Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 417

Right now, if there was the support of a first-class family, the situation probably wouldn’t be so worrying.

“They’ll come,” Yang Kai grinned deviously, “Just not today!”

“What do you mean?” This time it was Qiu Yi Meng’s turn to be stunned. From Yang Kai’s smile, she smelled a hint of conspiracy, but as intelligent as she was, she still couldn’t figure what kind of snake oil Yang Kai was selling.

“All of you can attend to your own business, today there’ll be nothing for you to worry about. Men will block the enemy and earth will block the water.” Yang Kai casually said, leading Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu into the mansion.

“Why you…” Qiu Yi Meng followed a few steps, but seeing Yang Kai striding away, not even glancing back, she suddenly couldn’t help feeling annoyed, angrily stomping her foot a few times as she ground her teeth.

She was even more certain now that Yang Kai was plotting something, but simply refused to explain anything to her at all, causing Qiu Yi Meng to feel a sense of frustration.

Every time she was facing Yang Kai, she was led around by her nose, always unable to gain the upper hand, she simply couldn’t grasp what he was thinking or what he would do next.

[As sly as a fox!] Qiu Yi Meng silently cursed to herself.

Standing bitterly in the same place for a while, Qiu Yi Meng eventually snorted once before heading off to arrange her Autumn Rain Hall’s defense. Although there were no masters in the Autumn Rain Hall, it was still possible for them to lay down some traps around the perimeter.


War City. Grand Origin Restaurant.

The restaurant was in full swing, customers coming and going, keeping the waiters constantly busy.

Before the Inheritance War began, a lot of people had already gathered inside War City. This was the battlefield of the Yang Family, naturally there were some who had come here early to await the arrival of the Yang Family Young Lords.

At a table by a window, a young fatty, around twenty six years old sat drinking wine and eating delicious food.

To his left and right there were two old men who say there staring off into the distance, like they had been stunned and were in a daze. The two old men seemed unremarkable, motionless, squinting like they were half asleep, but their seemingly unfocused eyes were actually constantly observing the guests inside the restaurant.

The crowd in the restaurant was constant chatting, many of the patrons who had drunk too much were telling tales of what had happened outside the Central Capital’s South Gate today.

The two old and one young man sat there listening to these words, after a long time, one of the old men said, “Young Master, if what they say is true, then Young Lord Kai’s future is worrying.”

With only Huo Xing Chen, who couldn’t mobilize any power from the Huo Family, supporting him, Yang Kai essentially was on his own.

“En,” The other old man also nodded slightly, “Are we really not going to his compound to help now?”

“I also want to head there.” The young man with a slightly fat body grumbled angrily, his expression quite helpless, “But that little brat sent me a letter two days ago telling me specifically not to intervene today but instead to just sit back and observe the situation.”

“Don’t intervene?” The old man who spoke first asked in confusion, “Does that mean Young Lord Kai thinks that without any additional strength, he can cope with the impending danger? My Dong Family is bound by marriage with the Fourth Master and Young Master and Young Lord Kai are cousins. Now that he is facing difficulties, we should render him assistance, should we not?”

The young man was none other than the Dong Family’s Dong Qing Han, and the two old men were the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards who had been following him all this time.

Dong Qing Han shook his head lightly, “Only the Heavens know what that smelly brat is up to. I also heard that the two Blood Warriors with him are seriously wounded and currently can’t use even half of their full strength. I also wanted to rush over to meet with him, but since he specifically made a request for me to wait, I can only wait.”

The Wind Guard’s brow lightly furrowed, “The Yang Family’s Blood Warrior all posses incredible strength. This old master has also had some dealings with the two Blood Warriors beside Young Lord Kai, and I know for a fact that both of them are among the very best!”

Dong Qing Han suddenly became interested, smiling as he asked, “If you were to engage in a life or death battle with them, what would the result be?”

Wind and Cloud Dual Guards wore solemn expression as they responded, “Both of us old masters have lower cultivations than those two by a single minor realm. If they were at their peak, even if only one of them displayed their Mad Tyrant Blood Skill, killing us would be as easy as flipping their hand, but as of now… I’m confident that in a one on one, we’d be able to beat them easily.”

Dong Qing Han let out a sharp breath, his expression a mix of surprise and awe, nodding lightly, “The Yang Family really lives up to its reputation. With that Mad Tyrant Blood Skill at its disposal, who could possibly beat them?”

The Wind Guard calmly continued, “The Mad Tyrant Blood Skill is indeed a terrifying method, but because it requires the user to overdraw their vitality, most of the Yang Family’s Blood Warrior are generally not long-lived, this is also a sorrowful point for the Yang Family’s Blood Warrior Hall.”

The Cloud Guard also nodded sternly in approval.

“Forget it, let’s not discuss this any further, since that little brat doesn’t want me to intervene, he must have his own arrangements. We’ll wait here for a day and then go to his place tomorrow to ask him what this was all about.” Dong Qing Han spoke casually, seemingly not worried about whether Yang Kai would survive tonight or not.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards couldn’t help feeling surprised, not knowing what Young Lord Kai had said in the letter he had sent to their Young Master that had made him so confident about his success.

A different restaurant, third floor.

Another young man sat looking out the window in front of him. This youth was approximately twenty three years old with a handsome appearance. At the moment, like Dong Qing Han, he too was tasting a variety of delicacies, but unlike Dong Qing Han’s helpless expression, this youth was full of smiles, like he was the happiest person alive.

“Young Master, Lord Patriarch had said that we were to deliver these materials and people to that Yang Kai. Now that he has arrived in War City, should we not go see him now?” The youth’s guard quietly whispered.

However, the young man continued smiling as he replied, “Why should we head there? Didn’t you hear the people in the restaurant all saying that Yang Kai will be eliminated tonight? Although the things that I, Lu Song, have brought this time are not priceless, but they are still good things. If we were to send them to him now, wouldn’t that be like trying to beat a dog with a meat bun? What use would that be?”

“Young Master Song, you mean…” Although the guard felt that this was somewhat improper, he could only ask.

Lu Song was the heir to the Lu Family, the oldest son of Lu Liang. This time, on Lu Liang’s order, he had carried a large amount of gifts to the Central Capital in order to placate Yang Kai for the incident where he was attacked soon after leaving the Lu Family home.

Although what had transpired had nothing to do with the Lu Family, and later almost all of the Yang Family Young Lords suffered from similar assassination attempts on their way home, Lu Liang still had no choice but to pinch his nose and swallow this insult. Who let Yang Kai stay at his Lu Family for several days?

The innocent and guilty would both be swept up by disasters! As a big family, how could they not understand this point?

After they received word from Qiu Yi Meng, Lu Liang had immediately let his son leave for the Central Capital in order to plead their innocence.

Lu Song coldly snorted, “That Yang Kai is too despicable! Just because he happened to pass by my Lu Family and was later attacked, he took the opportunity to blackmail our Lu Family’s resources! You tell me, how can my Lu Family’s things be handed over to that bastard so cheaply?”

“What the Young Master said right.” The guard also took the opportunity to vent his anger, “This Yang Family Young Lord really is despicable, he actually made the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady send that letter to make it absolutely clear he wanted our Lu Family to offer him tribute!”

“That’s right, but looking at the current situation, I had no need to give these things to him. Right now he’s just a grasshopper after the autumn, who knows how many hours he has left? Hahaha, tonight we’ll get to watch a good show.” Lu Song smiled proudly, “If he loses, I won’t hand over a single silver to him.”

(Silavin: his time is already up. For those that do not understand)

The guard frowned at that moment though and objected, “But Young Master Song, before we departed, the Patriarch said that no matter how that Yang Kai performed in the Inheritance War, these gifts must be sent to him.”

Lu Liang also knew that his son was somewhat arrogant and short-sighted, so he had given very specific instructions about what they were to do to the masters sent to guard him.

When Lu Song heard these words, he also frowned, showing a conflicted expression.

He naturally didn’t know that when word of Yang Kai being attacked shortly after leaving the Lu Family home, the Lu Family’s Grand Elder Lu Si had also returned from Hidden Cloud Peak.

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