Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 419

Although they had their doubts, neither of them showed any signs on the surface.

“Time is tight, take this pill and refine it as quickly as possible, there’ll be a big role for you two to play in tonight’s show,” Yang Kai’s eyes were as deep as a well, his mouth slowly forming into a blade like sneer, “I can’t wait to see which of my brothers is the most impatient for me to exit the stage!”

“Yes!” The two Blood Warriors nodded firmly, both of them knew that tonight would not be peaceful so they didn’t dare to delay, but just as they were about to swallow the healing pills, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became cold as he glanced towards the front of the mansion, grinning fiercely, “It’s not even night time yet but someone can’t wait any longer?”

Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were both startled, immediately responding by releasing their Divine Sense, quickly noticing that a number of people had gathered outside the compound, slightly angry at this development yet at the same time astonished.

Because Yang Kai was aware of this group before they were!

The location where the three people were at the moment was quite deep inside the mansion. The distance to the main entrance around a thousand meters, so not the slightest sound from there could possibly be transmitted here.

Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu couldn’t understand how Yang Kai had discovered this group.

The number of people who had arrived weren’t many, their strength also not too great, but nevertheless there were still several Immortal Ascension masters among them.

“The two of us will send them off first,” Qu Gao Yi took the initiative to say.

“There’s no rush,” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, “Qiu Yi Meng is coming.”

Not long after he spoke, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady’s voice rang out outside the room, “Yang Kai, someone’s come to meet with you.”

Yang Kai and the two Blood Warriors looked at each other blankly, all of them confused.

Opening the door, Yang Kai saw Qiu Yi Meng standing outside wearing a light smile. When the two Blood Warriors saw her their eyes brightened as they secretly praised Yang Kai, it seemed the Little Lord’s charm wasn’t small, even in such a desperate situation he had still won the assistance of such a beauty.

“Who is it?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

However, Qiu Yi Meng just slowly shook her head, “I don’t know, they’re led by a young man who asked to speak with you, but his attitude is a bit weird, do you want to meet them?”

“You don’t know where their origins?” Yang Kai was slightly surprised.

“He didn’t say, so how could I know?” Qiu Yi Meng stared back at him blankly.

“Is their leader a fatty?” Yang Kai suddenly thought of Dong Qing Han, but two days ago he had clearly told his cousin not to show up today. With his personality, Dong Qing Han would never ignore his request so recklessly.

“No, you’ll have to see for yourself.”

Yang Kai nodded and walked out; as Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu were about to follow, Yang Kai stopped them.

“Right now you have to heal yours wounds, there’s no need to follow me.”

“But…” Qu Gao Yi wanted to object but was quickly interrupted.

“With the strength of these people, there’s no way they can harm me,” Yang Kai said confidently as he walked off, leaving Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu behind looking at each other in confusion.

Yang Kai’s brief statement, if they analysed it carefully, actually contained some extraordinary information.

The Little Lord not only discovered this group of people before them, he also seemed to know what level of strength they possessed!

How did he know? His cultivation was only True Element Boundary Eighth Stage, not even reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary, so he didn’t have the use of his Divine Sense yet.

With only his own perception, it was impossible for him to grasp such detailed information.

Moreover, even if he really did know what kind of strength this group of newcomers had, why did he say that there was no way they could harm him? This inexplicable confidence he exuded was what really confounded Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu.

The two of them were well aware that there were several Immortal Ascension Boundary masters in this group.

Looking at each other, Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

As Yang Kai walked, the Qui Family’s First Young Lady continued smiling lightly as she commented, “Looking at you, you don’t seem to be in a hurry.”

“What’s there to hurry for?” Yang Kai glanced over at her.

“You still want to play dumb with me?” Qiu Yi Meng’s smile disappeared as she grit her teeth, grabbing Yang Kai’s sleeve as she paused before saying, “Shouldn’t you make things clear to me?”

“Make what clear? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled.

“How many connections you have, what forces will come to your aid, and how are you going to survive the coming storm tonight?” Qiu Yi Meng bluntly asked because she knew that if she didn’t, Yang Kai would only return some casual pleasantries to her. Softening her tone slightly she continued, “Now I’m also your ally, although I can’t represent the Qiu Family and although I didn’t bring you much help, I’ve still come this far! Why do you still insist on shutting me out? Am I still not worthy of sincerely communicating with you?”

“Sincerely communicating?” Yang Kai smiled weirdly, staring up and down Qiu Yi Meng, a lasciviousness light flashing across his eyes, “How do you want to sincerely communicate with me?”

Seeing the aggressive light in his eyes and listening to his implied meaning, Qiu Yi Meng turned red and quickly calmed down, “Can you not confide in me? If you have any troubles, you can tell them to me, I can discuss things with you.”

“No need, I only speak with women about love, chatting about trivial things is too superficial, it’s not suitable to me.” Yang Kai shook his head and replied seriously.

“Why you… you… why is it when you face me you never speak seriously! Do you despise me that much!?” Qiu Yi Meng roared bitterly, her breath slightly ragged, stubbornly yelling, “Although I admit you’re amazing, by far the most outstanding member of our generation, but you don’t have to compare me with that Beguiling Demon Queen, I know I’m not her match!”

“I don’t despise you, it’s just that you’re too shrewd! Whenever I’m around you I have to act carefully,” Yang Kai glanced at her coldly.

Qiu Yi Meng was stunned, her long lashes fluttering a few times before she suddenly wore a big smile, “So I can bring you pressure, I always thought that it was only me who felt tense around you.”

“You think too little of yourself.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel a lot better all of a sudden,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled happily, seemingly thinking that being able to make Yang Kai cautious around her was a wonderful thing.

“I won’t tell you anything else, as for tonight, just wait.” Yang Kai grinned confidently.

“You really have made arrangements,” Qiu Yi Meng muttered, “Seems I worried about you for nothing.”

Knowing that she was just saying as such to poke fun at him, Yang Kai didn’t bother responding, instead turning around to walk off again.

Before Yang Kai had realized, Huo Xing Chen had appeared from somewhere, fanning himself with a folding fan, as he followed the pair he grinned and asked, “How come I heard movement outside?”

“Your hearing is quite sharp!” Qiu Yi Meng stared at him coldly.

Huo Xing Chen just grinned back meaningfully and said, “I always like watching lively scenes, especially the scenes where enemies meet. Tell me, who came looking for trouble with him?”

“They don’t look like they’re looking for trouble,” When the conversation shifted to business, Qiu Yi Meng’s look became serious, “Their leader’s attitude is very strange, it’s like he’s come to join you yet is unwilling to do so. There are also a number of people with him as well as a lot of big boxes.”

“Oh shit!” Huo Xing Chen cursed loudly, his eyes staring towards Yang Kai in disbelief, “In your sorry state there’s still someone who wants to join you? Are they blind or in love with you?”

“You shut up!” Qiu Yi Meng coldly shouted. Huo Xing Chen seemed to be a little afraid of this Young Lady Qiu so he quickly fanned himself and kept silent.

“Watch your back, this may be some kind of trick!” Qiu Yi Meng spoke openly to Yang Kai, “I don’t want to see you lose because of a moments carelessness.”

Qiu Yi Meng had all but defied her family in order to support Yang Kai, so if he were to be eliminated because of some half baked scheme, it would only prove that she was blind.

Outside the main entrance, a sturdy young man dressed in a black gown stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Behind him there were at least twenty more cultivators, four of whom had reached the Immortal Ascension realm, though the strongest was only at the Fourth Stage.

Although an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage master wasn’t weak for a first-class family, they also weren’t anything outstanding.

What was more remarkable was the set of large scarlet boxes this group of people carried with them.

It was unknown what was inside these boxes, some of them appeared light, some very heavy, some of them even giving off a faint medicinal smell.

There were four such red boxes in total, all of them lined up neatly beside the gate.

The young man who appeared to be the group’s leader had firm determined eyes as well as a tranquil expression. All twenty of these people stood silently as they waited indifferently for Yang Kai to appear.

A short while later, Yang Kai, Huo Xing Chen, and Qiu Yi Meng emerged from the mansion together.

The young man’s eyes swept over the trio but upon seeing Huo Xing Chen and Yang Kai, his expression became slightly confused. He couldn’t tell which one of these youths was Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was also quite confused; he had thought the one who had come was Dong Qing Han, but now, at first glance, he realized it wasn’t his cousin, but what was even more puzzling was that… he didn’t know who this person was!

It was unreasonable for someone who he didn’t know to come seeking an alliance at this moment.

Given the current state of this Inheritance War, as long someone had a little bit of sense, they would see think his hope of winning was almost zero, even his chances of lasting the first night weren’t good.

So this group of people appearing right now was somewhat intriguing.

But if they hadn’t come to join him, why would they have brought four large crates which clearly contained war material with them?

Shaking his head secretly, Yang Kai couldn’t quite understand.

Even without Qiu Yi Meng’s reminder though, how could Yang Kai act carelessly here?

Before he had the chance to speak though, Huo Xing Chen flipped opened his folding fan and waved if gently, smiling as he asked, “Which force’s disciple are you?”

As soon as he spoke, the leading youth immediately fixed his eyes on Huo Xing Chen, but seeing his playboy delinquent style, his brow couldn’t help but wrinkle, some coldness creeping into his expression as he asked, “Are you the Yang Family’s youngest Young Lord, Yang Kai?”

Huo Xing Chen’s appearance had instantly made him very disappointed, so his tone was naturally not too polite.

After hearing this man’s question, Huo Xing Chen’s face turned dark as he let out a dark laugh. “Judging by your cluelessness, you must be a bird-brained grunt that isn’t informed of anything. How about this Young Lord spare some time to give you some advice then?”

Without waiting for the other party to respond though, Huo Xing Cheng continued, “After tonight, this place will definitely change owners so listen up bird-brain. You’re free to go wherever you’d like, but you should first open your eyes and think for a moment, among the eight Yang Family Young Lords, picking this place to join is nothing less than hopeless.”

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