Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 392

After a short time, they had arrived at the Dragon Transformation Pond’s location.

Surrounding it was a countless number of cultivators on guard, there were also many masters secretly paying close attention to this place, their Divine Senses constantly sweeping over the area.

Once there was an outsider attempting to get close to it, no questions would be asked, they would be ruthlessly executed immediately!

One time, a first-class family’s steward had come to deliver the Yang Family a tribute. After finishing his mission, he had somehow lost his way and strayed into the Dragon Transformation Pond’s region. Before he could breathe a word, the Yang Family masters and guards had killed him.

After this matter was passed out, that first-class family not only didn’t dare ask for an explanation, they instead sent another envoy bearing twice as many gifts to apologize for this infraction.

This treasured land of the Yang Family had always been one of its most tightly guarded positions.

Although this place was inside the Central Capital, with the Dragon Transformation Pond as its center, for several kilometers around the land retained its most primitive state. If someone were to see this place without knowing where they were, they’d likely mistaken think they had strayed into the wilderness.

A thick fog back lingered here, so dense one couldn’t see the fingers of their outstretched hand. Surrounding the fog bank was a lush and verdant forest, with a number of shadows seemingly appearing and disappearing at random.

It was in this region’s deepest place that one could enter the Dragon Transformation Pond and cleans their physique!

When Yang Zhao and Yang Kai arrived here, they quickly stopped talking. Yang Zhao stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Junior Yang Zhao, by order of the Elder Assembly, has come to visit the Dragon Transformation Pond. Junior dares to ask which Senior stands guard here?”

A moment later, from within the fog bank, a strange voice floated, “This old master is called Xiao Zheng Qing. So it is Young Lord Zhao, the Young Lord beside you is who?”

Before Yang Kai could answer, Yang Zhao had quickly stepped forward and replied, “This is little brother Kai!”

The voice in the fog was silent for a while, seemingly contemplating who this little brother Kai Yang Zhao spoke of was, eventually saying, “Since you have arrived here, the two Young Lords should come in.”

As this voice spoke, the fog bank in front of the two brothers parted ways, like two invisible giant hands had pulled it apart, revealing a clear passage into the interior.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai and Yang Zhao discovered to their shock that both sides of this channel were actually lined by a number of Yang Family masters.

The closest one to them was actually less than five meters away.

When these people were engulfed by the fog, the two brothers hadn’t even noticed them, nor had they detect any signs of energy within the fog itself.

These Yang Family guards were obviously different from those who stood around outside. Each of them was calm and steady, most of them having reached the True Element Boundary, while the remaining few were Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. All of these guards possessed a dignified aura as they turned their gazes towards the two youths.

Yang Zhao and Yang Kai both glanced at each other, unable to hide a slight trace of excitement before facing forward and walking towards the open channel.

“Welcome two Young Lords!”

“Two Young Lords, please!”

All the way, these Yang Family guards nodded slightly and respectfully towards the two brothers.

Yang Zhao wore a light smile on his face, striding forward with great confidence.

Yang Kai beside him didn’t say a word, instead quietly releasing his Divine Sense to explore his surroundings, his heart secretly surprised by what he found.

Although he was also a Yang Family member, Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with the depths of the Yang Family’s heritage and capital.

However, after this simple probe, he was surprised to find that the cultivators here, compared to the common disciples of a second-class Sect with equal cultivation realms, were undoubtedly a lot stronger, their combat strength also much greater.

Whether it was their Spiritual Energy, physique strength, Blood Force, or True Qi, they were all more vigorous and pure.

Yang Kai investigated the two men standing before him and found out that each one of them was most likely capable of emerging victorious over three opponents of the same realm at the same time.

Of course, this was only when comparing to other common disciples.

But even this was amazing enough.

Moreover, the fog back here was also rather strange, when Yang Kai tried to penetrate it with his Divine Sense it was like he had dove into a pool of stagnant water, unable to sense the slightest things inside it.

Clearly this place had a very profound Spirit Array in operation.

After a stick of incense worth of time, the view in front of them suddenly became clear, the fog bang dissipating, giving people a feeling of emerging from a dark forest into a bright village.

Before them, at the edge of a huge pool, three old men with white beards sat cross-legged, staring towards the two brothers.

After seeing the two youths emerge from the fog bank, the old man in the middle smiled and spoke, “Yang Zhao?”

Yang Zhao wore a respectful expression and quickly cupped his fists, “Junior Yang Zhao greets three Seniors!”

Anyone who could stand guard beside the Dragon Transformation Pond, regardless of whether they were surnamed Yang, would obviously have great status inside the Yang Family, at least comparable to the family’s Elders.

Obviously Yang Zhao wouldn’t dare show any disrespect.

Xiao Zheng Qing and the other two old men smiled lightly, seemingly very satisfied with Yang Zhao’s attitude. Turning his eyes towards Yang Kai, Xiao Zheng Qing couldn’t help feeling slightly suspicious, “Are you Yang Ying Feng’s son?”

“Yes, Junior Yang Kai greets three Seniors.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

He was far less calm on the inside.

These three people were all Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. In other words, none of them was worse than Ling Tai Xu before his latest breakthrough, yet all three of them had actually been tasked with guarding the Dragon Transformation Pond. It was obviously how much value the Yang Family placed on this place.

With these three, the mysterious Spirit Array, and the myriad of expert guards stationed in the area, it was likely that only an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master had any chance of breaking into this place.

After learning about Yang Kai’s lineage, Xiao Zheng Qing only slightly nodded, the other two old men also not saying a word. It seemed like for them, Yang Zhao was more worthy of their attention.

These old masters attitude didn’t surprise Yang Kai much so he paid it no mind.

“Senior, why did the family arrange for us to enter the Dragon Transformation Pond this time?” Yang Zhao saw that Xiao Zheng Qing was quite optimistic about himself and was also quite curious about this point so he hurriedly asked this question.

Xiao Zheng Qing smiled lightly and replied, “Naturally it is because the family wants to improve your future prospects. Over the past few years, you have been practicing in first-class forces, but how can the resources there compare with our Yang Family? Whether it be the practice of Martial Skills or the the absorption of pill efficacies, both will leave behind traces of damage and impurities in the body, the Dragon Transformation Pond can cleanse these impurities from your physiques!”

Yang Zhao smiled happily and nodded, “Junior will certainly live up to the family’s expectations!”

Xiao Zheng Qing laughed, “Good, worthy of the Patriarch’s son, truly different from others. The centre of the Dragon Transformation Pond has the greatest efficacies, you should enter there to cultivate.”

Yang Kai’s brow couldn’t help but wrinkle, although he didn’t expect Xiao Zheng Qing to be optimistic about himself, such blatant favouritism was still uncomfortable to his ears.

However, he knew well enough to hold his tongue here. Right now he really had no power or achievements so anything he said would only bring more disdain upon himself.

If he wanted to change other’s opinions of him, there was only one way.

That was to rise to the top of the Yang Family, by that time, everyone would have no choice but to respect and obey him.

Yang Zhao nodded slightly before he and Yang Kai glanced towards the centre of the Dragon Transformation Pond.

Only a vague outline of the pond was visible because a strange layer of mist hovered above the water’s surface.

However, Yang Kai was keenly aware that this mist was different from the fog bank they had just passed through.

The outer fog was only used to shield this place while this mist above the Dragon Transformation Pond was actually a gathering of pure energy. It seemed like the water in the entire Dragon Transformation Pond was a crystallization of this energy, condensed into a liquid form, while mist above it was a residual leakage.

“The Dragon Transformation Pond is a place to purify one’s physique, this is a rare opportunity so you must cherish it.” Xiao Zheng Qing said lightly.

Another of the old men interjected at this point, “The Dragon Transformation Pond is also a place to test a person’s aptitude. The longer one can cultivate within it, the higher their aptitude is. Yang Zhao, you must strive hard here, you are different from the other Young Lords, you are the son of the Patriarch, many people are optimistic about you.”

There was a clear look of excitement on Yang Zhao’s face, as if he couldn’t wait to prove himself, quickly cupping his fists and shouting, “Yes!”

“Go!” Xiao Zheng Qing waved his hand and an invisible force wrapped both Yang Zhao and Yang Kai, gently sending them into the Dragon Transformation Pond.

As the mist rolled, the two youths disappeared into the pool at the same time.

Surrounded by a chilly feeling, the water in the Dragon Transformation Pond seemed to have some effect as Yang Kai clearly felt some of its energy flow into his body’s acupuncture points and pores, causing him a sharp stinging pain.

But immediately after, the pain disappeared and the energy which seeped into his meridians, under the smelting of Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi, was quickly stored into his Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

Yang Kai looked blank, suddenly feeling that this Dragon Transformation Pond… seemed quite different from what he had expected.

It didn’t appear to have any of the rumoured magical effects.

Turning to look at Yang Zhao, Yang Kai’s expression became even odder.

He found that his second brother seemed to be enduring tremendous pain at the moment, his entire face blood red, his True Qi circulating madly as he pulled the energy in the Dragon Transformation Pond into his body.

Immediately, some impurities were discharged from Yang Zhao and the crystal clear water in the pool seemed to become contaminated.

Yang Kai quickly swam a distance away, in somewhat of a trance.

Looking at Yang Zhao’s current appearance, the Dragon Transformation Pond was clearly useful and could really help one cleanse their body, so why couldn’t he feel any of its effects?

After contemplating for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly realized something, his expression cramping up.

If his guess was correct, then the reason for all this was the Myriad Drug Liquid.

If one took the Myriad Drug Liquid for a long time, it would purify the body and fundamentally improve that person’s aptitude.

Since he had obtained the Myriad Drug Liquid, as long as he wasn’t incapable of doing so, Yang Kai had taken a drop every day.

After following this regimen for such a long time, all of the impurities in his body had been eliminated and his aptitude had also been significantly improved.

So even if he entered the Dragon Transformation Pond now, what benefit could it give him?

The effects of the Dragon Transformation Pond were definitely not as good as those of the Myriad Drug Liquid.

Realizing all this, Yang Kai’s face sank.

Affected by his childhood pre-conceptions, he hadn’t held great expectations of entering the Dragon Transformation Pond, so now seeing it have basically no use to him, naturally Yang Kai felt disappointed.

The Dragon Transformation Pond couldn’t providing any help to him, but since he had just come it, leaving right away was somewhat inappropriate, so Yang Kai simply sat there bored, silently circulated his True Yang Secret Art, absorbing and refining some of the energy in the Dragon Transformation Pond.

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