Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 402

It wasn’t that the Yang Family’s children had worse aptitude than Liu Qing Yao, it was simply that while they were outside for life experience, they couldn’t draw support from the main family, so with a slightly inferior environment, falling behind was only natural.

If he had access to the same resources, Yang Wei’s cultivation wouldn’t necessarily be worse than Liu Qing Yao’s.

But regardless, Liu Qing Yao’s strength and aptitude were unquestionable; on top of that, whoever could win him over would also be able to recruit the Liu Family.

With such a big boost available, all the Yang Family Young Lords were obviously anxious to recruit him, but unfortunately, none of them could meet his condition, the depression they felt was apparent.

As for Qiu Yi Meng, she hadn’t said a word, but the Yang Family Young Lord who contacted her could clearly see she had no interest in partnering with them. They also didn’t dare press her too hard, so all of them could only give up temporarily and try again later.

At night, the sky seemed dark as clouds rolled in, it seemed like a storm was brewing, leaving everyone slightly breathless.

The winds blew strongly, giving the air in the Central Capital a noticeable chill.

Yang Kai closed his eyes and sat in his courtyard, surrounded by an invisible Spiritual Energy which slowly condensed before hammering against the air.

This was Yang Kai’s second retreat since he came home, and with his persistent hard work these days, his True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation had reached its peak, arriving at a bottleneck.

Although he knew he would break through this bottleneck sooner or later, Yang Kai didn’t want to idle about, waiting for that time. Since there was little he could do to enhance his True Qi cultivation, Yang Kai could only focus on cultivating his Divine Sense to see if he could find some inspiration.

Yang Kai had cultivated out his Divine Sense long ago, but strangely, until now, he still had not managed to open his Knowledge Sea.

Without a Knowledge Sea, his Divine Sense was like a rootless tree or a stagnant pool of water, if not for the constant supplement of his Soul Warming Lotus, his Divine Sense would have long ago dissipated.

It was also this reason that Yang Kai’s Soul Skills were somewhat lacking.

There were only three Minor Realms separating him from the Immortal Ascension Boundary, and Yang Kai very much looked forward to what changes his Divine Sense would show once he opened his Knowledge Sea.

Therefore, during this period of time, he had been cultivating more assiduously than ever. As long as he had free time, he would spend it cultivating.

By constantly using his Soul Skills, Yang Kai would consume his Spiritual Energy at a rapid pace, so just over an hour later he felt a sense of dizziness.

Stopping quickly, Yang Kai closed his eyes entered a meditative state.

In the middle of the night, as a light rain fell from the sky, a sudden sound of flapping wings reached Yang Kai’s ears. Raising his brow and opening his eyes, Yang Kai gazed upward.

A golden light stood out against the black night sky, rushing towards him like a bolt of lightning.

After landing atop Yang Kai’s shoulders, the Golden Feather Eagle only let out a few low cries.

Feeling the meaning conveyed from its voice, Yang Kai’s expression darkened as he quickly leapt up and flew northward.

The Golden Feather Eagle had been stationed at the Bamboo Knot Gang alongside Pang Chi for the past few days and had a dedicated caretaker there. It would only return once a day to find Yang Kai to receive its drop of Myriad Drug Liquid, but now it had actually flown back in the middle of the night, obviously the Bamboo Knot Gang had encountered some trouble.

The Bamboo Knot Gang’s forces weren’t large and the strength of their personnel wasn’t that high. There was nothing remarkable or valuable about them so generally no one would pay attention to them.

But something was clearly different tonight.

Remembering the internal quarrel the Bamboo Knot Gang had a few days ago, Yang Kai became concerned.

Ignoring the rapid consumption of his True Qi, Yang Kai managed to arrive in the North City District after only half an hour.

From the Bamboo Knot Gang’s headquarters, the sounds of battle rang out loudly. Pang Chi led a few of the gang’s masters in retreat as they endured the siege of a group of people. In the surroundings, a variety of Martial Skills and artifacts flashed and from time to time someone would fall, never to get up.

As blood flowed, the rain quietly washed it away, staining everything in its path a dark crimson.

The Bamboo Knot Gang didn’t have many members, and at the moment, their enemies numbered more than double their own, the opponent’s masters having not even needed to act. These enemy leaders simply stood by and watched the Bamboo Knot Gang struggle. With countless dead and wounded already, defeat was all but certain, it wouldn’t be long until everyone in the complex died.

Although Pang Chi was also scarred, he bitterly fought on. He had already released the Golden Feather Eagle while he confronted the enemy. Now his only hope was that their new master would bring reinforcements to rescue them.

As a Young Lord of the Yang Family, he should at least have a few masters under his command, right?

The only thing that made Pang Chi nervous was whether Yang Kai would be willing to come to their aid!

“Wu Qian!” Pang Chi roared angrily at a middle-aged man standing amongst the enemy camp, “Your Profound Light Gang and our Bamboo Knot Gang have always been well water not drawing from the river, what are you suddenly attacking us for?”

The man named Wu Qian simply sneered in response, his cold voice replying back sharply, “Pang Chi, why are you feigning ignorance? My family’s Young Lord had already said, if you don’t swear allegiance, you must die!”

“Do you not know who stands behind my Bamboo Knot Gang? Do you dare point your blade towards us?” Pang Chi spat as he continued attacking.

Wu Qian snorted before disdainfully saying, “The Eight Great Families people have never interfered in the disputes between us small forces. The Central Capital’s life is simply too boring, they only keep us around so they can have a bit of fun toying with us. Do you really think that after you die today, someone behind you will be willing to avenge you? In your dreams!”

Pang Chi’s expression was bitter; knowing what Wu Qian said wasn’t a lie.

The members of the Eight Great Families really didn’t intervene in the battles between small forces like them. For those of the Eight Great Families, if one of these little forces of theirs disappeared, it was no big deal. At worst, they could just find another one to support.

Every year, there were a countless number of small forces destroyed, but these small forces were like spring bamboo shoots after the rain, even if some of them were smashed, others would quickly sprout up to take their place.

It was for this very reason that he didn’t dare expect Yang Kai to save them.

As these two talked, on the top of a building adjacent the Clear Sky Tavern, a youth stood lazily staring at the battlefield below, a smile adoring his face as his eyes were filled with interest, seemingly enjoying a good show.

By his side, a number of Profound Light Gang masters quietly accompanied him. These masters generously pushed their True Qis not to assist in the battle below, but actually to keep the raindrops off of this young lord.

Therefore, even if he stood on the roof like this, the shirt he wore wasn’t the slightest bit wet.

As he stared at the scene before him, the young man even smiled and laughed, the masters next to him all wearing dignified expression, none of them daring to complain.

“Young Lord Huo, Bamboo Knot Gang is on the verge of collapse, do you want us to exterminate them… or are planning to collect them?” Mu Nan Dou, the man in charge of the Profound Light Gang, asked softly.

The Young Lord heard this and coldly smiled, not answering directly, instead just saying, “This Young Lord has a habit, the things I want, I must obtain on the first try, if I don’t succeed… then I don’t want it anymore, do you understand?”

Mu Nan Dou looked at him and nodded quickly, “Understood!”

The Profound Light Gang was supported by this Young Lord Huo to alleviate his boredom, how could Mu Nan Dou dare not listen to his orders?

Before, this Young Lord Huo had wanted the Bamboo Knot Gang to submit to him but was ultimately rejected by Pang Chi, which had apparently made him unhappy, so he no longer felt the need for it to exist.

Mu Nan Dou’s body flickered, wrapped up in a blue light as it quickly shot out.

But before he could engage Pang Chi and the remaining members of the Bamboo Knot Gang, a ray of light suddenly burst from sky as a devastating wave of energy descended towards him. Mu Nan Dou’s expression changed radically as he hurriedly turned around and dove towards the side.

At the same time, atop the roof with the remaining Profound Light Gang masters, several people shouted, “Young Lord, be careful!”

When Mu Nan Dou landed and looked back, he couldn’t help rubbing his eyes in doubt. He found that a young man had suddenly appeared at some point and was actually walking towards the Profound Light Gang’s masters, pointing his blade towards Young Lord Huo who stood in the middle of the crowd.

After steadying himself, Mu Nan Dou quickly flew back, at this time, what was most important was Young Lord Huo’s safety.

Before he could get halfway back though, Mu Nan Dou’s eyes are widened, because the young man before him was far too strong. The blood red sword in his hands sent out a raging Sword Qi and countless blood red petals circled around him, no one from the Profound Light Gang could resist a single one of his strikes, all of them either falling under his blade or scrambling to escape. In the blink of an eye, only Young Lord Huo remained standing.

[Did Liu Qing Yao come?]

Mu Nan Dou only had time to have such a thought before he saw the newly arrived young man walk over to Huo Young Lord and take him down with ease. The Young Lord couldn’t even react in time.

It wasn’t until then that two tyrannical Divine Senses suddenly blossomed and immediately, two grand figures appeared, standing mid-air, their eyes extremely cold.

Yang Kai grabbed the wrist of the Young Lord and held his sword across his neck. He didn’t even look at the experts from the Profound Light Gang, instead focusing all his attention on the two floating figures.

These two opponents were Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters, their strength not inferior to Blood Warriors!

The Huo Family was one of the Eight Great Families and since this Young Lord Huo was a Huo Family person, he was naturally guarded by a master.

For a battle between small gangs, these two masters wouldn’t appear, their responsibility was simply to monitor the surroundings in order to protect their Young Master. Both of them had actually been standing nearby their Young Lord the whole time but neither had expected Yang Kai to be so fierce, enough so that they didn’t have a chance to respond before their family’s Young Master was captured.

By the time they acted, it was already too late.

The two Divine Senses wandered about Yang Kai, hesitating for a moment before slamming against Yang Kai’s mind.

When the two Divine Senses rushed into his head though, it was like a stone being cast into the sea, not even the slightest ripples appeared.

In response to their actions, Yang Kai just sneered even more!

The two masters expressions darkened, only now realizing that the opposite party was no ordinary young person.

A True Element Boundary cultivator that could withstand the Divine Sense attack of both of them, he must have a very precious Soul artifact. Having such a high grade artifact, the identity of this youth wasn’t low. Fortunately, neither of them had any killing intent in their attack just now, their only objective was to rescue their Young Lord from the other’s hands, so even if he hadn’t resisted their Divine Sense assault, it wouldn’t have caused any permanent harm.

As such, they hadn’t torn all face so there should still be a possibility of resolution.

Looking at Yang Kai again, the eyes of the two masters became dignified, a hint of dread also flashing past.

Finally, the captured Young Lord also covered his wits, boldly stating without the slightest trace of panic, “You dare put your sword across my neck? Interesting, too interesting!”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “Is it?”

“Do you know who I am?” Huo Xing Chen chuckled and glanced back at him playfully.

“Should I?”

“Huo Family, Huo Xing Chen!”

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