Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 396

A variety of precious materials were delivered to his room, which were of course stored by Yang Kai into the Black Book space.

These materials were not procured by the Yang Family, but by Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu themselves. Although these Precious Treasures weren’t rare and shocking, the highest reached Mysterious Grade Low-Rank.

Yang Kai had to let them gather these in order to maintain the illusion of him refining something, otherwise if he haphazardly threw together some ordinary ingredients, it would be impossible to believe this medicinal liquid of his could be so miraculous.

It wasn’t that Yang Kai intended to hide the Myriad Drug Liquid’s existence from his parents; it was just that the origin of this miracle drug was too sensitive; after all it concerned the legacy of Medicine King’s Valley’s Pill Saint. Let them know about it would do them more harm than good.

Ten days later, Yang Kai gave Yang Ying Feng two bottles of Myriad Drug Liquid, telling him and Dong Su Zhu to only take one drop a day.

He also gave them a large amount of Myriad Drug Milk, which was the actual key to expelling the Demonic Qi from his father, the Myriad Drug Liquid was only to help his parents cleans their bodies.

As for the most potent Myriad Drug Cream, Yang Kai didn’t plan to give them any at this point.

The Myriad Drug Cream could help one understand the Martial Dao, so Yang Kai wanted to wait until his parents had reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Although this would be a while from now, Yang Kai wasn’t impatient.

The Yang Family Fourth Master didn’t know the true preciousness of the Myriad Drug Liquid, so he only examined it briefly before setting it aside, turning a serious gaze towards Yang Kai as he solemnly asked, “The Inheritance War… do you want to participate?”

Yang Kai felt that his father had something more to say than just this so he didn’t immediately reply, instead asking in return, “What does father mean?”

Yang Ying Feng couldn’t help letting out a sigh, “Your mother and I didn’t expected you to have such astonishing growth these past few years, so we originally didn’t expect you to want to participate in the Inheritance War. Your mother… is reluctant to allow you to take part in it!”

Yang Kai stared at his father for a moment before smiling fiercely, his eyes seemingly ablaze.

He had asked what his father meant, but all he was told was what his mother thought, the Yang Family Fourth Master not stating an opinion at all implied that the decision would be his to make alone.

“Of course I’ll participate!” Yang Kai decisively said, “If I become the Patriarch, the Sect can be revived!”

“En, my thoughts exactly.”

The father and son looked at each other for a moment before bursting out into laughter, Yang Ying Feng’s expression loosening as he muttered, “This is partly your father’s selfishness. I owe a great deal to your Grand Master, but now the only way I can repay him is through you. High Heaven Pavilion’s inheritance cannot end in your Grand Master’s generation!”

“En, but mother…”

“I’ll tell her, so don’t worry.” Yang Ying Feng waved his hand and declared with pride.

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded, letting go of his worries. Although it always seemed like Yang Ying Feng was being tossed around by his wife, but when it came to important affairs, the Fourth Master was still exhibited the demeanor of a family head, Dong Su Zhu would only tease him about some irrelevant things but wouldn’t truly oppose him when it counted.

“Right,” Yang Kai suddenly remembered, “I want to recruit someone who is well-informed, flexible but loyal, do you know of anyone appropriate?”

“Is there something you need to handle?” Yang Ying Feng’s brow rose slightly.


The Yang Family Fourth Master pondered for a while before throwing something to Yang Kai, telling him, “Go to Clear Sky Tavern in the North City District and find a man named Pang Chi, he should be of use to you.”

“Who is he?” Yang Kai fiddled with the object in his hands, quickly discovering that it was blue-colored bamboo knot approximately one finger in length, slightly resembling a tiny flute. If one were to gently blow on it, a high pitched sound would result.

However, though it resembled bamboo, Yang Kai couldn’t actually recognize what material it was, it was neither metal, wood, nor jade, but clearly it wasn’t ordinary.

“Bamboo Knot Gang’s Leader!” Yang Ying Feng smiled slightly, “It’s a small force I cultivated myself, although the strength of its members isn’t very high, but their information collection is first-class. If you can make them submit to you, they’ll be a good boost for you in the Inheritance War!”

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded.

The Yang Family Fourth Master suddenly wore a guilty expression as he muttered under his breath, “Although I have some influence inside the family, I can’t give any of it to you, because in the Inheritance War, no one else from the family can participate except for those approved of by the Elder Assembly. Even if I were to give something to you, you’d be unable to use it.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, he was already well aware of these rules so obviously he had no objections.

“There’s still some time left before the Inheritance War begins.You can use this time to familiarize yourself with them.” Yang Ying Feng smiled meaningfully.

Yang Kai also grinned and laughed menacingly.

Yang Ying Feng’s brow couldn’t help twitching when he saw this; he had never seen such a dark and conniving side of his son.

At that moment, a loud eagle cry suddenly sounded outside the house, causing Yang Ying Feng to frown curiously, “A Golden Feather Eagle?”

On the other than, Yang Kai just smiled when he heard this cry. After a while, another eagle call rang out, confirming it was really a Golden Feather Eagle.

Yang Ying Feng was suddenly confused, “Why would a Golden Feather Eagle come to our house?”

The Golden Feather Eagles had always been synonymous with the Yang Family. Long ago, when the family was still very small, no more than a few people, the Yang Family’s ancestors had used a special method to tame these Monster Beasts. Now, a few dozen of these majestic beasts were raised inside the Yang Family.

After Yang Kai returned to the Yang Family, the Golden Feather Eagle that had accompanied him had obviously returned to its roost. Now, after being separated for only ten short days, it had taken the initiative to come look for him.

Although Yang Ying Feng didn’t know why this Golden Feather Eagle came here, but how could Yang Kai not understand.

This eagle clearly missed the taste of the Myriad Drug Liquid, so it had come to find Yang Kai on its own.

The father and son quickly went out and saw several people standing around under a big tree, holding out some meat in their hands towards the Golden Feather Eagle perched above.

These pieces of meat were all fresh with a thick bloody appearance, the favourite food of the Golden Feather Eagles, but at the moment, this particular eagle didn’t even glance at it, instead staring dedicatedly towards Yang Kai’s home.

Seeing Yang Kai appear, the Golden Feather Eagle actually spread his wings and jumped down, instantly flying to Yang Kai’s shoulder and landing, using its hook-like beak to comb Yang Kai’s hair intimately.

The group of people below the tree could only star in amazement; even Yang Ying Feng stared at Yang Kai dumbstruck.

The Golden Feather Eagles all had high intelligence and arrogant temperaments. Even for those responsible for breeding and rising them within the family had difficulty comforting them when they became irritated, but this Golden Feather Eagle had actually perched atop Yang Kai’s shoulders of its own volition, treating him as closely as family.

This was something that had never happened before!

The Golden Feather Eagle still let out the occasional cry; it’s crisp voice easily heard a few kilometers away, it seemed to be urgently requesting something.

“Settle down!” Yang Kai snorted.

To everyone’s surprise, upon hearing these words, the Golden Feather Eagle immediately closed its beak and stood on Yang Kai’s shoulder, motionless.

“Young Master’s methods are truly amazing!” A maidservant called out as her eyes narrowed slightly, her beautiful face staring towards Yang Kai with clear signs of excitement and worship in her expression.

Another old servant also smiled and added, “This old man has have served the Yang Family for many years, yet I’ve never seen anyone who could make the Golden Feather Eagle act so obediently, astonishing.”

“What did you do?” Yang Ying Feng’s brow wrinkled as he asked directly.

“It probably grew attached to me as we exchanged feelings on the road home.” Yang Kai smiled, casually talking nonsense.

Yang Ying Feng gawked for a moment, obviously not convinced.

The difficulty of surrendering a Golden Feather Eagle was naturally famous; otherwise they wouldn’t have been handed over to non-family disciples to train. The previous generation of Yang Family children, Yang Ying Feng among them, had also been found by Golden Feather Eagle when their outside experience came to an end. At that time, although the Yang Family Fourth Master had invested a great deal of time and effort into appealing to the eagle, its attitude towards him had been at best, lukewarm. When had such an intimate scene like the one taking place in front of him ever happened?

Soon after, one of the servants quickly walked over and said, “Master, Young Master, there is a man outside named Du Cheng Bai who wishes to meet with you.”

The Yang Family Fourth Master thought for a moment before nodding, “Invite him in.”


Du Cheng Bai, Yang Ying Feng didn’t recognize this name but he knew that the family which was in charge of raising the Yang Family’s Golden Feather Eagles was surnamed Du.

This Du Cheng Bai was probably chasing after the Golden Feather Eagle and had arrived here, otherwise there was no way an outsider would dare casually arrive at a Yang Family Master’s home.

Not long after, the servant led an elderly man over. Walking up to Yang Ying Feng and Yang Kai, Du Cheng Bai respectfully cupped his fists and wore a warm smile on his face, “Du Family eagle custodian greets Yang Family Fourth Master, and greets Little Lord!”

Yang Ying Feng nodded in return, calmly asking, “Are you here looking for this Golden Feather Eagle?”

“Indeed,” Du Cheng Bai replied hastily, his demeanor slightly nervous, “These eagles are quite difficult to train and has mistakenly entered into the Fourth Master’s residence, disturbing the Fourth Master and the Little Lord, this Du humbly asks Fourth Master to forgive its trespass!”

“It’s fine, that year, these Monster Beasts also brought me home.” Yang Ying Feng shook his head lightly, “If that is all, then bring this eagle back and tend to it carefully.”

“Yes.” Du Cheng Bai nodded repeatedly, “Many thanks for Fourth Master’s consideration!”

Finished apologizing, Du Cheng Bai smiled awkwardly at the Golden Feather Eagle, bringing his fingers to his lips and whistling a crisp but unintelligible melody.

This was the way the Du Family would communicate with the Golden Feather Eagles. In the past, whenever Du Cheng Bai blew this tune, the Golden Feather Eagle would obey his instructions, but this time things obviously didn’t go according to plan.

This particular eagle seemed more sentient than before, turning its head to look at Du Cheng Bai, a tinge of mockery apparent in its sharp gaze.

Everyone stood around watching, wanting to observe the mysterious methods used to control these Golden Feather Eagles, even Yang Ying Feng watched seriously, causing Du Cheng Bai’s expression to grow nervous and distraught as time passed.

After whistling for quite some time, the Golden Feather Eagle remained completely aloof while Du Cheng Bai’s mouth filled with a bitter taste.

Du Cheng Bai stopped, awkwardly coughed and then said to Yang Kai, “Little Lord, pardon my offence.”

Saying so, he took a few steps forward and tried to grab hold of the Golden Feather Eagle standing on Yang Kai’s shoulders.

“Be careful, it’s dangerous.” Yang Kai said with a grin.

Du Cheng Bai was confused by this warning, but before he could collect himself, the Golden Feather Eagle suddenly made a screech and sent a ray of golden light towards him.

Du Cheng Bai’s strength wasn’t high, only possessing True Element Seventh Stage cultivation, but to block this kind of offhanded attack from the Golden Feather Eagle that was enough.

Hastily erecting a True Qi barrier in front of him, Du Cheng Bai managed to block the golden light, quickly jumping back a few steps and staring dumbfound towards the Golden Feather Eagle.

Du Cheng Bai had been raising these eagles for many years, but he had never once been attacked like this. He couldn’t understand why The Heavens had decided to punish him so today.

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