Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 401

Walking over to the dining hall doors and carefully observing the inside with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found that his parent’s True Qis were both fiercely circulating, the momentum spilling over from their bodies thrashing about wildly.

However, the situations faced by the husband and wife were slightly different.

Dong Su Zhu had already made a breakthrough, but the aura around her had yet to stabilize, obviously the energy within her body had not yet been fully absorbed. If she continued to refine the remaining energy, it wouldn’t be long before her new Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage cultivation would be completely consolidated.

On the other hand, Yang Ying Feng was facing some dangers. The Fourth Master had also broken through a stage, but now he was once again showing signs of breaking through.

A cultivator’s body was like a series of locked doors. Every breakthrough would unlock one of these locks allowing one to open the next door. Any cultivator, through a gradual accumulation, would be able to open these locks. This process could even be sped up by taking some Precious Treasures.

But the huge energy contained within the Myriad Drug Liquid not only allowed the Yang Family Fourth Master to open one lock in a short period of time, it had also shoved open that door and even begun to unlock a second lock.

This was a joyous event, but also a disaster.

Yang Kai too had broken through several Minor Realms before, but at that time his cultivation was very low so the danger of promoting several stages at once was quite small.

Yang Ying Feng’s circumstances were different. Although he had a chronic illness, he was still an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage. Now he had broken through to the Fourth Stage what he should do was consolidate his cultivation before trying to take another step, but under the influence of the Myriad Drug Liquid, he has no leeway to do so.

If his body’s foundations and his understanding of the Martial Dao were insufficient, it was entirely possible that he wouldn’t be able to break through to the Immortal Ascension Fifth Stage, at that time, the huge amount of energy circulating through his meridians would have no outlet and could explode inside his body.

However, if his accumulation over the years was enough, then the Yang Family Fourth Master could transform this disaster into an opportunity.

Everything depended upon Yang Ying Feng’s understanding of the Martial Dao.

These thoughts all flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he carefully swept his parents with his Divine Sense, his slightly panicked expression calming down after a while as he waved to the nearby servant, “Everything’s alright, I’ll monitor the situation here, you can go back. If anyone visits these days, tell them that father’s injury has relapsed and he is currently closing up to recover.”

“Yes Young Master,” The old servant bowed and drew back, making arrangements according to Yang Kai’s instructions.

Putting out an invisible Divine Sense barrier around the dining hall, Yang Kai isolated the energy fluctuations from any outside nosing.

As a result, no one outside would notice what was happening here.

After doing this, Yang Kai stood quietly and waited outside.

He didn’t show any more worry on his face because he had enough confidence in his father’s Martial Dao foundation.

If it weren’t for that incident all those years ago, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s cultivation wouldn’t be so low. Although the rate at which he broke through was indeed very slow, but the precipitation over time was enough to make his understanding of the Martial Dao not worse than the other members of his generation.

Moreover, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s aptitude was by no means bad, after so many years of accumulation, promoting directly to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage wasn’t a big deal!

The only thing that confused Yang Kai was how his parent’s had come across such a violent reaction after taking the Myriad Drug Liquid.

After half a day, Dong Su Zhu’s aura began to stabilized, probably because all the energy from the Myriad Drug Liquid had been absorbed and refined by her.

Yang Ying Feng’s aura on the other hand still continued to surge upwards, seemingly endlessly.

After another half a day, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s aura suddenly stagnated before shooting upwards, as if it had broken though a thick barrier and soared ten thousand kilometers into the sky. An overwhelming force swept forth and the energy between Heaven and Earth became turbulent.

Yang Kai grinned broadly as Dong Su Zhu’s excited exclamation came from inside the hall.

An indescribable happiness and excitement was apparent in her voice.

The momentum which had shot upwards quickly subsided and after a short time, the air became calm once more.

“Come in!” Yang Ying Feng’s firm voice sounded from inside the hall. Yang Kai scratched his nose lightly before stepping inside.

The Fourth Master’s tone was dignified, so Yang Kai knew that he would have to accept some questioning about what had just happened. This wasn’t a surprise as the effect of the Myriad Drug Liquid was simply too amazing, how could his parents not have some doubts?

Inside the hall, Yang Kai simply smiled, his eyes glancing back and forth at the messy surroundings, not taking the initiative to explain.

Dong Su Zhu also stared at Yang Kai questioningly, the look on her face somewhat distressed, biting her lip as she held back the urge to speak.

Yang Ying Feng frowned for a moment before breaking the awkward silence, “Kai’er, tell me honestly, what exactly was that medicinal liquid you gave us?”

Yang Kai hadn’t even opened his mouth yet before the Fourth Master added, “And don’t say that it’s a medicine you concocted, the grades of those materials you asked for are clear to me, it’s absolutely impossible to create such a Heaven defying treasure from those ingredients!”

“Fourth Master is wise!” Yang Kai’s face showed not the slightest sign of remorse, instead quickly speaking some obvious flattering words.

Dong Su Zhu almost couldn’t stop herself from laughing while Yang Ying Feng also suddenly felt the urge to hit his son, but he somehow maintained his questioning expression as he started straight at Yang Kai, the look on his face clearly saying he wouldn’t let the issue drop without a proper explanation.

“It’s called Myriad Drug Liquid, it’s the distilled essence of millions of different medicinal pills that through some special Spirit Arrays had been filtered and concentrated over thousands of years,” Yang Kai sighed and casually said a few shocking words.

The husband and wife couple couldn’t help gasping, staring at Yang Kai in shock.

Millions of pills, thousands of years…

As soon as they heard these words, their first thought was that their son was spinning some kind of fairy tale.

But when they saw Yang Kai’s expression, both of them knew he was telling the truth.

[No wonder it had such a powerful effect.]

The accumulated medicinal efficacies over such a massive amount of time had no doubt created an elixir which by far exceeded the level of this world. Yang Kai obtaining this liquid was obviously an incredible opportunity.

Thinking so, both husband and wife became somewhat distressed. They weren’t distraught about how precious the Myriad Drug Liquid was, but instead distressed about the no doubt difficult and dangerous experience Yang Kai must have had in order to get it.

“This is extremely precious, right?” Yang Ying Feng stared at him deeply, intentionally not asking about where Yang Kai had obtained the Myriad Drug Liquid.

“I have plenty more of it,” Yang Kai comforted his father casually, suddenly unable to hold back his curiosity, “Just how much of it did mother and father drink?”

At this question, the Yang Family Fourth Master’s expression cramped up, Dong Su Zhu face blushed awkwardly as well.

After a long time, Dong Su Zhu eventually confessed, “I drank half a glass while your father… he had a whole cup!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help bursting into laughter; he really hadn’t expected his parents to be so bold.

Although, he also felt he was partly to blame for not explaining the true efficacy of the drug, instead only telling them to take one drop per person per day. As far as his parents knew, the Myriad Drug Liquid was concocted from a variety of Heaven Grade materials, how could they have expected it to have such phenomenal potency?

The end result though was one of them breaking through a Minor Realm, while the other had actually promoted two stages, a matter worth celebrating.

“Next time, you can’t drink it like that again.” Yang Kai said seriously, trying to contain his laughter.

His parents both nodded immediately, their expression completely serious.

This time’s breakthrough could be described as an unexpected pleasant surprise. Dong Su Zhu promoting to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage was the equivalent of her bypassing several years of hard work.

The Yang Family Fourth Master had obtained an even greater benefit. Not only had his cultivation risen two Minor Realms, directly breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage, even the Demonic Qi which had stubbornly been attached to his dantian showed signs of dissipating.

Not daring to neglect this chance, Yang Ying Feng immediately chose to close up and use the Myriad Drug Milk to completely drive out the remaining Demonic Qi which had plagued him all these years.

Dong Su Zhu also entered secluded retreat in order to stabilize her current cultivation.

All of a sudden, the Fourth Master’s residence became very peaceful, only Yang Kai and the dozen or so servants bustled about inside.

The Golden Feather Eagle would also drop by once a day to obtain its treat from Yang Kai.

Five days later, Du Cheng Bai visited and eagerly told Yang Kai a piece of good news. His application to receive a Golden Feather Eagle in exchange for a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill had been accepted by the family and he was to go go to the Elder Hall in order to complete the exchange.

This really was great news for Yang Kai.

The only headache Yang Kai faced now was which Mysterious Grade Martial Skill he should use in order to exchange for the Golden Feather Eagle.

Over the years Yang Kai had acquired a large number of Martial Skills, but there were only two that were Mysterious Grade. Apart from Star Mark, there was only the Nine Star Sword Sect’s Strike of Ten Thousand Swords. Most of the time when confronting an enemy Yang Kai preferred relying upon his True Qi’s flexibility and his instinctual reactions.

When a cultivator began cultivating, high grade Martial Skills really could provide a significant boost to their combat strength, but at Yang Kai’s level, unless it was a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill, anything of lower grade fundamentally couldn’t increase the strength he could display, the potency of his Yang Liquid and the Demonic Qi in his Unyielding Golden Skeleton were enough on their own.

Thinking it over, Yang Kai eventually decided to hand over his Star Mark Martial Skill to the family.

Firstly, the drawbacks of this Martial Skill weren’t small; one would need plenty of time in order to display its full potential. Moreover, even if someone were to cultivate it, they would encounter difficulties storing enough True Qi to all Star Mark to have any noticeable effect. Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about someone using it against him some day.

Secondly, the Strike of Ten Thousand Swords was the core inheritance of the Nine Star Sword Sect. If others knew that Yang Kai had learned this Martial Skill, they were bound to associate him with Wu Cheng Yi and Qi Jian Xing’s deaths.

The Nine Star Sword Sect wasn’t weak, if possible, Yang Kai didn’t want to make enemies of them right now.

In the Yang Family, as long as one had enough contributions, they could obtain anything they wanted, unlike in other families where you would need special relationships to receive certain things.

For the Yang Family, everything was based on your own merits.

When Yang Kai arrived at the Elder Hall and handed over the Star Mark Martial Skill, a white-haired Elder immediately gave Yang Kai a jade slip to pass on to Du Cheng Bai. After that, the Golden Feather Eagle which had followed Yang Kai would official change hands.

From now on, it would belong to Yang Kai alone, not the Yang Family.

The same day he received the Golden Feather Eagle, Yang Kai took it with him to the Bamboo Knot Gang to familiarize it with Pang Chi and the other core members of the gang so it could serve as a messenger, saving Yang Kai from having to run back and forth to receive information from them.

Three days later, Yang Wei, the eldest brother of the Yang Family’s younger generation returned to the Central Capital. On the same day, two other Yang Family direct descendants also returned.

Two days after, another returned.

The crisp cries of the Golden Feather Eagles resounded constantly throughout the Central Capital, seemingly announcing the beginning of what would surely be a tumultuous time. The world knew that the Yang Family children had returned home and that the Inheritance War would soon begin.

Upon returning to the Central Capital, the Yang Family Young Lord frequently contacted the Young Lords and Young Ladies of the other seven families, only Yang Kai stood motionless amongst the storm, as if the Inheritance War had nothing to do with him.

The ones most solicited by the Yang Family Young Lords were undoubtedly the Liu Family’s Liu Qing Yao and the Qiu Family’s Qiu Yi Meng. So far, the number of invitations they had received equaled the number of Yang Family Young Lords, minus one of course. But from beginning to end neither of these two took a clear stand about which Yang Family Young Lord they intended to support.

It was rumoured that Liu Qing Yao had only stated that he would only ally himself with someone who could defeat him!

Facing this declaration from an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master, the Yang Family’s Young Lords all couldn’t help rolling their eyes.

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