Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 436

At this time he was more than able to attack Yang Quan.

“Are you still taking your brotherhood into account at this time?” Qiu Yi Meng sneered, “Don’t forget, last night two of your brothers didn’t hesitate to attack you. In your Yang Family’s Inheritance War, any talk of brotherly bonds is pure nonsense, the only law here is the law of the jungle, using your blood and bones as well as those of other family’s cultivators to build a path to fame and fortune.”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, although what Qiu Yi Meng said was the truth, it still wasn’t something that should be so carelessly mentioned.

Qiu Yi Meng either didn’t see or didn’t care about this slight change in expression, continuing, “Not to mention, even if you don’t attack Yang Quan, someone else will attack him sooner or later. Instead of allow others to pick up this cheap bargain it would be better for you to grab it yourself.”

“Knowing Junior Brother, you should have a reason for your decision, right?” Lan Chu Die suddenly spoke, her eyes flashing a glimmer of soft light.

Whether it was because she was interrupted or because of the subtle tones in Lan Chu Die’s voice, the slightly bitter feeling in Qiu Yi Meng’s heart throbbed again, causing her to snort lightly, “And what reason is that?”

“Think about it yourself; Young Lady Qiu is smart, I’m sure if you give it some thought you’ll understand.” Yang Kai smiled casually.

Qiu Yi Meng looked at him and let out a long sigh, the slight turbulence she felt suddenly calming down. Just now, she had become slightly over-excited. One reason was that Yang Kai had never accepted her views no matter what advice she made so she couldn’t help feeling a sense of discouragement. Secondly, Yang Kai staring at Lan Chu Die’s chest had made her upset.

She also had a woman’s capital, it’s just that they weren’t as big!

In the end though, Qiu Yi Meng was still Qiu Yi Meng. Her thoughts and wisdom were both extraordinary, so naturally, once she had calmed down and began processing the information she had on hand, it wasn’t difficult for her to unravel Yang Kai’s intentions.

Dong Qing Han saw and felt the slight tension in the air and did not dare to interrupt, only able to play dumb as he watched from the side.

For a time, it was so quiet that one could hear a needle fall to the floor, but soon, Qiu Yi Meng looked up and stared into Yang Kai’s eyes, smiling as she nodded and said, “I understand.”

“Since you know, then don’t bring this matter up again.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Good, I won’t bother trying to advise you in the future, this feeling of showing off meager skill in front of an expert isn’t very pleasant.” Qiu Yi Meng spat disdainfully, looking a little depressed.

“Heh, a good woman should be obedient!” Yang Kai casts a look at her as if this outcome was only natural.

Dong Qing Han spat out the mouth full of water he had just drank upon hearing this sentence, coughing violently as he secretly admired the depths of Yang Kai’s courage.

Who would dares say this to Qiu Yi Meng? None of the other Young Lords of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families had such guts, nor did they have the qualifications, only his cousin would dare speak this way.

Such balls! However, the most surprising part was that the Young Lady Qiu didn’t retort.

Nearby, Lan Chu Die wore a puzzled expression, wanting to ask what all of this was about but too embarrassed to do so.

On the other hand, after the Wind and Cloud old men thought about it for a while, both of them nodded in agreement.

“Um… can I ask a question?” Dong Qing Han finally couldn’t resist his curiosity, “What kind of scheme is going on?”

Qiu Yi Meng giggled and looked towards the Wind and Cloud Guards, “If the two Seniors have understood, they should explain to Young Master Dong. Don’t let him be so anxious.”

The Cloud Guard quickly exchanged a glance with the Wind Guard before saying, “This old man can think of only one reason. If there is anything lacking from my explanation, I hope Young Master Kai and Young Lady Qiu can elaborate.”

After a pause, he continued, “Young Master Kai is now the centre of attention, among the remaining seven Young Lords, none can compare at the moment. On the surface this is indeed a good time for him to act aggressively and expand his influence. The other Young Lords all suffered heavy losses last night and have no time and or mood to pay attention to others. The only exception is the Eldest Young Lord Yang Wei, who didn’t take action yesterday out of consideration for his identity as the Eldest Brother. Such was his way of giving his younger brothers some face. However, if Young Master Kai was to attack Yang Quan tonight, given Young Master Yang Wei’s temperament, he shouldn’t plot behind his back, at most, he would join hands with Young Master Kai to divide up the benefits.”

“But if Young Master Kai does this, then he’ll have a record of eliminating two Yang Family Young Lords in a very short time. This way, his fame will reach new heights, but that will only draw more attention to himself. Once they’ve finished consolidating their positions, the other five Young Lords will definitely regard Young Master Kai as their biggest enemy, quite possibly forcing them to join together to handle us!”

Wind Guard nodded and quietly said, “The tree which rises too far above the forest will be destroyed by the wind.”

Listening to this explanation, Dong Qing Han and Lan Chu Die immediately realized why Yang Kai didn’t agree with Qiu Yi Meng’s initial proposal.

The analysis of the Wind and Cloud Guards was really possible… No, it was almost certain.

If the other Yang Family Young Lords were forced to join forces against him, Yang Kai’s days would definitely become difficult.

Now that he had grabbed the limelight, doing it again would only be counterproductive.

For a time, Dong Qing Han awkwardly scratched his head and was secretly glad that he was not born into the Yang Family. If he had to compete with Yang Kai and his insidious brothers, even after he had failed, he probably wouldn’t be clear why.

The Wind and Cloud Guards both slowly shook their head, one of them saying, “This Old Man can only see this reason, but if there are others, could Young Master Kai enlightened this elder?”

“Is this one reason not enough?” Dong Qing Han suddenly felt confused again, after all, this one reason should be more than enough to let Yang Kai stand down.

Yang Kai smiled slightly as he nodded, “There is indeed another reason, but I can’t say it right now, it would only make people think that I am too arrogant. You’ll understand a few days from now.”

The Wind Guard nodded lightly, “If Young Master Kai has his own considerations, then there’s no need to explain. We will just wait and see.”

Qiu Yi Meng let out another long sigh, “I understand you less and less the longer we interact.”

Even she didn’t know what the second reason Yang Kai refused to attack was, or if it was possible he had a third reason as well.

As the group of people were finishing up this discussion, Xiang Tian Xiao arrived and politely cupped his fists, “Young Lord Kai, someone has come to seek an alliance with you.”

“Is it someone who knows me or someone who doesn’t?” Yang Kai frowned and asked.

“Their leader says they know you.” Xiang Tian Xiao replied.

“Who is it?” Yang Kai was suddenly surprised.

“The Lu Family.”

Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng both exchanged a glance and grinned, knowing that this must be someone sent by Lu Liang.

“Since they’ve come, let them come in.” Yang Kai gave a command, his expression completely flat, these people would definitely be bringing many gifts from the Lu Family.

Xiang Tian Xiao nodded in acknowledgement before turning around to greet these newcomers.

A moment later, Lu Song led two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters into the mansion’s main hall.

Lu Song really didn’t want to bring these supplies to Yang Kai. In his mind, Yang Kai must be nothing more than a treacherous bastard, or else how could he have blackmailed the Lu Family into giving him such rich compensation for an act they played no part in?

He had simply never heard of someone so shameless!

If possible, he wanted to bring these supplies to one of the other Yang Family Young Lords, but after word of Yang Kai’s performance spread last night, Lu Song realized that it was impossible for him to not make this delivery.

Lu Liang had commanded that whatever Yang Kai’s performance in the Inheritance War was, these things must be given to him, and now Yang Kai’s performance had suddenly become the most dazzling of all the Young Lords.

If this batch of materials wasn’t handed over to him but instead given to another by him, when Lu Song returned to the family, he would likely be disciplined harshly.

Thinking about how this time, both these gifts and people had to be handed over to that thug Yang Kai, Lu Song couldn’t help feeling his stomach turning.

The Lu Family had sent a lot of manpower. Two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters were responsible for guarding Lu Song, while an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage, two Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage, and twenty other True Element Boundary cultivators comprised the rest of the force.

If someone came with such a powerful boost, any of the other Yang Family Young Lords would no doubt come out to greet him personally, but this Yang Kai actually had one of his henchmen lead him inside, obviously not having any intention of welcoming him in person.

This only made Lu Song’s stomach full of grievances bloat.

When he initially walked in, his expression was quite flat, but upon seeing Qiu Yi Meng, he quickly went forward and cupped his fists, “Lu Song greets cousin.”

Qiu Yi Meng gently nodded, “En, you’ve worked hard.”

Lu Song smiled and replied, “Cousin is too polite, it’s just delivering some things, no trouble at all.”

After this initial conversation, Lu Song swept he eyes over the crowd and asked, “Who is Young Lord Kai?”

Yang Kai nodded indifferently and replied, “I am!”

Lu Song’s gaze fixed on Yang Kai, his mouth forming into a slightly provocative grin as he chuckled, “Greetings Young Lord Kai, this Lu Song has long heard of your reputation.”

When Qiu Yi Meng heard this, her eyes involuntarily narrowed slightly, obviously unhappy with Lu Song’s impolite tone.

Yang Kai though remained unphased, not seeming to care in the slightest, only saying, “The Lu Family seems to have spared no expense.”

Considering what he had done to Lu Liang, this Lu Family Young Lord being in a good mood would have been odd, so Yang Kai has no intention to care about him, after all, he had a perfectly good reason to not like him.

Lu Song hadn’t thought Yang Kai’s reaction would be so dull, so instead of continuing to provoke him, he simply went straight to business and flatly said, “When I left home I was told that all of these things must be delivered to Young Lord Kai. Also, these people who have accompanied me are at Young Lord Kai’s disposal. I hope they will be of help to Young Lord Kai in the Inheritance War.”

“Understood,” Yang Kai nodded. “If that’s the case, then feel free to settle yourselves. This place is quite big, have Qiu Yi Meng help you arrange a courtyard somewhere. If you have any concerns, I’ll try to meet them.”

The big change in attitude from the Lu Family’s Patriarch Lu Liang didn’t surprise Yang Kai, but towards this group of people, he didn’t pay much attention.

If he was not mistaken, Lu Song should have already arrived in War City long ago, but he didn’t show up yesterday and had only come today. It was obvious that this youth was waiting to see if he would be eliminated last night.

Whether this guess was correct or not, it would be simple to find out after he deployed the Bamboo Knot Gang.

Towards such an ally, Yang Kai would naturally not treat them the same as he would the Dong Family or Qiu Yi Meng.

Qiu Yi Meng smiled and was about to help arrange Lu Song’s people when Xiang Tian Xiao actually ran in again and said, “Young Lord Kai, there are people…”


“Purple Fern Valley!”

Hearing this name, Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes lit up and happily said, “It must be Xiao Man.”

As she spoke, she hurried turned to Yang Kai and whispered, “It’s not that Xiao Man didn’t want to help you yesterday, but you also know that Xiao Man is a girl. Although she has some status in Purple Fern Valley, it’s still not enough to allow her to make any big decisions. Her being able to bring people here today has certainly taken her quite a lot of effort. Be sure to thank her properly.”

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