Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 444

Luo Xiao Man curled up slightly, her long eyelashes fluttering as she hung her head low and whispered, “I don’t know… anyway, I’m afraid of you.”

“How afraid?” Yang Kai took a step forward.

Luo Xiao Man screamed in panic, “Don’t come any closer!”

Yang Kai was dumbstruck, not daring to take another step forward for fear this timid girl would cry.

“Forget about it, you two carry on,” Feeling slightly awkward, Yang Kai decided to leave well enough alone.

Just as Yang Kai had anticipated, the people from Reflecting Moon Sect had already arrived, not only that, but the several Sects mentioned by Chen Xue Shu had also come.

All of them had already been on their way and after they received word from Chen Xue Shu they quickened their pace.

Under the arrangements of Qiu Yi Meng, each of these forces had been assigned their own courtyard to settle down in.

When they learned that Yang Kai had exited his retreat, the various youths all hurried to the main hall to meet him.

Feng Qian Hen of Water Moon Hall, Zuo Fang of Pure Heart Palace, Han Xiao Qi, Ye Han, Liu Qing Ru, and Hua Ruo Yin of Ten Thousand Flower Palace, each of them on their own was a leader amongst the younger generation. Along with Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu, almost all of the friends Yang Kai had met in the Isolated World had gathered.

After not meeting each other for quite some time, as leading figures in their respective Sects each of them had grown significantly, their cultivations all having increased dramatically, but upon discovering the progress of Yang Kai, all of these youths hailed as geniuses by those around them could only let out a sigh, thinking they would never have a chance to catch up with him in their lifetimes.

When they had first met, all of them had been at least a Great Realm above Yang Kai, but now, he had already surpassed them.

What’s more, Yang Kai’s True Element Boundary cultivation couldn’t be compared with a normal True Element Boundary cultivation. As more time passed, the gap between all of them would only continue to grow larger.

A constant stream of greetings resounded as the hall was filled with excitement.

“Unfortunately Ye Qing Si and Zhou Ba’s Asura Sect is in the Endless Sea Islands while Zi Mo’s Sen Luo Temple is in a different country, or else they definitely would have come.” Chen Xue Shu sighed.

At these words, everyone couldn’t help revealing a hint of reminiscence about the events all those years ago. All of them had experienced life and death together in that Isolated World so naturally they had forged a deep friendship.

“There’ll be a chance to see them in the future,” Yang Kai smiled and suddenly turned to look at Zuo Fang, “How is Li Xin Yuan doing now?”

Originally, in that Isolated World, there were two disciples from Pure Heart Palace that had survived, one was Zuo Fang, the other was Li Xin Yuan, but the latter had bad luck and had his dantian damaged by a Tian Lang Dynasty cultivator’s Soul Controlling Insect.

Hearing Yang Kai ask about him, everyone became silent as they all glanced over at Zuo Fang.

With all the eyes in the hall focused on him, Zuo Fang scratched his head awkwardly and smiled bitterly, “Since we returned from that Isolated World, Senior Brother Li has maintained an optimistic smile on the surface, but as to the depths of the pain he is concealing in his heart, only he knows. My master also went to Medicine King’s Valley to seek for a treatment and discovered that there is a type of pill called the Heaven Mending Pill that could possible repair his broken dantian, but the spirit herbs required to concoct it are rare and of a very high grade, on top of that, very few Alchemists are capable of refining it. Master has been collecting materials for some time now but with the recent attack on Medicine King’s Valley, they are so busy rebuilding that they rarely accept requests from outside cultivators to perform Alchemy so all we can do for now is wait.”

“Good, since there is a pill that can mend his dantian, then the rest is easy.” Yang Kai nodded happily, “I’ll help you find someone to refine it.”

“Brother Yang knows someone capable of refining such a pill?” Zuo Fang was stunned, then overjoyed as he immediately remembered, the person in front of him now was not the Yang Kai he had met in that Isolated World but one of the Yang Family’s Young Lords!

“En, I know someone, they should arrive in a few days.” Yang Kai smiled as the image of a gentle and quiet face appeared in his mind.

Qiu Yi Meng suddenly interjected with a grin, “Yang Kai, do you know how many forces you have supporting you now?”

“Shouldn’t be less than ten, right?” Yang Kai glanced over at her.

Qiu Yi Meng wore a light expression as she began listing, “Qiu Family, Huo Family, Xiang Family, Dong Family, Purple Fern Valley, Reflecting Moon Sect, Pure Heart Palace, Soaring Feather Pavilion, Ten Thousand Flower Palace, nine in total that you know of.”

“Not bad,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement, although he had been retreat these days, but this issue was something that had still been on his mind, “Why, what’s wrong?”

“There are others you don’t know about too.” Qiu Yi Meng grinned meaningfully.

“Others I don’t know about came to support me?” Yang Kai said with surprise, chuckling as he commented, “Interesting. Talk to me about it, who are these others?”

“I was just about to inform you, Tian Yuan City also sent some manpower and supplies.”

“Tian Yuan City?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Qiu Yi Meng shook her head helplessly, “Don’t you even remember those you’ve blackmailed?”

“The first-class force nearby the Lan River?” After this prompt Yang Kai suddenly recalled, on the way back to the Central Capital, he had been attacked, but it was not only the Lu Family he implicated, but Tian Yuan City as well.

However, he didn’t come out and directly demand anything of Tian Yuan City, nor did he send any formal letters to them. It seems that the person in charge of Tian Yuan City’s thoughts were quite sharp and had decided to send him some people and materials without any additional prompting.

“En,” Qiu Yi Meng nodded. “When they arrived I checked them out and agreed to them joining. The young man who served as the group’s leader is the son of Tian Yuan City’s City Lord, his temperament is quite gentle, so over the past two days he and his subordinates have behaved honestly.”

“As long as he isn’t as blind as Lu Song then everything is alright.” Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to this matter, casually waving, “You can decide such things by yourself, if you think they’ll be useful let them stay, if not, send them away.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes shined slightly, secretly feeling happy in her heart that Yang Kai was passing such responsibilities on to her. [Fortunately I followed my instincts and temporarily separated from the Qiu Family to help him, otherwise if I had gone to support Yang Shen, at most I would only be treated as an ally.]

“However, these people from Tian Yuan City have a reason for coming; if someone else shows up randomly that doesn’t know me, don’t accept them.” Yang Kai emphasised once again.

“En, I know.” Qiu Yi Meng replied happily.

“In addition to the Tian Yuan City group, is there anyone else here I don’t know about?” Yang Kai asked again.

Qiu Yi Meng’s expression became slightly dignified as she quickly replied, “A group from the Duan Mu Family, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.”

“The Duan Mu Family?” Yang Kai frowned, thinking for a moment, “The name seems familiar but I can’t remember where I heard it. What kind of relationship does this family have with me that they actually want to support me?”

“This Duan Mu Family is your Third Brother Yang Tie’s Mother’s family! If I say that much, you should understand, right?” Qiu Yi Meng said with a grin.

“My Third Brother?” Yang Kai was taken aback.

“The Duan Mu Family only has a few people, five in total, but… all of them are Immortal Ascension masters, one of them at the Eighth Stage, one at the Seventh Stage, one at the Sixth Stage, and two at the Fifth Stage!”

“The five who survived that night?” Yang Kai’s brow moved slightly. That night’s battle could only be described as devastating for the Duan Mu Family’s forces. Of the thirty to forty people that had been sent, only five of them had managed to live through the night; however, those being able to survive in that chaotic melee showed that these five were obviously not ordinary masters.

At that time, Yang Kang and Yang Ying had only given thought to chasing down Yang Kai so they didn’t have time to deal with these five, otherwise, with how the Inheritance War worked, they would have tried to convince them to join their camp.

But even if his two brothers had tried, it would likely be a futile effort; after all, so many people from the Duan Mu Family had died at their hands.

“En, those five.” Qiu Yi Meng stared deeply at Yang Kai, licking her luscious red lips in a charming manner, “You tell me honestly, when you let your Third Brother go that night, did you already have this idea in mind?”

Seeing her staring at him, Yang Kai simply shook his head, “You think too highly of me, I’m not that sinister. I let my Third Brother go because I felt like it; I didn’t have any other plans at the time.”

Hearing this, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief as she gently patted her chest, “Thank goodness you aren’t crafty to that extent. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t have any confidence left to face you in the future.”

Listening to the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady speak so humbly, everyone in the hall felt slightly unnerved, apparently only now gaining some insight into how much pressure Yang Kai brought to the famous Qiu Yi Meng.

“Well, no matter what, your little move has yielded some unexpected benefits.” Qiu Yi Meng grinned, “These five coming to offer their services to you is probably Yang Tie’s doing.”

Yang Kai nodded silently, he hadn’t anticipated that his Third Brother would show this kind of reciprocation, but that didn’t stop him from smiling happily.

“All together, you have eleven forces currently supporting you!” Qiu Yi Meng’s voice contained some slight excitement; one had to know that not many things could make this Young Lady Qiu excited.

Of these eleven, two of them were super forces! As for the remaining nine, with the exception of Reflecting Moon Sect which was a second-class force, all the others were first-class!

From less than a week ago until today, Yang Kai’s position had changed from no on being willing to support him because they thought he had no chance of victory, 90% of people actually believing he would be eliminated on the first night, to now have eleven supporting forces, the development and gathering speed of Yang Kai mansion could only be described as astonishing.

This level of connections and personal charm was second to none among the Yang Family’s Young Lords!

Qiu Yi Meng felt like victory was all but within their grasp!

Steadying herself, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady continued in a dignified tone, “Right now you have more power than any of your brothers, according to the information I have gathered, only your Second Brother, Yang Zhao, has twenty forces supporting him, but many of these are second and third-class Sects, it is only the number which is large but in terms of quality they are significantly worse than yours; however, as time passes, your current advantage will only become smaller, there’s even the possibility that in time one or more of your brothers will exceed you if you don’t pay attention, you should mentally prepared.”

“I know.” Yang Kai said before smiling confidently, “That time isn’t here yet.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes flashed before she let out a light snorted, “Another day, you’ll have to have a nice long conversation with me, otherwise I won’t know how many hidden helpers you have that haven’t arrived yet.”

Everyone present saw the strange look in Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes which to contain great hidden meaning and couldn’t help feeling stunned, all of them seemingly thinking they had just learned a shocking secret.

Ye Han of Ten Thousand Flower Palace immediately let out a burst of laughter, “Young Lady Qiu, anyone who wants to subdue Yang Kai is in for a hard time.”

“He doesn’t even place me in his eyes,” Qiu Yi Meng replied in a half-hearted manner while quietly observing Yang Kai’s reaction.

Yang Kai smiled wickedly, “I’ll come to your room tonight, we can have a nice chat then.”

Seeing this grin, Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face couldn’t help blushing slightly.

“Hmph, seems like he hasn’t changed at all!” Han Xiao Qi spat disdainfully. In that Isolated World, with the exception of Su Xiao Yu, all of the girls had been taken advantage of by Yang Kai. Such a vivid experience, how could Han Xiao Qi forget?

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