Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 397

As one of the Yang Family’s eagle trainers who had been serving for several decades, if news of him being attacked like this were to spread, wouldn’t he become a laughing stock? Du Cheng Bai was very embarrassed at this moment and at a loss about what he should do next.

Seeing his embarrassment, Yang Kai grinned helplessly, stealthily extracting a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid from the Black Book space before gently feeding it to the Golden Feather Eagle under the guise of petting its head, lightly reprimanding it, “You shouldn’t cause trouble!”

The eagle cried out and flapped its wings for a while, seemingly a little reluctant to comply.

“Behave!” Yang Kai scolded as his brow furrowed.

Upon hearing Yang Kai’s forceful tone, the Golden Feather Eagle immediately stopped objecting and settled down.

Du Cheng Bai couldn’t help staring at Yang Kai, his eyes filled with shock and awe, stuttering as he asked, “Little Lord, can you communicate with this eagle?”

“Somewhat.” Yang Kai readily acknowledged.

Du Cheng Bai’s expression quickly changed from surprise to unbridled worship. His Du Family had relied on a set of profound beast taming techniques and skills passed down from his ancestors to enter the Yang Family’s service. As a tamer who specialized in the training of Golden Feather Eagles, he had once thought that his family’s methods were unrivaled in this world.

But now, the techniques he was so proud of compared with Yang Kai’s extraordinary means were as different as clouds and mud.

Du Cheng Bai silently thought that even if he cultivated his beast taming techniques to their peak it would still be impossible to replicate what Yang Kai had just shown him.

For a long time, Du Cheng Bai simply stood there shocked, his expression extremely awkward.

[There’s actually someone in this world who can communicate with Monster Beasts to such a point!]

Yang Ying Feng’s eyes shone brightly, a thick sense of pride welling up inside his chest; Yang Kai was his son. The more outstanding Yang Kai’s performance was, the happier he would be. Although communicating with Monster Beasts wasn’t something Heaven shaking, it was still a valuable skill.

“Tamer Du!” Yang Kai stared at Du Cheng Bai and called out.

Called out to like this, Du Cheng Bai blinked a few times before quickly waving his hands, “Old Du doesn’t dare pull rank, please call this old man by name Little Lord.”

Pay respect where it is due, no one understood how difficult it was to teach the Golden Feather Eagles than Du Cheng Bai, so Yang Kai being able to make it so obedient was naturally worthy of his respect.

“If I want this eagle, what should I do? How can I acquire it?” Yang Kai asked Du Cheng Bai.

“Little Lord wants this eagle?” Du Cheng Bai looked Yang Kai in surprise.

“Good, I want personal ownership of it, not as a member of the family!” Yang Kai quickly said.

Du Cheng Bai immediately understood what he meant.

It wasn’t that the Yang Family had any rules forbidding the private ownership of Golden Feather Eagles but that the Golden Feather Eagles were simply too hard to tame. On top of that, in the end, it was just a Fifth-Order Monster Beast, equivalent to a True Element cultivator. Even if it had various useful abilities, due to how much time needed to be invested to train it, basically no one was willing to do so.

But different from the Fourth Master, the Little Lord seemed able to intuitively communicate with this Golden Feather Eagle. If he could gain sole ownership of it; this single eagle would be a big boost to him.

At the very least, it would be an ideal candidate for quickly transmitting orders and information.

After taking a deep breath, Du Cheng Bai replied, “Please forgive this old man, Little Lord, all Golden Feather Eagles belong to the family, this Du cannot arbitrarily gift it to you.”

“En, I understand. Right now, I just want to know how I can take it for myself. You have been raising these eagles for the Yang Family for so many years, hasn’t anyone ever taken away one of them?”

Du Cheng Bai slowly shook his head, “No one has ever successfully obtained one of these eagles. Even when the family allowed someone to take one, the eagle wasn’t willing to follow them.”

Yang Ying Feng’s brow wrinkled, adding on, “If it was any other time, I could use my own contribution merits to help you exchange for this eagle, but right now is a sensitive period, everything you want you must find a way to obtain yourself!”

Yang Kai nodded and understood, it wasn’t long until the Inheritance War would start so the family definitely wouldn’t allow any of the Young Lord’s relatives to help them in disguise.

Du Cheng Bai nodded, “Similar to what Fourth Master has said, you can use your own contribution merits to exchange for this eagle…” Pausing for a moment, he then grinned wryly and shook his head, “But Little Lord, you just returned to the family, so you probably don’t have any stored merits.”

“Merits?” Yang Kai eyebrow slightly lifted, “What kind of merits would I need to exchange for this eagle?”

The Yang Family Fourth Master wouldn’t have a good estimate of this so Yang Kai could only look to Du Cheng Bai.

The latter thought for a moment before replying, “Merits can be gained by giving something to the family that brings obvious benefits, for example, letting an entire force pledge loyalty to Yang Family or donating some powerful artifact, Martial Skill, rare spirit pill or Precious Treasure!”

Yang Kai’s eyes immediately shined, “Would a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill be enough?”

This statement not only caused Du Cheng Bai’s face to change, even Yang Ying Feng showed a shocked expression.

The Yang Family Fourth Master had never imagined that his son had cultivated a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill these past few years. Quickly searching his memory, High Heaven Pavilion only had a few trivial Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Martial Skills, all of which were in the hands of Ling Tai Xu and the other several Elders, ordinary disciples wouldn’t have a chance to even glance at them.

“Kai’er, you wouldn’t be…” Yang Ying Feng frowned.

“No, I haven’t practiced any of the Sect’s Martial Skills!” Yang Kai shook his head, understanding that his father was worried about him revealing the Sect’s secret inheritance.

This time, Yang Ying Feng was even more shocked. If it wasn’t a Martial Skill he learned in the Sect, then where did he obtain it from? What exactly did his son experience over these past few years?

On the other hand, Du Cheng Bai nodded vigorously, “A Mysterious Grade Martial Skill is enough.”

A Mysterious Grade Martial Skills was the core inheritance of any great force, only the most elite of its disciples would have an opportunity to obtain them. Exchanging a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill for a Fifth-Order Golden Feather Eagle, the family had no reason not to accept.

“Little Lord, do you want Old Du to help you with this matter? Most matters regarding the Golden Feather Eagles are handled by this old man.” Du Cheng Bai volunteered readily.

“Good, many thanks in advance for Old Du’s work.”

“Little Lord is too polite,” Du Cheng Bai hurriedly replied, cupping his fists, “Old Du only hopes that Little Lord can spare some time to instruct this old man slightly in the ways of beast taming, if so, Old Du will surely repay Little Lord’s benevolence.”

“With pleasure.” Yang Kai easily agreed, in fact, he also wanted to take a look at the Du family’s beast taming techniques, thinking he might be able to learn something to enhance the power of his Beast Slave Seal.

Since the Du Family could become the Yang Family’s exclusive eagle caretakers, there must be something special about their Monster Beast taming techniques; otherwise the Yang Family would have already stolen it from them.

“Then Old Du will go back right away to handle this matter, in one or two days, at most five or six, I should have news for the Little Lord.” After Du Cheng Bai received Yang Kai’s promise, he was incredibly happy, but looking at the still hostile Golden Feather Eagle, he couldn’t help letting out a sigh, “Little Lord, this eagle must go back with Old Du for the time being, otherwise if the family investigates, this old man will be punished.”

Yang Kai nodded and ordered the Golden Feather Eagle to follow Du Cheng Bai; the Golden Feather Eagle immediately spread its wings and flew into the sky, obediently heading back to its roost.

“Don’t lock it up; it will come to see me once a day.” Yang Kai said.

“Old Du will do so.” Du Cheng Bai nodded and bid Yang Ying Feng and Yang Kai farewell, leaving with a big grin on his face.

“You sure have skills.” Yang Ying Feng smiled broadly, generously praising his son.

Yang Kai grinned wryly and shook his head, “Just a little trick, nothing special, I’ll head to the North City District first and won’t be back for a few days, when I return I’ll tell you about it.”

“Good, you go.” Yang Ying Feng nodded, not stopping him.

The Central Capital was too big, if one wanted to walk, it would take several days to get to the North City District from the Yang Family home. It was also inconvenient to fly over the city without a certain degree of strength, so Yang Kai could only take out a Cloud Treading Colt to ride.

That night, when Dong Su Zhu came back and found that Yang Kai had already left, Yang Ying Feng couldn’t escape from her scolding.

Her son had come back for less than two days before entering secluded retreat for more than ten days, after which he immediately left for the North City District.

Dong Su Zhu was naturally upset.

The Yang Family Fourth Master let his wife complain all she wanted until Dong Su Zhu finally calmed down before casually changing the subject, “Kai’er has already made us this medicinal liquid and said we should take one drop of it every day.”

That being said, Yang Ying Feng took out the bottle of Myriad Drug Liquid which was given to him by Yang Kai and put it on the table.

“A drop?” Dong Su Zhu looked puzzled, “Wasn’t this meant to help you cleanse the Demonic Qi in your meridians? How can I drink it?”

“Kai’er said that if one takes this regularly they can maintain their youth forever…”

“I want this!” Dong Su Zhu was so excited that she didn’t even wait for her husband to finish speaking before she loudly proclaimed, her previously depressed mood already scattered to the wind.

The husband and wife pair obviously didn’t really believe that Yang Kai’s medicinal liquid could really make one retain their youth forever, but regardless, it was something their son had given them, so even if it was a glass of water, nothing could be sweeter!

After taking out a pair of glasses, Yang Ying Feng carefully poured out a drop of this elixir into each before turning to his wife, the two of them frowning as they looked at each other.

One drop at a time… it wasn’t really drinking, after it wet their lips it would be all but gone.

“Why not pour some more? In any case it’s not poison, it also has a sweet fragrance,” Dong Su Zhu proposed, her face eager to try.

“Might as well,” Yang Ying Feng nodded casually, pouring out some more of this medicinal liquid into his wife’s cup before adding to his own.

“Fill your cup, since this can cleanse the Demonic Qi in your body, it shouldn’t be bad for you to drink a little more.”

Following his wife’s suggestion, the Yang Family Fourth Master really filled up his cup.

The two picked up their glasses, Dong Su Zhu laughing naughtily as she wrapped her arm around her husband’s before bringing the glass to her lips.

The Fourth Master also smiled warmly, the husband and wife acting just as they had on their wedding night, draining their glasses in one gulp.

As the Myriad Drug Liquid poured down their throats, both of them licked their lips and carefully savored its taste.

This medicinal liquid was extremely fragrant, and its taste was also exquisite, both of them couldn’t help marveling at their son’s concoction.

The aftertaste was simply marvellous!

Looking at each other, the Yang Family Fourth Master and his wife were just about to give their thoughts on this medicinal liquid when suddenly their expressions changed dramatically. Immediately, both their faces became blood red and in the instant their True Qi swelled madly. At the same time, from their abdomens, a horrifying amount of energy burst forth.

Both of their faces were filled with shock as an intense pressure shot out from their bodies, instantly transforming all the nearby furniture into dust before blowing holes in the surrounding walls, rampant blades of True Qi leaving deep marks on everything remaining in their surroundings.

Without the slightest hesitation, the husband and wife quickly sat down and began circulating their Secret Arts, desperately trying to control the huge amount of raw energy flooding through their meridians.

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