Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 43

Inside Black Wind Forest, there was a line of Sky Tower disciples walking into the depths.

Kai Yang would never have thought that the good place that Su Mu wanted to take him too was actually located in the Black Wind Mountains. Walking in the forest, Kai Yang saw a distinct path. In this type of dense forest, if humans did not frequent it, then a clear path would not appear.

Do a lot of people come and go in the Black Wind Mountains? Pondering over it, it seemed that it was true for in the distance there were some faint figures advancing in a similar fashion to his group.

“Senior brother, do you know why that day we met up with Cheng Shao Feng and his people near Black Wind Forest?” Walking in front of Kai Yang, Su Mu went to ask Kai Yang.

Kai Yang’s expression changed, while he had a faint idea: “Could it be that Cheng Shao Feng and them also wanted to come to Black Wind Forest?”

“That’s right. We the Sky Tower Pavilion, Storm House and Blood Group aren’t that far away from each other. The distance from Black Wind Forest to each of the three places is about the same, so if any disciples from these factions want to enter here, they would need to pass by the four-way intersection.”

“What type of people attracting place is here? Otherwise, why would you all come over here?”

“He he.” Su Mu laughed out proudly: “Senior brother, now this you may not know. Inside Black Wind Forest, there is an underground market. We disciples from the three factions and even martial practitioners from all of the Black Plum Village area come over here. Disciples are able to exchange useless data and skills that they don’t need for more useful things or for gold and silver. This Black Wind Trade area is bustling, so senior brother should definitely come here and look.”

Li Yun Tian added: “That’s right, senior brother. You can often find some good things over here. Last time young master Su used twenty or so sliver to obtain some Tianyuan Fruit.”

“Tianyuan Fruit?” Kai Yang’s expression changed.

“En, earth grade lower level spirit fruit. The seller didn’t recognise what he was selling, allowing me to benefit greatly.” Talking about that matter, Su Mu became proud.

Earth grade lower level spirit fruit, if you wanted to convert it to a monetary value, it would be valued at around two thousand silvers at the least. It was actually brought by Sui Mu for a mere twenty silver coins, isn’t this a great deal.

That Black Wind Trade area, Kai Yang really didn’t hear about it before at all, in the entirety of the time that he had been in Sky Tower. Since he hadn’t socialised with a single person, they naturally wouldn’t tell him such news.

It looked like Su Mu’s group often came over here to browse, and each one was fairly familiar with the layout. From their conversation, Kai Yang heard many interesting things, and he started to have some anticipation for this place. 。

Since he cultivated the True Yang Tactics, then he would be able to find some Yang attributed elixirs for him to use, but it was just that he didn’t have a lot of money on hand. Then he remembered that small bottle of small returning pellets, Kai Yang gained some confidence.

Black Wind Trade was a fair distance away, so the group of people chatted to each other while walking over.

Kai Yang suddenly asked: “Junior brother Su, does our Sky Tower Pavilion have an eleventh elder?”

He had remembered that old man he had met beside the Coiling Dragon Stream and that old man was a complete mystery. It caused others to be unable to forget him.

“Eleventh elder?” Su Mu was stunned, “When did Sky Tower Pavilion suddenly have an eleventh elder?”

“Eh, I just wanted to ask .” Kai Yang understood now. That time when the old man had said he was some eleventh elder, he was already suspicious. Now it looked like his status was truly a lie, it was just that old man was calm and friendly. Since he held no malice or evil intentions to him, Kai Yang didn’t want to investigate further and risk provoking his disgust.

Li Yun Tian laughed out: “Senior brother Kai, since you are always cultivating, naturally you wouldn’t know too much about our Sky Tower Pavilion affairs. We only have five elders, there really isn’t some eleventh elder.”

This group of people all knew about Kai Yang’s previous tragic history of being bullied, so out of the goodness of their hearts, they went to inform him of the various things happening in Sky Tower to prevent him from asking another awkward question in the future.

An elder was Su Mu’s backer, so his understanding of Sky Tower affairs was better than anyone else’s. So as they were talking, they drifted to the topic of Sky Tower Pavilion’s Head.

Lowering his voice, Su Mu said: “Listening to my old devil speak, I heard him say that our Head is a peak existence. Nowadays, it is said that he has reached the peak of the Shen You Boundary and is just a step away from breaking through to the next stage. Within a thousand mile radius, he is the number one expert.”

Peak of the Shen You Boundary! Kai Yang was shocked in amazement.

For a martial practitioner’s grade started from the tempered body level, followed by the Kai Yuan Stage, Qi Dong Stage, Li He Boundary, Zhen Yuan Boundary, Shen You Boundary and each level was then divided into a further nine ranks. As your strength increased, it became harder to breakthrough. You couldn’t see many Shen Boundary level experts, and one would never have imagined that the Sky Tower Head had actually reached the Shen You level. If he were to breakthrough, then he would become a true peak expert.

“That Blood Group Head, Hu Man, and the Storm House Head, Xiao Ruo, were only around the Shen You Boundary sixth or seventh stages and are incomparable to our Head.” As Su Mu said this, his face showed a proud expression. Afterall, a school head’s strength is also a source of pride for the schools disciples.

“How much longer will our head need to breakthrough?” Li Yun Tian enthusiastically asked. If the head were to suddenly breakthrough, then in a thousand mile radius, Sky Tower Pavilion would become the leading faction. Who would dare to come provoke them then?

Su Mu’s face darkened and he slowly shook his head.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Su Mu like that, Li Yun Tian asked worriedly.

“The old devil said, that it has already been ten or so years since the head reached the Shen You peak.”

“Then why hasn’t he broken through up until now?” Everybody asked.

Ten years, even if cultivating was difficult, you should be able to breakthrough.

Su Mu continued to shake his head: “I don’t dare say.”

“Young master Su, how could you do this. Invoking our curiosities but refusing to talk further. Isn’t this equivalent to taking most of a beauty’s clothes off but not all? This is too brutal.” Zhou Hu complained relentlessly, and the rest all joined in enthusiastically encouraging Su Mu.

“Okay then, but you must all remember you mustn’t tell anyone else or there will be great troubles.” Su Mu said with grandeur, then looking around he lowered his voice and said: “Ten years ago, our Sky Tower had a big situation. It was because of this, that our head’s cultivation has yet to rise.”

“What situation?” Everybody asked while swallowing.

“Our head has no wife nor children, so he accepted two disciples and the situation originated from these two disciples. Of these two disciples, the elder disciple was hardworking while the younger disciple was intelligent. Both were shocking geniuses, and the head used all of his heart to teach them without the slightest bit of reservation. These two were also hardworking, their strengths were neck and neck and no one was worse than the other. It was just because these two people’s nature’s were different, so the head’s teaching style was different for each one; the older disciple received greater amounts of praise, while the younger disciple was treated harsher and the head was stricter with him. Due to this, the younger disciple gradually drifted further away from his senior brother and also became more and more frustrated. So he went to find a forbidden and sinister technique to cultivate.”

“Ah……..” Everyone cried out in fear.

Su Mu continued to speak and captured everyone’s attention again.

You couldn’t tell, but Su Mu was born with an eloquent tongue. The way he narrated, made the story flow very well and he succinctly expressed how the grudges between these two fellow disciples had started to his audience.

Kai Yang only listened in silence, and didn’t interrupt for he thought that this affair was most likely true, but Su Mu would have also added some extra details to exaggerate the situation.

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