Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 437

“Don’t worry, I will.” Yang Kai nodded gently, “I’ll go meet them myself.”

Hearing these words Qiu Yi Meng suddenly smiled brightly and said, “Seems you still have some conscience.”

Standing up, Yang Kai led a group of people outside. Qiu Yi Meng turned back before leaving and spoke to Lu Song, “Wait for a moment here. I will arrange accommodations for you later.”

Lu Song nodded indifferently, unable to help feeling somewhat slighted, after all, when he came, Yang Kai hadn’t gone out to welcome him.

Outside the house, the Purple Fern Valley group, headed by Luo Xiao Man, was waiting quietly.

After a moment, Yang Kai walked out along with Qiu Yi Meng, followed by Dong Qing Han and Lan Chu Die.

“Elder Sister Qiu!” Luo Xiao Man saw Qiu Yi Meng, shouted with joy, and stepped forward, but when she saw Yang Kai beside her, she immediately halted, her neck shrank, and her timid nature resurfaced.

Her fear of Yang Kai had penetrated into her soul, but even she didn’t quite understand it. In any case, as long as she saw Yang Kai, even if she didn’t think of him as a bad person, Luo Xiao Man was still afraid of him.

This time, if it wasn’t for Qiu Yi Meng’s asking her personally, she wouldn’t have had the courage to stand by Yang Kai’s side during the Inheritance War.

“Xiao Man!” Qiu Yi Meng knew that this little sister of hers lacked courage and quickly walked over and held her hand for a while.

Yang Kai glanced at her with a smile and then glanced over at Lan Chu Die behind Dong Qing Han, quietly thinking that these two young women shared a common trait.

Of course that was their bountiful mountains. Both of these two weren’t tall, once could even call them petite and delicate; however, the capital they possessed was no less than earth-shaking.

Glancing back and forth between the two, Yang Kai suddenly felt somewhat dazed and overwhelmed.

When Lan Chu Die noticed this unscrupulous gaze, her face blushed slightly.

“Purple Fern Valley’s Fan Hong greets Young Lord Kai!” From the group of people that came from Purple Fern Valley, a young man stepped forward, smiled and cupped his fists.

“Brother Fan isn’t a stranger, no need to act so formal.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Fan Hong grinned slightly awkwardly, “Previously, when we met in High Heaven Pavilion, this Fan had acted rudely, I hope that Young Lord Kai will not take offence. From this day onward, Fan Hong is here to accompany Young Lord Kai in his efforts.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed subtly as his attitude also become more relaxed, putting on a hearty smile, “Brother Fan coming all this way to support me is my honour. As for the previous things, they were mere trivialities I have already forgotten about.”

The last these two met was at High Heaven Pavilion when the Dong Family’s Dong Qing Han, Bai Family’s Bai Yun Feng, and Fan Hong from Purple Fern Valley had come to recruit disciples. When the trio had learned that Yang Kai had obtained a Mysterious Grade Martial Skill, the two who didn’t know about his hidden background had each offered a price in hopes of purchasing it.

Dong Qing Han being Yang Kai’s cousin obviously didn’t participate while the ignorant Bai Yun Feng had ended up despising and fighting with Yang Kai. Sometime later, Bai Yun Feng had died in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Spider Mother’s Den.

At that time, Fan Hong’s attitude toward Yang Kai was not good but at least he didn’t take things as far as Bai Yun Feng, so Yang Kai had never thought of seeking vengeance against him.

Listening to his Yang Kai’s, Fan Hong’s smile relaxed as he offered his thanks

“Let’s go inside and have some tea while we talk.” Yang Kai warmly said.

The number of cultivators Purple Fern Valley had sent was neither many nor few, and on average they had similar strength to the people the Lu Family had deployed. Since the Inheritance War was a stage for the younger generation, many of these people were similar in age to Fan Hong and Luo Xiao Man.

Luo Xiao Man and Qiu Yi Meng had become inseparable after sharing so many life experiences together so Yang Kai guessed that the people from Purple Fern Valley would faithfully follow Luo Xiao Man’s orders and by extension would obediently follow Qiu Yi Meng’s.

This group of people could be counted on to help him! Yang Kai secretly calculated in his mind, elevating the positioned of the Purple Fern Valley’s cultivators in his heart.

When they returned to the mansion’s main hall, Yang Kai introduced the various Young Lords and Young Ladies and their respective forces to one another.

At first, Lu Song’s expression was not very good, but when Yang Kai came back and introduced Luo Xiao Man, the look in his eyes softened and the anger in his heart also faded. Since ancient times, heroes had always loved beauties; with such an enchanting young girl coming to support him, it was understandable that Yang Kai would take the initiative to go out and greet her.

Secretly steeling a glance at Luo Xiao Man and Lan Chu Die, Lu Song’s thoughts wandered slightly as he wondered which of these two had superior assets.

(Silavin: A normal gentleman. I guess.)

Luo Xiao Man was originally a willful girl, but since she experienced the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, her temperament had changed. Her courage had become smaller than that of a mouse so as she was stared at by Lu Song, she couldn’t help feeling uneasy, and eventually hid behind Qiu Yi Meng. On the other hand, Lan Chu Die stood beside Dong Qing Han and stared back at this rude youth with a pair of sharp eyes, not showing any fear, her smile slowly becoming slightly cold.

Seeing these reactions, Lu Song took back his gaze hastily.

Although Yang Kai was talking with Fan Hong and Dong Qing Han, he had also diverted part of his attention to the eyes of everyone in the hall, so when he noticed Lu Song’s petty actions, he couldn’t help but sneer.

Senior Sister Lan wasn’t a good person to bully, she was strong willed and intelligent, how could she possibly let such delinquent behaviour off so easily?

Before many words could be exchanged though, Xiang Tian Xiao once again appeared.

Not waiting for him to speak, Yang Kai directly asked, “Who is it this time?”

“A young man and woman, the strength is probably only around the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage,” Xiang Tian Xiao replied meticulously, “They said they are old friends of the Young Lord’s. They said their names were Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu.”

“It’s them?” Yang Kai looked surprised.

“Do you know them?” Qiu Yi Meng asked with amazement.

“Of course I know them.” Yang Kai smiled happily as he reminisced, “I once met them when I was out for life experience, they are a Senior Brother and Junior Sister couple from Reflecting Moon Sect.”

“Reflecting Moon Sect…” Qiu Yi Meng frowned, “If I remember correctly, Reflecting Moon Sect should be just a second-class force.”

“En, it is a second-class Sect.” Yang Kai nodded.

Xiang Tian Xiao spoke up again, “Young Lord Kai, only the two of them have come and it seems that no masters have accompanied them, what are your instructions?”

There were only two young cultivators with strengths around True Element Boundary Seventh Stage; such strength wouldn’t be of any use in the Inheritance War. Those who wanted to participate in Inheritance War from the world’s major forces would either sent a large contingent of manpower to help, or deliver a substantial amount of war material and resources, it was essentially impossible for a Sect or family to send only two young people with low strength to act as their representatives.

Xiang Tian Xiao asking this question was obviously implying that Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu both wanted to use their old friendship with Yang Kai as an excuse to take shelter under his wings, an act he himself found quite distasteful.

“Yang Kai, even if they are old friends, their attitude doesn’t seem to be appropriate, you should properly refuse them.” As his cousin, Dong Qing Han felt obligated to remind him.

If he were to blindly accept them, it would only make his other allies who had brought him much more support disgruntled, after all, if they obtained victory in the Inheritance War, this Reflecting Moon Sect would also need to be given a piece of their cake.

However, if they had sincerely come to help him, even if they were few in number and strength, they shouldn’t be rejected mercilessly.

“No need,” Yang Kai shook his head and got up; smoothing his robe slightly, “Wait here for a moment. I’ll go talk to them myself.”

Qiu Yi Meng looked awkward, not understanding why Yang Kai was acting so seriously when dealing with a mere second-class Sect, even when he had just greeted Luo Xiao Man’s Purple Fern Valley he was not as happy.

But after thinking about it for a moment, Qiu Yi Meng just giggle lightly.

Looking back at Lu Song, she also found that the Lu Family’s young master’s facial expression had turned sour.

Furrowing her brow, Qiu Yi Meng knew that he was resentful because of Yang Kai’s indifference towards him and couldn’t help but deeply sigh. Lu Liang sending his to participate in this time’s Inheritance War was probably a mistake.

Qiu Yi Meng hadn’t had much contact with this young master from the Lu Family so she wasn’t aware of his personality before, but now, she understood that this cousin of hers’ wasn’t mature enough to remain here.

Suddenly wearing a smile, she turned to him and said, “Lu Song, don’t think too much about it, since these two are old friends of Yang Kai, him going out to meet them isn’t surprising. Just wait till then come in then we can send them away, a trivial pair of second-class Sect disciples doesn’t have the qualifications to stay here.”

Dong Qing Han shot Qiu Yi Meng a strange look. He hadn’t thought that this Young Lady Qiu was so petty and difficult to accommodate.

Lu Song had been secretly annoyed, but as soon as Qiu Yi Meng said this, he suddenly smiled and thought that Qiu Yi Meng was quietly supporting him, quickly nodding, “What cousin said is correct, isn’t everyone in this hall now at least from a first-class force? That Reflecting Moon Sect is quite interesting actually, a trivial second-class Sect actually sending two juniors to participate in the Inheritance War, ridiculous! I’d like to see what thick skin these two have to come here so empty handed.”

Qiu Yi Meng smiled meaningfully and said no more. Having received a look of encouragement from her, Lu Song straightened himself up and waited for Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu to come in so he could valiantly send them packing.

Outside the mansion, a pair of youths, a young man and a young woman, stared around with a look of anticipation and anxiety.

As Su Xiao Yu stared at the entrance and waited for a long time without seeing Yang Kai, she couldn’t help lick her dried lips slightly and say, “Senior Brother, do think that this Yang Kai is really that Yang Kai? What if nobody comes to see us even after we’ve reported our names?”

When Chen Xue Shu heard this he wore a bitter smile, “Junior Sister, don’t you think you’re asking the wrong person? How should I know if this Brother Yang is the same Brother Yang we know? The world is so big, there is bound to be many people with the same name.”

“Ah…” Su Xiao Yu suddenly felt a little lost, “If this Yang Kai isn’t the one we know, then we’ll have run all this way only to be refused, that would be quite shameful.”

“If we lose face then we lose face; master didn’t want to participate in this Inheritance War exactly because our Reflecting Moon Sect is just a second-class force and our strength isn’t great, participation wouldn’t benefit the sect much and might even harm it. It was only because I convinced him that this Yang Kai might be an old friend of ours that master allowed us to come. If this mansion’s owner isn’t the one we know, then being refused might not be a bad thing, at the very least we’ll be able to leave here and not trouble ourselves.”

“I think he is the one we know!” Su Xiao Yu suddenly affirmed, “Do you still remember his performance in that isolated world? The people from the Tian Lang Dynasty were all toyed with by him, he even had time to save all of our lives in the process, except for the Central Capital’s Yang Family, I’m afraid that no force could train such a person.”

Recalling the experiences they had in the isolated world, Chen Xue Shu also wore a faint smile, if not for Yang Kai, all the cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty would have been completely annihilated.

“Whether it is him or not, we’ll soon know.”

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