Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 391

This was a wondrous sacred ground, an ultimate treasure of the Yang Family!

The waters in the Dragon Transformation Pond were mysterious and had could provide a huge benefit to any cultivator who soaked in them. It was said that it could purify the body and even wash one’s marrow. If one could cultivate within it for even a few days, their strength would definitely increase as their aptitude would also improve.

The aptitude of a cultivator was the foundation of their growth and the cornerstone of their strength. One’s aptitude determined the height to which a cultivator could grow. It was generally very difficult to change after birth unless one could acquire some particularly rare Precious Treasures.

However, the waters of the Yang Family’s Dragon Transformation Pond carried such an effect.

All the members of the Yang Family would scramble to obtain the chance to enter it.

But even the Yang Family’s direct descendants couldn’t easily enter the Dragon Transformation Pond. Any request would be reviewed by the family’s Elder Hall and only if the Elders felt that this disciple’s merits and potential warranted such an opportunity would he or she be granted permission.

Those who weren’t surnamed Yang had an even more difficult time trying to obtain time in the Dragon Transformation Pond; in fact, unless they made a substantial contribution to the family, it was all but impossible.

“Little Lord, Yu Xian and I have been to the Dragon Transformation Pond before, and it is a good place.” Tu Feng heard these words and couldn’t help whispering excitedly.

“En, when I was charged with protecting Young Lady Mei, I was seriously injured and almost died. Fortunately, Young Lady Mei begged the Fifth Master to speak on my behalf and I was fortunately granted permission to enter the Dragon Transformation Pond. Afterwards, not only did my injuries stabilize, but my strength also improved.” Tang Yu Xian also nodded.

How could Yang Kai not be familiar with the effectiveness of the Dragon Transformation Pond? When he had heard the fat man Yin Tian You mention it, he almost couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

Before he had gone to High Heaven Pavilion, his father Yang Ying Feng had applied to the Elder Hall for a chance to use the Dragon Transformation Pond many times because of his congenital defect, wanting to allow Yang Kai to soak within its waters to see if it could improve his aptitude.

But no matter how many times Yang Ying Feng applied, he was always rejected by the Elder Assembly!

Why squander the power of the Dragon Transformation Pond for a waste?

This had led to Yang Ying Feng always having a bleak and guilty expression every time he saw him, it seemed he blamed his own illness for Yang Kai’s congenitally defect. Each time his request was rejected, Dong Su Zhu, Yang Kai’s mother, would also become depressed and shed bitter tears.

As a result, Yang Kai’s parents would often go take on tasks for the family, working themselves to death in order to earn enough merits to allow Yang Kai to have a chance to enter the Dragon Transformation Pond.

However, regardless of how diligently they strove, they were still met with rejection.

“Next time, there will definitely be an opportunity next time.” Each time he came back from the Elder Hall Yang Ying Feng would speak similar words, seemingly trying to comfort Yang Kai.

The guilty and forlorn look in his eyes was something Yang Kai could still picture clearly to this day.

Yet now, the goal that his parents had striven so hard to obtain had actually been offered to him freely today.

This sudden change couldn’t help making Yang Kai wonder what all the pain and effort his parents had endured was for.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s thoughts fluctuated for a moment before he slowly closed his eyes and nodded lightly.

Obviously oblivious to Yang Kai’s mood, Yin Tian You smiled greatly as he cupped his fists before his chest and said, “Little Lord, it’s best to handle such matters immediately, would Little Lord be willing to visit the Dragon Transformation Pond now?”

A bitterness in Yang Kai’s heart made him feel like rejecting this offer suddenly, causing his brow to furrow, but before he had time to think things over, a clear eagle cry rang out above his head.

Hearing this cry, everyone present unconsciously looked up, their expressions becoming light.

The Golden Feather Eagle perched atop Yang Kai’s shoulders also flapped its wings and soared up into the sky.

“Another Young Lord has arrived! It seems we will have a double celebration today!” Yin Tian You laughed happily, he had been waiting here for many days without result but now two of the Young Lords had appeared in quick succession.

Just as his voice faded, a new group of people came into view.

At the head of this group was a youth who appeared to be around twenty five or twenty six years of age. He had sharp facial features that gave a bold impression and rode an impressive Cloud Treading Colt, slowly approaching Yang Kai’s group.

Behind him were two staunch Blood Warriors, and behind these warriors were, unexpectedly, several more powerful experts.

As they drew closer, this youth and Yang Kai’s eyes met, a surprised expression flashing across the former’s face as he quickly examined the latter.

Immediately after though, he smiled and nodded lightly to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded back, obviously recognizing this youth’s identity after seeing his facial features.

Yang Zhao, the second oldest amongst this generation’s Yang Family direct descendants, and the son of Yang Kai’s Great Uncle Yang Ying Hao.

Great Uncle Yang Ying Hao was the current Patriarch of the Yang Family! It was also because he was injured in the battle with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land that the Yang Family children had been recalled in advance.

Unlike Yang Kai’s obscurity, although Yang Zhao had never been publicly presented before, most of the family members knew about his existence and even his face because of his relationship with Yang Ying Hao.

Yang Kai had also met him a few times, so naturally he was familiar with him.

After seeing Yang Zhao, the fat man Yin Tian You’s expression immediately became more dignified, even the people standing behind him also sucked in a cold breath.

Regardless of Yang Zhao’s strength or his performance in the upcoming Inheritance War, just the fact that he was the son of the current Patriarch meant he couldn’t be neglected.

“Little Lord…” Yin Tian You was a sharp person so he first turned to Yang Kai respectfully.

“Attend to your responsibilities.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Many thanks, Little Lord!” After bowing politely, Yin Tian You quickly smoothed his clothes and stepped towards Yang Zhao, repeating his welcome speech nearly word for word.

Yang Zhao sat upon the Cloud Treading Colt from start to finish and after listening to Yin Tian You’s report, he simply replied, “Understood.”

After that, his sight shifted towards Yang Kai again as he wore a smile, “Little Brother Kai?”

“Second Brother!” Yang Kai cupping his fists and grinning lightly.

“Sure enough, it’s Little Brother Kai! Hahaha!” Yang Zhao laughed loudly as he looked over Yang Kai with great interest, “It is says a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, but it seems the same is true for boys! After not seeing you for only a few years, second brother here almost couldn’t recognize you! When we last met you were just a weak little brat yet now it seems you’ve been reborn as a great talent, truly worthy of a member of my Yang Family!”

Whether intentional or not, his words seemed to hint at him being the next head of the Yang Family.

“Second Brother overpraises.” Yang Kai simply brushed over Yang Zhao’s comment, instead just smiling back at him confidently.

As the two talked, the few experts behind Yang Zhao also seemed to be examining Yang Kai, a moment later many of them showing some disdainful expressions, seemingly looking down on Yang Kai.

Only the two Blood Warriors didn’t show any change in expression.

Similar to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, these two Blood Warriors were only loyal to the Yang Family. Yang Zhao and Yang Kai were both Yang Family Young Lords so they naturally wouldn’t show any impolite expressions.

However, after noticing the disdainful glances of these strangers, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian couldn’t help but frown, turning a cold gaze towards these outsiders.

Suddenly feeling this icy glare, these few experts immediately went pale and quickly fixed their expressions.

Noticing this, Yang Zhao’s eyes flashed as he glanced towards Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, slightly surprised. He hadn’t imagined that these two would act to support Yang Kai so decisively.

Over the course of his journey home, even Yang Zhao himself hadn’t been able to win the approval of his two Blood Warrior escorts, the entire time they had only given thought to completing their duty of escorting him, barely even speaking with him.

The difference in treatment was obvious, causing Yang Zhao to immediately realize that something was unusual.

Yang Kai seemed to be quite favoured by these two Blood Warriors! But why was that?

Suppressing his doubts, Yang Zhao didn’t show any outward signs of curiosity, just faintly asking, “Did you fly all the way back?”

He saw that Yang Kai and his two Blood Warriors didn’t even have mounts, so naturally he would think so.

Yang Kai nodded offhandedly.

“The road home must have been hard.” Yang Zhao said casually before jumping off his Cloud Treading Colt, walking over towards Yang Kai and saying, “If you don’t mind, why don’t we go to the Dragon Transformation Pond together? On the way there you can let Second Brother listen to your adventures over the past few years.”

“Good.” Yang Kai smiled.

“En, let’s go!” Yang Zhao also let out a laugh, walking a few steps before suddenly turning back and saying, “Right, you all should go to the house and wait for me, I’ll return within three to five days.”

The group of strangers nodded in acknowledgment.

The two Blood Warriors didn’t react, though. They were only responsible for escorting Yang Zhao back to the family safely, so once they had arrived here, their mission was already finished. From here, they would simply return to the Blood Warrior Hall.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Yang Kai also signaled to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian with a smile.

The two of them responding, “Little Lord, take care!”

This kind of affectionate attitude could help drawing surprised looks from Yang Zhao and the other two Blood Warriors.

After Yang Kai and Yang Zhao left, the four Blood Warriors glanced at each other silently before flying off towards the Blood Warrior Hall.

Halfway there, one of the two Blood Warriors turned and asked, “Tu Feng, how come you and Yu Xian seem quite friendly with the Little Lord? Did he display some impressive abilities on the way back? If so, please tell us about it.”

The Blood Warriors were all very familiar with each other, so while they wouldn’t show it in front of outsiders, they naturally didn’t act so stoic when no one else was around.

Tu Feng just slowly shook his head, “No, it’s just that the Little Lord was quite kind with us along the journey.”

Although no one here was an outsider, Tu Feng wouldn’t be stupid enough to divulge Yang Kai’s secret because the people here may soon become his opponents, extolling his good point and methods here would only bring harm to him.

This man obviously didn’t believe Tu Feng’s words but only grinned fiercely in response.

“What about you, what was your trip with the Second Young Lord like?” Tu Feng quickly reciprocated.

The men looked indifferent, the one who had spoken previously replying flatly, “Nothing special.”

The four suddenly looked at each other and simultaneously sneered.

Everyone knew that the other party was simply talking nonsense! But even if they knew, none of them would say so out loud. At this time, no matter which Blood Warrior it was, they wouldn’t divulge information about the Young Lord which was under their charge. Even if the one who asked was the Patriarch or an Elder, they still wouldn’t talk.

The Blood Warriors truly were synonymous with loyalty!

At the same time, Yang Kai and Yang Zhao were casually walking in the direction of the Dragon Transformation Pond. The two brothers only spoke with one another about the various trivial things they had experienced over the past few years. As for which Sect they had joined and what people they had met, nothing was discussed.

Both of them knew that this brother of theirs was actually a rival! Neither of them knew what schemes the other might try to use in order to knock them down and beat them into submission!

The Inheritance War was nothing less than a civil war between brothers, a contest of both strength and wits!

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