Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 410

“Many thanks for your effort Elder Zhen, disciple will take his leave.” Yang Kai nodded, turned, and walked out.

“Brat, don’t disappoint this old master by losing too early in the Inheritance War.” Yang Zhen’s called out from behind.

“Elder Zhen shouldn’t worry, just sit back and watch!”

When these words were said, the person had already disappeared.

“Cocky brat!” Yang Zhen snorted.

The fat Elder who had just gone to summon Cheng Bai Lian walked over and frowned at that moment, muttering, “Yang Zhen, that kid is gambling too much! If his bet doesn’t pay off, it’ll be his doom.”

“The entire Inheritance War is a gamble! Do you think those other kids didn’t see this opportunity? No! It’s just that none of them dared to make such a decision. Only he dared to!” Yang Zhen’s eyes flashed, nodding lightly, “Although in the short term I can’t see him having any great results, at least he has already made a head start on the Blood Warrior Hall. This little brat from Fourth Brother’s house is bold and decisive. He suits my Yang Family’s style perfectly!”

Yang Kai choosing those two Blood Warriors, the gains and losses of such a decision, how could the cunning Elders not understand? Such a choice, for this Inheritance War, as long he wasn’t defeated too quickly, would only bring him more and more benefits in the future! The only thing to worry about was not being destroyed in the early period while these two Blood Warriors were still recuperating from their injuries.

Blood Warrior Hall.

This was a special place in the Yang Family grounds, the headquarters and residence of all Blood Warriors. Even from a dozen kilometers away, one could clearly feel the fighting intent lingering about the Blood Warrior Hall.

This invisible force seemed almost tangible, like a sharp blade which was capable of splitting the sky apart.

Blood Warriors were natural fighters, their talents specially developed for combat. Their strong fighting spirit was a symbol of the Yang Family. Even if they were not engaged in battle, the killing intent of the Blood Warriors was so potent it had all but solidified, pervading the entire Blood Warrior Hall.

As Yang Kai approached this place, he couldn’t help feeling shocked by this momentum, his expression immediately becoming dignified.

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both stood respectfully outside the Blood Warrior Hall, waiting quietly for Yang Kai’s arrival. In front of them stood a burly man with his hands crossed behind his back, a plain black warrior’s outfit that could be seen anywhere cover his toned muscles, only his calm indifferent face showing. His long hair was draped over his shoulders and his eyes were like cold piercing stars.

Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master, Feng Sheng, a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master. It was said that if he were to use his Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, it was possible for him to fight evenly with an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

This man’s name resounded throughout the Central Capital as one of the strongest cultivators alive.

Since listening to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian yesterday, after they had reported back, Feng Sheng had some interest in this Little Lord. Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were his subordinates. As the Blood Warrior Hall’s Hall Master, he naturally cared about them.

He wanted to see for himself what this Little Lord, who was willing to use Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, looked like.

To this day, a few Yang Family Young Lords had visited, but until now, the Little Lord had still not appeared; however, Feng Sheng showed no signs of urgency, simply stood there quietly.

Tu Feng, on the other hand, was quite anxious. Although Yang Kai had already promised him and Tang Yu Xian yesterday, and he would never doubt the authenticity of Yang Kai’s words, he was worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t have enough merits to exchange for Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu.

If he didn’t have enough merits, then what?

While these thoughts flashed across his mind, a young man with a strong figure appeared at the edge of his vision, walking towards the trio without hesitation.

“Is that him?” Feng Sheng asked.

“It’s him, it’s the Little Lord!” Tu Feng replied affirmatively, feeling like a great stone had been lifted off his chest, immediately relaxing as he shot a glance towards Tang Yu Xian and smiled.

The Little Lord really kept his word! Unfortunately, for this time’s Inheritance War they couldn’t follow him, thinking of this, both of them felt a deep sense of regret.

Walking up to the three Blood Warriors, Yang Kai’s attention immediately focused on Feng Sheng.

Eyes that seemed to radiate sharp light, a dense imposing aura, and a physique that hid an unparalleled explosive power.

[Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary!]

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, a single glance was all he needed to understand the great strength of this man. If he were to fight such a master, a casual brush of the opposite party’s hand would be enough to kill him. This massive gap in the cultivation realm was not something any artifact or even the Demonic Qi hidden inside his Unyielding Golden Skeleton could compensate for.

Yang Kai could clearly feel that although this person was simply standing there, not circulating his Secret Art, but the energy of Heaven and Earth still gently flowed towards him, seeping into his body, constantly enhancing his True Qi, increasing both its purity and density which was undoubtedly already superior to most others.

This was the strongest member of the Blood Warrior Hall!

Yang Kai secretly nodded to himself, the Yang Family being able to stand at the summit of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families for all these years was not without reason.

While he stared at this Immortal Ascension master, Feng Sheng was also observing him.

Yang Kai was dressed casually, without any expensive robes, even simpler compared to many young kids from average families, such clothing was undoubtedly more suitable for the combat. He was very young, probably no more than eighteen years old, but his cultivation had reached the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage. Most importantly, his look was calm, and although his eyes appeared normal, they occasionally flashed a sharp light.

Feng Sheng couldn’t help squinting his eyes the more he looked, a trace of appreciation apparent in his gaze.

He felt a dense murderous aura coming from Yang Kai’s body, its flavour quite obvious.

Murderous aura. Feng Sheng also had something similar; the only difference being that his aura was much stronger than Yang Kai’s. This kind of aura wasn’t something one could cultivate. It could only be obtained through killing a great deal of people.

The Little Lord was obviously a young man yet he had already killed so many people. It seems that he wasn’t somebody one should make an enemy of. Feng Sheng took a mental note.

What made Feng Sheng even more curious though was that the Little Lord seemed to have another strange force hidden in his body. This force even seemed to affect his own murderous aura, giving him a creepy feeling. It was like it was stimulating the violent tendencies which he had suppressed in his heart.

But even if he looked carefully, this feeling was quite vague. The only thing he could clearly understand was that this kid’s True Qi… was quite pure!

Shaking his head secretly, Feng Sheng’s brow furrowed.

With just a simple look, Feng Sheng understood that this Little Lord was not as simple as he appeared, but he didn’t care too much about this. Instead, he let out a voice asking, “Young Lord Kai?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before turning his eyes to Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian.

The two quickly stepped forward, Tu Feng saying, “Little Lord, this is our Hall Master, Feng Sheng!”

“So it is Hall Master Feng!” Yang Kai greeted.

“Little Lord, in order to receive Blood Warriors from the hall, please show the documents issued by the Elder Hall!” Feng Sheng said as he reached out, Yang Kai quickly handing over a parchment to him.

After taking a look, Feng Sheng nodded gently, his face which had been as tranquil as an ancient well finally showed some subtle changes, “Young Lord Kai, please come in.”

Yang Kai stepped forward, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian quickly following after him.

Feng Sheng on the other hand didn’t follow, still standing straight as a sword by the entrance.

Once inside the Blood Warrior Hall, Tu Feng laughed heartily, “Little Lord, I have never seen Hall Master so talkative! Several other Young Lords came before you but Hall Master didn’t even glance at them much less speak. It seems that Hall Master has a good impression of you.”

Tang Yu Xian also nodded heavily, as if she had just witnessed something amazing.

“It seems that my personality is a little praiseworthy.” Yang Kai laughed off.

Tu Feng shook his head though, “It is not a little. Little Lord being willing to use our two brothers has earned the entire Blood Warrior Hall’s thanks!”

“Is it really that serious?” Yang Kai chuckled lightly, obviously unconvinced.

But just as he spoke those words, Yang Kai froze in place, staring in front of him blankly.

Before him stood over twenty powerful Blood Warriors lined up in a row, all of them staring towards him, the gratitude in their eyes apparent.

The man who stood closest to him was the Blood Warrior Hall’s deputy Hall Master Zhou Feng, another Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

Looking around at the other Blood Warriors, Yang Kai was secretly surprised.

Each one of these people was a powerful master that radiated an invincible aura. Both the men and women had strong cultivations, the lowest having at least reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage.

But even these Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage Blood Warriors were no worse than a first-class forces’ Immortal Ascension Eighth Stage master.

The depths of the Yang Family Blood Warrior’s heritage were astounding!

Looking at the more than twenty pairs of eyes, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a shocking pressure for an instant. This kind of pressure was not something deliberately released by the Blood Warriors, but simply the aura they had accumulated from all the battles they had fought over their many years of service.

Whenever the weak faced the strong, this kind of pressure would inevitably affect them.

Quietly circulating his True Yang Secret Art, pushing his True Qi slightly, Yang Kai managed to stabilizes his stance.

All of the Blood Warrior’s expression brightened imperceptibly!

Zhou Feng was also secretly surprised, though he didn’t show it, instead wearing his normal dignified expression, cupping his fists and saying, “Zhou Feng, on behalf of the entire Blood Warrior Hall, pays respect to Young Lord Kai!”

Like booming thunder, the other Blood Warriors echoed, “Many thanks, Young Lord Kai!”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, only now understanding that Tu Feng was indeed not exaggerating.

Although he had expected to win some support from the Blood Warrior Hall by this action, he never anticipated the result would be so exaggerated.

“I have only done what I need to do, there’s no need for thanks!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, gazing around Zhou Feng and casting his eyes at the two men who stood behind him.

Both these men were probably less than forty years old, but they had both reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage. Both of them wore extremely serious expression, even more so than the rest of the Blood Warriors in the hall, their gazes sharp and unrelenting, as if they were unafraid of death itself.

As they stood there, because they were enduring unbearable pain, their bodies couldn’t help trembling lightly, the clothes they wore stained red with fresh blood which seeped from their wounds like blossoming flowers.

At their feet, this fresh blood had already formed a small pool, filling the air with a faint taste of iron. But the two still stood upright, the other Blood Warriors not paying this blood any mind.

“You two are Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu?” Yang Kai gave them a look.

The two men quickly stepped forward and knelt down.

“Subordinate Qu Gao Yi.”

“Subordinate Ying Jiu, greets the Little Lord!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Get up, since you are my people now, then I will have you prove with your actions that my choice was not wrong!”

The two did not say a word, just getting up silently, but the determination in their eyes was apparent to all, revealing their firm and unyielding wills.

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