Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 385

From his vicious cursing, it seemed that this Immortal Ascension master’s grudge with the Yang Family wasn’t light.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s expressions became incredibly solemn. This man’s words had told them that them being attacked was no accident but was instead a premeditated ambush specifically targeting the Yang Family.

With these three masters as opponents, even though the two Blood Warriors were anxious and wanted to immediately regroup with Yang Kai, they wouldn’t be able to do so for at least half an hour.

“Yu Xian!” Knowing that every breath was precious and they couldn’t afford to be held down here any longer, Tu Feng suddenly roared and fell back slightly.

“Good!” Tang Yu Xian immediately stepped in, and her True Qi surged madly from her body. The entire battlefield suddenly became enveloped by a layer of fog. At the same moment, a potent Spiritual Energy burst forth, sending a powerful Soul Skill sweeping towards the three enemy Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

The two Blood Warriors were clearly anxious to return to Yang Kai’s side, so they unhesitantly used their hidden trump cards.

The three enemy masters managed to jointly resist Tang Yu Xian’s Soul Skill, but although they were unharmed, wrapped in this fog bank, they had lost track of their opponents. Suddenly, the Eighth Stage masters felt a violent surge of Blood Force from the direction Tu Feng had retreated along with a terrifying True Qi pressure. Realizing what these fluctuations meant, the lead enemy Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s expression changed dramatically as he cried out, “Fuck! These Yang Family Blood Warriors are all crazy! He’s using his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill! Quick, stop him!”

Mad Tyrant Blood Skill was the supreme Martial Skill of the Yang Family Blood Warrior!

When this skill was activated, the Blood Warrior’s Blood Force would briefly be promoted two or three times over, and although their realm wouldn’t change, both their offensive and defensive strength would be greatly enhanced.

This was somewhat similar to the change Yang Kai experienced when he used his Devil Transformation.

However, the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill was not as good as Yang Kai’s Devil Transformation because using it would result in a severe backlash. A Blood Warrior would overdraw their own vitality to enhance their Blood Force when this skill was used.

Once they used the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, a Blood Warrior would gain a massive increase in strength for a short time, but afterwards they would be weakened significantly for weeks if not months.

The battle has only just begun yet Tu Feng had already decisively used this trump card. It was obvious just how anxious he was, which shocked the three enemy Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and caught them off guard.

None of them had expected that Tu Feng would act to recklessly in order to protect this Yang Family Young Lord, not hesitating at all to use this double edged technique.

Knowing that their chances for victory would decrease dramatically if he succeeded, the three enemy masters had no leeway to compete with Tang Yu Xian, furiously trying to defeat her so they could stop Tu Feng from activating his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill.

However, Tang Yu Xian was also a member of the Blood Warriors and her strength was unquestionable. Coupled with her high grade artifact, she somehow managed to hold her ground. As a result, the three enemy masters who had originally planned to hold down these two Blood Warriors instead found themselves being contained.

“Hurry up!” The Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master roared to his comrades when he saw that they couldn’t break Tang Yu Xian’s defense in short order.

On the other side, several people were chasing after Yang Kai, lead by the middle-aged man who had initially attacked him. This man was an Immoral Ascensions Boundary Third Stage master, and behind him was an Immortal Ascension First Stage master along with two True Element Boundary Ninth Stage experts.

Such a lineup was more than enough to easily kill any ordinary True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator.

However, Yang Kai was anything but ordinary!

Hearing the roar of his comrade, the lead middle-aged man’s expression became cold as he glared towards Yang Kai’s back and hastily used an offensive Soul Skill.

An invisible force shot through the air and directly penetrated Yang Kai’s mind.

Yang Kai, who was flying forward, suddenly shuddered, and his True Qi fluctuations became erratic as he staggered and his speed dropped significantly.

“Hah!” The middle-aged man coldly snorted while he and his group rapidly caught up with Yang Kai and surrounded him.

“This is one of the Yang Family’s Young Lords?” The Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage master said as he looked down at Yang Kai and spat disdainfully. “He’s nothing much, I thought this time there’d be some twists and turns but it turns out it was so easy!”

The middle-aged man grunted heavily, “You underestimate the Yang Family too much. Right now this kid is only weak because he’s too young. Once he grows up to the same level as you, there’s no way you’d be able to beat him.”

The Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage man’s expression became somewhat gloomy, obviously not agreeing with this assessment but not bothering to refute it and instead just nodded gruffly, “Unfortunately for him he’s still just a True Element Boundary cultivator, nothing more than prey for us!”

An Immortal Ascension Boundary master dealing with a True Element Boundary cultivator really was simple. If the latter didn’t posses an artifact which could defend their Soul, they would be completely incapable of resisting Soul Skill attacks.

This was why the Young Lords and Young Ladies of these great forces and great families would always wear at least one such artifact. Given the capital and heritage of these forces, they would easily be able to furnish their important juniors with such defensive artifacts.

“Enough nonsense, quickly kill him before anything else comes up!” The middle-aged man shouted as he saw Yang Kai not put up any resistance, as both his eyes were somewhat dim, and his gaze was unfocused.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage master shrugged his shoulders and let out an arrogant laugh, “Good, looks like I get the pleasure of killing him.”

As he was speaking, the Immortal Ascension First Stage enemy lifted his weapon and slowly stepped towards Yang Kai, kicking Yang Kai’s chest heavily and thrust his sword at his neck.

Yang Kai’s eyes still remained bleak, seemingly unable to put up the slightest resistance, only able to stand there waiting for death.


A dazzling purple ray of struck like a snake and crashed into the head of the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage cultivator.

A frigid cold energy filled with all kinds of Yin evil aura instantly burst into his Knowledge Sea.

His weapon was only three centimeters away from Yang Kai’s neck, and the smug, casual grin still adorned his face.

However, that was as far as his weapon would pierce. After the Soul Skill from Evil Cavern’s Soul Type Evil Spirit exploded in his head, the man was instantly fixed in place, only felt a deep chill in his mind. His entire Knowledge Sea was apparently frozen solid.

Yang Kai’s sneak attack had succeeded.

Quickly following up, Yang Kai released a purple halo around himself that instantly engulfed the middle-aged Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master as well as the other two True Element Boundary Ninth Stage youths.

Sensing this attack, the middle-aged man instinctually retreated. His eyes trembled fiercely, and he could hardly believe what he had just saw. As for the two True Element Boundary juniors, both of them screamed pitifully as they grabbed their heads and doubled over in agony.


A muffled sound rang out as Yang Kai’s fist struck the chest of the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage man before him. The man’s chest visibly deformed and it seemed that all of his ribs had been shattered. Fragments of his bones pierced through his heart and lungs as a violent True Yang Yuan Qi exploded inside his body.

This man didn’t even let out a scream before both his eyes went dark.

In an instant, an Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage master was killed!

Yang Kai’s image flickered, and before anyone had noticed he was already in front of the two True Element Boundary Ninth Stage youths. Coldly glaring at them, he reached out, clutched both their heads, and twisted viciously.

Immediately, two cracking sounds were heard.

The heads of the two youths were now dangling onto their backs; their necks were clearly snapped.

By the time the lead middle-aged man had regained his balance, Yang Kai had already killed all three of his companions!

As their four eyes met, Yang Kai’s indifferent expression gave way to a taunting smile, causing the middle-aged man to cringe in shame.

Because of his momentary negligence, three members of his team had lost their lives.

But what shocked him the most was that he clearly felt that his Soul Skill had struck this Yang Family Young Lord, yet why did it seem to have no effect at all?

There was no trace of any Soul type artifact on him so he had definitely been hit with the full force of his Soul Skill.

How could he still be completely unharmed? Even if it was a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master who had taken such an attack, wouldn’t they at least have suffered some damage?

However, seeing Yang Kai’s performance just now, it was obvious that his Soul Skill had done about as much harm to him as a mosquito bite.

Also, what exactly was that frigid, evil Spiritual Energy that had attacked him just now?

“Little brat, you dare play the pig to eat a tiger!” The middle-aged man roared in anger.

Yang Kai just sneered disdainfully back at him and quipped, “So what?”

[Hmph, you’re accusing me? You’re the ones ambushing me here and ganging up on me even though your cultivations are all higher than mine, am I not even allowed to play the pig here either?]

[What kind of bullshit is that?]

Hearing Yang Kai’s response, the middle-aged man’s angered expression slowly morphed into a sneer, “Good, all you Yang Family bastards are like this, each one more of a freak than the last! But no matter what, you’re destiny is still to die here today!”

Although he had made such a bold declaration, Yang Kai easily observed that this man had no intention of actually doing so. Instead, he was looking towards himself with dread. Seeing Yang Kai kill all his allies like a flash of lightning had obviously frightened this man greatly.

This person was a meticulous individual, so he would certainly act with caution.

“You’re not my opponent!” Yang Kai declared coldly and indifferently.

The middle-aged man was stunned, obviously not expecting Yang Kai to make such a crazy statement, his expression becoming cold again, “Even if you’re from the Yang Family, you should have some shame! I’m an Immortal Ascension…”

“An Immortal Ascension master?” Yang Kai actually took the initiative to walk towards him, his expression calm and relaxed, like he didn’t consider the man in front of him the slightest threat, “I just killed an Immortal Ascension master right in front of you.”

The middle-aged man choked on his words as he stared at Yang Kai, and his expression became awkward as he remembered everything that had just happened.

“Not just that guy, you too, an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master, are destined to die at my hand today,” Yang Kai grinned fiercely, “Unfortunately, although you have some talent for it, it seems like you haven’t fully comprehended that Soul Skill of yours, your execution of it was a bit weak, it seems you haven’t been cultivating it for very long, right? Otherwise how else would I be able to stand here completely unharmed? Actually, even if you were more skilled at using your Soul Skill it wouldn’t matter, my Spiritual Energy is far stronger than yours anyways!”

“Nonsense!” The middle-aged man vehemently sneered as he calmed his nerves. Obviously, he wouldn’t believe Yang Kai’s shameless boasting.

But just as he shouted, a tyrannical Divine Sense suddenly locked in on him.

The Spiritual Energy he felt was more powerful than an ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage master, even faintly reaching the strength of a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary elite.

No, the pressure he felt from this Divine Sense was definitely on par with a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

The middle-aged man had only ever experienced such a powerful Spiritual Energy from a handful of people, and each of those few were true peak Immortal Ascension masters!

The nerves he had just managed to calm once again became badly frayed!

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