Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 434

Even until now, they still didn’t understand how they had been exposed, so all they could do was silently accept this rebuke.

“Haa… this is the end of this Young Master, a death without burial, unable to even enter the Heavens.” Huo Xing Chen sighed and shook his head.

“Young Master, what happened?” The two masters were shocked. They had followed Huo Xing Chen for so many years, yet they had never once heard him make such a serious declaration. When he had spoken so, the two of them had immediately examined Huo Xing Chen’s body, if something was truly wrong with him, how could they not worry?

“This Young Master now has to streak ten laps around War City naked, what difference is that from being dead?” Huo Xing Chen said with a sigh of bitterness.

The looks on the two masters’ faces suddenly cramped up, secretly thinking that although their Young Master was famous for his drinking, gambling, and womanizing, from young till now, he hadn’t shown any interest in this kind of indecent hobby.

At a glance, the two seemed to have pictured Huo Xing Chen streaking around the city streets, his unfettered appearance causing shrieks and screams from all the women who inhabited War City.

In an instant they felt dumbstruck, half wanting to curse, half wanting to laugh.

(Silavin: I say, my good man, those are some loyal guys you have there.)

Quickly collecting themselves, one of them hesitantly asked, “Young Master, what is this all about? How come you suddenly want to… *ahem*… I mean, why do you need to do this, is someone forcing you?”

“Nobody is forcing me, it’s just that this Young Master was impulsive during the day and gambled with that little bastard Yang Kai!” Huo Xing Chen felt an unbridled anger well up inside him when remembered the scene of him betting with Yang Kai earlier today.

That brat Yang Kai clearly knew what the outcome tonight would be and lured him into a trap by making himself look like he had no hope of surviving, only using a single Golden Feather Eagle to tempt him into making this ridiculous wager.

At that time, he felt that Yang Kai was being whimsical and foolish, but now it seems the dumb one wasn’t Yang Kai but actually himself.

As he briefly summarized about the bet he had made to them, the two Huo Family masters were left speechless.

Both of them knew the disposition of their Young Master well. Huo Xing Chen had a terrible reputation outside, filled with rumours of debauchery and delinquency, but if he dared speak words, he would always honour them.

In other words, when it came to gambling, he was quite upstanding. Though he liked to play rogue, he had never once gone back on a debt.

A perfect example was when he didn’t have enough silver to compensate for his losses, he had directly transferred ownership of the Profound Light Gang to Yang Kai. It was obvious from this point that Huo Xing Chen was a decisive person who disdained owing other people, whether it was in terms of gambling or relationships.

Since he had made this bet and now lost, according to his personality, if he couldn’t find a way out of it, he really would have to strip down and run ten laps around War City.

The two masters could almost certainly predict that once news of such an incident was passed back to the Huo Family, Huo Zheng would be so mad he would spit blood.

“What wonderful plan do you have to let this Young Master escape this tribulation? Speak up.” Huo Xing Chen said as he walked over to a large stone and sat down.

The two masters both exchanged a glance before one of them lightly coughed and replied, “Young Master, I don’t believe Young Lord Kai really wants to see you streak ten laps around War City. Regardless of how it happened, the Young Master is still one of his allies, so he will likely give you some face. If you go explain things to him, he should be willing to make big things small, and make small things nothing.”

“Bullshit!” Huo Xing Chen snorted, “Although this Young Master hasn’t known that brat for long, but I already understand his personality quite well. He’s even more decisive, stubborn and ruthless than this Young Master! If I can’t find some way to appease him, he’ll definitely make me run ten laps; he might even be looking for me right now!”

While saying so, he ground his teeth, “Damn it, that bastard’s personal strength is too freakish! If not, this Young Master would just beat him up to solve this problem.”

Thinking of the scene that night and thinking about the defeat Xiang Tian Xiao suffered, Huo Xing Chen suddenly felt forlorn.

Both of them were Young Lords from the Eight Great Families, so why was he so much stronger than him?

“How do you want to appease him, Young Master?” One of them heard Huo Xing Chen’s words and couldn’t help but ask.

“I do not know, that’s why I’m asking you.” Huo Xing Chen slumped over, showing a frustrated expression.

After thinking for a moment, one of the two old men finally said, “If that is the case, for better or worse, the Young Master has already declared that you are an ally of Young Lord Kai, although the Patriarch objected and refused to send any aid. But right now, what Yang Kai lacks the most is materials and manpower, while our Huo Family has both strong financial resources and talented people. I think it’s best if you convince your lord father to truly support Young Lord Kai, that way he may exempt you for your gambling debt.”

After hearing his subordinate’s proposal, Huo Xing Chen cracked out a calculative grin. “Alright. Those words were all from you and not me. I did not utter a single sentence right? So, when you return back home and report to my old man, make sure you report this fact. Understand?”

After listening, the Master was stunned, but understood what Huo Xing Chen has planned. Showing a wry grin, the Master could only resign to the fact that Huo Xing Chen has thought up the same plan. However, Huo Xing Chen just needed to Master to realise the plan by inducing it through words.

As a result, when Huo Zheng asked about what happened, he could feign innocence.

Huo Zheng was no doubt annoyed with his son’s decision and refused to give him the least bit of support, but if these two masters were to act as lobbyists, they may be able to convince the Patriarch to mobilize manpower and supplies from the Huo Family.

“Good, go now, we need to get this done before the sun rises tomorrow, lest that bastard says that this Young Master refuses to keep his promises.” Huo Xing Chen folded his hands behind his back and swaggered off towards the Central Capital, the two Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters quickly following behind.

When no one was watching, Huo Xing Chen’s face gradually became dignified, no trace of his previous delinquent smile apparent on his face.

During tonight’s battle, everyone had only marveled at the powerful performance of the Yang Kai’s two Blood Warriors and then by his own rogue behavior. It seemed that no one had time to think about how the two Blood Warriors had, in the span of a single day, restored themselves to their peak condition.

Huo Xing Chen had to admit that he had severely underestimated Yang Kai. Before tonight, he really believed that Yang Kai would be eliminated, or even if he wasn’t, he would be left in a precarious situation.

But contrary to his expectations, Yang Kai had easily defended his base and even found time to run outside to cause trouble.

This Yang Family Little Lord was really too interesting!

Not only him, but the other Yang Family Young Lords were each not opponents one should provoke.

Originally, his intention was to just play around in this Inheritance War in order to relieve his boredom, but now, Huo Xing Chen was faintly looking forward to it, looking for what kind of twists and turns would happen during this contest, he even thought it was interesting whether Yang Kai would be defeated or not.

Staring off into the night, Huo Xing Chen considered many things as he made his way home.

On the first night of the Inheritance War, there were two battles in total, one at the Third Young Lord, Yang Tie’s mansion, the other at the Ninth Young Lord, Yang Kai’s.

The final outcome of these two battles had greatly shocked all who bore witness.

For both of these battles, a single person had overshadowed all others, Yang Kai!

During the battle at Yang Tie’s compound, both the flag and the person were snatched by Yang Kai at the last moment, while at his own mansion, in his absence, it remained perfectly defended.

This was nothing short of incredible.

None of the people who heard these two messages were willing to believe their ears, but after many inquiries, they had no choice but to confirm it was the truth.

At the same time, another astonishing piece of news came out. This Yang Kai not only had the Huo Family’s sole heir Huo Xing Chen as an ally, but even the famous Qiu Yi Meng had temporarily withdrawn from her Qiu Family in order to support him!

Huo Xing Chen participating didn’t create much stir, as the Central Capital’s number one delinquent Young Lord, there is nothing wrong with him randomly picking one of the Yang Family Young Lords, but why was it that Qiu Yi Meng was willing to go against her family to help this Yang Kai?

The Qiu Family First Young Lady’s name resounded loudly throughout the Central Capital and even the Great Han Dynasty. Crowds had always made judgements based on the opinions of famous people, so Qiu Yi Meng’s move had given many people some thoughts.

It was obvious that with the Huo Family’s Young Lord and the Qiu Family’s Young Lady supporting him, not only would Yang Kai become famous throughout War City, even the Central Capital’s populace would know his name.

The limelight belonged to Yang Kai right now and no one could challenge him for it.

The night fell and day dawned.

In the front courtyard, Yang Kai was cultivating his Tempered Body Record when Qiu Yi Meng walked over, a thick look of exhaustion on her face.

She didn’t sleep at all last night; after yesterday’s war, organizing the cleanup and reconstruction had kept her busy until now. Halting her footsteps a dozen paces away from Yang Kai, Qiu Yi Meng’s weary yet beautiful face revealed a suspicious expression.

This was not the first time she had witnessed Yang Kai practicing this set of punches and kicks, but till this day she still couldn’t unravel any profoundness in it, from her perspective, it seemed like even she could easily imitate him.

She didn’t know why Yang Kai had a special liking for this set of exercises and would never fail to execute them when the sun rose each morning.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked calmly.

“Your cousin is here.” Qiu Yi Meng rubbed her forehead gently and replied.

“Is he round?”

“En, very.”

(Silavin: Hahah. The actual translation was quite plain. So I changed it a little

Is he fat?

En. He is fat. )

“Let him find a place to settle in, I’ll go see him later.”

“En.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded and walked a few steps before turning back and saying, “Oh right, I forgot to mention, you should stay in today.”

“Hm, why?”

“Many people will probably come to see you.”

“If I don’t know them, send them away.” Yang Kai furrowed his brow slightly, still clenching his fists.

People coming to see him today would definitely be because the news of last night had spread. Although many forces gathered outside the Central Capital’s South Gate yesterday had already selected which Yang Family Young Lord they would support, many more were still observing the situation, some of whom had specifically chosen to use the performance of the various Young Lord on the first night to make a final decision.

Yang Kai’s performance last night had been too dazzling, so it wasn’t surprising that some people would come running over to try currying favour with him.

Listening to Yang Kai’s answer, Qiu Yi Meng instinctively wanted to retort, but after thinking for a moment, simply nodding, “Good, those who show up who you don’t know are probably only interested in reaping some benefits.”

Qiu Yi Men was well aware of Yang Kai’s personality. Any grievance had to be settled and only soft food would be eaten while hard food rejected; it wasn’t easy for her to build their relationship up to where it was today, so how could she jeopardize it by make such a silly mistake like opposing him on this?

With a sigh, she turned around set out to attend to her own business.

After half an hour, Yang Kai finished his morning routine and felt a burst of joyous relief from his bones. The Tempered Body Record was something he practiced whenever possible. This seemingly ordinary set of exercises actually put an enormous strain on his body, pushing him to his limits both physically and mentally. The further into the set of motions he proceeded, the greater the pressure he had to bear, in fact, with his current cultivation and strength, he could still only complete half of the entire routine.

Yang Kai secretly estimated that he would need to at least break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary before he could complete the entire set of movements described in the Tempered Body Record.

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