Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 421

This was his ultimate killing strike that he only used when facing the most powerful of enemies, it would often determine whether he obtained victory or was defeated.

When they saw their Second Young Lord use this move, the Xiang Family’s cultivators knew that he had truly been angered; otherwise it was impossible for him to have such strong murderous intent.

[Let’s see how you block this!] The Xiang Family’s Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage master silently sneered, thinking that after the Second Young Lord defeated Yang Kai, they would immediately leave this place and not be forced to help this Yang Family Young Lord in this Inheritance War.

After all, given how pitiful Yang Kai’s chances appeared, all of them whole heartedly wished to stay out of this mess.

As for the war material they had brought, that was the Nan Family’s compensation to Yang Kai, leaving it behind had no effect on them.

Qiu Yi Meng was also secretly shocked. She hadn’t expected this Xiang Family Second Young Lord to possess such great combat strength and to have cultivated such a powerful killing strike. She silently estimated that against this move, no one under the Immortal Ascension Boundary would be able to resist. Even she as an Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage felt it would be best to avoid taking this attack head on and instead look for opportunities to dodge then counterattack.

She didn’t know if Yang Kai could block this strike. Although she had witnessed just how powerful Yang Kai was, that was a long time ago so she wasn’t sure just how much he had grown.

But when she remembered about that day a few months ago, when Yang Kai had single handedly fought an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master to a standstill, Qiu Yi Meng calmed down.

Even if this Xiang Tian Xiao was much stronger than an average True Element Ninth Stage cultivation, could he possibly be as strong as an established Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master?

As light burst and wind howled around Xiang Tian Xiao’s saber, the glowing blue sphere at his blade’s tip suddenly burst open, forming a dense web of lightning that engulfed a ten meter radius.

Thousands of lightning bolts, like tiny spirit snakes, swam through the air, each one containing Xiang Tian Xiao’s sharp and unparalleled killing intent, forming an inescapable torrent of attacks.

Huo Xing Chen’s always aloof expression finally became slightly serious, an astonished light flashing across his eyes

However, Yang Kai still stood in place, like an ancient glacier, cold and motionless, his expression indifferent as he silently observed the numerous bolts of lightning which surrounded him.

Although Xiang Tian Xiao’s eyes remained focused, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help inadvertently curling upwards.

He had won! Xiang Tian Xiao was completely confidant that no one below the Immortal Ascension Boundary could resist his Thunder Flash Saber.

The white light was so dazzling that those watching couldn’t open their eyes, but if they were watching, the instant Xiang Tian Xiao’s attack was about to hit its mark, they would have noticed that Yang Kai’s figure suddenly blurred, disappearing without a trace.

The next moment, from within the lightning storm, the burst of True Qi suddenly exploded outwards.

A great palm print quickly filled Xiang Tian Xiao’s vision, seemingly obscuring the entire sky, creating the illusion that no matter how he tried to block or avoid, it would inevitably smash into his chest.

With a sorrowful cry, Xiang Tian Xiao’s Thunder Flash Saber was torn apart like paper and he was subsequently hurled through the air, spitting out a cloud of blood fog in the process.

“Second Young Lord!” The Immortal Ascension Fourth Stage master who had been expecting to see a good show, immediately noticed that the situation was not right, his expression changing drastically as he darted towards where Xiang Tian Xiao had fallen.

When the dust settled, it looked as though Yang Kai hadn’t moved at all as he still stood in his original spot. His expression was calm and indifferent as ever.

Huo Xing Chen’s brow twitched as he ground his teeth, suddenly realizing that when Yang Kai had dealt with him that night, he had obviously been holding back.

All of the Xiang Family’s cultivators were stunned, staring at the scene before them, unable to believe what their eyes had just seen.

Xiang Tian Xiao coughed up some blood as he staggered to his feet, separating himself from his family’s master who had helped him up, his brows furrowed deeply as his eyes filled with unwillingness.

Staring at Yang Kai, it was only after a long silence that the unwillingness in Xiang Tian Xiao’s eyes slowly faded, a dispirited light slowly taking its place.

He had never dreamt that within the True Element Boundary, there was someone who could beat him so easily! He was the genius of the Xiang Family, his aptitude far superior to his elder brother Xiang Chu, the Xiang Family’s most vigorously trained disciple. At such a young age he was just one step away from breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, it was not an exaggeration to say that his future was limitless.

It had always been him crushing his enemies in battle; never once had he suffered such a devastating defeat like today.

His strongest blow, filled with killing intent, hadn’t even managed to touch his opponent’s clothes! It was a heavy blow to his pride.

“Second Young Lord…” The strongest of the Xiang Family Immortal Ascension Boundary masters was afraid that Xiang Tian Xiao could not withstand this setback and would become disheartened, losing his way along the Martial Dao, so he quickly comforted, “In battle no one can ever be certain of the outcome, do not let this defeat fester in your heart.”

Xiang Tian Xiao gently nodded, letting out a long sigh, the lost expression on his face gradually fading as he turned his eyes towards Yang Kai, a strong fighting intent smoldering in his gaze.

Yang Kai secretly nodded as he thought to himself. [Xiang Tian Xiao certainly has some skill. If he was given enough time to hone himself, his future achievements would certainly not be worse than any of the Eight Great Families’ successors.]

Qiu Yi Meng’s lips curled up, a happy smile adorning her pretty face while Huo Xing Chen simply shook his head and sighed. “Why is he so strong? Just how the hell does he cultivate?”

“Qiu Yi Meng, arrange some accommodations for them and let some people from the Autumn Rain Hall carry those four boxes into the mansion.” Yang Kai calmly ordered, turned around and walking back inside, not looking at Xiang Tian Xiao again.

But before he left, Yang Kai seemingly inadvertently glanced off towards a certain place.

In that place, two extremely powerful Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters stood.

One of them nearly stumbled, suspiciously muttering, “Did that Young Lord Kai notice us?”

The other master also furrowed his brow before shaking his head, “Impossible, we’ve hidden ourselves so deeply and haven’t shown any hostility, simply observing from a distance. How could he have found us?”

“Then why did he look at us?”

“Strange…” The taller of the two whispered under his breath, “Never mind him. Patriarch’s orders were simply for us to observe Young Lord Kai’s performance tonight. If it looks like he’ll be eliminated, then we just need to bring the Young Master back. Who made the Young Master choose such an unpromising Young Lord as an ally?”

“But objectively, this Young Lord Kai’s combat strength is incredible, I don’t think any newly promoted Immortal Ascension cultivator would be his match.”

Outside the main entrance, Qiu Yi Meng smiled lightly at the Xiang Family cultivators as she walked over.

Immediately upon learning her identity, the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage master respectfully cupped his fists, “Xiang Family Xiang Fei greets Young Lady Qiu!”

At the same time though, some suspicion flashed across his eyes, the Qiu Family had already publicly declared its support for the Yang Family’s Sixth Young Lord Yang Shen, so naturally they had heard about it. Thus, why was the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady here with Yang Kai? Moreover, Yang Kai’s attitude towards her made it seem as if she was under his command. What was even more shocking was that this world famous Young Lady actually had no complaints about his attitude, and instead just calmly obeyed his orders!

[I don’t understand, what is going on?]

Xiang Tian Xiao also stood up straight and cupped his fists.

Seeing their respectful demeanor, Qiu Yi Meng let out a small laugh and said, “No need to be so polite, all of us will be working together from now on.”

Xiang Fei nodded firmly, “Since Young Lord Kai defeated my family’s Second Young Lord in fair combat, my Xiang Family will also fulfill its promise. As long as Young Lord Kai remains undefeated in the Inheritance War, we will do our utmost to support him.”

Qiu Yi Meng nodded with satisfaction

“Just… Young Lady Qiu, why are you…” Xiang Fei couldn’t help asking.

“I’m also his ally, hehe.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled but didn’t explain any further.

Xiang Tian Xiao and Xiang Fei suddenly noticed that this Young Lord Kai who no one was optimistic about had somehow quietly made allies of two of the Eight Great Families’ Young Masters, among the eight Yang Family Young Lords this was unique.

“Let’s go in first. I’ll arrange a place for you shortly.” Qiu Yi Meng said lightly before shaking her head and smiling wryly, “I didn’t expect that when I came here I’d end up acting as a house manager…”

As the Xiang Family group walked inward, Huo Xing Chen, still waving his folding fan, came up to Xiang Tian Xiao and grabbed his shoulders intimately, “We’re brothers in difficulty now! Let us share a drink!”

Somewhat stunned, Xiang Tian Xiao replied casually, “Good!”

“After drinking, I’ll lead you to the local brothel!”

“There’s no need for that!”


Hearing the sound of footsteps outside his door, Yang Kai lifted his eyes and called out, “Come in!”

When the door was pushed open, Qiu Yi Meng’s graceful figure, wrapped in a fragrant wind, walked into the room, and without any thought to courtesy poured herself a cup of tea to moisten her throat. Following her were some Autumn Rain Hall people carrying four large boxes. After placing the boxes to one side of the room, these people quickly excused themselves.

Qiu Yi Meng stayed behind though and took a seat, elegantly smiling at Yang Kai as she asked, “When did you force the Xiang and Nan Families into such a situation?”

“About three months after I separated from you and Luo Xiao Man.”

“Tell me about it, what happened at that time? I asked that Xiang Tian Xiao but even he wasn’t too clear, only saying that his big brother and cousin both hate you to death and that you forced two Nan Family Elders to cut off an arm, while the Nan Family’s Young Master also lost two fingers. You really are ruthless, forcing the successor of a first-class family to suffer such an embarrassment!”

“They brought it upon themselves.” Yang Kai sneered disdainfully as he casually recounted the situation at that time.

As Qiu Yi Meng listened, her eyes sparkled, absolutely no trace of disdain or displeasure apparent on her face. Especially when she heard how he had ruthlessly humiliated the two families while they were unable to resist, her mood seemed even more pleasant.

“If that’s the case, then choking down this insult is understandable. Attempting to kill a Yang Family Young Lord is no small matter after all, especially after the death of your Fourth Brother, if they were suspected of being involved at all, the Xiang and Nan Families would be finished.”

“Tell me about the Xiang Family, especially the relationship between Xiang Tian Xiao and Xiang Chu.” Yang Kai stood up and walked over to the four boxes, checking the materials as he seemingly asked a random question.

“They’re like a fox and a Racoon!” Qiu Yi Meng spat disdainfully

Yang Kai chuckled, “Xiang Chu obviously didn’t tell his brother about what happened back then or Xiang Tian Xiao wouldn’t have rushed to challenge me today. When one brother hides information and plots against the other, the relationship between the two is obviously not good, if I couldn’t even see that wouldn’t I just be blind?”

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