Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 441

In particular, the women from Ten Thousand Flower Palace were breaking a centuries old precedent to do so. In order to do so, Yang Kai knew they had encountered many obstacles from their respective Elders.

The most important point though was that the events of last night hadn’t reached their ears yet, so they knew nothing about the current situation in War City. Without knowing Yang Kai’s current status, they had still stepped forward voluntarily; this was truly something worth taking note of.

These people were friends he had made in that Isolated World and they traveled all this way simply because they sincerely wanted to help him, after all, Yang Kai had saved all of their lives from the hands of the Tian Lang Dynasty’s cultivators.

On top of all that, all of these youths were leaders amongst the younger generation in their respective Sects!

“Water Moon Hall, Pure Heart Palace, Soaring Feather Pavilion, Ten Thousand Flower Palace…” Qiu Yi Meng eyes flashed brilliantly as a radiant glow seemed to adorn her face, her tone quite excited as she spoke, “All of these Sects are first-class forces. Without even mentioning the first three, just having Ten Thousand Flower Palace come to support you in the Inheritance War! Yang Kai! Your face is really big! How did you meet all these people these past few years?”

Dong Qing Han and Fan Hong also stared at Yang Kai with amazement, never having expected his circle of contacts to be so wide.

Chen Xue Shu smiled and shook his head, “Actually, there are two other Sects we couldn’t get in contact with. If they learned about Brother Yang participating in the Inheritance War, I’m certain they would also come.”

“Oh? Which two forces?” Qiu Yi Meng asked full of interest, wondering just how deep Yang Kai’s bottom line was.

“One of them is the Endless Sea Island’s Asura Sect, and the other is the Tian Lang Dynasty’s Sen Luo Temple!”

These words cause everyone else in the hall to be stunned.

The Endless Sea Islands Asura Sect! The only ones present who understood the details of this foreign Sect was Qiu Yi Meng. It was a first-class force in the Endless Sea Islands and was in no way weaker than ordinary first-class forces of the Great Han Dynasty. In fact, because the Sects of the Endless Sea Islands occupied islands with particularly rich World Energy, they produced a number of materials that weren’t available in the Great Han Dynasty, making it easier for many Endless Sea Islands cultivators to increase their strength.

As for the Sen Luo Temple, everyone had heard of it!

Sen Luo Temple was the Tian Lang Dynasty’s super force! Its status was equivalent to the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families. As long as one had even a bit of worldly contact they would be familiar with this name. The people gathered right now in Yang Kai’s mansion were all from first-class forces, so naturally these Young Lords and Young Ladies had heard of Sen Luo Temple.

“Young Lord Kai is too amazing! Not only do you have friends from the Endless Sea Islands, but even people from other dynasties as well! This Fan Hong is deeply impressed.”

“You lying bastard…” Qiu Yi Meng gnashed her teeth, “Before, when I asked you how many supporters you had, you told me that there was none! To think I almost believed your nonsense… Hah, I’d like to see you try to fool me again!”

Yang Kai shook his head with a chuckle and didn’t explain.

From the start, he hadn’t counted on the people mentioned by Chen Xue Shu at all, but the actions of these Sect’s disciples had given him a pleasant surprise.

“Junior Brother Yang, since it is really you, I should go back and deliver the good news so that the others from my Sect can come here at full speed. Those from Soaring Feather Pavilion, Pure Heart Palace, and Ten Thousand Flower Palace also need to be informed. I’m certain they’re all guessing about whether or not you are the Yang Kai they all know. If they find out you are, I’m certain they’ll all be very happy.” Chen Xue Shu proposed excitedly.

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll be troubling you then.”

Pausing slightly, he then called out, “Ying Jiu!”

Suddenly, In the hall, a blurry figured appeared like a ghost. No one knew when he had come or how long he had been hiding; in fact, it was more than likely he had been there the whole time. The blurred figure swayed a few times before gradually condensing into a solid and the portrait of Ying Jiu appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Everyone in the hall was terrified, especially the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who stood behind their Young Lords and Young Ladies, even they hadn’t noticed Ying Jiu’s aura before.

This Blood Warrior… was really unusual.


“Escort Senior Brother Chen out of town!”


Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu hadn’t encountered any problems arriving here, but if they were to leave from Yang Kai’s compound, they would definitely be regarded as enemies by his brothers. If they didn’t have a master to escort them, it was likely they would be intercepted.

Each of Yang Family’s Young Lords had their own intelligence organization, and naturally they would do everything possible to stop new forces from joining their opponents.

Chen Xue Shu obviously knew this point, so he made no attempt to object, simply turning to Ying Jiu and politely cupping his fists solemnly and respectfully saying, “Many thanks for Senior’s protection. Junior Brother Yang, Junior Sister Su and I should leave immediately.”

“Little Sister Su should stay behind. One of you is enough to deliver a message.” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly spoke, smiling as she continued, “Don’t misunderstand, I just want to know more about what happened during your life experience in that Isolated World and how you all came to know this bastard.”

Hearing this, Chen Xue Shu smiled slightly helplessly before nodding, “Good, then Junior Sister Su will remain here and accompany Young Lady Qiu, Senior and I will return shortly!”

After that, he hurriedly cupped his fists towards Yang Kai before heading for the exit.

Ying Jiu nodded silently before his body blurred again, disappearing instantly.

“Qiu Yi Meng, you make arrangements for them.” Yang Kai said lightly before turning to the others in the hall, “All of you are free to go about your own business, I don’t believe there will be any battles in the short term. You should take advantage of this opportunity to rest and familiarize yourselves with each other.”

“What are you going to do?” Qiu Yi Meng asked.

“Cultivate.” Yang Kai grinned and strode away.

“Cultivating madman!” Qiu Yi Meng shook her head and smiled wryly.

“His strength isn’t without reason,” Huo Xing Chen muttered thoughtfully, immediately becoming slightly bitter, “If I put in half as much effort as him, the difference between us shouldn’t be so bad, right?”

Qiu Yi Meng was too lazy to reply.

Inside his room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the floor and examined the content of his Black Book space.

During this period of time he had been frantically collecting supplies, so the Black Book space was now full of all kinds of supplies and materials, as well as finished pills and artifacts. The Earth Grade artifacts Huo Xing Chen had brought today were also included.

With the addition of these artifacts, Yang Kai was capable of arming everyone currently supporting him.

By now, Yang Kai had built up a good force, but at this moment, seeing this dazzling array of materials, he still couldn’t help feeling a bit moved.

There materials included many high quality spirit grasses and herbs as well as numerous rare and precious metals, along with a variety of useful spirit pills.

If he could hire some good Alchemists and Artifact Refiners, this pile of materials would be enough to refine many rare and useful spirit pills and artifacts.

Yang Kai discovered that, unconsciously, he had actually gathered an amount of wealth not inferior to a mid-sized family, and this was just the beginning.

The Bamboo Knot Gang was still continually buying materials that flowed into the Central Capital from all over the world, and as more forces came to join him, the amount of supplies he had would only increase.

Not only was Yang Kai gathering materials, his brothers were as well; however, in this aspect, Yang Kai was one step ahead of them.

During the Yang Family’s Inheritance War, the first result most outsiders would notice is an increase in the price of all kinds of Alchemy and Artifact Refining materials.

As the price of these materials increased, the status of Alchemist and Artifact Refiners also rose. A lot of Alchemists and Artifact Refiners would also arrive in War City and the Central Capital in order to wait for solicitation from the Yang Family’s Young Lords.

Yesterday was the first day of the Inheritance War, so the various Yang Family Young Lords had only wanted to compete for the first victory, but today, these same Young Lords had begun sending out invitations to high-level Alchemists and Artifact Refining Masters. The rewards for service were naturally high as well, the higher the grade of Alchemist or Artifact Refiner, the more they would be paid.

The only ones who didn’t post such recruitment notices were the Eighth Brother Yang Quan and Yang Kai.

Yang Quan was well aware that he had no hope of victory, so even if he could attract some Alchemists and Artifact Refiners to work for him, they naturally wouldn’t treat him seriously, as for Yang Kai, he had no intention of seeking out outside Alchemist and Artifact Refiners.

He had already made arrangements!

The finished pills in the Black Book space were divided into their various categories, but all of the Yang attribute pills and those useful for cultivating Spiritual Energy had been taken out.

When he saw the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, Yang Kai’s look couldn’t help but sink slightly.

Where had Su Yan gone? He had sent hundreds of people from the Bamboo Knot Gang out to inquire, but to this day there was still no news. Even his Grand Master Ling Tai Xu and the High Heaven Pavilion Elders seemed to have evaporated, leaving behind no trace of their whereabouts.

Letting out a sigh, he remembered that High Heaven Pavilion still carried the title of an Evil Sect. The world was still reeling from the existence of the Demon Lord, so every day Yang Kai hadn’t won the Inheritance War was one more day he couldn’t clear High Heaven Pavilion’s name!

Being declared an Evil Sect wasn’t actually a big problem, the key was that the current Demon Lord hailed from High Heaven Pavilion. This was the root cause of High Heaven Pavilion’s downfall. If it could cultivate a character like the Demon Lord, no one could say for certain it couldn’t cultivate a second one.

Collecting his thoughts, Yang Kai began to absorb the energy from the Yang attribute pills.

There were eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters in War City constantly monitoring all of their movements, something which made Yang Kai feel uncomfortable. If he didn’t quickly break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, one day his many secrets might be discovered by these eight old men.

Right now, he had reached the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage, only two Minor Realms away from the Immortal Ascension Boundary. It was not far.

It took a full day for him to fully absorb the Yang attribute pills in the Black Book Space, but after he finished, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Yang Liquid in his dantian and the True Qi in his meridians had increased in both density and purity.

The incense burner he had not used in a long time was also taken out again and ignited while he circulated his True Yang Secret Art. Simultaneously, Yang Kai also began cultivating his Spiritual Energy by studying the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way.

The incense from the incense burner could suppress the speed at which he could circulate his True Yang Secret Art by exerting a kind of pressure on him. By doing this, when the incense had been burnt through, the speed at which he could circulate his True Yang Secret Art would increase slightly; repeating this process over and over again would eventually yield great benefits.

As for studying the True Alchemic Way, for Yang Kai this was the fastest way for him to deplete his Spiritual Energy which was the most effective method he had of cultivating his Soul.

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