Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 416

Were the Yang Family’s Blood Warriors ever so polite to someone who wasn’t yet their master?

“How about we make a bet?” Yang Kai suddenly looked at Huo Xing Chen and smiled deviously.

“What are we gambling on?” Huo Xing Chen suddenly became interested.

“We’ll gamble on whether or not I can survive this evening!”

Staring at Yang Kai, the Central Capital Wolf’s eyes narrowed slightly, his thoughts turning sharply.

“Afraid?” Yang Kai laughed, his expression ice cold, sarcastically muttering, “If you’re afraid there’s no need to follow me, if you’re not careful, you may lose your life tonight! I heard that you’re the only heir to the Huo Family, if you die in War City things probably won’t end peacefully!”

“Afraid?” Huo Xing Chen grinned ominously, “This Young Master doesn’t know the meaning of the word! If you dare gamble with me, I’ll make sure you regret it! Don’t you know this Young Master is most famous for three things? Eating, drinking, and gambling!”

As he spoke, a look of excitement flashed across his eyes.

“What are the stakes?” Huo Xing Chen asked.

Yang Kai glanced over Huo Xing Chen and quipped, “You’re dirt poor right now, what can you possibly offer up?”

Huo Xing Chen’s mouth twitched before scratching his head awkwardly, “Fair enough.”

“Then we’ll go with something small,” Yang Kai laughed deviously. “If you lose, I don’t want anything from you, instead you’ll have to run ten laps around War City naked!”

“Uh… this… doesn’t seem appropriate, Brother Kai…” Huo Xing Chen suddenly frowned, if he really were to streak ten laps around War City, would he have any face left at all?

“What’s wrong, you’re already infamous throughout the Central Capital, running ten laps in the nude shouldn’t be a problem for you, there’s no need to fear being itchy when you’re already covered in lice.” Yang Kai said dismissively, his expression filled with mockery.

Listening to Yang Kai’s persuasion, Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help feeling he was right, eventually nodding, “What you say is true, but in any case I don’t think I’ll lose. If you lose, what can you give me?”

Yang Kai whistled loudly and suddenly a loud eagle cry rang out above them!

Immediately, a golden light swooped down and a Golden Feather Eagle perched steadily atop Yang Kai’s shoulder, its sharp intelligent eyes shimmering as it glanced about.

“If I lose, I’ll give him to you!”

Huo Xing Chen suddenly felt excited; if Yang Kai had said he would give him some artifact or Precious treasure he may not have been interested, as the sole heir to the Huo Family, what treasure could he not acquire?

However, this Golden Feather Eagle was different. This was an exclusive Monster Beast of the Yang Family. Forget about it being a formidable Monster Beast, just its grand appearance was enough to make Huo Xing Chen very tempted.

When he went out in the future, if he could bring along this Golden Feather Eagle with him, wouldn’t that give a big boost to his face?

As a Young Lord who revelled in extravagance, such prospects were quite to his liking.

“Say it and mean it!” Huo Xing Chen was afraid that Yang Kai would back down, so he quickly agreed, staring towards the Golden Feather Eagle with a look of joy, muttering under his breath, “Little Eagle, seems your surname will change tonight!”

Yang Kai smiled and said nothing.

A hundred kilometers from the Central Capital, War City.

This was a city built by Yang Family, and although it wasn’t as prosperous as the Central Capital, it was still quite good. Usually, it was just another ordinary city, but every time the Inheritance War was held, it would transform into a battlefield.

War City had an octagonal shape with a large mansion at each of its corners, naturally these mansions were prepared for the eight Young Lords who would participate in this time’s Inheritance War.

It was possible they would be fighting here for quite some time.

Throughout the ages, it was unusual for one of the Yang Family Young Lords to achieve total victory in a short period of time. Most of the Inheritance Wars were long drawn out conflicts, normally taking anywhere from three to five years to determine the outcome.

According to Yang Family’s records, one of the Yang Family Young Lords a hundred years ago had won the Inheritance war after only half a year.

This kind of achievement was already enough to be arrogant about because the closer one came to victory, the more powerful their enemies would also be.

It was only when one had a considerable advantage that they could easily defeating their opponents.

As the brothers entered the city in turn, the whole of War City instantly boiled. There were quite a few people living here, but most had already left for fear they might be implicated in the Yang Family Inheritance War.

Those who remained were all daring people, many of whom were actually quite looking forward to Inheritance War.

After exchanging some final remarks, the brothers separated from each other and went to their respective compounds.

Yang Kai’s base was in the northwest corner. This location’s scenery wasn’t very good, relatively remote and deserted, but he didn’t care.

A group of only four people arrived at the northwest corner’s compound where two pretty servants stood waiting for them. Each of the eight mansions had some caretakers; these servants were sent by the Yang Family to take care of the daily needs of the Young Lord and their entourage. All of these people were ordinary mortals, so their presence wouldn’t have any effect on the outcome of the Inheritance War.

When Yang Kai arrived, the two elegantly dressed young girls bowed politely and shouted, “Greetings, Young Lord Kai!”

The tone these two spoke in was not enthusiastic but rather matter of fact; whether it was Yang Kai or Huo Xing Chen, both of them subtly found that the expressions of these two maids was faintly dispirited.

The reason was obviously because they were assigned to the base of a Young Lord who had no future, so the two girls unconsciously weren’t looking forward to it.

The servants in these mansions, although not participants in the Inheritance War, certainly hoped to follow one of the better Young Lords, not only so their own safety would be guarantee, but also in hopes that if the one who they served was satisfied with them, once that Young Lord inherited the Patriarch’s position they would also have a chance to rise.

Huo Xing Chen smiled at Yang Kai, seemingly taunting him that even the ordinary people thought he had no chance of success, once more feeling that things were becoming interesting.

Yang Kai remained indifferent, only nodding slightly to the two servants before leading Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu into the compound.

Behind him, Huo Xing Chen smiled and called out to the two young girls, “Young ladies, what are your names?”

Seeing the obscene expression on Huo Xing Chen’s face, the two girls couldn’t help being frightened, retreating a few steps as their faces paled.

Naturally these two had heard the Central Capital Wolf’s name, so both of them were secretly anxious about how they would escape from his poisonous hands, but a moment later, Yang Kai’s voice passed from inside the yard, “Don’t even think of laying hands on anyone in my mansion!”

Huo Xing Chen’s expression cramped as he called out bitterly, “Hey, Yang Kai, aren’t you being a bit too controlling?”

After shouting so, he quickly chased after the trio who went in before him and said with indignation, “There seems to be no other beauties here, what do you want me to do to pass the time?”

Yang Kai gave him a faint look and said, “There should be a brothel in War City, you can head there yourself if you’re not afraid of being captured!”

“Fine, fine,” Huo Xing Chen waved his hand and said reluctantly. He had chosen to support Yang Kai in full view of the public, so despite his motives he had now become enemies with almost everyone else in this city. Even he knew that now wasn’t the time to visit the local Red Light District.

“If you’re looking for a beautiful woman, would I suffice?” From inside the mansion’s front entrance, a woman’s voice suddenly called out.

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai couldn’t help gawking, while Huo Xing Chen almost instinctively shrank his neck and stared ahead miserably.

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What he saw was a bright eyed, delicate, jade skinned young woman wearing a lavender dress, a pleasant smile on her face as she walked out from inside, her two arms crossed in front of her, emphasising her rich, snow white peaks. Laughing lightly at the two dumbfounded youths before her.

“Qiu Yi Meng?” Huo Xing Chen exclaimed.

“I was wondering who it was who was seeking for beautiful women! So it turns out it was Brother Huo!” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Huo Xing Chen with a warm friendly smile, the latter staring back at her bitterly. Silently cursing his back luck to actually be meeting her here before suddenly feeling surprised, staring at Qiu Yi Meng in shock as if a strange thought had just crossed his mind.

“How come you’re here?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he asked.

Today had been full of surprises, Huo Xing Chen had become his ally for no apparent reason and now even Qiu Yi Meng had come here.

“Hasn’t your Qiu Family decided to side with my Sixth Brother?” Yang Kai frowned.

Qiu Family’s Qiu Zi Ruo had joined up with Yang Shen outside the South City Gate and at the time, the Qiu Family Patriarch Qiu Shou Cheng was also on the scene. That display was clearly telling everyone that the Qiu Family was an ally of Yang Kai’s Sixth Brother.

Yang Kai didn’t understand why Qiu Yi Meng had appeared in his compound, and it looked as if she had actually been waiting for him.

“The Qiu Family is the Qiu Family, and I am I!” Qiu Yi Meng smiled brightly, tilting her head slightly as she turned her eyes upwards slightly towards Yang Kai, “Why, am I not welcome?”

“Beauty, you weren’t disowned by your family were you?” Huo Xing Chen blurted out a guess he had.

“What do you mean, explain it to me simply.” Yang Kai asked curiously, completely ignoring Huo Xing Chen’s outburst.

“I’m here to help you, isn’t this the Inheritance War? What’s so difficult to understand? From now on, we’re allies.” Qiu Yi Meng grinned, seeing Yang Kai in a state of confusion made her quite happy.

Huo Xing Chen’s thoughts spun for a moment before smiling wickedly, “Your old man is quite cunning isn’t he? He actually decided to place two bets instead of one.”

He was was obviously misunderstanding, thinking that the Qiu Family had decided to support both Yang Shen and Yang Kai; however, Huo Xing Chen also had many doubts. He didn’t understand what kind of magic Yang Kai had used to persuade the Qiu Family to take a chance on him. He had only come here to fool around at Yang Kai’s expense because he was looking for excitement, but the Qiu Family was definitely not like this.

“Like I said, the Qiu Family is the Qiu Family, I am I,” Qiu Yi Meng slowly shook her head, “Right now I’m not representing the Qiu Family, only myself.”

Yang Kai’s thoughts turned quickly, soon grasping the general situation, nodding lightly as he asked, “Understood, how many people did you bring with you?”

Qiu Yi Meng smiled wryly, “I was only allowed to bring the Autumn Rain Hall with me.”

Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai instantly understood the strength and condition of all the cultivators inside the mansion, causing his brow to twitch slightly.

Huo Xing Chen beside him also let out a sneer, “The Autumn Rain Hall? The one that specializes in housing disabled cultivators? If I remember correctly it only has about twenty members, right?”

“En, it’s the hall specialized in taking care of our wounded!” Qiu Yi Meng gave Huo Xing Chen an annoyed glare.

Amongst the Qiu Family’s cultivators, anyone who had received a grave injury, suffered a decline in strength, and had no hope of ever recovering in the future was sent to the Autumn Rain Hall. There was only one or two Immortal Ascension Boundary experts in the entire hall, and their realms weren’t high.

Qiu Yi Meng along with these people simply weren’t enough to cope with the crisis that Yang Kai would be facing tonight.

“If they’ve come then so be it, having help is always better than having nothing.” Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng, smiled and nodded.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled back brilliantly and said, “I hope you don’t let me down!”

“What are you so optimistic about?” Huo Xing Chen shook his head slightly, wondering why these two didn’t seem the least bit concerned about this Inheritance War, crossing his arms and saying, “A helper with no power to use, two severely injured Blood Warriors, and a Young Lady who only brought a bunch of disabled people with her. It’s hopeless, Yang Kai, you might as well give up right now.”

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