Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 395

Yang Kai gathered his thoughts for a moment before briefly describing the series of events that had led to the Sect’s destruction. As he spoke, Yang Ying Feng’s expression became more and more sullen.

“But now, Qiu Yi Meng helped re-establish High Heaven Pavilion, and it is now under my jurisdiction. Until the Sect’s name can be cleared, it will be considered a force attached to me!” Yang Kai’s gloomy expression gradually relaxed.

“Qiu Yi Meng?” Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu both stared blankly at Yang Kai, “The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady?”


“How could she be helping to rebuild High Heaven Pavilion? The Sect was burned down by her own family’s masters, strange…” Yang Ying Feng frowned, unable to understand, slowly shaking his head and asking, “Is there any special reason for this?”

“I helped her with a small matter so she’s just reciprocating. Rebuilding High Heaven Pavilion isn’t a big deal for her.” Yang Kai said casually.

“You helped her with something?” The Yang Family Fourth Master’s expression became more and more confused, staring curiously at his son, seemingly trying to understand his relationship with the Qiu Family’s eldest daughter.

Dong Su Zhu on the other hand wore a brilliant smile as she looked towards Yang Kai, “Kai’er, are you friends with her?”

“We’re not friends, but not strangers either.” Yang Kai nodded.

Dong Su Zhu licked her small red lips lightly and laughed, “That Qiu Family girl is truly a good match. They say that any man who can become her husband will become the next Qiu Family Patriarch. Son, you’ll have to work hard to take her away.”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Towards Qiu Yi Meng, he really had no stray thoughts. It was undeniable that as a woman she was very attractive even without considering her background. If he could win her favor, she would also be a big boost to him in the upcoming Inheritance War, but Yang Kai still somewhat instinctively rejected her.

To put it simply, she was too shrewd. Her sharp wits and insightfulness always made him feel on edge. Such traits appearing on a daughter was no doubt a headache for any big family.

If it was just cooperation Yang Kai would happily welcome her, but it was absolutely impossible for him to seek any kind of intimate relationship with her.

“Re-establishing the Sect…” Yang Ying Feng muttered to himself. “Qiu Yi Meng isn’t the master of the Qiu Family so this is not something she can do alone.”

If any of the Central Capital Eight Great Families were to speak on behalf of High Heaven Pavilion, the stigma surrounding it could be easily removed.

Although it was declared an evil Sect, in reality, it wasn’t difficult problem to solve.

What was actually important was that High Heaven Pavilion was the Demon Lord’s original Sect! It was only because of this that it had received such unanimous condemnation.

“Has there been any word from Grand Master?” Yang Kai asked quietly.

Yang Ying Feng shook his head bitterly, “I’ve sent people to investigate, but after that battle, your Grand Master and the other Sect Elders all disappeared without a trace.”

Suddenly, Yang Ying Feng remembered something and asked with expectation, “Is it true that Master has really broken through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary?”

When the Qiu Family masters returned from their initial expedition, Yang Ying Feng also received such news, but that was only the words of the Qiu Family’s masters. Perhaps they had made up a story in order to shirk responsibility and save face, so the Yang Family Fourth Master didn’t dare believe them easily.

Not to mention Yang Ying Feng, many others who had heard this news until now still held some skepticism!

How could a trivial second-class Sect posses such an incredible master?

“Grand Master really broke through.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded firmly.

With Yang Kai’s acknowledgment, Yang Ying Feng grinned, standing up and pacing back and forth in the study, suddenly stopping a moment later and letting out a burst of laughter, “Good good! I knew that Master could definitely break through, I just didn’t expect it would actually take so long!”

As he spoke, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s face relaxed, seemingly putting down a big stone in his heart.

Ling Tai Xu had fallen into depression because of his two disciples, causing his cultivation to stagnate for more than a decade. But now that he had broken through, it must mean that he had overcome the worries which had fettered him; naturally Yang Ying Feng was happy for him.

“This disaster was a blessing in disguise for Grand Master.” Yang Kai spoke earnestly, slowly recanting, “The Demon Lord escaped from the Coiling Dragon Stream, fought with the Sect’s masters, even killing an Elder on the spot, he also severely wounded Grand Master.”

“That ungrateful little bastard!” Yang Ying Feng couldn’t help but scream and curse.

The Demon Lord was Yang Ying Feng’s Junior Brother but his revolt against his Sect and the murder of an elder had displayed the Demon Lord’s motive to cut their ties. It was only natural for Yang Ying Feng to feel enraged.

“One day I’ll break his dog legs and force him to kneel in front of Master to apologize!” Yang Ying Feng was annoyed for a while before collecting himself, hurriedly asking, “What happened after?”

“Grand Master was contaminated by Demonic Qi and lying on his deathbed, but fortunately I arrived back at the Sect in time and gave him something that allowed him to recover.”

“You gave him ‘something’?” Yang Ying Feng’s eyes became bigger than pigeon eggs, Dong Su Zhu also covered her small mouth in surprise, the husband and wife pair couldn’t help holding his breath as they waited in suspense.

“En, my own concocted medicinal liquid, I didn’t expect it to have such miraculous results. Not only did it pull Grand Master back from the gates of hell, it also helped him to dispel the Demonic Qi corroding his body.” Yang Kai eloquently spun his half true half fabricated story, “When Grand Master fully recovered, he also broke through.”

“Your own concocted medicinal liquid?” Yang Ying Feng’s expression went pale with shock.

Dong Su Zhu patted her chest with his delicate hand, greatly relieved that things had turned out alright. If it hadn’t, the responsibility of the death of Ling Tai Xu would not have fallen onto the Demon Lord but rather, Yang Kai.

If this was really the case, her husband would have suffered a devastating blow.

Yang Kai rubbed his nose lightly and explained, “Actually, I studied a little bit about medicine when I stayed on Medicine King’s Valley Hidden Cloud Peak.”

“That’s right!” Yang Ying Feng suddenly understood.

“Did you already know?” This time it was Yang Kai’s turn to be surprised, it seemed like this matter was already known to his parents.

“En, Han’er secretly told us.” Dong Su Zhu nodded.

[So that’s how it is,] Yang Kai thought to himself, Dong Qing Han was his cousin on his mother’s side, so it wasn’t strange for him to have passed along such news.

“Grandmaster Xiao is truly worthy of his reputation.” Yang Ying Feng proclaimed, “Even if he doesn’t act personally, just something he taught you can have such a wondrous effect.”

Nodding his head firmly, Yang Ying Feng’s expression became dignified as he said, “Remember, one day, you must thank Grandmaster Xiao personally for his benevolence.”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “Naturally.”

“Hmm, rather, I should go to Hidden Cloud Peak myself, rescuing the life of my Master is equal to rescuing my own, I should express my gratitude to Grandmaster Xiao personally,” Yang Ying Feng suddenly said, his words filled with a sincere gratitude.

However, Yang Kai suddenly felt awkward.

If his father went to Hidden Cloud Peak, it wouldn’t take long for him to unravel his story, so Yang Kai quickly interjected, “Father, it’s best if you don’t go, Grandmaster’s temper is a bit odd, even if you arrive at Hidden Cloud Peak personally there’s not guarantee he’ll see you, it’s best if you leave this to me.”

Yang Ying Feng paused and thought about it for a moment before nodding, thinking that what Yang Kai said was right. Many masters from the Eight Great Families would visit Hidden Cloud Peak to ask Xiao Fu Sheng to refine pills for them, but only a few of them ever had their request answered, many of them had even come back without once seeing Grandmaster Xiao’s shadow. Thinking so, Yang Ying Feng nodded, “Good, when you go, I will prepare an appropriate gift for you to take.”

“En, understood.” Yang Kai secretly wiped the cold sweat from his brow.

Dong Su Zhu was suddenly thought of something and excitedly asked, “Kai’er, do you remember the way to refine that medicinal liquid?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Of course.”

“Then…” Dong Su Zhu’s heartbeat could not help but accelerate, he eyes filling with expectation and nervousness as she looked towards Yang Kai.

As her son, how could Yang Kai not know what she was hoping for?

The Yang Family Fourth Master was also injured in the past by the Demon Lord and to this day still had some residual Demonic Qi corroding his body.

If not for this reason, how could Yang Ying Feng still only have stay as an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator? Even Dong Su Zhu was now an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage master!

The Yang Family Fourth Master was Ling Tai Xu’s First Disciple while the Demon Lord was his Second Disciple. With the Demon Lord’s aptitude, along with a number of chances, he had now reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, Yang Ying Feng was his Senior Brother and was obviously thought highly of by Ling Tai Xu, so his aptitude was obviously no worse than the Demon Lord. If not for the injury he had suffered all those years ago, how could Yang Ying Feng only have reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage, at the very least he should have an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage cultivation.

The Demonic Qi which troubled Yang Ying Feng and Ling Tai Xu shared a common source, while the latter’s was actually more concentrated.

Since that medicinal liquid could dissolve the Demonic Qi inside Ling Tai Xu, it should have no trouble resolving the Demonic Qi infecting Yang Ying Feng. If he could rid himself of this dark injury, Yang Ying Feng’s future prospects would instantly become brighter, even possibly having an opportunity to reach the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!

Yang Ying Feng’s aptitude was top-notch, at least no worse than the Yang Family’s current Patriarch Yang Ying Hao.

“I can concoct the liquid myself and the materials required aren’t too precious.” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Hearing his son’s words, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s breathing also quickened slightly.

“En, I should examine your body’s condition first though.”

“Good!” Yang Ying Feng nodded before hastily sitting down in front of Yang Kai, extending out his arm.

Yang Kai quickly placed two fingers upon the outstretched wrist, circulating his True Qi slightly as he examined his father’s meridians and physique.

When this True Qi entered his body, Yang Ying Feng showed a shocked expression, his eyes quickly sizing up his son in amazement. He hadn’t expected that Yang Kai’s True Qi would be so dense and pure.

Although it was only a wisp of True Qi, the Yang Family Fourth Master could infer from it the quality of True Qi in his son’s body. Even compared to his own, the potency of Yang Kai’s True Qi didn’t differ much.

He was only a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator. If given enough time to accumulate and refine his strength, once he reached the same realm as himself, just how astonishing would his True Qi be?

[This child… he’s filled with surprises…]

Was this really his son? The Yang Family Fourth Master suddenly had a strange thought.

After a long time, Yang Kai let out a breath and removed his grip.

“Well?” Dong Su Zhu asked anxiously.

“Far better than Grand Master’s condition, but because it’s been so many years, the Demonic Qi has made its way into the dantian, so in order to fully purify it, Father will need to take the my elixir for roughly a year.”

“So he can be cured!?” Dong Su Zhu couldn’t help shouting when Yang Kai gave his diagnosis, quickly sharing a glance with Yang Ying Feng, both of them clearly seeing the joy in the other’s eyes.

For many years, the husband and wife pair had seen many famous healers and Alchemists, trying various methods to remove the Demonic Qi from Yang Ying Feng’s body to no avail, even the Yang Family’s Dragon Transformation Pond proved ineffective.

But now, the troubles that have bothered the couple for many years had been instantly solved with Yang Kai’s return.

Both of them suddenly felt they had best son in the world!

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