Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – That day……ke… touched right?

Su Mu’s face reddened, looking at Kai Yang fiercely and then he went to stand in front of him determinedly all the while coldly looking at him. Of course, his gaze was somewhat complicated, it contained admiration unwillingness, vexation and relief.

“Give me the items.” Su Mu suddenly said while putting his hand out, and Li Yun Tian immediately carried over two wine jugs over and gave them to Su Mu.

Leaving one for himself, Su Mu gave one to Kai Yang. Without saying anything, Su Mu went to open the jug and started to drink from it.

A group of Sky Tower Pavilion disciples that had walked by were staring in a daze, and looking at Su Mu distractedly. They didn’t know what sly plans Su Mu was up to now, for he was actually drinking wine early in the morning here.

Smiling faintly, Kai Yang also went to open the jug up and drank in large mouthfuls.

“Good!” Li Yun Tian shouted out loudly from behind Su Mu.

“Good!” The others also started to shout.

“Sou, sou” the two people sounded out and at the same time, both Kai Yang and Su Mu smashed their wine jugs and ended up with wine drenching them.

“Drinking in broad daylight, corrupting the Sky Tower’s principles, name your prime offenders. Five contribution points will be deducted from you each. Next it won’t be as lenient as this!” A Dark Hall disciple appeared from the sidelines, as he coldly informed Kai Yang and Su Mu.

“Deduct it, deduct it!” Kai Yang was indifferent, but if this was a month earlier he would be bleeding. Now, he was indifferent.

Since Kai Yang didn’t care, how could the second generation young master Su Mu possibly care? For he has a very powerful patreon, so contribution points to him were not worth that much.

“Zhao Hu, help senior brother Kai finish his sweeping.” Su Mu said as he waved his hand at Zhao Hu.

“Okay.” Zhao Hu who had been punched senseless previously by Kai Yang hurriedly rushed over and took the broom away from Kai Yang’s hands.

“This isn’t appropriate.” Glancing at the male Dark Hall disciple Kai Yang said before that disciple snorted coldly and walked away.

“Let’s go, let’s go to your small home for I have some things I need to discuss with you.” Su Mu said.

Next to the small hut, Kai Yang and Su Mu squatted in front of the pond while a small group of people bustled around behind them, patching up the holes in the roof.

It looked like after the events from that day, Su Mu’s group of people had completely put away their past emnities with Kai Yang. Not only had they put them away, they even wanted to make up for it.

“Why did you come and save us?” After a period of silence, Su Mu finally opened his mouth to ask this question.

“Why……..” Kai Yang’s eyebrows wrinkled, “You guys call me senior brother, so naturally I must act like a senior brother. I should think this is the reason.”

Though the most important thing was that Su Mu’s inner character wasn’t really that vile.

Turning his head, Su Mu went to asked Kai Yang seriously: “Really?”

Laughing a bit, Kai Yang replied: “Then why did you think I saved you?”

Su Mu became silent, his heart was quite upset and after a while he answered: “Since you regard us as junior brothers, then we will also regard you as our senior brother. In regards to the silly past issues, this junior brother is sorry.”

“I never really took it seriously.” Kai Yang replied.

Looking in each other’s eyes, they started to laugh out loud.

Laughing will enable enemies to reconcile and repay one’s debt of gratitude. It probably speaks about these types of things.

With their gratitudes and grudges settles, Su Mu no longer felt embarrassed or reserved. He really started to treat Kai Yang as his senior brother. After speaking out some unimportant things, Su Mu suddenly licked his lips and his face became red. He softly asked: “Senior brother, I want to ask you a question.”

“What?” Kai Yang looked at him oddly.

“That day……ke…….you touched right?” Su Mu didn’t dare to look at Kai Yang directly when he asked.

“Touched what?” Kai Yang didn’t understand.

“It’s that, ah.”


Su Mu became depressed, steeling his heart and clenching his teeth he said: “It’s that Hu Mei Er’s………..”

As he said this, his heart started to squeeze a bit, moving others.

Kai Yang laughed involuntarily, youngsters really were full of vigorous curiosity.

“Didn’t you all witness the scene?”

“We didn’t see clearly……so did you really touch it?” Su Mu’s mouth was opened really wide.

“If I touched it, what is the matter?” Kai Yang grinned mischievously, “She voluntarily placed my hand on her. And I merely gave her a lesson only.”

Gu dong (things falling down), and Su Mu swallowed down a mouthful of saliva. His face full of expectations he asked: “What did it feel like?”

“Junior brother has never experienced it?” Kai Yang asked in doubt while looking at Su Mu and thinking was this second generation young master still a pure virgin?

Su Mu shook his head like a rattle drum, and suspiciously asked: “Senior Brother, you previously have already experienced it?”

Kai Yang revealed a pondering expression, and then showed an angry but happy reminiscing look. Sighing out: “Ai, let’s not talk about past things.”

Su Mu looked on blankly, while giving a knowing smile. He couldn’t help but curl up his lips: “You talk big. Three years ago, senior brother, you came to pay your respects to the Main Gate. And in these three years, you didn’t go and make any friends with others, so how could you have an opportunity. If so, then it would have to be before you entered, Three years ago, how old were you?”

Three years ago, twelve years old!

Twelve years old, and a beauty felt no shame to actually come at him. If it wasn’t because she was only fifteen, and if it wasn’t because they were both naive and innocent, then something would have really occurred.

Thinking about that beauty again, Kai Yang’s heart felt sorrowful. He didn’t know how her life was currently.

“Anyway, senior brother, you should be careful. Hu Mei Er is quite arrogant and since you brushed away her face, she definitely won’t let it go.” Su Mu went to remind him.

“She wants to deal with me?” Kai Yang’s expression turned icy.

Laughing loudly, Su Mu said mysteriously: “En, to deal with you in bed. You wait and see. She definitely will use a thousand different techniques to try and seduce you. As long as she doesn’t obtain her goal, she won’t give up. Senior brother, your luck with women isn’t bad or shallow.”

“Those types of people I disdain.” Kai Yang didn’t take this issue too seriously, and said to Su Mu: “You said that you have something to talk to me about, and it’s actually this? (Xia Ning Chang is the only one for me.)”

“Of course not.” Widening his eyes, Su Mu said: “Senior brother, this time when you were dealing with Cheng Shao and his people, you used up quite a lot of your precious World Qi. I just want to compensate you.”

“Compensate me?”

“En.” Su Mu nodded his head and then from within his clothes, he took out a bottle and said to Kai Yang: “This is a bottle of small returning pellets. Senior brother, take these to help you recover and you should be able to recover all of your lost World Qi.”

Small returning pellets, Kai Yang had actually heard of them. Although these types of medicinal pellets effects weren’t that strong, they were very gentle because they were most suited to practitioners like Kai Yang who were around the tempered body seventh stage.

From the tempered body seventh stage to the ninth stage, although martial practitioners started to produce World Qi, you could also increase it by cultivating martial skills. But because you couldn’t recover World Qi swiftly until you reached the Kai Yuan Stage, it was considered extremely precious. Once you used it, one must pay a great price to recover it, however with the help of the small returning pellets, one was able to greatly reduce the time needed. To practitioners of the tempered body seventh to ninth stages, this was most suited for them, but they were also quite expensive. Though, for Kai Yuan Stage practitioners and up, it wasn’t the slightest bit useful.

It was just Kai Yang’s situation was slightly different other people’s, the True Yang Tactics that he cultivated allowed for one to not worry about World Qi. If the World Qi within him was used up, then there was still the Yang liquid. So this bottle of small returning pellets had little value.

Just as he was about to refuse, Su Mu seemed to look through his thoughts and sternly said: “I don’t want to owe others anything.”

“Fine, then I shall accept it.” Kai Yang didn’t act politely anymore.

Smiling, Su Mu said: “Senior brother, wait for me here and I will take you to a good place.”

“What good place?” Kai Yang asked doubtfully.

Su Mu only laughed without answering, telling him to wait and that he definitely wouldn’t be disappointed.

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