Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 424

Dong Qing Han was sitting in meditative cultivation while the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards stood watch. Although two old men appeared to simply be sitting to his left and right, their Divine Senses had actually pervaded the entire surrounding, constantly on the lookout for anyone who had ill intentions towards their Young Master.

Tonight was the first night of the Inheritance War, it was destined not to be peaceful; whether the Eight Young Lords were on the attack or defence, there would certainly be action.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards were somewhat confused as to why Dong Qing Han didn’t seem to be worried about Yang Kai’s situation at all, but since their Young Master wasn’t willing to say any more, they didn’t bother asking.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, who had been constantly surveilling the surroundings both turned their heads towards the entrance, their expressions half shocked half horrified.

Because under the two old master’s Divine Senses’ supervision, neither of them had even realized when someone had arrived at their doorstep.

If this unknown person was an enemy…

Able to approach them so closely without being detected, would they or Dong Qing Han have any chance to survive?

With this thought in mind, the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards leaked cold sweat as they hurriedly got up and began circulating their True Qi furiously.

Sensing this disturbance, Dong Qing Han also opened his eyes and frowned, “Who is it?”

“Me!” A familiar voice called out from outside the door.

When the voice reached their ears, not only did Dong Qing Han’s expression become strange, even the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards also gawked awkwardly.

“Young Master, beware of deception!” The Wind Guard whispered as he signaled to the Cloud Guard with his eyes, one of them retreating towards Dong Qing Han’s side, the other cautiously moving to the door and slowly opening it.

As the door opened, a blurry figure flashed and suddenly there was another man present inside the room. The head of this man was covered in a broad hat which covered his face, only allowing the Cloud Guard who had opened the door to see a pair of bright eyes.

“Yang Kai?” Dong Qing Han raised brow and asked hesitantly.

Under the watchful eyes of the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, the man slowly lifted his hat to reveal his true face before he grinned broadly at Dong Qing Han.

Seeing his appearance, Dong Qing Han couldn’t help cursing out loud, “Fuck! It IS you.”

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards were both old masters who had seen and weathered countless storms, but at the moment they couldn’t help wanting to pinch themselves, wondering if everything they had just saw was some kind of dream, somehow managing to hold down this uncouth impulse.

“Junior greets two Seniors,” Yang Kai politely nodded at the Wind Guard and Cloud Guard.

“Young Lord Kai is too polite,” The two men hurriedly composed themselves before replying in kind.

“You little brat!” Dong Qing Han quickly got up and shut the window tightly while signaling to the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards to stay on alert before rushing over to Yang Kai, his slightly chubby face showing a dumbfounded look, “How did you know that I was here?”

“I have a small force of henchmen who are responsible for inquiring about intelligence,” Yang Kai explained.

A small part of the Bamboo Knot Gang had been deployed here by Yang Kai a few days ago and they had now penetrated every region of War City, so it was actually quite easy for him to find where Dong Qing Han was staying.

“Fine fine, but do you know what you’re doing right now?” Dong Qing Han slowly shook his head, bringing Yang Kai over to sit down.

This was the Inheritance War, not a game of house, yet this little cousin of his hadn’t sat in his base with the rest of his allies but instead actually ran out to find him…

However, after thinking about it for a moment, Dong Qing Han became a little excited, “Do you want to take the initiative?”

“That was my plan,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Good balls!” Dong Qing Han cheered up, “I knew that you wouldn’t just sit back and watch, let’s talk about it, how many people did you bring with you?”

(Silavin: Hahahaha. Just gonna keep it. Good Balls! It’s not correct but it is something PewPew left behind. The correct translation is: “You little bastard!”)

“Just me.”

The excitement on Dong Qing Han’s face quickly stifled as his brow began to twitch, staring at Yang Kai seriously and muttering, “I’m your cousin, is there a need for you to play tricks on me?”

But Yang Kai simply shook his head in an equally serious manner, “I’m not lying to you, I’m really alone right now.”

Dong Qing Han suddenly sat up straighter, the fat on his face trembling lightly. Even the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards couldn’t hide their shock.

At this sensitive time, he had actually ran out all on his own. Was he an idiot or a fool? Why act so recklessly and arrogant? Did he really think that he was unparalleled in this world?

But what was more, was that he actually arrived here safe and sound, obviously not having been intercepted halfway, this was no doubt the most incredible part.

Yang Kai had a small force in his hands to inquire about intelligence, so how could his brothers who were equally determined to win this Inheritance War not have deployed similar resources?

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the eight Young Lords were all constantly monitoring each other’s movements, even the slightest sign of something suspicious would immediately be reported back.

“How did you get here?” Dong Qing Han still hadn’t recovered from his initial shock, “Did the two Blood Warriors around you dare to let you go?”

“They don’t know,” Yang Kai shook his head. When he left the house, with the exception of Qiu Yi Meng, he hadn’t said anything to anyone, otherwise there was no way he’d have so easily managed to leave.

“Then your base…” Dong Qing Han’s expression filled with worry and anxiety, without Yang Kai, the people at his compound were equal to gang without a leader.

“There are no problems there. Enough about that, I actually came here to borrow some people,” Yang Kai waved his hand and interrupted Dong Qing Han’s unending line of questions.

“Borrow people?” Dong Qing Han asked, immediately understanding, pointing to the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, “Them?”

“Good, if I go alone, I’m afraid I won’t be able to grab any advantages.”

“But with them you can?” Dong Qing Han’s brow furrowed, even with the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, there would still only be three of them, they might be able to steal a chicken or two, but if they wanted to stir up the wind and summon the rain it was still a far fetched idea.

“Not necessarily, but there’s always a chance,” Yang Kai didn’t say too much, as even he didn’t know what his final objective would be.

The only thing he was certain of was that tonight, like at his compound, was bound to be a lively mess in a number of places.

“If you want to borrow people, then so be it,” Dong Qing Han nodded, but quickly followed up, “But I’m coming with you too.”

“You can’t, you’re strength is too low, if you come you’ll just be a burden,” Yang Kai immediately refused.

“I…” Dong Qing Han was struck speechless, a bright red blush appearing on his face.

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully and patted Dong Qing Han’s shoulder, “Cousin, I’m not looking down on you, but as you are now, I can beat you as simply as flipping my hand, it’s best if you rest early tonight.”

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, although feeling awkward, didn’t raise any objections.

“Tomorrow, when you come to my mansion, I’ll tell you more about it, I’ll be borrowing Two Seniors first,” Yang Kai said to Dong Qing Han before directly standing up.

“Then get lost!” Dong Qing Han roared bitterly, his expression rather ugly.

Yang Kai half sighed half sneered, glanced at the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, and then casually walked out the door.

“That little bastard, just how much has he grown?”

When Yang Kai and the Wind and Cloud Guards left, Dong Qing Han slowly shook his shoulders to resolve the numbness in his body. Just now when Yang Kai had patted his shoulder, almost half of his meridians had seemingly been imprisoned, obviously when Yang Kai said beating him was as simple as flipping his hand, he was neither lying nor exaggerating.

The last time he saw him at High Heaven Pavilion he had barely managed to eek out a victory against the Bai Family’s Bai Yun Feng. How had his strength reached such a horrifying height in only a few years?

“Freak!” Dong Qing Han muttered to himself, a look of resentment clear in his expression.

Above War City’s rooftops, three dark silhouettes rapidly flew forward, even though the city was brightly lit and there were countless Divine Senses sweeping the area, no one had noticed this trio.

Once outside the inn, the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards felt a powerful Spiritual Energy enshroud them, completely hiding their auras, making it impossible for outsiders to discover their whereabouts.

This Spiritual Energy, even when compared to their own, was a fair amount stronger. It was basically impossible for them to run into anyone with a more potent Spiritual Energy in War City.

As a result, the two of them only needed to follow Yang Kai closely and not make a conscious effort to expose themselves.

Their expression immediately improved as the Wind and Cloud guards finally understood how Yang Kai had safely arrived at Dong Qing Han’s temporary residence.

However, neither of them knew that what was shrouding them was actually Yang Kai’s own Divine Sense, the two of them only thought he had used some kind of high-end Soul type artifact to achieve this effect, but regardless their evaluation of Yang Kai’s chances for success tonight were still bolstered greatly.

With their Young Master’s younger cousin, under the cover of this Spiritual Energy, as long they concealed themselves and didn’t launch any attacks, it was unlikely any outsiders would discover them, giving them a huge tactical advantage.

Soon after, Yang Kai, who was leading, suddenly stopped and ducked into a nearby building, swiftly followed by the Wind and Cloud guards, both of them somewhat confused, not sure why he was suddenly acting so cautious.

Just as they were about to ask though, Yang Kai gestured to them to remain silent.

A moment later, the sound of flapping clothes could be heard, followed soon after by a number of figures flying forward at high speed.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards’ expression rapidly change, realizing that Yang Kai wasn’t acting cautious but had already noticed that a group of masters was approaching.

[Such sharp perception!] Both of them were secretly surprised. Although they hadn’t released their Divine Senses to the surroundings out of caution, both of them were still high level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, yet even with their intuition they hadn’t noticed anyone approaching, so Yang Kai being able to detect them was no doubt an impressive feat.

Gazing up at the shadows flying past, Yang Kai’s mouth bent into a strange arc.

This group didn’t make any attempt to hide themselves or even conceal their identities.

The leader was his Fifth Brother Yang Kang who was accompanied by Tang Yu Xian, obviously there to protect his safety. As for Tu Feng, he was nowhere to be seen.

Probably still back at Yang Kang base to guard his flag.

The protection of one’s flag was crucial, so it was necessary to leave at least one of the powerful Blood Warriors to guard it at all times. It was impossible for Yang Kang to leave his base undefended when he went out on the attack.

Additionally, Yang Kang was accompanied by a number of cultivators, each of them not by any means weak. These people were also rushing towards the northeast corner of War City and should be his allies.

In that direction was also the goal of Yang Kai’s trip, the compound of his Third Brother Yang Tie!

Shortly after Yang Kang’s group left, a fluttering of shadows also flew over the roofs, following behind Yang Kang and his team as they rushed toward the northeast corner.

These people were just tagging along to watch the fun.

Tonight’s battle was being watched by tens of thousands of eyes, naturally there were some bored people who wanted to witness the scene of the Yang Family’s children fighting up close; such a wonderful drama, how could they possibly miss it?

Seeing such a large group of spectators, Yang Kai also felt a bit delighted, winking towards the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards before ascending into the sky, casually mixing in with the crowd.

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