Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 439

Inside the main hall, Lu Song’s arrogance was all but stifling.

Both Dong Qing Han and Fan Hong had their brows knit. They were not as idiotic as Lu Song. They had already understood something, but since neither Yang Kai nor Qiu Yi Meng had spoken up, they didn’t plan to interject, instead choosing to stand by and watch things play out.

Receiving the praise from Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes, Lu Song sneered even harder as he insolently said, “If you want to reap some returns, you have to invest enough first! Can you bring out so much manpower and resources? Oh, I apologize, I forgot, you’re nothing but a second-class Sect. You probably don’t even have this much strength, but at the very least, you should be able to produce half of what my Lu Family has brought. If you can’t even do this much, I suggest you get the hell out and crawl back to wherever you came from.”

“Young Master!” The Lu Family’s Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage master had a cold sweat on his forehead. He was not young and inexperienced like Lu Song and had quickly discovered things were out a place, especially the coldness and dissatisfaction in Yang Kai’s eyes.

The young master of his family speaking so willfully in another person’s home, bullying and suppressing Yang Kai’s friends to the point of tears, wasn’t this the same as slapping Yang Kai’s face?

What’s more, when Yang Kai introduced Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu, the tone he used was quite serious.

These two may not have high birth or great strength, but Yang Kai obviously valued them highly!

If he continued to let Lu Song talk like this, things would become bad!

“Young Master, you’ve said so much, it’s best if you sit and drink some tea to wet your throat.” Under the eyes of the public, he couldn’t speak directly, only able to quietly give Lu Song a reminder.

But Lu Song remained completely ignorant, still sneering disdainfully, his attitude more arrogant than ever.

Chen Xue Shu’s face was also getting uglier and uglier.

“Lu Song!” Yang Kai suddenly said coldly as he stared that the Lu Family’s Young Master.

“What instructions does Young Lord Kai have?” Lu Song immediately stopped chattering and asked quickly. With Chen Xue Shu he could make a fuss, but he didn’t have the guts to do so directly towards Yang Kai.

“Get out.”

“Huh?” Lu Song’s expression cramped as he stared in confusion.

“I’ll give you thirty breaths of time, if within thirty breaths you don’t leave my house, I’ll make you stay here forever.” Yang Kai spoke extremely solemnly, an icy murderous intent flashing across his eyes.

Lu Song froze up completely; never had he dreamed that such a result would occur. The meaning of Yang Kai’s words was clear, but that only made him more confused, the people he was expelling weren’t these two parasites from Reflecting Moon Sect, but himself.

“Young Lord Kai, are you cracking a joke?” Lu Song’s mouth twitched slightly as his face gradually reddened. If he were to be driven out by Yang Kai in front of so many people, he would have no face left at all.

“Do I look like I’m joking? You have twenty-five breaths left!” Yang Kai snorted.

“Are you insane!?” Lu Song roared as he glared at Yang Kai incredulously, “My Lu Family has dedicated so many resources to help you win this Inheritance War yet you want to throw me out? Don’t you want our support?”

Yang Kai didn’t answer and instead just continued to stare at him coldly.

Perceiving this cold intent, Lu Song couldn’t help trembling slightly, suddenly thinking of something and asking, “My cousin is here to help you, she is one of your biggest boosts, aren’t you afraid that if you drive me out she will leave too.”

“If she’s stupid enough to support you then she can get the hell out as well!” Yang Kai sneered even harder, “Twenty breaths.”

Qiu Yi Meng rolled her eyes at this comment.

“Cousin…” Lu Song finally began panicking and secretly regretted saying so much nonsense, glancing over at Qiu Yi Meng in hopes that she would say a few words to dull Yang Kai’s overbearing approach.

However, Qiu Yi Meng just sighed, “Lu Song, you should leave, he’s a man of his word. Nothing I say will change anything, if you push him too far, even I won’t be able to help you.”


“Fifteen!” Yang Kai issued a final warning.

“Young Master, let’s go.” The Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage master said through his tightly clenched teeth, letting out a long sigh after he had spoken the words. Lu Song hadn’t seen the hidden intent behind this farce, but he understood it well. Saying anything more would yield no benefit so the best course of action would be to swiftly retreat.

Seeing Lu Song’s embarrassment and helplessness, Su Xiao Yu suddenly became flustered and excited, secretly gripping her fists.

All the insults and ridicule she had just received, at this moment, seemed to have been returned tenfold, causing her to gratefully glance over at Yang Kai.

Outside the mansion, Lu Song cursed angrily, “Bastard! I brought both people and supplies to participate in the Inheritance War yet you actually have the gall to drive me out! If that’s how you want to do things then I’ll accompany you! I’ll spread word of your deeds here today and see if anyone dares join you from now on!”

Inside the hall, Qiu Yi Meng shook her head and smiled bitterly. If it wasn’t for the Lu Family’s Young Lord’s terrible performance, she wouldn’t have manipulated him into this situation. The Lu Family was still one of the Qiu Family’s subordinates, so a certain amount of face should have been given to them, if there was any hope, Qiu Yi Meng would have been happy to let Lu Song stay here.

But after hearing his unrepentant threat, Qiu Yi Meng immediately affirmed that her decision was correct. Forcing him out now had only let him lose face, if she had tried to let him remain; it was entirely possible Yang Kai would eventually kill him.

“Why did you encourage him?” Yang Kai looked at Qiu Yi Meng with great meaning. Lu Song was an idiot, but if Qiu Yi Meng didn’t support him, he wouldn’t have dared act so wantonly in front of himself.

Just now, he had acted so wild and unscrupulous that it was clear when Yang Kai went out to meet Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu Qiu Yi Meng must have given him some hints.

“En, I casually spoke one or two things to him,” Qiu Yi Meng nodded faintly, “But isn’t this result good? I don’t think you wanted him to stay anyways.”

“Good, I wanted him to leave, but he had brought a lot of things with him so it wasn’t quite proper to just tell him to get out.” Yang Kai said with a smile.

“So you should thank me, shouldn’t you?” Qiu Yi Meng said frankly as she smiled back, not making any attempt to deny or evade.

With Yang Kai, she had no need to be polite, this man was simply too sharp and strong. If she were to continue playing coy, Yang Kai will definitely continue to lead her by the nose.

Yang Kai acted like he hadn’t heard her and instead turned to Chen Xue Shu and said, “Brother Chen, I’ve let you suffer.”

Chen Xue Shu scratched his head slightly as he looked somewhat embarrassed. From the words of Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng, he also understood some of what had just happened, it seems he had been an unwitting participant in entrapping that Lu Song.

However, he didn’t mind, just returning his usual polite smile, “Being able to contribute to Junior Brother Yang is this Chen’s honour, I simply listened to a few unpleasant words, nothing worth mentioning!”

Wrinkling his brow next, Chen Xue Shu continued, “However, driving him out like this may not be good for Junior Brother Yang’s reputation.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and indicated it didn’t matter, following up, “Having him stay behind would be more troublesome, his attitude was bad. Even if he didn’t target you just now, he would inevitably have conflicts with other people in the future. A single mouse dropping can ruin a pot of porridge, it’s best to eliminate such problems from the start. Just look at Qiu Yi Meng, though he’s her cousin, she also doesn’t want to take care of him.”

Qiu Yi Meng spat disdainfully as she retorted, “Don’t pin this on me. You think I’m some kind of vicious cunning snake woman? It was you who drove him away in the end. Now I have to explain things to Lu Liang… ha… I hope Lu Liang can understand my hardships. Why did he have to send out such a good for nothing…”

Perceiving the headache Qiu Yi Meng was having, everyone remained silent.

At that moment, a series of True Qi fluctuations came from outside, accompanied by a brief sound of battle.

Everyone was surprised, not understanding how a fight had suddenly broken out. Yang Kai quickly released his Divine Sense to investigate but soon after his expression calmed down, glancing over at Qiu Yi Meng as he said, “I’m glad you helped get rid of that Lu Song so promptly.”

“What happened outside?” Qiu Yi Meng asked in amazement.

The others in the hall were also confused.

“He challenged a person he absolutely shouldn’t have provoked!” Yang Kai sneered, “I really want to know how he’s survived so long with such terrible vision.”

As Yang Kai spoke, the battle outside calmed down and Lu Song’s wretched screams passed through the walls to everyone’s ears. His cries were incredibly miserable.

“Just what the hell happened?” Qiu Yi Meng said anxiously, almost unable to resist the urge to run outside to see the situation.

“Damn bastard! You actually dare have ideas about I, your father’s property!” A loud and familiar voice echoed from outside, and a moment later, Huo Xing Chen walked into the hall with an angry look, still cursing vigorously, “Who this Young Master is, how could he not see!? That brat’s courage is really big enough.”

(Silavin: WTF. This guy’s luck is the opposite of all protagonists.)

After coming in, Huo Xing Chen shouted, “Hey, Yang Kai, just what the hell happened with that little bastard? Why did he try to rob me without saying a word?”

“What do you have to be robbed of?” Yang Kai was confused, his Divine Sense only allowed him to understand the general situation, so exactly what had transpire wasn’t clear to him.

“This Young Master’s treasures!” Huo Xing Chen waved his hand and shouted, “Bring it all in!”

Immediately, a group of people carrying a number of boxes walked in and placed them on the ground.

With his hands on his waist, Huo Xing Chen said disdainfully, “These things are what that bastard wanted to snatch from me, he must be insane!”

Qiu Yi Meng sighed while helplessly and hurriedly asking, “What did you do to him?”

“Cracked a few of his ribs and then threw him out.” Huo Xing Chen replied indifferently.

Rubbing her forehead, Qiu Yi Meng let out a long sigh before turning to look at Yang Kai with a wry smile.

When Lu Song was angered about losing all the precious materials he had brought when he was thrown out just now he coincidentally ran into Huo Xing Chen and figured he could snatch something to make up for his losses. He was accompanied by two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters while Huo Xing Chen only had two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage guards, the difference in strength should have made robbing him easy.

However, he never expected that these two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters were out of the ordinary and by the time he realized it, it was already too late.

Fortunately, Huo Xing Chen had enough discretion not to kill someone inside Yang Kai’s compound, or Lu Song’s life would likely have been forfeit.

Listening to Qiu Yi Meng briefly explain the situation, Huo Xing Chen nodded in understanding, “So that brat turned out to be your cousin. I suppose it’s a good thing I went easy on him or else he might really be dead. Qiu Yi Meng, how do you have such an idiot for a cousin? “

“Enough about that. Why did you suddenly disappear last night? Where have you been until now?” Qiu Yi Meng swiftly changed the subject.

Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help looking a bit awkward as he replied in a greatly diminished tone, “I went back home to ask my old man for some supplies and people.”

“Did your father actually give you some of your family’s masters and resources?” Qiu Yi Meng asked happily. If the Huo Family were to really support him, it would be a big boost to Yang Kai’s strength.

“Even if he didn’t want to, he had to.” Huo Xing Chen said with a tinge of embarrassment, not wanting to explain any further. He then walked over and opened the boxes before turning to Yang Kai and declaring, “You can see for yourself, one box of Alchemy materials, one box of Artifact Refining materials, all of which are at least the Heaven Grade with a few pieces being Mysterious Grade, a box of finished pills used for healing, cultivating, and True Qi restoration, on top of that there is also a box of artifacts. En, although their grade is a little worse they are still Earth Grade and above and should be useful for arming some of your men.”

After explaining the contents, Huo Xing Chen looked up at Yang Kai proudly and firmly declared, “These four boxes or this Young Master, pick whichever one you prefer.”

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