Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 387

The murderous aura radiating from his body was so thick it was nearly substantive, giving him the appearance of a slaughtering god. Even Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help trembling lightly upon seeing Tu Feng like this.

Two heads were held in Tu Feng’s hands, obviously, their previous owners were two of the enemy masters who had fought with him and Tang Yu Xian.

After rushing back, Tu Feng casually dropped the two severed human heads on the ground and said in a slightly annoyed tone, “These two committed suicide, while the last one managed to escape.”

Tu Feng had managed to hunt down the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage and Fifth Stage master, but just before he could capture them they had decisively bitten their tongues, and only the strongest enemy master had successfully fled.

“All of their allies here are also dead.” Tang Yu Xian said in a cold unfeeling tone.

“Interesting,” Yang Kai’s expression was frigid, but an eerie smile also adorned his face, “The ones behind this group of people really have some means!”

If the masterminds behind these assassins clearly weren’t simple, or else these masters wouldn’t have so resolutely ended their own lives rather than run the risk of revealing any information.

“The only ones who knew the Young Lord was taking this route were the Lu Family!” Tu Feng said maliciously, and his face showed a fair bit of indignation.

It was clear he was quite angry.

This time such a large scale assassination plot had occurred even though both he and Tang Yu Xian had been on guard. The other party had obviously used some kind of mysterious method to completely shield all of their auras, which resulted in their two Blood Warriors not noticing anything. If it weren’t for Yang Kai suddenly realizing something was wrong at the critical moment, the result of this plot might have been very different.

Under the protection of two powerful Blood Warriors, a Yang Family Young Lord was almost killed! If such news were to spread, the Blood Warrior Hall would lose all face. Both of them would also be punished by the family, possibly even having their cultivations wasted to apologize for this crime!

Such a severe sentence was entirely possible!

In other words, Yang Kai’s vigilance had not only saved his life but had also saved both his and Tang Yu Xian’s life.

Tu Feng was grateful but also ashamed, and in his anger, he suddenly associated this incident with the Lu Family. It wasn’t that he had a habit of maliciously accusing others, it was only that with his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill active, his thirst for battle and killing intent were greatly stimulated, which caused his thoughts to be more violent and aggressive.

In addition, the Lu Family’s attitude towards Yang Kai the other day had made him quite unhappy, so he naturally took this opportunity to vent his frustrations.

Hearing his words, Qiu Yi Meng’s face paled greatly and hurriedly said, “Lu Liang would never make such a suicidal mistake!”

At this moment, Tu Feng didn’t care about Qiu Yi Meng’s identity or face and coldly snorted, “Lu Liang may not, but that doesn’t mean others of the Lu Family wouldn’t!”

Qiu Yi Meng cramped up, not knowing what to say in this situation, and unconsciously turned her eyes towards Yang Kai hoping he wouldn’t act as unreasonably as Tu Feng.

However, Yang Kai remained silent. Frowning, he scanned the surrounding area, eventually looking up from the battlefield before freezing. Staring up at the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle in the sky, he calmly said, “The Lu Family isn’t responsible, I’m afraid that the Eagle was the one who gave away our position! We’ve been too careless!”

Qiu Yi Meng saw him say this and couldn’t help feeling relieved. Although the Lu Liang’s actions had also made Qiu Yi Meng somewhat unhappy, they were still more or less a subordinate of the Qiu Family. During these years, the Lu Family had also provided the Qiu Family with a lot of good things, so as the First Young Lady of the Qiu Family, she still had an obligation and responsibility to protect the safety of the Lu Family as best she could.

“This little bastard!” Tang Yu Xian grit her teeth and stared at the golden Feather Eagle circling above them.

Yang Kai continued calmly, “For so many years, no one has dared have ideas about the Yang Family’s descendants; therefore, neither you nor I had predicted such an event would happen, it seems we need to re-evaluate our mindsets!”

Done explaining, Yang Kai let out a loud whistle and the Golden Feather Eagle immediately swooped down.

Suddenly smiling meaningfully, Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng and said, “Although this time’s matter is unrelated to the Lu Family, I hope that today’s events can reach Lu Liang’s ear, and… it’s better if the news were to be conveyed to them by the Qiu Family!”

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t respond for a moment, not immediately understanding why Yang Kai had suddenly made such a proposal, but her brow lightly wrinkling as she thought for a moment, then suddenly wearing a bitter expression, she clenched her fists and shouted, “Why you! How could you suddenly come up with such a plot! You really are too sinister! Even if they acted that way, you don’t have to be so brutal with them! You… I… I… haa…”

“Hmph! They brought this upon themselves. Since when was this Young Master a pile of loose mud that can’t weather wind and rain? This will just be a little lesson for them.” Yang Kai sneered.

When everyone heard Yang Kai say this, all of them realized that even if he acted aloof, he was actually still holding a grudge over the Lu Family’s attitude towards him.

He may not have cared what the Lu Family thought of him, but he absolutely wouldn’t allow others to look down on him, and those who dared do so would pay the price sooner or later.

However, the exchange between him and Qiu Yi Meng had left the two Blood Warriors and Luo Xiao Man puzzled.

“Elder Sister Qiu, what are you talking about?” Luo Xiao Man innocently and straightforwardly asked.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian also stared at her and wondered what kind of tricks Yang Kai was up to that had actually brought on such strong condemnation from Qiu Yi Meng.

Qiu Yi Meng sighed as she turned towards Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, “I told you before that your Young Lord is someone who seeks vengeance for even the slightest grievance yet you still don’t understand… Haa, let me ask you, although it’s true that this incident has no relation with the Lu Family since Yang Kai had only stopped by the Lu Family, if word of such an attack today were to reach Lu Liang’s ear, how do you think he will react?

Tu Feng stared stunned, suddenly realizing what Yang Kai was plotting and let out a raucous laughter, “That Lu Liang will certainly panic, fearing that the Little Lord might suspect he had leaked his location!”

“In order to profess his innocence, Lu Liang will certainly come to the Central Capital to plead his case to the Little Lord! Since it will be necessary to clarify his standpoint, he will also have to bring along some generous gifts.” Tang Yu Xian covered her lips and stared in amazement towards Yang Kai, wondering how he had suddenly come up with such a sinister trick.

The most important part of all of this, of course, were these ‘gifts’!

Qiu Yi Meng ground her teeth and continued, “Moreover, if this message is passed on to him by my Qiu Family, Lu Liang will definitely think that either I or the Qiu Family is planning to mediate the situation, so if he prepares an appropriate gift, Yang Kai will definitely not blame him. Do you understand now? This Young Lord of yours is clearly making a fuss about nothing, blowing the whole situation out of proportion, all in order to take advantage of this opportunity to gather wealth!”

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian looked towards Yang Kai with great admiration.

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Regarding this kind of quick-witted and meticulous thought, the two of them felt that they were actually inferior to this Little Lord of theirs.

After just encountering a life-threatening danger, most people would still be in shock, and their only thoughts would be about how joyful it was to be alive.

But the Little Lord of their family was completely different, not only was he the very picture of calm, he had also immediately come up with a way to benefit from this situation. In fact… wasn’t his reaction a bit too quick?

This time, the Lu Family was really going to suffer an unexpected calamity!

For a moment, the two Blood Warriors couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for Lu Liang. They really didn’t know what kind of reaction this Lu Family Patriarch would have after knowing the truth.

What was worse though was, even if he were to fully understand everything that transpired here, he would still have no choice but to choke down this loss! Who let Yang Kai only stay at his home on his way to the Central Capital?

“Tell Lu Liang to know that he doesn’t need to see me, just send the appropriate things to the capital.” Yang Kai added in a subtle manner.

Qiu Yi Meng let out yet another sigh, simply disinclined to respond at this point.

“We should leave here first before finding a place to rest.” Yang Kai’s expression sank as he waved lightly.

The five Cloud Treading Colts, which were not easily raised, had been swallowed up by the enemy’s trap, so the five of them could only fly the rest of the way.

Tang Yu Xian’s wounds were neither heavy nor light, as for Tu Feng, he was actually uninjured; however, it wouldn’t be long before his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill’s effect would disappear, at which point his Blood Force would become incredibly feeble.

If the two Blood Warriors wanted to completely restore themselves, it would take them at least ten days to half a month at least.

After suffering such an ambush, Yang Kai’s group didn’t dare act too conspicuously.

At the foot of a small hill, the group of five stopped to rest.

With things as they were, Yang Kai could only personally go out to gather some food. Seeing their Little Lord prepare a meal for them, the two Blood Warriors became increasingly ashamed and simultaneously grateful.

That night, five people sat around a fire and grilled some wild game.

The atmosphere was a bit subtle, and the two Blood Warriors were feeling remorseful about their dereliction of duty, yet were unsure about how to apologize as they stared towards Yang Kai with eyes full of guilt. Qiu Yi Meng on the other hand was still annoyed at Yang Kai for using her to punish the Lu Family, so she naturally didn’t speak with him. Off to the side, Luo Xiao Man obviously sensed how tense the situation was so she chose to remain silent like a frightened rabbit.

Only Yang Kai sat casually beside the fire, staring into the flickering flames as he reminisced about the day’s experiences. As he went over what had happened again and again in his head, he gradually came to a terrible conclusion.

After a long silence, Yang Kai straightened up and suddenly said, “You don’t have to feel guilty, today’s ambush wasn’t targeting me.”

“But Little Lord…” Tang Yu Xian objected, her expression still thoroughly ashamed.

However, Yang Kai waved his hand to stop her before continuing, “I’m not saying things to comfort you. This plot really wasn’t directed towards me. They probably learned about our movement a few days ago so they chose to set up an ambush on the river because they knew if we wanted to cross, we would need to find a ferry, thus creating an opportunity for them to act.”

Listening to him so seriously explain things, everyone couldn’t help but listen more carefully.

“Their deployment was very well thought out, the three most powerful masters in their group were only meant to delay the two Blood Warriors while the remaining people were responsible for killing the Yang Family’s juniors! While the strengths of these people were great, when they were chasing me, I didn’t notice any signs of deep hatred on their faces, so the chances are good they don’t actually have a grudge against me.”

Tu Feng nodded and said, “When we were fighting, the strongest person also said let slip that their actions this time were targeting all the Yang Family Young Lords!”

“En, it’s good that this time they happened to meet me, if it were any of the other Yang Family juniors, they would likely be dead right now.”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help secretly feeling lucky, fortunately, they were escorting Yang Kai past this place. If it were one of the other Yang Family Young Lords, with the number and strength of these assassins, how could he have survived?

“Did you notice the distribution of those people’s power?” Yang Kai asked intently with a wry grin on his face.

“Their power distribution?” Tu Feng frowned.

“Right, an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage, a Seventh Stage, a Fifth Stage, a Third Stage, a First Stage…” Yang Kai suddenly grinned meaningfully, “Other than that, they were all True Element Boundary cultivators. Such an unusual distribution of Immortal Ascension masters, don’t you find anything strange about it?”

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