Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 431

When they heard this awkward statement, both sides of the battle couldn’t help turning their eyes towards him; Yang Zhao and Yang Shen’s faces even cramped up in annoyance.

Huo Xing Chen’s presence on the battlefield had essentially tied one hand behind everyone’s back. Anyone who was engaged in close quarter combat had to take care to avoid him, and those who were using their True Qi to launch ranged attacks had to ensure he was not in their line of fire.

Otherwise, if they were really to injure him, with his rampant personality, they wouldn’t get off easily. At that time, even with the protection of Yang Zhao and Yang Shen, the one who hurt Huo Xing Chen wouldn’t be able to avoid his revenge.

Among all the people present, only those direct descendants of the Eight Great Families were qualified to exchange blows with him, but amidst such a chaotic battlefield, even Yang Zhao and Yang Shen hesitated to entering the fray.

Before Huo Xing Chen’s words were finished though, an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivator that was struck back by Qu Gao Yi crashed into the young delinquent’s shoulder.

Young Lord Huo immediately erupted into a rage, sending a palm to the man’s face and roaring at the top of his lungs, “Fuck, I just said that I am Huo Xing Chen! Do you have no eyes or what? Is your head broken!? You think you can get away with attacking this Young Master!?”

The Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage master was just beaten by Qu Gao Yi, his Blood Force was unsteady as he heaved for breath and now Huo Xing Chen had given him a big slap to his face. His chest was filled with bitterness and anger but there was nowhere for him to vent, only able to cough up some blood before falling to the ground weakly.

He had actually fainted on the spot.

“You blind bastard!” Huo Xing Chen snorted.

Seeing this episode, Yang Zhao and Yang Shen’s expression became even uglier. Huo Xing Chen’s approach was simply too roguish. Except for him, which Young Lord of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families could act so shamelessly.

Ye Xin Rou of the Ye Family also wore a bitter smile on her charming face while Qiu Zi Ruo simply shook his head helplessly.

All of them were ashamed to be associated with this person!

On the other hand, Qiu Yi Meng standing in the distance smiled and enjoyed the performance of this delinquent Young Lord.

Wherever Huo Xing Chen walked, the battlefield descended into chaos. Whoever saw him had to step back and avoid him like the plague. Standing in the midst of the fight, he scratched his head, calling out in an aggrieved voice, “Qiu Yi Meng, can I come back? No one wants to fight with me.”

After his display just now, who would dare to fight with him? After all, despite his brazen attitude and conduct, he was still the Huo Family’s only inheritor, unlike other families who had at least a few descendants that the Patriarch’s position could be passed down to.

“No, just stay out there!” Qiu Yi Meng replied with a smile, already having realized that the role this Young Lord Huo could play here wasn’t small.

“Come on…” Huo Xing Chen said bitterly.

Outside the battle, Ye Xin Rou turned around and softly said, “Second Young Lord, let me go handle him.”

Ye Xin Rou’s reputation wasn’t as loud as Qiu Yi Meng’s, but she was still a leader of the young generation in The Central Capital. Some people even lumped her with Qiu Yi Meng as The Central Capital’s two flowers.

Her personal strength wasn’t weak, and with a variety of extraordinary artifacts at her disposal, she had enough capital to compete with an ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage expert.

Against the delinquent Huo Xing Chen, she was quite confident in obtaining victory. Others not daring to move this Young Lord didn’t mean those from the Eight Great Families wouldn’t.

However, when Yang Zhao heard her request he simply shook his head, his expression becoming dignified as he simply said, “You’re not his opponent.”

Ye Xin Rou smiled sweetly and argued back, “Second Young Lord doesn’t need to worry, although I may appear delicate, in fact, I also have some skill.”

Yang Zhao smiled lightly and said with a deep meaning, “I naturally understand your skill, and I am not belittling you in any way, but it is actually you who is belittling this Young Lord Huo.”

Ye Xin Rou expression finally changed as she hesitantly asked, “You mean he…”

Yang Zhao chuckled, “Before the Yang Family’s children returned to The Central Capital, the younger generation had three stars and Huo Xing Chen was ranked third. Do you think he is famous only because of his lasciviousness? Xin Rou, you look down on the Huo Family’s heritage too much.”

(Silavin: Just what kind of mastery in dirty arts does this pervert have?)

Ye Xin Rou’s face tightened slightly before she nodded gently, “What Second Young Lord says makes sense, perhaps because I don’t have a good opinion of this person I have failed to evaluate his strength appropriately.”

As these two were talking, Xiang Chu signaled silently to one of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters he had brought with him.

This Immortal Ascension Boundary master quietly separated himself from the siege of Qu Gao Yi and began stealthily making his way towards Xiang Tian Xiao who was currently engaged in battle with another True Element Boundary cultivator.

The battlefield was a mess so no one had the spare energy to pay attention to such a small detail, even Xiang Tian Xiao himself was unaware of it.

A moment later, this Immortal Ascension Boundary master came up to Xiang Tian Xiao’s side, his eyes flashing a sinister light as he released an invisible Spiritual Energy.

However, at that exact instant, Huo Xing Chen for some reason or another stumbled slightly and took a few steps to regain his balance.

These few steps had actually planted him right in front of Xiang Tian Xiao.

His appearance here coincided with this Immortal Ascension master’s Spiritual Energy attack.

A blue halo suddenly enveloped Huo Xing Chen’s body, obviously it was a Soul type artifact he carried with him to defend himself.

Seeing this blue glow around himself, Huo Xing Chen immediately began looking left and right, his eyes quickly meeting with those of the Immortal Ascension Boundary master who had just attacked Xiang Tian Xiao.

Seeing this man’s faltering expression, Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help but grin. “Bastard, you dare use a Soul Skill to attack this young master? You have some balls! Unfortunately for you, I have a Soul defence artifact on my body. What, were you thinking your sneak attack would actually succeed?”

Such a development was far outside this man’s expectations and he instantly froze up in panic.

Just now, someone had accidentally bumped into Huo Xing Chen and had publicly received a slap across his face, but from an outsiders perspective, he had intentionally used a Soul Skill to attack this walking disaster, how could he possibly expect a good end?

Immediately, cold sweat began pouring down this man’s forehead, quickly waving his hands as he attempted to explain, “Young Lord Huo, I didn’t intend to….”

Huo Xing Chen’s contorted into a fierce grin, his teeth grinding eerily, “You didn’t intend to what? Are you trying to say that you just ‘unintentionally’ attacked me?”

As he spoke, Huo Xing Chen raised his hand and slapped towards the man’s face.

The master instinctively raised his hand to block Huo Xing Chen’s slap but quickly realized that this was the wrong move, his expression becoming even more frantic and ugly.

“I… I mean, Young Lord Huo, you’re a noble young man, you wouldn’t lower your status by dealing with someone like me, right?”

“Enough bullshit,” Huo Xing Chen grinned maliciously, “You’re from the Xiang Family, right? Today, this Young Master swears, if I doesn’t waste you, my name will no longer be Huo Xing Chen! Stand there and don’t move!”

Hearing such a declaration, how could this man dare to move? He could only helplessly stand there, awaiting his fate. If, just now, he didn’t instinctively block that slap and had just let Huo Xing Chen vent his anger, he likely wouldn’t have ended up in such a miserable situation.

The bitterness in his mouth was near unbearable.

Huo Xing Chen turned around and from some unknown corpse on the battlefield picked up a sword. Waving it a few times, he nodded with satisfaction before slowly walking back, standing in front of the man, his eyes flashing an icy chill as he looked him over from head to toe.

“You decide, should I chop you with this sword, or do you want to do it yourself?”

Even though this master had weathered his fair share of storms, he still couldn’t help feeling terrified at these words, quickly turning eyes filled with prayer to Xiang Chu.

But to his disappointment, Xiang Chu could only stare back at him awkwardly. Although he was the future heir of the Xiang Family, the Xiang Family was still just a first-class force, how could it afford to offend the Huo Family?

Xiang Chu didn’t dare provoke Huo Xing Chen who was infamous for his rouge behaviour.

Seeing the bitter smile on Xiang Chu’s face, the master also knew that there was no escaping bad luck today, gritting his teeth and muttering in a depressed tone, “Young Lord Huo, you can do it yourself.”

“Good, seems you’re not a total waste after all,” Huo Xing Chen was somewhat surprised that this man didn’t put up any kind of resistance.

As soon as Huo Xing Chen spoke, his blade chopped down with a cold flash of light.

With a muffled thump, the master standing in front of Huo Xing Chen was suddenly missing one of his arms, a fountain of blood erupting from his shoulder.

“Heh, looks like you do have some balls, not even screaming after you lost an arm.”

The man was unbelievably aggrieved but still didn’t dare to resist, slowly circulating his True Qi to slow the flow of blood. Pale and gnashing his teeth, he eventually managed to mutter, “Many thanks Young Lord Huo for sparing this one’s life.”

Huo Xing Chen said carelessly, “You Xiang Family people have lost an arm, same for the Nan Family. If all of you don’t plan to withdraw from this Inheritance War, this young master might just cut an arm off each of you! Later, you’ll have to re-name yourself the one-armed Xiang Family and the one-armed Nan Family, hahaha!”

To this outburst of laughter, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng’s faces turned red then blue.

Huo Xing Chen’s words were obviously ridiculing the fact that four masters from their families had already been forced to waste an arm by Yang Kai.

This was an incredibly shameful stain on the Xiang and Nan Families’ reputations.

Whether it was Xiang Chu or Nan Sheng, both of them couldn’t help clenching their fists at this moment. This time, they had followed Yang Zhao in order to get revenge on Yang Kai, but after fighting for so long, Yang Kai had never shown up, while their families had been thoroughly insulted by the delinquent Huo Xing Chen. Even one of their clansmen had been forced to lose an arm.

This was simply even more embarrassing than slapping their own faces.

“Second Young Lord, please seek justice for us!” Xiang Chu grit his teeth and begged Yang Zhao, a clear anger and hatred in his tone.

He was truly enraged.

Yang Zhao’s brow also wrinkled slightly. To be honest, he didn’t want to go down and fight right now. Qu Gao Yi was still attacking wildly, and the raging energy he was releasing made every corner of the battlefield unsafe for someone of his cultivation level, but more importantly, Yang Kai had still yet to appear. He was concerned that his youngest brother had some scheme up his sleeve and was just playing the pig to eat a tiger right now.

However, the Xiang and Nan Families were a big boost for him. If he didn’t stand out at this moment, it would have a chilling effect on his allies.

Mulling over his options for a moment, Yang Zhao finally nodded, “Good, this Young Lord will deal with him myself.”

Hearing these words, Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng smiled happily.

The next moment, Yang Zhao and his accompanying Blood Warrior descended onto the battlefield.

As soon as Yang Zhao appeared, Huo Xing Chen quickly adjusted his delinquent look, immediately becoming dignified as he said, “Second Young Lord’s demeanor is as elegant as before.”

Yang Zhao chuckled lightly in response, “No one else dares to touch you, so I have to accompany you personally.”

Huo Xing Chen smiled wryly and said, “Is that so?”

Looking back at Qiu Yi Meng, he called out, “Beauty, think of a way to save me, or else I’ll be smashed by this Second Young Lord. Although I want Yang Kai to lose, I don’t want to be captured either. That would be too shameful.”

Qiu Yi Meng simply smiled though, picking up a piece of fruit from a nearby table as she sat down on Huo Xing Chen’s former chair, “It’s alright, in any case, whether you’re here or not doesn’t make much of a difference does it? You can leave with peace of mind.”

“How can you be so uncaring?”

“Oh? The most poisonous thing is a woman. Is the Central Capital Wolf Lord still unclear about such a basic truth?” Qiu Yi Meng laughed playfully.

Huo Xing Chen found himself speechless.

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