also mounted on the Cloud Treading Colts the Lu Family had prepared for them and set out, but after a few steps Qiu Yi Meng paused and whispered with a sigh, “Lu Liang, this time, I’m afraid you’ve misjudged!”

Lu Liang’s expression changed slight and tried to say something, but Qiu Yi Meng had already urged her Cloud Treading Colt forward and was moving away at great speed.

Behind him, the Lu Family Elders all wore uncomfortable expressions.

“I’ve misjudged?” Lu Liang frowned and turned over the words Qiu Yi Meng had left him. Her meaning was obvious, it was clear that she blamed Lu Liang for despising Yang Kai.

[But… even if you are the First Young Lady of the Qiu Family, in the end, you’re still nothing but a young woman! In terms of vision or strategy, how can you compare with this old master?]

Although Lu Liang was also somewhat disturbed by these final words, he eventually dismissed Qiu Yi Meng’s rebuke.

[After all, time will only prove that this old master hasn’t miscalculated!]

The Five Cloud Treading Colts galloped quickly with Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man slowly catching up from behind.

After leaving the Lu Family, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had always been in a mood, unintentionally staring towards Yang Kai.

When they had departed, Lu Liang’s attitude had seemed to be sincere and generous; however, what was actually going through his mind was apparent to everyone.

If the Lu Family really wanted to make friends with Yang Kai, they wouldn’t have seen him off with a bit of money!

What was the Inheritance War truly about? It was a contest which compared the communication and leadership skills of the Yang Family Young Lords.

The most important factors were how many talents they could recruit and how many materials they could gather!

If the Lu Family wanted to stand by Yang Kai’s side to participate in the Inheritance War, at the very least they should have provided him with some manpower, Precious Treasures, artifacts, or martial techniques.

Then what did it mean to only give Yang Kai some silver? In this world, sometimes, there were things money couldn’t buy. This was especially true when it came to rare and valuable things.

Although Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had only been accompanying Yang Kai for a short time, but they were well aware that Yang Kai’s talent and aptitude were extraordinary.

In terms of Yang Kai’s future achievements, both of them were full of confidence.

The Lu Family treating Yang Kai so disdainfully had clearly made the two Blood Warriors uncomfortable.

There was just one thing they couldn’t understand… If the Lu Family wasn’t planning to support Yang Kai, then why did they bother giving him these silver coins at all? This was almost like saying ‘I don’t want to stand on the same side as you, I’d still like to make friends with you’.

It was just Yang Kai who knew that Lu Liang had only decided to give him some silver when he learned about his relationship with Xiao Fu Sheng. If it weren’t out of consideration for Xiao Fu Sheng’s face, it was likely that Lu Liang wouldn’t have given him anything.

Seemingly aware of the two Blood Warriors discontent, Qiu Yi Meng rolled her eyes and said, “If you have something to say, why bother enduring?”

Tu Feng spat disdainfully, before angrily replying, “Then I’ll speak. Young Lady Qiu, you should let my words pass from your left ear to your right, like you never even heard them.”

“Good, speak, I’m also interested in what you have to say!”

“Little Lord!” Tu Feng shouted, “I’ve checked, Lu Liang really only gave you a bit of silver, there’s only three million worth of coin in this box, isn’t that a bit too stingy?”

“Then how much do you want?” Yang Kai glanced back at him, laughing dumbly.

“His Lu Family is also a first-class family! What does it mean to give only three million silvers? If one buys a few bottles of good pills, or a couple good artifacts, this money will be gone! At the very least he should have given ten million silvers, a gift of three million silvers only serves to lose face for the Lu Family!”

“That’s right, this so called gift of theirs is no better than an insult!” Tang Yu Xian also nodded deeply.

“Three million silvers is three million more than zero,” Yang Kai said with a grin, “I’m not afraid to tell you, this Young Lord currently has no silver on him at all! These three million silvers are actually quite useful to me.”

“Although this money may look like a lot, but when it comes to the Inheritance War, money is essentially the most useless resource,” Tu Feng replied indignantly. “Lu Liang clearly knows this, yet he still went through with this farce, if not for his Lu Family’s relationships with Young Lady Qiu’s family, I’d have beaten him bloody and forced him to swallow these silver coins!”

Qiu Yi Meng shook her head and smiled, “Lu Liang really was short-sighted this time, but… it’s not like he is completely to blame, it was more because your Little Lord was acting too outrageously!”

“Young Lady Qiu, what do you mean to say, how can you blame the Little Lord?” Tang Yu Xian was shocked for a moment.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself? He knows best how he acted in the Lu Family these past few days.” Qiu Yi Meng said, pulling her Cloud Treading Colt abreast to Yang Kai’s and glaring towards him, “Why you, are you even aware of what your own situation is right now? Why did you so offhandedly dismiss the opportunity I set up for you to win over the Lu Family?”

Yang Kai only glanced at her for a moment before turning his eyes away.

“Hey, I asked you a question!” Qiu Yi Meng shouted, unable to hold back any longer, “Don’t you understand that not only did you fail to make an ally, but you may have also added to your enemies!? If you keep acting like this, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded on all sides!”

“An ally?” Yang Kai sneered, “Someone who’s only interested in gaining the most benefits they can from associating with me isn’t qualified to be my ally!”

“Where are you going to find allies who don’t have their own interests? Don’t you think you’re being too naive?”

“I’m too lazy to explain myself to you, how I do things is none of your concern!”

Qiu Yi Meng nearly choked at this harsh rejection and suddenly wore an annoyed expression as she replied in a low voice, “Just you wait, after this Young Lady arrives back at the Central Capital, I’ll join forces with one of the other Yang Family Young Lords and trample flat that smug face of yours!”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian suddenly became short of breath and hurriedly said, “Young Lady Qiu, please have care how you speak.”

Yang Kai however just smirked, “You can try, just don’t blame me afterwards for trampling flat your Qiu Family when you lose!”

Qiu Yi Meng stared in shock at Yang Kai, seemingly never thinking he would speak such vicious words to her.

Even Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian behind the pair were overwhelmed. Even they felt that Yang Kai’s remarks were a bit too arrogant and overbearing.

However, they were suddenly put on edge and wanted to say a few words to Yang Kai while soothing Qiu Yi Meng’s anger, but when they saw her expression the two Blood Warriors couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. Not only did she not seem to care but instead was smiling as she stared towards Yang Kai. Wearing a beautiful smile as she spoke as sweetly as possible, she asked, “Yang Kai, tell me honestly. Aside from that devilish woman, how many connections do you have and how many forces are you able to draw to your side?”

Yang Kai speaking so confidently had caused Qiu Yi Meng to immediately realize something, so she suddenly showed interest in these matters.

After taking a glance at her though, Yang Kai just laughed wildly and replied, “None, I’m just a loner!”

“I’d be a pig if I believed you!” Qiu Yi Meng sneered.

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