Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 403

In this way, he was quite similar to Blood Battle Gang’s Sect Master Hu Man.

However, he was more fortunate than Hu Man in that he had at least one son who could succeed him.

Because he was the only son of the main family, the blessings Huo Xing Chen received since birth was enormous. No matter what he wanted, the whole Huo Family would go all out to satisfy him, this in turn had cultivated his special personality.

Before the Yang Family Young Lords had returned to the Central Capital, there were three members of the younger generation whose names resounded the loudest.

The first was Liu Qing Yao of the Liu Family, having the strongest aptitude and highest cultivation. The second was the Qiu Family’s Qiu Yi Meng; not only was she a great beauty from a powerful family, but her aptitude was also amongst the best, naturally she was quite eye-catching.

Huo Xing Chen was the third, the Central Capital’s biggest delinquent. Whether it was drinking, gambling, seeking entertainment by bullying others or straight up fighting, no one in the younger generation surpassed him.

All of the Eight Great Families supported a number of underground forces, but they were often not very strict with their management, even disdaining to be involved in the frequent battles which took place between such forces, but this Young Lord Huo was different. Every time he was bored and decided to send out his underling forces to fight, he would definitely come to spectate the battle from a safe place nearby.

Accompanied by two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters not inferior to the Yang Family’s Blood Warriors, Huo Xing Chen had never worried about his safety before, but never had he expected that in a flash, under the surveillance of his two guardians, a sword would reach his neck.

Huo Xing Chen not only didn’t feel upset, but instead looked excited. When he was talking with Yang Kai, he was even secretly condensing his True Qi, waiting for an opportunity to escape from his captor.

It was this kind of life-threatening thrilling sensation that made his blood boil, giving him a rush that made him want to open his mouth and roar.

Feeling his fluctuating emotions, Yang Kai’s expression became slightly weird, gripping the blood red sword in his hand tighter as he pressed it harder against his prisoner’s throat.

“Fuck!” Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help yelling, “I already told you I’m the Huo Family’s Huo Xing Chen yet you still dare do this to me?”

Huo Xing Chen was shocked, quickly dissipating the True Qi he had just condensed for fear that the person behind him would really dare to kill him. He was starved for excitement, but it wasn’t like he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

“Who the hell are you?” Huo Xing Chen also realized that something was wrong, his name resounded throughout the Central Capital like thunder, if the other party didn’t have any status, how would he dare press a blade against his throat?

Over the course of this quick exchange, the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters finally saw some clues, one of them cupping his fists, and politely asking, “May I ask which Young Master Yang you are?”

The young man in front of him was a stranger, and hadn’t said a word of greetings, but from his various performances, he was no doubt a junior from the Eight Great Families.

Only the Yang Family’s Young Lords who had recently returned would be unfamiliar to him!

“Yang Kai!”

“So it is Young Lord Kai!” The two old men replied before quickly cupping their firsts again.

Yang Kai simply stared back at them indifferent and nodded slightly.

As the masters talked, the battle below had already stopped. With the life of their Young Lord in the hands of an enemy, the members of the Profound Light Gang didn’t dare continue fighting; all of them had withdrawn from the compound and stood waiting for instructions.

Pang Chi and the remaining survivors down below gasped for breath as they gathered together, all of them staring up at the nearby roof in amazement, each of them showing a curious expression on their face.

They hadn’t expected that the Young Lord who had callously killed four people in front of them just a few days ago would really race through the night all alone in order to save them.

What made them even more surprised though was that he had succeeded!

Although Yang Kai’s great strength had long ago been recognized by Pang Chi, he discovered at this moment he had still underestimated his ability.

“Young Lord Kai,” One of the Huo Family masters sighed, “Can you release the Young Master first before we speak? Don’t worry, we won’t make any more moves against.”

The other master nodded as he stoically stared.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed in thought for a moment before taking back his sword.

He wasn’t worried that the other party would renege on their word just now, the Huo Family masters wouldn’t do something so stupid, both sides were well aware of this.

Regaining his, Huo Xing Chen quickly took a few steps forward and turned back to look at Yang Kai. After seeing his face, he couldn’t help but curse, “Fuck, so young! Just how old are you?”

There was a deep sense of frustration hidden in his voice. After all, he had been defeated and restrained in an instant, yet Yang Kai clearly appeared younger than him.

Yang Kai didn’t answer, instead choosing to stare coldly at him.

“Hey hey, this Young Lord is talking to you.” Huo Xing Chen angrily shouted in frustration.

“Young Master,” One of the Huo Family masters helplessly tried to restrain his Young Master. Before knowing what Yang Kai’s bottom line was, the Huo Family masters didn’t want to continue provoking him.

“Let’s talk about the situation here.” Yang Kai grinned menacingly.

“As you wish Young Lord Kai, we old men are listening.”

“Pang Chi!” Yang Kai yelled as he waved to someone below.

Pang Chi’s body trembled before quickly flying up and cupping his fists, “Young Lord.”

“Investigate the casualties.”

“Yes!” Responding solemnly, Pang Chi hurriedly returned to the ground and began assessing the damage.

In the aftermath of the war, the battlefield was a mess. Although the members of Profound Light Gang and Bamboo Knot Gang clearly stared at each other with hostility, but both sides somehow managed to restrain themselves.

Huo Xing Chen looked at Yang Kai with great interest, his face constantly wearing an aggressive grin while on the other hand, Yang Kai simply stood there and waited quietly.

As for the two Huo Family masters, they both couldn’t help nodding in approval of Yang Kai’s calm demeanor.

A while later, Pang Chi flew up again with a trace of grief on his face and replied, “Among our members, sixty eight people died, and one hundred and eighty nine are injured!”

Yang Kai turned his attention to Huo Xing Chen and stared coldly.

The latter shrugging indifferently, “Name your price, I’ll compensate you for it!”

“50,000 for each of the dead, 10,000 for each wounded, you can pay in silvers, medicinal herbs, refining materials, or precious treasures!”

“You want to extort me?” Huo Xing Chen shouted.

Although he was the only heir to the Huo Family, Yang Kai’s price was simply too high for him to afford, if he were to really pay reparations according to how Yang Kai demanded, it would be calculated in the millions.

“Young Lord Kai, isn’t this price too expensive?” One of the Huo Family masters also objected, not having expected Yang Kai’s appetite to be so big.

“No discussions,” Yang Kai shook his head firmly.

“I refuse!” Huo Xing Chen puffed up his chest and said defiantly, after acting recklessly all these years, he really didn’t fear anyone.

Yang Kai suddenly let out a laugh, “You think you have the right to bargain with me?”

As soon as he spoke, a faint floral scent wafted across everyone’s nose.

Suddenly, a red flower blossomed from Huo Xing Chen’s chest, immediately scattering into hundreds of red petals that instantly engulfed him.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

A thousands blood red petals fluttered around Huo Xing Chen’s body, tightly encircling him, each piece giving off a sharp glint, exuding a cold pressure onto Huo Xing Chen, causing his forehead to break out into cold sweat .

The Huo Family’s two masters also changed complexion.

Neither of them had noticed when Yang Kai had planted this trap on Huo Xing Chen. These thousand petals were obviously a powerful slaughtering artifact, yet somehow, right before their eyes, this Yang Family Young Lord had hidden them on their young master.

The two masters didn’t dare underestimate Yang Kai any longer, nor think of him as just another member of the younger generation. Such decisiveness and such ruthless methods were simply too shocking.

“Do you dare to kill me?” Huo Xing Chen is still put up a strong front even at this moment.

“I can let you lie in bed for a half a year or so.” Yang Kai coldly snorted, causing Huo Xing Chen’s expression to cramp.

Perceiving the frigidness and impatience in his eyes, one of the Huo Family masters quickly interjected, “Young Lord Kai, we admit defeat, we will compensate you according to what you said! Please release the young masters first.”

“Don’t try my patience any further,” Yang Kai smiled malevolently, his tone filled with the meaning of warning.

“Absolutely!” The man nodded sternly.

The thousand blood red petals suddenly condensed into a little red light and in a flash, disappeared back into Yang Kai body.

The Huo Family masters couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief while Huo Xing Chen’s face was gloomy, no one able to tell what exactly he was thinking.

Soon after, one of the Huo Family masters looked at Yang Kai thoughtfully and said, “Young Lord Kai seems to have some signs of breaking through.”

Glancing back at this master, Yang Kai nodded calmly.

He had previously reached a bottleneck in his cultivation, but although today’s battle didn’t seem very dangerous, the outcome being decided in only a few breaths of time, but facing two Huo Family high level Immortal Ascension Masters, Yang Kai still felt a fair amount of pressure.

Unexpectedly, under this pressure, it seemed like Yang Kai had loosened this bottleneck.

Seeing him openly admit it, the Huo Family’s two masters both took in a sharp breath. Huo Xing Chen was even more surprised as he stared at Yang Kai, his eyes flashing an envious look.

“It is important for the Young Lord to focus on his breakthrough. You don’t have to worry about things here, this was all a result of my family’s Young Master’s boredom, we two Elders will handle it!”

Listening to these words, both Pang Chi and Mu Nan Dou looked at each other and couldn’t help smiling wryly. Both of their forces had suffered multiple injuries and deaths all because one young master’s entertainment seeking. In the eyes of these big family young masters, their lives really were worthless.

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded readily, feeling a breakthrough just around the corner, he really didn’t have any time to waste here, quickly turning around and dashing towards the Bamboo Knot Gang’s main hall.

“Yang Kai!” Huo Xing Chen suddenly shouted from behind him.

Yang Kai paused and glanced back.

“Are you going to participate in the Inheritance War?” Huo Xing Chen asked with a grin.


“Good, good, good!” Huo Xing Chen laughed darkly, “Just you wait, I’ll remember you, I’ll definitely participate as well!”

Yang Kai all but ignored Huo Xing Chen, turning around and disappearing into the hall.

After Yang Kai’s figure vanished, Huo Xing Chen smiled coldly, “Interesting, too interesting!”

Seeing this look on his Young Master’s face, one of the Huo Family masters quickly said, “You Master, please restrain your angry, as long as he intends to participate in the Inheritance War, he will inevitably appear before you again. At that time, he will know that having offended you today was not a wise move.”

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