Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 406

The two Blood Warriors who had been escorting him had both used activated their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill and fought hard but still failed to protect him.

Barely managing to escape, the two Blood Warriors hastily brought Yang Xin Wu back to the family to heal, but his condition only continued to deteriorate. No matter what precious medicines were used there wasn’t the slightest improvement and then, a few days ago, he finally succumbed to his injuries and died.

So far, of Yang Family direct descendants who had returned to the Central Capital, five of them had suffered ambushes. In addition to Yang Kai, there was also Yang Wei, Yang Kang, and Yang Ying; however, all four of them had come out relatively unharmed, in fact, apart from Yang Kang and Yang Ying who received some minor injuries, Yang Wei and Yang Kai were completely unscathed, unfortunately the same was not true for Yang Xin Wu.

The Inheritance War had yet to begin but already one of the Yang Family’s Young Lords had fallen, this was an unprecedented event, something that had never happened before.

The entire Yang Family was enraged at this development, swearing that they would find culprit and destroy all nine generations of their family.

The reason why Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian came to Yang Kai this time was precisely because of the two Blood Warriors who had been tasked with guarding Yang Xin Wu.

“Does the family want to execute them?” Yang Kai frowned, thinking of a possibility.

However, the Yang Family Fourth Master slowly shook his head, “The family doesn’t have such intentions, after all, both of them gave their all, even ended up severely injured to the point that they still haven’t healed until now. They did not dishonour the Blood Warriors so the family naturally wouldn’t sentence them to death.”

Every Blood Warrior was not easy to cultivate, and their loyalty to the Yang Family was unquestionable. As long as the Elder Hall hadn’t lost their minds, it would be impossible to kill two Blood Warriors over such an incident.

If they were to really do so, it would only serve to demoralize the rest of the Blood Warriors.

“But, punishment for this failure can’t be avoided.” The Yang Family Fourth Master shook his head.

Tu Feng continued, “Our two brothers hadn’t yet recovered from their wounds when they were sentenced to a hundred lashings. This lead to a countless number of their meridians being shattered, in this life their achievements will likely stop here…”

The whip the Yang Family used to punish crimes was no ordinary tool; it was actually a specially refined artifact. A hundred lashes from this whip was something that a Bloody Warrior at their peak state couldn’t handle, not to mention that they were heavily injured.

Some time ago, the Yang Family Fourth Master suffered thirty such lashes as was bed ridden for a few months.

Tang Yu Xian who sat beside Tu Feng also wore a sad expression.

“They failed to protect the Fourth Young Lord which greatly depressed them, now something like this happened, our two brothers… they’ve become disheartened.” Tu Feng licked his dry lips, sadness apparent on his face.

“They can’t even withstand such a blow? What use are Blood Warriors then?” Yang Kai snorted coldly.

“Kai’er!” Yang Ying Feng shouted as he stared at him sternly, “You don’t understand the depths of the Blood Warrior’s loyalty to the family. They haven’t become disheartened because their cultivation cannot improve again, what they are upset about is the death of your Fourth Brother; they feel like they have disappointed the family which so vigorously cultivated them. If your Fourth Brother hadn’t died they may be better, but now… haa…”

Yang Kai looked back at the Fourth Master silently for a long time before nodding, “Perhaps I’ve underestimated the dedication of the Blood Warriors.”

Turning his head and staring at Tu Feng, Yang Kai asked, “What is it that you want to ask of me? Do you want me to heal those two? I don’t have such great skill.”

“No.” Tu Feng shook his head slightly. “Yu Xian and I want to ask the Little Lord to elect our two brothers to fight for you in the upcoming Inheritance War!”

Yang Kai was stunned, quickly asking, “Why?”

Tu Feng quietly followed up, “Although they haven’t said as much, but we can feel that if for this Inheritance War, if no Young Lord chooses them, the two of them will destroy their cultivations as an apology to the family before secluding themselves in the mountains.”

The two Blood Warriors who had failed to protect Yang Xin Wu obviously didn’t have a favourable impression amongst the Yang Family’s younger generation, and now that they were injured and it was unknown just how long it would take for them to heal, for this time’s Inheritance War, it was unlikely anyone would choose to use them.

“Bullshit!” Yang Kai roared, “The family has spent so much money and resources to allow them to reach their present cultivation and now they want to cripple themselves? Since the Blood Warrior’s proclaim absolute loyalty to the Yang Family, their cultivation also belongs to the Yang Family’s, it’s not up to them whether they can waste themselves or not! ”

Although his words were harsh, when Tu Feng heard them he also understood the hidden meaning in them, quickly becoming excited, “Does that mean the Little Lord is willing to use them?”

Tang Yu Xian also hurriedly added, “As long as they feel that they are still useful, they will not be so pessimistic.”

“When did I say that?” Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes, suddenly discovering that Tu Feng was quicker on the uptake than he imagined.

However, Yang Kai finally understood why Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had sought him out today. He also understood why they said that if they could, they would like to serve him, but the circumstances made that difficult.

If he were to really agree to Tu Feng’s request, he could only choose those two Blood Warriors, as for Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, who he was familiar with, they were destined to fall into the hands of others.

“Though we know this is a shameless request, of the Young Lords of this generation, the only one Yu Xian and I are familiar with is the Little Lord. The other Blood Warriors and other Young Lords haven’t exchanged many words, so for such a favour, we can only ask Little Lord.”

“Hmph, who made you Blood Warriors all have eyes on top of your heads, each of you acting aloof and indifferent to everyone else?” Yang Kai spat disdainfully.

Tu Feng laughed at this though and replied, “The other Young Lords simply didn’t have the ability to gain our acknowledgement.”

Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu both heard these words and unconsciously turned to each other, each of them seeing the shock and joy in the other’s eyes.

In other words, Yang Kai had thoroughly gained Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s acknowledgement.

“Little Lord…” Tu Feng rubbed his big hands nervously, his face wearing a complicated expression, Tang Yu Xian also beside him doing the same, her pretty face filled with the meaning of entreaty.

Yang Kai said nothing, his face gloomy, and his fingers tapping on the arm of his chair loudly.

The room was still and silent, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both felt their hearts stuck in their throat as they stared towards Yang Kai, waiting for his decision.

The Fourth Master picked up his cup again and squinted, his expression meticulous, showing no intention to speak. Dong Su Zhu also lowered her head, twiddling her thumbs round and round, seemingly trying to distract herself.

His parents were clearly indicating that this would be Yang Kai’s decision alone.

After a cup of tea’s worth of time, Yang Kai suddenly stopped tapping his fingers, raising his eyes and staring at Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian, causing both of them to inhale sharply.

“If I say I don’t want to use them?” Yang Kai looked at the pair, asking seriously.

Tu Feng smiled bitterly and replied without hesitation, “Little Lord’s consideration is enough. At least I will know that Little Lord prefers to have Yu Xian and I serve you, this is an honour for both of us!”

Tang Yu Xian also nodded firmly, her face full of gratitude.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became as sharp as an eagle’s as he quietly asked, “Are you willing to become my enemies?”

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian’s expressions both instantly became solemn as they replied, “We hope such a day will never come!”

“You should pray hard that you aren’t chosen by my brothers,” Yang Kai grinned, his face filled with confidence, “But even if you are chosen by them, I will definitely take you back!”

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were both overjoyed as they hurriedly stood up from their chairs, “Does that mean Little Lord is willing?”

Yang Kai nodded and somewhat reluctantly said, “Actually… I’ve never met these two before and would not have preferred to do this, but since you two have come here in person to ask this of me, I am willing to accept your request.”

“On behalf of the entire Blood Warrior Hall, we thank the Little Lord!” Tu Feng shouted.

“Thank you, Little Lord!” Tang Yu Xian’s pretty face also showed a faint blush and a happy smile.

“Go back. Tomorrow, I will handle things at the Elder Hall.” Yang Kai waved.

“Yes!” Both of them didn’t hide their excitement as they quickly walked to the exit, apparently wanting to convey this good news to the Blood Warrior Hall as soon as possible.

When he reached the door though, Tu Feng suddenly turned back and said, “Little Lord, although our two brothers are now seriously injured and cannot provide you with much help, but… their original aptitudes are both superb.”

“Oh? How are they compared to you?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“Both of them are better than us!” Tu Feng replied respectfully, “Hall Master once said that if they had enough opportunities, it was very likely they could break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!”

“En, I understand.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, showing no surprise or expectation.

Tu Feng nodded lightly before turning around and leaving together with Tang Yu Xian.

When it was just the three family members left in the house, Yang Ying Feng commented, “I’ve heard the names of those two before, it is said that they have the best aptitude amongst all the Blood Warriors in the Blood Warrior Hall. If they are allowed to quit because of this incident and seclude themselves in the mountains, it would be a great loss to the Yang Family.”

Over the past few years, only one Hall Master from the Blood Warrior Hall had managed to break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary; he was now a Grand Elder of Yang Family with considerable influence.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Father, your words are a bit much, even if the Yang Family suffered a loss or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Yang Ying Feng laughed despite trying not to, “I understand.”

It was precisely because of the family’s strength was too great while feelings of kinship were too light that each generation’s juniors didn’t have much sense of belonging to the family, if it weren’t so, there wouldn’t be a need for the brothers to fight in the Inheritance War when they returned from their outside life experience.

“But Kai’er, this time you’ve made a big profit.” Yang Ying Feng said with a pleased smile.

Yang Kai also nodded repeatedly, “That’s true, but I still hope that Tu Feng and Yu Xian will follow when the time comes, after all we’re already familiar with each other.”

“Profit? What profit? You father and son stop acting mysteriously.” Dong Su Zhu heard their discussion and couldn’t quite understand, immediately asking, “Hasn’t our son just suffered a big loss?”

Accepting two Blood Warriors who were both seriously injured and couldn’t help Yang Kai in the short term, even if they managed to recover, they wouldn’t necessarily provide more help to Yang Kai than Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian.

Yang Kai and the Fourth Master smiled at each other knowingly, the former slowly getting up and saying, “Please explain things to mother, I have to go back and prepare, I’ll visit the Elder Hall tomorrow.”

“Good, go on,” Yang Ying Feng waved his hand as he stared at Yang Kai’s back, a slightly complex feeling welling up inside him.

[He sure has grown. My son really has grown up!] Whether it was his thoughts or his means, they were already much stronger than his own when he was his son’s age. On top of that, he had so many magical things on his body; it was really difficult to imagine just what he had experienced these past few years.

Inside the room, Dong Su Zhu continued pestering her husband, sitting on the Fourth Master’s lap, gently tugging at his beard as she asked, “What exactly did our son gain here?”

The Fourth Master smiled warmly as he began to explain.

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