Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 428

After a long silence, Kang Zhan of the Kang Family suddenly smiled and said, “Two Young Lords, why don’t we pay a visit to your Ninth Brother’s base?”

Yang Kang and Yang Ying looked over at Kang Zhan for a moment before their eyes immediately brightened.

[Right, Yang Kai ran out and brought along two strong allies, as well as that mysterious Peak Immortal Ascension Master. The defense at his base must be all but empty!]

Moreover, Yang Zhao and Yang Shen also went there. If they were to go as well, the four of them together would be enough to absolutely crush Yang Kai.

Exchanging an intentionally indifferent glance, both brothers knew that the other had taken note of this hidden opportunity.

However, Gao Rang Feng shook his head and objected, “No, I think that the two Young Lords should rush back to their own compounds now. With a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master as his ally, your Ninth Brother could easily pose a threat to your respective flags.”

Immediately, Yang Kang and Yang Ying’s expression changed dramatically!

They had been so focused on the opportunity to beat others that they had completely forgotten about their own situation. This time, in order to eat the first piece of fat, both of them had brought a lot of their allies, so besides leaving a Blood Warrior in their bases to guard their flags, there was essentially no other powerful masters left on defence.

At this time, if Yang Kai were to attack their mansions, they might very well be eliminated.

Realizing this point, the two brothers quickly discarded the idea of attacking Yang Kai’s compound and instead led their forces back to their bases.


Outside War City, Yang Kai put Yang Tie down, not imprisoning his meridians or True Qi at all, just removing his hat and smiling, “Third Brother!”

“Ninth Brother’s methods are impressive!” Yang Tie said, his face filled with admiration.

Yang Kai simply shook his head, “I just took advantage of an opportunity.”

No one would have thought that tonight Yang Kai would dare run out to look for trouble, so Yang Kang and Yang Ying didn’t take any precautions when they began fighting each other, if not for this lack of vigilance, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to capture Yang Yie’s flag so easily.

As long as they were even a bit concerned with their surroundings, Yang Kai wouldn’t have succeeded this time.

“No matter what, Third Brother has fallen into your hands, that much is Ninth Brother’s credit.” Yang Tie looked at Yang Kai flatly and said, “Seeing how I would have been captured by one of them anyways, Third Brother would rather be caught by you, at least you didn’t take the initiative to attack me.”

“Third Brother is too serious,” Yang Kai noticed the coldness in his tone and naturally understood that he was somewhat depressed being the first one eliminated, but he didn’t mind, just waving his hand casually, “You should head back to the Central Capital on your own, there’s nothing more for you to do here.”

Hearing this, Yang Tie’s eyes narrowed as he frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Just what I said, I already have your flag anyways.” After that, Yang Kai didn’t wait for Yang Tie to say anything, instead leaping up and flying back towards War City.

Standing there awkwardly for a long time, Yang Tie’s tight expression gradually relaxed, gazing off in the direction Yang Kai had flown, a hint of gratitude apparent on his face.

Yang Kai not taking him to the family to exchange for war material was his way of saving him some face.

Over the past few years, Yang Tie hadn’t gained much, and had not achieved anything earth-shattering. In blunt terms, his performance had always been mediocre, but regardless of all that, he was still a child of the Yang Family and his pride was something ingrained deep into his bones. If it were not for this, knowing he would be eliminated tonight, he would have simply taken the initiative to surrender from the beginning.

If he was really brought back to the family by Yang Kai, in the future he wouldn’t have been able to hold his head up again.

Taking a deep breath and gazing up at the cluster of gem-like stars in the night sky, Yang Tie smiled lightly before turning towards the Central Capital.

The following battles here really had nothing to do with him.

The Yang Family Young Lords who were defeated in the Inheritance War were forbidden from participating any more, but their remaining allies would have the opportunity to choose a new Young Lord to support.

Yang Kai soared through the sky like a meteor, using his powerful Divine Sense to isolate his aura as he rushed towards his mansion.

Letting Yang Tie go wasn’t out of a sense of brotherhood. Yang Kai’s feelings for his cousins were quite weak, but Yang Tie’s determination to fight to the end tonight had earned his respect.

There was no need to humiliate such a person.

War City, northwest corner, Yang Kai’s mansion.

Half an hour earlier.

Almost at the same time as the turmoil at Yang Tie’s compound, Yang Kai’s mansion has also been lively.

The information obtained by Yang Kang was not wrong. Tonight, out of the Eight Young Lord’s, with the exception of the Eldest Brother Yang Wei who because of his status would not take any action, only the Eighth Brother Yang Quan didn’t move.

The Second Young Lord Yang Zhao and his ally Ye Xin Rou had led a lot of masters to Yang Kai base.

But before these people could begin, the Sixth Brother Yang Shen and Qiu Zi Ruo also arrived. The two sides both stood firmly mid-air outside the entrance and exchanged greetings calmly.

Tonight, both of them had come to attack Yang Kai, so they didn’t want to deal with other enemies if possible, this was very clear to everyone here.

In front of the mansion, in the middle of the courtyard, Huo Xing Chen sat atop a comfortable chair casually fanning himself, two beautiful maids stood beside him occasionally pouring him wine and feeding him grapes, his expression couldn’t be more relaxed.

The arrival of Yang Zhao and Yang Shen didn’t seem to disturb his revelry in the slightest.

Beside Yang Zhao, Ye Xin Rou stood quietly, with her jade white skin and graceful demeanor, along with her enchanting smile and the obvious curves of her body, she exuded a kind of soft, indescribable temptation. The Ye Family’s First Young Lady, although not as famous as Qiu Yi Meng, was still a prestigious figure amongst the younger generation.

Behind Yang Zhao, the Xiang Family’s Xiang Chu and Nan Family’s Nan Sheng gazed maliciously at the mansion below, their eyes filled with vicious light.

Especially Nan Sheng. Rubbing his two missing fingers, flashes of ruthless and sinister intent kept appearing on his face.

Yang Kai forcing him to cut off these two fingers had forged a hatred that could not be dispelled. Over the past few months, he had constantly been thinking about revenge.

Yang Zhao’s allies were powerful and numerous, but Yang Shen’s side didn’t appear any weaker.

With the help of Qiu Zi Ruo, Yang Shen had also gathered a lot of help, and he wouldn’t have trouble resisting Yang Zhao in the short run

On the other hand, in front of Yang Kai’s mansion, aside from the Central Capital Wolf who was enjoying his drink, Qiu Yi Meng and Xiang Tian Xiao also appeared, but aside from these three youths, only Qu Gao Yi was present, standing tall like a tower in front of the main entrance.

Ying Jiu was nowhere to be seen.

However, everyone knew that this stealthy Blood Warrior must be lurking in the shadows, just waiting to launch a decisive strike.

Across the short distance between them, Qiu Yi Meng and Qiu Zi Ruo’s eyes met, the former smiling slightly, her face filled with confidence, the latter’s gaze shrinking back involuntarily for a moment before quickly staring back, seemingly not wanting to show any weakness in front of this Elder Sister of his.

At the same time, Xiang Chu and Xiang Tian Xiao were faced each other. The former was solemn while the latter was cold. Their direct stares caused all outsiders to feel the tense aura emitted by the two.

“Sixth Brother, about Brother Kai here, what do you want to do?” Yang Zhao suddenly asked with a smile.

Yang Shen also smiled back and replied, “If Second Brother eats meat, then little brother should be able to drink some soup, right? Surely Second Brother doesn’t want to dine all alone?”

“Of course of course,” Yang Zhao slowly shook his head and appeared to ponder for a while before saying, “In that case, Second Brother wants Brother Kai, while Sixth Brother can take his flag, an even split.”

“En, Second Brother is too kind,” Yang Shen grinned meaningfully, apparently quite content with Yang Zhao’s suggestion. Glancing over at Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng intentionally or unintentionally, he couldn’t help snorting disdainfully, his eyes filling with disdain.

Word of Yang Kai and their grudges had also spread to his ear.

It was not difficult to explain why Yang Zhao chose the person over the flag. The Xiang and Nan Family people joining Yang Zhao’s camp had increased his available strength greatly so naturally he had to show some good will to his allies.

Capturing Yang Kai would make him lose a lot of face, in this way, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng should be satisfied and would only be more loyal to Yang Zhao in the future.

“Hey, you two, aren’t you tired standing around talking up there? Why not come down first?” Huo Xing Chen suddenly loudly shouted.

Yang Zhao shook his head and grinned, “No need Brother Huo, I should speak with Brother Kai first, I don’t want to embarrass him too much.”

“Yang Kai?” Huo Xing Chen sneered, “He doesn’t seem to be home right now.”

“Not home?” Yang Zhao frowned, apparently thinking that Huo Xing Chen was messing with him, “Where has he gone if he’s not home at this time?”

“Wherever he went, I have no idea, heh,” Huo Xing Chen snickered, opening his folding fan and reclining into his chair, “In any case, he’s not home, if you don’t believe, ask Qiu Yi Meng, she should know where Yang Kai went.”

Yang Zhao glanced over at Qiu Yi Meng, but the latter just smiled and brushed the hair next to her ear back, softly saying, “If I told you he wasn’t here, would Young Lord Zhao believe me?”

Seeing her speak so ambiguously, Yang Zhao couldn’t help frowning, subconsciously feeling like Yang Kai was playing some kind of trick.

But soon, Yang Zhao’s expression became firm as he replied, “I don’t believe it.”

How could Yang Kai have left his base at such a sensitive time tonight? He must be hiding somewhere not daring to show up.

“In that case, the two Young Lords can try searching here, perhaps you’ll be able to find him,” Qiu Yi Meng elegantly smiled while silently cursing to herself.

Yang Kai did tell her he was going out before he left, but it wasn’t like she approved or agreed at that moment. In reality, she really didn’t know where he had gone or what he was doing.

“No need,” Yang Zhao showed a look of impatience on his face and shouted, “Brother Kai, come out by yourself and Second Brother promises he won’t embarrass you!”

After shouting so two times however, there was no sign of Yang Kai appearing.

Seeing this, Nan Sheng sneered, “Second Young Lord, it looks like your brother doesn’t want to give you face at all. In this case, I don’t think there’s a need to speaking any more nonsense with him, as long as you directly attack, he certainly won’t be able to resist!”

His eagerness to beat Yang Kai was obvious to everyone, all of them aware that Nan Sheng didn’t really care about Yang Zhao’s face but simply wanted to seek revenge for his past suffering.

“How we brothers handle business doesn’t your concern!” Yang Zhao snorted.

Nan Sheng’s expression cramped as he grit his teeth, but eventually he didn’t dare to say anything more.

Seeing Nan Sheng’s failed attempt, Xiang Chu not only didn’t draw back but instead smiled and spoke, “Second Young Lord, I also think that a direct attack is the best choice, the defensive power here isn’t strong and with the help of Sixth Young Lord, why shouldn’t we act a little boldly? You’ve already acted polite, but the opposite party simply acts ungratefully, as such… heh…”

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