Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 432

Suddenly, a series of strange cracks appeared on the ground, almost like something was burrowing down below and a horrible energy surged forth towards Huo Xing Chen.

Evil Spirit Earth Dragon Technique! A Heaven Grade Top-Rank Martial Skill that Yang Zhao was proficient in.

Each of these dragon phantoms was condensed from the Soul of a Fifth-Order Monster Beast and were stored and nourished by Yang Zhao inside his own body. They could be used flexibly to oppose an enemy, allowing the Second Young Lord to both attack and defend simultaneously.

On top of that, the number of Earth Dragons Yang Zhao could control was seven! With this one technique, whenever he faced an enemy in the True Element Boundary, he could often achieve victory without even personally needing to attack.

Huo Xing Chen quickly adjusted himself and leapt backwards, displaying a profound Movement Skill which left behind a faint lotus image with each step he took. These lotuses instantly blossomed and entrapped the approaching Earth Dragons, blocking their path forward.

Moon Covering Lotus Step! This was also a Heaven Grade Top-Rank Martial Skill that perfectly offset Yang Zhao’s Evil Spirit Earth Dragon Technique.

After retreating a total of seven steps, Huo Xing Chen seemed to calm himself from his panic and paused, looking up at Yang Zhao and wiping the sweat from his forehead, chuckling, “Second Young Lord, must you embarrass me? We have some friendship after all. The last time I visited the red light district, you also invited me…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Yang Zhao couldn’t help interjecting, immediately snorting coldly, “You really are playing the pig to eat a tiger!”

“Whatever Second Young Lord is implying, I don’t understand. Heh, but since the Second Young Lord has decided to move, this Young Master will naturally accompany you!” As he spoke, Huo Xing Chen raised both his hands energetically.

One hand held wind Qi, the other thunder.

As the wind whistled and the thunder rumbled, the two energies quickly combined into one as he pushed his palms towards Yang Zhao.

Wind and Thunder Grand Palm Seal!

This was one of the Huo Family’s Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Martial Skills! The two forces of the wind and thunder would harmonize with each other, greatly increasing each others might.

However, Yang Zhao didn’t show any signs of alarm, on the contrary, his expression was light and carefree, not showing any meaning of dodging at all, only revealing a free and easy grin.

“Capture him for me!” When the Wind and Thunder Grand Palm Seal was right in front of him, Yang Zhao suddenly shouted.

Huo Xing Chen’s face instantly cramped as he shouted, “Second Young Lord, isn’t that inappropriate?”

In response, Yang Zhao just shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, “The wicked have their own ways of dealing with wicked people.”

During the conversation between the two, the Blood Warrior beside Yang Zhao had already taken action.

The Blood Warriors were unable to actively attack due to the Inheritance War’s rules, but now that Huo Xing Chen had attacked Yang Zhao, this master was free to counterattack.

Yang Zhao had apparently planned to get his Blood Warrior to capture Huo Xing Chen from the beginning, so he didn’t make any effort to block him from using his Martial Skill just now.

Earlier, Huo Xing Chen had used shameless methods to stir up the enemy camp, so now Yang Zhao was all but cheating in order to deal with him. Obviously, this was intentional.

With a wave of his hand, the Blood Warrior easily shattered the Wind and Thunder Seal.

Even if it was a Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Martial Skill, it was still only Huo Xing Chen who used it.

After breaking the Wind and Thunder Grand Palm Seal, the Blood Warrior did not hesitate to grab towards Huo Xing Chen.

The Young Lord Huo’s expression turned bitter, seemingly not having thought Yang Zhao would act as shamelessly as himself.

(Silavin: Hey! At least he admits it.)

But in the instant Huo Xing Chen was about to be captured, from the shadows, two black clothed figures appeared in front of him, one of them protecting the delinquent young lord while the other sent out a palm strike to greet the Blood Warrior.

The master from the Blood Warrior Hall immediately became serious, pushing his True Qi madly to increase the might of his attack.

With a bang, the black clothed man retreated a few steps before finally stabilizing himself while the Blood Warrior stood his ground.

After a single move, the difference in strength between these two was easy to judge.

The Blood Warrior was definitely stronger, but the two black cloaked men were also not weak.

“Does he also have such helpers?” Yang Zhao’s expression became solemn; never had he thought that Yang Kai’s mansion would have so many high level masters lying in ambush.

With just Qu Gao Yi and Ying Jiu, the majority of his and Yang Shen’s people were already occupied. Since Qu Gao Yi was about to run out of True Qi and Spiritual Energy, victory was within sight, but now, all of a sudden, these two masters who were not much weaker than Blood Warriors had appeared.

That meant that Yang Kai’s compound had the equivalent of four Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters guarding it!

There was also a group of people from the Qiu Family’s Autumn Rain Hall, the Xiang Family, and Huo Xing Chen.

On the other hand, although Yang Zhao and Yang Shen’s forces weren’t inferior to this lineup, even faintly having the advantage, with their two Blood Warriors unable to take the initiative to attack, wanting to conquer this place was nothing but a fantasy.

[Where did Ninth Brother find so many strong allies?]

Yang Zhao’s eyes almost went bloodshot.

“The hell!” Huo Xing Chen stared dumbfound at the two masked black men who had suddenly emerged.

Yang Zhao didn’t know who these two were, but obviously he did.

These two men had followed him for so many years, so by now Huo Xing Chen could recognize them even if he was blindfolded. The two masters had hidden their faces, making them look rather suspicious, but he was clear they there the guardians who had always been watching over him.

For a time, Yang Zhao and Huo Xing Chen were both stunned.

Seeing this development, Qiu Yi Meng who sat on Huo Xing Chen’s chair couldn’t help laughing happily. It seemed like she had won her bet.

Yang Shen’s face was also dark as night.

After the two sides fought each other for a moment longer, Yang Zhao grit his teeth and loudly said, “Let’s go!”

With no hope of eating up Yang Kai tonight, what point was there in sticking around? Yang Zhao was also a decisive person.

With this one command, the cultivators who were besieging Qu Gao Yi immediately fell back. Qu Gao Yi was bloody and gasping for breath, so obviously he didn’t try to stop them, instead just staring at the retreating enemies.

The Autumn Rain Hall and Xiang Tian Xiao’s people also separated themselves from their matches and assumed a defensive stance.

“Sixth Young Lord, is this all right?” Qiu Zi Ruo was clearly quite unwilling.

He more than most wanted to beat Yang Kai tonight to prove his ability, so when he heard Yang Zhao’s order to retreat, he was more than a little upset.

“What else do you want to do?” Yang Shen angrily retorted, his stomach full of grievances with nowhere to vent.

In tonight’s battle, he had clearly suffered more serious loses than Yang Zhao, so it was obvious his mood would not be good.

Saying so, Yang Shen sighed and was about to leave with Yang Zhao when a figure suddenly flew in from outside.

A loud voice calling out, “If you left just like this, Ninth Brother would feel a little remiss, let me deliver a little gift for Second Brother and Sixth Brother to bring back!”

As he spoke, an overwhelming sword wave descended from the sky.

Nine Star Sword Sect’s Mysterious Grade Martial Skill, Strike of Ten Thousand Swords!

Amidst this violent sword wave, a purple halo burst forth as a frigid Soul Skill engulfed the courtyard below.

Simultaneously, the roars of a tiger and ox resounded as two Monster Beast phantoms tore into the crowd.

A thousand of razor sharp crimson petals fluttered through the air like snowflakes, leaving behind trails of blood in their path.

This flurry of attacks arrived at Yang Zhao and Yang Shen’s forces almost all at once, instantly filling the just calmed atmosphere with a thick murderous intent.

“Young master, watch out!” A scream sounded.

The two Blood Warriors first protected Yang Zhao and Yang Shen while the masters from the Xiang Family, Nan Family, Qiu Family, and Ye Family all rushed to shield the young masters of their own families from this torrent of attacks.

The energy between heaven and earth suddenly fell into disorder as True Qi violently raged about.

After a while, this earth-shaking movement gradually subsided.

Of those who had come to attack Yang Kai’s compound tonight, seven fell to the ground after this one encounter while everyone else remaining didn’t get off scot-free.

As Yang Zhao stared up into the starry sky with cold eyes, the still hovering Yang Kai stood tall, holding a red sword in his hands with a big smile on his face, casually saying, “Good evening my brothers, Ninth Brother was just out for a bit and was negligent in his hospitality, but such minor things don’t matter between us, do they?”

Hearing these words, Yang Zhao’s face twitched slightly while Yang Shen called out in disbelief, “Ninth Brother really was out this whole time?”

Before, when Huo Xing Chen and Qiu Yi Meng said that Yang Kai was not at home, he and Yang Zhao obviously didn’t believe them, thinking that Yang Kai was simply too afraid of being captured so he had hid inside his mansion somewhere, but now that they saw him flying back from outside his compounds walls, they had no choice but to believe.

“Right!” Yang Kai nodded, “The night air was pleasant so I went out to visit Third Brother’s house. I didn’t expect that I would actually have guests of my own tonight! If I had, I would have stayed in to offer proper entertainment.”

“Third Brother’s house…” Yang Zhao’s eyes narrowed, suddenly realizing just how daring this Ninth Brother of his was, even feeling a bit of admiration for him.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Zhao asked, “What happened to Third Brother?”

“Third Brother has been defeated,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Fifth Brother and Seventh Brother joined forces to attack him, so obviously Third Brother was unable to endure.”

“Third Brother not being able to endure was to be expected; rather, it is Brother Kai who has given Second Brother a big surprise. You actually managed to quietly gather so many allies, Second Brother is impressed.”

“Second Brother exaggerates,” Yang Kai smiled offhandedly.

“So, who acquire the flag and who managed to capture Third Brother?”

Listening to Yang Zhao’s question, Yang Shen also perked up his ears in interest.

“You’ll hear about what happened tomorrow,” Yang Kai said as he smiled meaningfully, not saying another word.

Yang Zhao didn’t ask any more, instead just nodding slightly as he wore a light smile, “In that case, Second Brother will take his leave. Brother Kai, let us settle this score later. Next time, Second Brother will be fully prepared; I hope you don’t let me down.”

“En, I’ll do my best to satisfy you.”

“Let’s go!” Yang Zhao snorted and swiftly led his allies away.

Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng both glanced towards Yang Kai fearfully before leaving. The impression Yang Kai had left on them the last time they had met at Tai Fang Mountain was too deep. Even though they had been clamouring for revenge, at this moment, when they came face to face with him again, they couldn’t help trembling feeling somewhat timid.

With Yang Zhao leaving, Yang Shen naturally didn’t linger, ordering his allies to retrieve the bodies of their fallen comrades before disappearing into the night.

And so, the battles on the first night of the Inheritance War finally came to an end.

Inside the Seal Temple, the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders all slowly opened their eyes, withdrawing their powerful Divine Senses, a faint look of awe emerging on their faces as they cast their gazes out across War City.

For those who had reached their age and realm, it was very hard to have anything in this world excite them.

But tonight, someone had indeed done so.

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