Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 414

After everyone regained their footing and looked forward, not only did they not feel angry, they instead showed signs of excitement.

Seven of the Eight Great Family’s Patriarchs had all appeared at once!

These great figures couldn’t be seen normally, so everyone who bared witness to them felt that the price they had paid to travel to the Central Capital was worth it.

For a time, many cultivators showed expressions of worship and admiration towards these seven men.

As for these seven Patriarchs, they too stared around at the gathered crowds with interest. What happened next outside the Central Capital was also a test of the charm of the Yang Family Young Lords; naturally they wanted to know which forces waiting at this South Gate would follow which Young Lords.

With a burst of noise, eight Cloud Treading Colts appeared one after another.

The Yang Family’s eight Young Lords participating in the Inheritance War appeared on the scene.

Meng Family’s Meng Shan Yi quickly urged his mount forward and greeted Yang Wei, cupping his fists with a smile, “Young Lord Wei.”

“En, I’ve kept you waiting!” Yang Wei replied calmly and nodded, the two had already announced their alliance so it wasn’t surprising to see them acting intimately here.

Ye Family’s Ye Xin Rou also walked forward, a faint blush appearing on her beautiful face. She was around twenty years old, her skin as pure as snow, her figure graceful, and a touch of shyness which adorned her face only added to her charm as she greeted, “Young Lord Zhao.”

Yang Zhao laughed and extended his hand to Ye Xin Rou, smiling warmly as he called out, “Come up!”

Ye Xin Rou nodded slightly, lightly taking Yang Zhao’s hand and in one move, leapt up and floated in front of Yang Zhao, sitting atop his Cloud Treading Colt.

Upon seeing this, the other six Patriarchs took a deep look at Ye Kuang Ren.

In front of so many eyes, a man and a woman not from the same family acting so closely, it appeared they weren’t just simply allies. Obviously there was something more going on.

Ye Kuang Ren remained indifferent, showing no intention of blaming his daughter for acting so boldly, seemingly well aware of this relationship.

At the same time, Gao Rang Feng and Yang Kang greeted each other while Kang Zhan and Yang Ying smiled at one another.

These four families had long ago expressed their stance, allying themselves with these four Young Lords.

This was a stage for young people.

“Old Qiu, hasn’t your Qiu Family chosen yet?” Huo Zheng looked over at Qiu Shou Cheng curiously. Glancing around, he once again confirmed that his delinquent son was nowhere to be seen. Thinking about how he was probably off on some romantic tryst, he suddenly felt a sense of helplessness so seeing Qiu Shou Cheng standing as well, he couldn’t help feeling some sympathy.

“How has my Qiu Family not already chosen?” Qiu Shou Cheng smiled slightly as he glanced to one side.

Huo Zheng directed his sight towards where Qiu Shou Cheng indicated and quickly discovered Qiu Zi Ruo standing together with the Sixth Brother Yang Shen. Yang Shen seemed all too happy to receive Qiu Zi Ruo while the latter responded politely.

Seeing Qiu Shou Cheng’s son here, Huo Zheng couldn’t help being surprised, “Hey, Old Qiu, for this time’s Inheritance War, is your son leading the Qiu Family team? What about Meng’er?”

The other six Patriarchs also looked at Qiu Shou Cheng in confusion, obviously puzzled by this picture.

Qiu Shou Cheng had one son and one daughter, but there was no small difference between the two. Qiu Yi Meng’s name already resounded throughout the Central Capital and even beyond, she was the second most famous member of the Central Capital’s younger generation. All of them felt that Qiu Yi Meng’s participation in this Inheritance War was a given, but to their surprise the one who appeared was Qiu Zi Ruo.

“My son is already old enough, it’s time for him to gain some experience.” Qiu Shou Cheng smiled casually. “The Inheritance War is a rare opportunity for him to grow!”

Huo Zheng spat disdainfully, releasing a half sneer half sigh, “Old Qiu, it’s not that I’m trying to speak badly of him. Heaven knows that compared to my little bastard of a son, your brat is no doubt better, but he’s still nothing special. From how I see it, you should hurry up and pass the Patriarch position to your daughter. If you really hand it over to your son, you Qiu Family will meet its end sooner rather than later!”

Qiu Shou Cheng coldly snorted, “How this old master handles things is none of your business!”

Huo Zheng simply rolled his eyes in response, “Stubborn old fool.”

In the field, five of the Eight Great Families had already expressed their attitudes and the people from the other gathered forces had who had been observing up until now could no longer hold themselves back. The next moment, a young man rushed forward and stood before Yang Wei, cupping his fists respectfully, “Third Sacred Sect’s Chief Disciple Xuan Li is willing to follow the First Young Lord!”

Yang Wei glanced at him and nodded gently, “Good!”

Xuan Li happily thanked Yang Wei before he quickly took up a spot behind him.

Following Third Sacred Sect’s lead, young people from all sizes of Sects came forward in a hurry to express their wish to join the Yang Family Young Lord they had chosen.

For a time, the scene was quite lively. From the gathered audience, the Eldest Brother Yang Wei and Second Brother Yang Zhao received the most help, whenever someone came up to one of them, Yang Wei would simply nod lightly while Yang Zhao would welcome them with a smile.

The two brothers had vastly different personalities so their way of doing things at this moment were also dissimilar.

In addition to the two of them, Fifth Brother Yang Kang, Sixth Brother Yang Shen, and Seventh Brother Yang Ying also gathered a number of supporters in a short period of time.

Only the third Brother Yang Tie, Eighth Brother Yang Quan and the youngest Yang Kai remained alone. They stood in front of the door without anyone bothering to ask about their situation.

The difference between the brothers in terms of their connections and charisma was identifiable at a glance.

Yang Tie and Yang Quan glanced at each other and exchanged a bitter smile, knowing they had no hope of winning this time’s Inheritance War.

“Brother Kai, don’t pay it any mind,” Yang Tie suddenly comforted Yang Kai in a soft voice.

“En,” Yang Quan nodded lightly, “You’re still better off than us; not only do you have two Blood Warriors, you also have support from your mother’s first-class force whereas we… haa!”

There was an indescribable despair and helplessness in their tone, one of them only had one Blood Warrior, the other had none.

“It’s fine,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, seemingly without the slightest care, but his eyes were always fixed on the dozen or so Blood Warriors which stood nearby.

These Blood Warriors were selected by the Yang Family Young Lords to participate in the Inheritance War. Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were also standing in the middle, pale as paper, anyone with discerning eyes could see that they were still heavily injured. Their vitality wavered as their Blood Force had obviously suffered a great loss. If they didn’t rest and receive treatment soon, it was quite possible that they would die.

But despite all that, the two of them still stood there, resolute and motionless.

It was only when Yang Kai cast his gaze on them did they straighten their backs slightly more.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t looking at them, but rather another man and woman!

Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian!

Both of them reluctantly smiled towards Yang Kai. They didn’t want to oppose him, but Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were both selected by one of the Young Lords to participate in this Inheritance War, so they were destined to become enemies with Yang Kai regardless of their wills.

It was just that Yang Kai didn’t know for the time being which of his brothers they served.

When Yang Kai smiled back at them, both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian trembled lightly, feeling a cold chill run up their spine. Every time the Little Lord smiled like this it meant that he was up to something.

[I really don’t want to be enemies with him!] Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian both thought to themselves, filled with bitterness. Although their strength still greatly surpassed his, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian didn’t know why, but they both couldn’t help feeling pressure from this Little Lord of theirs.

As time passed, the various gathered forces divided themselves between the five Yang Family Young Lords who everyone felt had hopes of winning.

Seeing this, Yang Tie and Yang Quan’s expression became dimmer and dimmer.

The Patriarchs of the seven family were all commenting on the Yang Family’s children, but Qiu Shou Cheng was particularly amazed.

Since listening to his daughter’s evaluation of Yang Kai that night, Qiu Shou Cheng had decided to pay a little attention to him today, but despite the fact that none of the smaller forces rallied to his side, the thick look of confidence which filled his eyes never wavered.

This scene secretly surprised Qiu Shou Chen.

The brief exchange between Yang Kai and Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian also didn’t escape his observation, only confusing Qiu Shou Cheng more.

An unsupported child from the Yang Family was equal to a tiger without fangs. Like this, just what kind of stir could he cause during this Inheritance War? Also, in such an embarrassing situation, he didn’t show the slightest unease. From beginning to end, he seemed like an island of calm in a raging storm, as if he was absolutely assured of himself even now.

Moreover, the two Blood Warriors who were Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters, why did it seem like they were afraid of him?

Qiu Shou Cheng couldn’t help marvelling slightly at all this, his evaluation of Yang Kai improving slightly.

Perhaps he really had some skill, but… it definitely wasn’t enough to win this battle.

His results could easily be seen from the current situation, he didn’t have the qualifications to strive for victory in this Inheritance War.

Once all the smaller forces had chosen their respective sides, the Yang Family’s Young Lords prepared to leave for War City.

Just as Yang Wei gripped his reins and was preparing to lead his team off though, a leisurely sound of horse’s hooves rang out from behind him.

Outside the South Gate, the crowd fell silent for a moment as the sound of grew louder and louder.

Turning in the direction of the disturbance, everyone looked over and saw a single Cloud Treading Colt trotting towards them, a young man wearing a big grin on his face sitting atop its back, holding his folded arms before him arrogantly. A strange light filled his eyes as he swept his gaze over the crowd, pausing only when a beautiful woman landed in his sight.

No matter which woman it was, when this young man’s eyes landed on them, they couldn’t help feeling as if their dresses were being torn open, causing them to shiver in fright.

Huo Family Patriarch Huo Zheng old face suddenly became extremely awkward.

Because the youth who had appeared was none other than his no-good son, Huo Xing Chen.

With only a short distance separating them, Yang Kai and Huo Xing Chen glanced at each other, the latter showing a hint of disdain and provocation, the edges of his mouth rising slightly.

That night, Huo Xing Chen had led the Profound Light Gang to attack Bamboo Knot Gang, but when Yang Kai arrived, he had taken Huo Xing Chen hostage and later blackmailed him out of a large sum of money, which had resulted in him handing over the Profound Light Gang. Now that they had met once again, Huo Xing Chen naturally wouldn’t give him any face.

“Did this Young Lord arrive late?” Huo Xing Chen paused in front of everyone, grinning pompously, sweeping his eyes around once more before nodding. “Good good, fortunately it seems I’ve arrived in time!”

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