Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 386

Suddenly, a White Tiger and Divine Ox phantom leapt out.

At the same time, a crimson sword appeared in Yang Kai’s hand and a ten meter long Sword Qi wave slashed through the air. Surrounding this sword wave, a flurry of blood red petals fluttered about, each one glistening sharply as they raced towards the stunned man.

Simultaneously, a lightning like purple beam surged towards the Immortal Ascension Third Stage master’s head.

In that instant, Yang Kai had used all of his strongest skills and artifacts, holding nothing back.

Realizing the terrifying power behind this wave of attacks, the middle-aged man cried out in shock and immediately went all out to defend himself. In the blink of an eye, he was overtaken by the Sword Qi wave and entangled by the White Tiger and Divine Ox, allowing the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia to engulf him.

An incredible bang resounded…

The middle-aged man pushed his True Qi to its limit, sending out a shockwave visible to the naked eye all around him. A fierce wind pressure burst from the man’s body, which somehow managed to repel the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia and the attacks of the two beast phantoms.

Trembling from the impact, the middle-aged man staggered but did not withdraw and instead took advantage of the opening he had created to rush towards Yang Kai.

In the end, this man was still an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master. Although Yang Kai’s taunting had a certain influence on his will, causing him to lose the initiative, his combat instincts and wealth of experience had still allowed him to instantly take the most appropriate action.

This youth before him was undoubtedly an elite of the elite, with a combat capability that far exceeded his True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation; however, the middle-aged man was also keenly aware that the Soul Skill displayed by Yang Kai, although extremely high in grade, was not nearly as potent as one released by an Immortal Ascension master.

Strictly speaking, it was akin to a loud burst of thunder.

Although it was somewhat shocking, it wasn’t actually all that dangerous.

The reason for this was because Yang Kai could only somewhat use his Divine Sense, so he could only display this Soul Skill, but because he hadn’t opened his Knowledge Sea, it was unable to show its full potential.

When he formed his Knowledge Sea, the power of this Soul Skill would increase several fold.

Although the middle-aged people didn’t know why Yang Kai’s Soul Skill seemed to lack substance, it didn’t hinder him from taking advantage of this point.

If he could resist Yang Kai’s Soul Skill, then he was still only facing a slightly stronger True Element Boundary cultivator. Even with those good artifacts and profound Martial Skills, his realm was still much lower than his own.

He could still kill him!

Realizing all of this, the middle-aged man’s will became firm again as he adjusted his stance and rapidly formed a number of hand seals. A burst of thunder and lightning quickly surrounded him.


With a thunderous crash, a lightning bolt bigger than a man’s thigh flew through the air and then, like a snake striking its prey, it coiled tightly around Yang Kai.

In order to kill Yang Kai, the middle-aged man had directly resorted to his most powerful attack.

Yang Kai was unable to avoid this bolt of lightning and was soon entangled by it, immediately falling into a difficult struggle, and his entire body suddenly felt like it was being singed.

Coldly roaring, Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi surged out from his body, forming a seemingly thin defensive shield around him, protecting him from the lightning arcs.

The Asura Sword in his hand flickered, sending out a series of Sword Qi blades while the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia petals, which had been scattered, once again gathered to attack the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man also didn’t dare hold back, and quickly summoned a small hammer artifact which pulsed with lightning; wielding this hammer, the power of the man’s lightning increased once again.

The two beast phantoms rushed forward again but when they were struck by the man’s lightning they were forced to retreat.

The two people stood firmly less than ten feet apart from one another, each of them having used their full strength yet the end result was a deadlock.

The middle-aged man frowned and secretly felt the situation was bad.

This time’s action of attacking the Yang Family Young Lords was a huge risk. In their original plans, they should have made a successful first strike and immediately gained a huge advantage. Even if the Yang Family Young Lord had two Blood Warriors with him, they wouldn’t need to worry after causing some initial damage.

It had never occurred to them though that any of the Yang Family Young Lords would have such freakish combat potential, able to easily kill three people with cultivations far above his own realm, and even being able to fight an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master to a standstill.

The two artifacts he used were extraordinary; both of them were clearly Heaven Grade Top-Rank.

His Martial Skills were profound, True Qi unfathomably pure, and to top it all off he could even use Soul Skills!

The middle-aged man quickly estimated that he would need to spend at minimum a half hour before he could kill this youth, and that was under the most ideal circumstances, with no outside interference!

Right now, every breath of time was precious, so how could the other side give him half an hour to mess around? What’s more, whether this Yang Family Young Lord still had any trump cards left was difficult for the middle-aged man to guess.

[Damn it, this time we’ve all but failed!] The middle-aged man anxiously thought to himself.

At that moment, a roar which shook the Heavens and Earth resounded from the other side of the battlefield.

On that side of the fight, the three enemy Immortal Ascension Boundary masters hurriedly retreated in panic as a crimson red glow radiated from Tu Feng, and the long scar across his face seemed to pulse menacingly.

Mad Tyrant Blood Skill!

“Yu Xian, I’ll handle them!” Tu Feng declared firmly, his cold glare causing the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters to tremble.

Tang Yu Xian didn’t say anything, and instead immediately turned around and quickly soared towards Yang Kai’s position.

When the middle-aged man who was fighting with Yang Kai saw Tang Yu Xian break off and head towards his location, how could he dare remain?

He was just an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator. For this time’s action, he was only responsible for killing the Yang Family Young Lord. As for fighting a Yang Family Blood Warrior, he definitely wasn’t qualified.

In a flash, he pushed back Yang Kai’s assault to create an opening which he used to his advantage to flee without any hesitation.

Only a moment after the middle-aged man fled, Tang Yu Xian arrived beside Yang Kai and asked anxiously, “Are you alright, Little Lord?”

Yang Kai waved his hand and collected the scattered blood red petals, and after glancing towards the fleeing enemy and determining he couldn’t catch him, he quickly said, “Capture him!”

Tang Yu Xian didn’t hesitate, and her lithe body flickered as she shot off towards the middle-aged man.

A few breaths later, Tang Yu Xian dragged her target back.

An Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator facing Tang Yu Xian wasn’t even worthy of holding her shoes.

With his True Qi sealed, Tang Yu Xian didn’t even spare this man a second glance before tossing him in front of Yang Kai.

The look on the middle-aged man’s face clearly showed he had suffered a terrible defeat, and his dazed eyes fixed on Tang Yu Xian filled with horror. It seems that it wasn’t until this moment he realized just how terrifying the Blood Warriors really were.

Suddenly wearing a sneer, he turned his attention to Yang Kai and said, “Young Master Yang… you won’t get any information from me.”

However, to his surprise, Yang Kai just grinned fiercely, unhurriedly walked over, stared down at him and lightly said, “When did I say I wanted to ask you anything?”

As soon as Yang Kai spoke these words, the blood red sword in his hand drew a stunning arc, and the True Qi’s imprisoned middle-aged man’s head fell to the ground, and his still open eyes revealing a disbelieving light.

“Anyone who knows my secrets will either die or become my person!” Yang Kai declared firmly.

Tang Yu Xian trembled lightly and glanced towards Yang Kai slightly awkwardly, with a tight expression.

Yang Kai’s last words definitely had a deeper meaning!

What secret did this middle-aged man know about her Little Lord that caused him to execute him so decisively?

What about herself? Did she also accidentally stumble across some secrets of this Little Lord of hers?

Before she could ponder over these issues further, Yang Kai, who had already taken back his long sword, said lightly, “Go help Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man.”

“En!” Tang Yu Xian nodded, setting those distracting thoughts aside and dashing off again.

Yang Kai stood in place and looked around for a while, before quickly discovering that Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man weren’t capable of defeating their adversaries but were still unscathed. Their opponents apparently had no intention of harming them, only wanting to stop them from assisting Yang Kai.

As Tang Yu Xian arrived in front of them, the two men didn’t even have a chance to realize the graveness of their situation before they were killed.

On the other side, Tu Feng and the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had disappeared, probably because the other side understood that it was impossible to compete with the Blood Warrior who had activated his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill.

Tu Feng was obviously pursuing them.

After a moment, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man, led by Tang Yu Xian, regrouped together with Yang Kai.

Both the young women had nervous and worried expressions mixed with some lingering fear.

Looking suspiciously at Yang Kai, Qiu Yi Meng asked, “How are you not hurt at all? Did you fall from the sky when they hit you earlier?”

After hearing her say this, Tang Yu Xian suddenly worriedly examined Yang Kai, clear signs of concern filling her pretty face.

Just as Yang Kai had fallen into danger, she had been busy containing the three enemy masters and obviously didn’t have the spare capacity to monitor what had transpired here.

On the other hand, Qiu Yi Meng was different, knowing in advance that her life wasn’t in any danger; she had naturally diverted some of her focus towards Yang Kai’s side.

“Is Little Lord really uninjured?” Tang Yu Xian carefully scrutinized him, afraid he was putting up a front to deceive her.

“Just some minor wounds, nothing to worry about,” Yang Kai casually responded. In reality, he didn’t even have a single scratch on him; however, his situation had truly been quite dangerous so if he were to say he was unscathed, it would only make everyone more suspicious.

“You…” Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook her head and solemnly said, “It’s getting harder and harder to see through you.”

Glancing around at the three dead bodies on the ground, Tang Yu Xian also couldn’t help staring at Yang Kai blankly.

Although these people were dead, she could still tell that these three all had higher cultivations than Yang Kai; one of them had even reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

However, Yang Kai had killed all three of them without any assistance!

On top of that, he had also fought an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master to a draw!

“Enough about me. Yu Xian, how are you holding up?” Yang Kai obviously didn’t want to say any more about this topic and quickly steered the conversation towards Tang Yu Xian.

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man also suddenly noticed that Tang Yu Xian was injured.

All of her clothes were tattered and there were still some traces of blood at the corners of the lips. Her True Qi flow seemed turbid, indicating that she had obviously suffered some internal injuries. On her snow white right arm, there was also a long wound and, although it was no longer bleeding, her sleeve was stained a dark shade of red.

Given Tang Yu Xian’s strength, if it weren’t for her having to fight three opponents at once, she wouldn’t have become so disheveled.

The primary reason for her being injured so heavily was because time was too tight. She had to make some sacrifices in order to let Tu Feng display his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, thus giving her a chance to aid Yang Kai.

If there had been enough leeway, she and Tu Feng could definitely defeat the three enemy masters or even kill them without becoming so distressed.

However, considering Yang Kai’s safety, she and Tu Feng knew that the faster they acted, the better. So, even though she knew acting so recklessly would allow their enemy to injure her, Tang Yu Xian still chose to act so.

Even if he knew that using the Mad Tyrant Blood Skill would overdraw his vitality, leaving him weak for a long time after, Tu Feng also didn’t hesitate.

The loyalty of the Blood Warriors was fully shown in this battle.

“I’m fine; Little Lord doesn’t need concern himself with me!” Tang Yu Xian’s expression softened as she lightly shook her head.

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