Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 440

Everyone in the hall heard them and instantly shifted their eyes towards him and Yang Kai. It seemed that there was something unusual going on between the two.

Both Lan Chu Die and Luo Xiao Man, the two big-breasted women, were so surprised they covered their mouths, glancing back and forth between the two young men several times.

(Silavin: Please! Do not awaken the darkness within Humanity!)

Yang Kai’s expression went black, knowing that Huo Xing Chen’s words were too easy to be misunderstood, loudly rebuking, “Explain things better.”

Huo Xing Chen also realized that there was a problem with his words and burst out into laughter before saying, “Don’t misunderstand, yesterday I made a bet with Brother Yang here about whether he would last the night, but it seems this Young Master’s eyes weren’t good enough leading to my loss!”

“What were the stakes?” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly became interested, she was curious about what Yang Kai and Huo Xing Chen had bet.

“If I lost, I’d give him my Golden Feather Eagle, if he lost… heh!” Yang Kai looked at Huo Xing Chen with big grin, “The Huo Family Young Lord agreed to strip down and run ten laps around War City! “

After a brief silence, fits of laughter broke out while many of the young women couldn’t help blushing a bit. Thinking of the scene where the Huo Family Young Lord in front of them had to run around War City in the state he was born in was quite something.

“A loss is a loss. There’s no need to advertise.” Huo Xing Chen said, extremely depressed, suddenly becoming serious as he said, “Yang Kai, you choose, if you want these things, our gambling stakes will be written off. If you insist though, this Young Master will strip right here and pay his debt, but these things and these people, even this Young Lord, will leave here permanently!”

Declaring so, Huo Xing Chen opened his folding fan and waved it a few times, “Since this Young Master dared to bet, he will certainly keep his word.”

As he spoke, his expression was relaxed, without any signs of tension, obviously he felt that with such a big temptation before him, Yang Kai would definitely accept the masters and materials he had brought.

Compared with letting him streak ten laps around War City, these things were much more valuable, as long as Yang Kai wasn’t a fool he should know how to choose.

Nodding as he smiled warmly, Yang Kai replied, “Then I must ask Young Lord Huo… to strip!”

Huo Xing Chen’s look gradually solidified, as the movement of his folding fan slowly became stiff, bitterly saying, “Young Lord Kai… Don’t be like this… there is no grudge between us, why must you act so ruthlessly?”

Qiu Yi Meng nearby giggled lightly.

Huo Xing Chen quickly turned her eyes to her and entreated, “Qiu Yi Meng, help me say a few words, or do you plan to just stand by and watch?”

However, Qiu Yi Meng just slowly shook her head, replying seriously, “I have no way of convincing this man, you already know this.”

Huo Xing Chen desperately swept his eyes around the crowd, eventually fixing on Dong Qing Han who was seated nearby, hurrying forward and asking, “This fat brother, you seem to have a close relationship with Yang Kai. Help me say a few words…”

Dong Qing Han’s expression cramped. Huo Xing Chen calling him a fat brother obviously made him unhappy. But even if he wasn’t pleased with this attitude, considering the identity of the opposite party, Dong Qing Han knew it wouldn’t be good to strike back maliciously so he simply wore a bitter smile and said, “Young Lord Huo, forgive me, this one’s word’s don’t carry much weight, for such matters…”

While he was trying to find an excuse, Dong Qing Han became even more annoyed when he discovered this Young Lord Huo was staring at Lan Chu Die standing beside him. Seeing the obvious obscene light in the Central Capital Wolf’s eyes, he couldn’t help coughing.

“Beautiful.” Huo Xing Chen exclaimed without hesitation, glancing around and quickly discovering Luo Xiao Man as well, the light in the eyes becoming even stronger than before as hot air seemed to spill from his nostrils.

Luo Xiao Man quickly hid behind Fan Hong, hiding her face as she fidgeted nervously.

She had never before encountered such an unscrupulous person, someone who didn’t even try to hide the lascivious look on his face, he was far more shameless than even Yang Kai!

“Yang Kai, these people, are all your allies?” Huo Xing Chen suddenly asked.

“Good, they all arrived today.”

Huo Xing Chen’s face suddenly became serious, taking a few steps to arrive in front of Yang Kai before cupping his fists and saying, “Young Lord Kai, our earlier bet was really my, Huo Xing Chen’s fault for having eyes but failing to see. I ask that you be the bigger of us and not pay such trivial events too much mind, after all, I’m just a delinquent Young Lord, how can I compare with you? Last night, I deeply realized my mistake so I rushed back to the Central Capital and earnestly begged my old man for this manpower and these supplies. From now on, I, Huo Xing Chen, am willing to follow your commands whether they be storming the Heavens or marching on the gates of hell, and all I ask is that you not abandon me!”

Saying so, he suddenly sat down on the floor and declared, “In any case, I am already here, there’s no need to send me away.”

Qiu Yi Meng shook her head and sighed as she looked over at Yang Kai and commented, “I feel that it is better to let him leave. If he really remains, none of the young women here will be able to relax.”

Yang Kai nodded immediately, “My thoughts exactly.”

“Young Lord Kai, Young Lady Qiu, I have done nothing wrong here, how can you be so cruel?” Huo Xing Chen all buy cried out, although he had played around with countless women, it was quite rare to meet beauties on Lan Chu Die and Luo Xiao Man’s level. Not to mention, the women who he normally encountered were always only attracted by his identity and money.

“Fine fine.” Yang Kai sighed, apparently too lazy to keep entangling himself with this delinquent Yong Lord, waving his hand and saying, “Let your people put these things into storage.”

Yang Kai had never anticipated Huo Xing Chen would actually support him, much less bring along a fair quantity of people and supplies.

When dealing with an unruly person like Huo Xing Chen, he had to make him suffer a bit first or he wouldn’t be obedient in the future. After suffering this loss, Yang Kai estimated that he would curb his ruffian behaviour in front of him quite a bit.

Finally hearing the words he was searching for, Huo Xing Chen was overjoyed and quickly jumped up from the ground and yelled at the group of people who had accompanied him, “What are you doing, pick up those supplies and take them inside! Also, make sure you all act prudently, don’t go around thinking that just because you’re from the Huo Family you can bully others, in this place, everyone is an ally, understood?”

“Yes!” The Huo Family’s people replied firmly before picking up the four boxes and hurrying away.

After taking care of business, Young Lord Huo smiled widely and stepped towards Luo Xiao Man, laughing as he asked, “Beautiful girl, may I know your name?”

Luo Xiao Man was terrified, swiftly fleeing to Qiu Yi Meng’s side and tightly pinching her sleeve, “Elder Sister Qiu…”

Unfortunately for Luo Xiao Man, the delicate and helpless appearance she portrayed as she desperately sought refuge only further stimulated Huo Xing Chen.

Unwilling to see her little sister bullied so, Qiu Yi Meng patted her hand and turned a sharp glare towards Huo Xing Chen as she sneered, “If he dares have any ideas about you, I’ll let him die without a burial!”

Huo Xing Chen let out a hollow laugh before nodding, “So the young miss has a strong backer. Rest assured, since you are Qiu Yi Meng’s sister, I promise not to make a move against you!”

Before Huo Xing Chen could approach his next target, Lan Chu Die smiled brilliantly and said, “I’m Yang Kai’s Senior Sister!”

Huo Xing Chen stumbled and nearly fell after suffering this pre-emptive strike.

“Don’t make trouble,” Qiu Yi Meng snorted, “We all know you’re lascivious, but you shouldn’t be desperate to this extent. What’s more, with your status as the Huo Family’s Young Lord, any kind of beauty will be able to be found for you. Continuing to show off these cheap methods here will only serve to embarrass yourself further.”

Huo Xing Chen scratched his head and smiled awkwardly as he said, “Even if they were to see me being shameless, even if they badmouth me. At the end of the day, it does not matter to me.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he took a seat nearby, the formerly aloof arrogance on his face converging significantly.

After waiting for him to calm down, Qiu Yi Meng smiled slightly and continued, “Yang Kai, I think you should begin making some plans for how to arrange your house. I’m afraid it is going to become more and more lively in the near future. Yesterday, it was so quiet it was almost eerie, but today three major forces arrived to join you. The other Young Lords probably don’t have such charm. Although there still aren’t that many people, most of them aren’t familiar with each other, once more arrive, if they aren’t placed properly, some contradictions are bound to arise.”

Yang Kai simply chuckled and waved, “With you here, what need is there for me to handle such matters?”

Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Do you really want me to act as the house manager?”

“I don’t believe anyone else can,” Dong Qing Han interjected, “If it is the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady issuing instructions, my Dong Family will have no objections.”

“Purple Fern Valley also agrees.” Fan Hong nodded lightly.

Both of them represented first-class forces of similar strength, but in front of Qiu Yi Meng they still acted politely. Not only was this young woman the leader of the Central Capital Qiu Family’s younger generation, her insight and personal strength were beyond question. Of all the people here, she indeed was the most qualified to coordinate the overall situation.

“Although it is embarrassing to say so, with just we Senior Brother and Junior Sister here, my Reflecting Moon Sect is also willing to listen to Young Lady Qiu’s instructions. Additionally, I believe those who come later will also have no objections.” Chen Xue Shu politely added.

“Those who will come later?” Qiu Yi Meng expression brightened as she asked.

Yang Kai also looked at him curiously.

Chen Xue Shu smiled and said, “Because we weren’t sure that the Yang Kai here was the one we knew, Junior Sister Su and myself went ahead in order to probe the situation. If the one here was really Brother Yang, my Reflecting Moon Sect would agree to participate in the Inheritance War. If not, then my Reflecting Moon Sect would have immediately withdrawn.”

“So that’s how it is. How long will it take for your fellow Sect Brothers and Sisters to come?” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t show the least bit of disdain even though Reflecting Moon Sect was just a second-class Sect which made Chen Xue Shu very happy.

“They can arrive here in three days as they are already on the road. They are only waiting for us to send word to them before they make their final decision about whether to participate or not.” Chen Xue Shu smiled and looked over at Yang Kai, “Not only our Reflecting Moon Sect, but there are a number of others who traveled here together with us.”

“Oh, who?” Yang Kai asked somewhat surprised.

“A number of old friends.” Chen Xue Shu smiled, “In addition to our Reflecting Moon Sect, there are also members from Water Moon Hall, Pure Heart Palace, Soaring Feather Pavilion, and Ten Thousand Flower Palace!”

“The people from Ten Thousand Flower Palace are also coming to participate in this Inheritance War?” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help showing some shock, while Huo Xing Chen laughed raucously and said, “Interesting! Too interesting! It seems my decision to stay was the right one.”

Ten Thousand Flower Palace was a very special Sect. It was a first-class Sect made up of only women. Because their members were all women, they didn’t possess particularly strong forces and had never before experienced the Inheritance War, but this time, Ten Thousand Flower Palace had actually sent people to participate and had chosen to support Yang Kai.

“En, these Sects all lost a fair amount of strength in the recent battle against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, so none of them originally planned to participate, but after everyone heard that one of the Yang Family Young Lords was named Yang Kai, each of them decided to investigate the situation.” Chen Xue Shu explained.

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