Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 388

“There’s a gap!” Tu Feng quickly said.

“Right, there’s a gap!” Yang Kai slightly nodded, “The masters of any force should have a tiered distribution, since they have an Immortal Ascension master of the Seventh Stage, logically there should have been two to four Sixth Stage masters accompanying them for a mission as important as the assassination of a Yang Family direct descendant. If a force was trying to stir up trouble with the Yang Family, they would surely put forward their entire strength.”

Turning to the two Blood Warriors, Yang Kai asked, “Tu Feng, Yu Xian, when you were fighting with those three, did you notice them use any techniques or Martial Skills related to any major families or Sects?”

Both Blood Warriors immediately shook their heads, Tu Feng adding, “Those people were very cautious and didn’t use any unique Martial Skills, probably because they were worried we would discover their origins. However, I felt like they were not very familiar with one another because they didn’t coordinate or cooperation with one another very smoothly.”

“Naturally, their cooperation was lacking. If I haven’t guessed wrong, they didn’t even come from the same force.” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “No single force would dare challenge the Yang Family alone.”

“What does the Little Lord mean?”

“Those people… they should have been gathered from a number of different forces, each one sending out a number of their masters to observe the movements of the Golden Feather Eagles, speculate our whereabouts, and then set up ambushes here!”

Qiu Yi Meng nodded in agreement, “What you said makes sense. If that is really the case, then it would explain why they had such a spread in their cultivation realms.”

If this group of masters was gathered from several forces, obviously there would be differences in their cultivations and abilities.

“Little Lord is quite observant.” Tu Feng laughed.

Yang Kai paused and then suddenly smiled weirdly, glancing around at the others, “Since these master came from several forces, then it’s absolutely impossible for there to only be this many of them.”

The expression on the two Blood Warriors’ faces quickly cooled, “You mean they still have backup?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “No! The ambush in this location was likely only those people… but if so, then what about all the other masters besides them?”

Everyone thought for a moment before showing a grim expression as they turned to stare at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s eyes were ice cold as he muttered, “It seems that my brothers’ journeys won’t be very peaceful, this action must be aiming at all of the Yang Family’s direct descendants! Hmph, seems our enemies have invested quite some effort!”

If Yang Kai’s speculation was correct, this time’s plot was truly grand. Several forces’ masters divided into several groups to trace the whereabouts of the Yang Family’s Young Lords and assassinate them before they could return to the Central Capital.

With the Golden Feather Eagle’s hovering over the heads of Yang Family Young Lords, it was almost akin to a bright light in the darkness guiding them towards their targets.

This time with Yang Kai was a near miss, but what about the other Yang Family Young Lords? Would some of them really be killed half way home?

To dare enact such a bold plot, the people behind the scenes, whether it was their methods or their courage, were extraordinary.

“Your Yang Family has offended too many people, you’re brought this upon yourselves” Qiu Yi Meng sneered lightly.

“It’s not yet certain that this is an enemies doing,” Yang Kai shook his head slowly. “The impact of the Inheritance War is simply that big.”

Qiu Yi Meng looked at him blankly in shock, immediately understanding what he was thinking.

“The family will find out, it’s not something we need to think about.” Yang Kai said decisively. Suddenly wearing a smile as he got up and walked away from the fire, he called out, “Tu Feng and Yu Xian, come with me.”

The two Blood Warriors glanced at one another before quickly getting up to follow Yang Kai.

Left alone without any explanation, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man both pouted, “So secretive!”

Walking off into the darkness, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned to look at the two Blood Warriors.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s nerves were somewhat on edge, not knowing what Yang Kai had called them out for. Everything that happened today had created a very awkward situation for them, causing them to feel quite guilty. Both of them had secretly vowed that they must be more vigilant for the rest of this trip, but that didn’t change the fact that what had happened had already passed.

[The Little Lord wouldn’t want to reprimand us here, would he?] Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian thought to themselves silently, the dark of night fortunately covering their depressed expressions.

“How are your injuries?” Just as the two were going over their suspicions, Yang Kai suddenly asked.

Tu Feng nearly stumbled, completely not expecting that Yang Kai would actually asked such a question, but upon hearing the concern in his voice, both his and Tang Yu Xian’s hearts felt lighter and they became even more embarrassed about their previous concerns.

Quickly recovering, he replied, “I have no obvious injuries, but my vitality has been overdrawn so I can probably display about sixty percent of my strength. Yu Xian is better off than me, but she still suffered some internal injuries. If we want to fully restore ourselves, I’m afraid it will take a few days.”

After explaining, Tu Feng hastily added, “Little Lord can rest assured that even if it costs me my life I will safely escort you back to the family!”

Tang Yu Xian nodded firmly, “For the rest of the journey, we will redouble our vigilance and after returning to Central Capital we will accept responsibility for this crime!”

Yang Kai only nodded slightly and didn’t say anything more. After a moment, he took out two pills from his sleeve pocket and handed them to the two Blood Warriors, “Each of you take one, swallow them right here, immediately.”

The two Blood Warriors were surprised, not understanding why Yang Kai was suddenly acting so seriously, but they also knew that Yang Kai wouldn’t harm them, so neither of them hesitated to take the pill they were offered.

Immediately after tasting these two pills, the Two Blood Warriors immediately judged them to be ordinary healing pills, their grade at the most Earth Grade Top-Rank, but this only confused them even more, wondering why their Little Lord had given them such ordinary recovery medicine.

Although they were puzzled, they didn’t reveal anything on their faces.

Even if Yang Kai had given them a pair of Common Grade pills, it was still a benevolence they wouldn’t normally receive.

“Whether it’s trying to win you two over or if I encounter danger, for this trip back home, I still require the two of you to stay by my side, so… I hope you can recover a bit faster.” Yang Kai said with a meaningful smile.

The two Blood Warriors were only more confused after hearing Yang Kai’s words. These two healing pills were only Earth Grade Top-Rank, so how could they help them recover any faster? What was their Little Lord trying to imply with his words?

Both of them shook their heads secretly, pressing down the curiosity in their hearts.

“Go back, meditate and refine the medicinal effects, don’t waste any of it.” Yang Kai waved casually.

“Yes, Little Lord,” Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian responded with a nod, both of them turning around and walking back to the campfire; however, the two of them suddenly stopped in place and turned to one another. Seeing the meaning in each other’s eyes, they quickly faced Yang Kai respectfully.

“Hmm?” Yang Kai looked at them curiously, not knowing what else they wanted to say.

“Little Lord…” Tu Feng’s look became calm and solemn as he spoke, “For this time’s Inheritance War, if the family allows Blood Warriors to participate, then I and Yu Xian hope to serve the Little Lord. Whether we be used as guards or labourers, we only hope the Little Lord will accept us!”

Yang Kai blinked before staring straight into Tu Feng’s eyes, after a long time letting out a great laugh, “I’d be happy to!”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both smiled and quickly knelt down, swearing, “The two of us will humbly await the Little Lord’s arrival at the Blood Warrior Hall!”

“En, I will certainly go.” Yang Kai nodded firmly.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian got up and retreated. Following Yang Kai’s urging, the two of them hurriedly found a place to sit and revolved their healing arts.

Looking in the direction of the two meditating warriors, Yang Kai’s heart pounded, silently celebrating.

[I’ve finally won over these two Blood Warriors!]

Along the way, although he had used some deliberate methods, it was more Yang Kai inadvertently displaying all kinds of shocking and fantastic abilities that had really conquered Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, resulting in them pledging their allegiance.

Although this time’s Inheritance War wouldn’t necessarily allow the participation of the Blood Warriors, Yang Kai still had to plan ahead.

If the Blood Warriors were really allowed to participate, then he had now easily acquired two powerful boosts.

The best part was when Tu Feng had requested to serve him, he had been completely earnest, without a trace of dissatisfaction.

This was the first time the two Blood Warriors had displayed the attitude of subordinates in front of Yang Kai. It also meant that they were really willing to assist him in the Inheritance War.

Looking up at the stars, Yang Kai smiled happily, full of expectations for the upcoming Inheritance War.

It was particularly peaceful that night.

The morning of the next day, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both opened their eyes from the meditation and looked at each other, both of seeing a mix of joy and shock in each other’s eyes.

After a night’s restoration, all of their injuries had basically recovered. The wounds and overdrawn vitality they had expected would take at least half a month to restore had actually been completely healed in less than a day.

Recalling the profound effects that had taken place when they were refining that seemingly ordinary Earth Grade Top-Rank healing pill last night, both of them were amazed and confused.

It was no doubt an Earth Grade Top-Rank pill. In normal times, neither of the two Blood Warriors would even spare it a glance. In fact, if it weren’t for it being delivered to them by Yang Kai, how could they have taken it?

The two of them had their own healing pills, all of which were Heaven Grade Top-Rank.

But this simple Earth Grade Top-Rank pill, which would usually be despised by them, had suddenly produced many magical effects as they had refined it last night. These effects had swept through their meridians and physique like a gentle breeze, not only healing all of the wounds they had suffered in this recent battle but even mending many of their old battle scars.

Blood Warriors were trained from young for battle; every full-grown Blood Warrior had experienced hundreds of life or death battles, which had led to them accumulating many large and small injuries. It could be said that each Blood Warrior’s body was filled with these dark wounds.

No ordinary healing pill could treat such injuries, only extremely rare, precious medicines and long periods of time would give them a chance to eliminate these hidden dangers.

But as a Blood Warrior, how would they have so much time to rest?

For Tu Feng, before, when he circulated his True Qi, there would be a slight tingling sensation below his ribs, but he had always ignored this subtle pain.

As for Tang Yu Xian, every time she became angered, her heart would feel a pinching sensation. This was a result of her being poisoned once and never fully recovering.

These dark injuries were very subtle and wouldn’t normally affect their combat effectiveness, nor would it impede the circulation of their True Qi, but both of them knew that even if it wasn’t an impediment to them now, as time passed, one day, sooner or later, their strength would certainly be affected by the accumulation of these injuries, possibly leading to their early deaths.

But now, the two Blood Warriors clearly felt that all of the dark injuries leftover from their past battles had all but disappeared.

Was this something an Earth Grade Top-Rank pill could do?

In an instant, both of them have understood that their Little Lord had hidden something else inside these two Earth Grade Top-Rank pills, or else they wouldn’t have had such astonishing effects.

On top of that, whatever it was he had hidden inside these healing pills was, without a doubt, a priceless and rare treasure!

After taking a long time to recover from their shock, the gratitude and guilt the two Blood Warriors felt became even more intense.

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