Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 445

Glancing over at Han Xiao Qi, Yang Kai seemed to see a little of Su Yan’s shadow in her, causing the sharpness in his eyes to soften inadvertently.

Both of them were the big Senior Sisters in their respective Sects and their personalities had some similarities, but Su Yan’s temperament was colder than Han Xiao Qi’s. Although she would show this coldness to outsiders, in front of Yang Kai her icy exterior would melt like snow in the early spring.

Han Xiao Qi blushed slightly under Yang Kai’s burning hot eyes, unable to endure any longer she quietly muttered, “I just told the truth, staring at me like that won’t change anything.”

Qiu Yi Meng also couldn’t help snorting as she secretly ground her teeth, thinking to herself that all men weren’t good things, whenever they saw a beauty they would gawk at her without restraint.

The tender feelings he was feeling in his heart were obvious to anyone who saw Yang Kai’s expression. No one on the scene was a child so how could they not understand?

“Yang Kai? You don’t have to be so straightforward.” Zuo Fang snorted, “Although Senior Sister Han is beautiful enough to make all of us want to see more, but at most you should only sneak a peek, why are you acting so rampant?”

Already somewhat uncomfortable being stared at by Yang Kai, Han Xiao Qi glared towards Zuo Fang when he said these words and retorted, “You’re also nothing but a rogue, just like him!”

Zuo Fang just laughed heartily in response.

Yang Kai didn’t answer, nor did he try to explain, the look in his eyes gradually converged, returning to their original calm state before he suddenly turned his sight towards the outside of the hall.

A hurried sound of footsteps rang out.

Dong Qing Han rushed in a moment later, a hint of anxiousness on his face. After he entered the hall, he didn’t even greet the others before to others before calling out, “Yang Kai, something’s happened, you need to take some people to check out the situation.”

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked, wrinkling his brow.

Everyone else in the hall also wore dignified looks. They had all come here to support Yang Kai in the Inheritance War, so when a sudden situation arose, naturally they had to be ready to fight.

“Qing Yan has arrived in War City but she was stopped and surrounded!”

“Have they arrived already?” Yang Kai wore a shocked expression before a look of joy spread across his face, not delaying for an instant before jumping up and shouting, “Ying Jiu, follow me!”

No matter what, going out in broad daylight without a Blood Warrior to guard him would be dangerous.

“No no, you should take at least half of us with you as well, you don’t understand how serious the situation is over there.” Dong Qing Han hurriedly said, cold sweat dripping down his forehead, apparently when he received the news, it had caused him no small panic.

Yang Kai looked at him blankly for a moment but didn’t ask any question, instead just nodding before issuing an order, “Then those from the Huo Family, Xiang Family, Dong Family, and Duan Mu Family come with me, Qiu Yi Meng, you take command in my absence.”

“En.” The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady readily acknowledged.

“What about us?” Han Xiao Qi asked.

“All of you have just arrived recently and should rest, this time things shouldn’t develop into a big deal.”

After saying so, Yang Kai and Dong Qing Han rushed out. As they dashed through the halls, Dong Qing Han blew a loud whistle and soon after the rustling of clothes and clattering of footsteps began echoing throughout the mansion.

By the time Yang Kai arrived in front of the main entrance, Huo Xing Chen and Xiang Tian Xiao had assembled a group of people and were waiting outside. Five of the Immortal Ascensions masters upon seeing Yang Kai stood upright and respectfully cupped their fists, “Greetings Young Lord Kai!”

“En, I’ll be troubling you.” Yang Kai nodded lightly to the five masters from the Duan Mu Family.

“Yang Kai, what’s going on?” Huo Xing Chen asked curiously; this was the first time Yang Kai had convened people to take the initiative, he was inevitably curious.

“I don’t know much, but I’ll explain what I can on the way.” Yang Kai responded hastily before dashing out.

The group of people quickly followed behind.

“Why did they stop Qing Yan?” Yang Kai asked curiously. Although she was Xiao Fu Sheng’s disciple, the time she had spend studying the Alchemic Way was still short. As of now if she could refine Earth Grade Pills it would already be quite an accomplishment, but with Xiao Fu Sheng’s cultivation plan, it was entirely possible that Dong Qing Yan hadn’t even really started learning Alchemy.

Such an Alchemist didn’t seem worthy of being stopped.

Dong Qing Han couldn’t help laughing bitterly, “If it was just Qing Yan I’m afraid no one would pay attention to her, but do you know how many people she brought with her?”

“Thirty people!” Dong Qing Han said in a heavy tone, “There are thirty full-fledged Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley, half of which are Heaven Grade Alchemists while one of them is even Mysterious Grade.”

“What?” Yang Kai’s was shocked by this news, even the normally frivolous Huo Xing Chen couldn’t help his jaw from dropping.

“How can people from Medicine King’s Valley come to participate in the Inheritance War?” The Huo Family Young Lord almost thought he had heard wrong, still unable to believe his ears.

Dong Qing Han shook his head, “I don’t know the specific situation, and you’ll have to ask Yang Kai, they seem to have come for him after all.”

As he spoke, he turned to stare at Yang Kai curiously; obviously he had some speculations in his heart.

Huo Xing Chen was dumbstruck for a moment before loudly calling out, “Yang Kai, how the hell did you convince so many Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley to come here? That group of people all have eyes higher above their heads than even this Young Lord! Even if it is our Elders they don’t place them in their sight! Since when did you have so much face!?”

Yang Ka’s brow furrowed, ignoring Huo Xing Chen’s questioning as he tried to hold down the anxiety and anticipation in his heart.

[Since Dong Qing Yan has come, that means Little Senior Sister is definitely here as well!]

In War City, if his Little Senior Sister was wronged somehow, even if it was by his own brothers…

As such negative thoughts circulated throughout his head, Yang Kai’s eyes grew colder and colder while his True Qi fluctuated madly.

Dong Qing Han and Huo Xing Chen, who were following close beside Yang Kai, couldn’t help but trembling lightly, terrified as they glanced over to see an unfamiliar image of Yang Kai. His whole aura had suddenly become sharp and violent, there was even a faint bloody sensation lingering around him suffused with a killing intent so potent that they instinctively began putting some distance between themselves and him.

A moment later, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, his eyes flashing brilliantly as he turned to look at Xiang Tian Xiao and said, “Second Young Lord, I have a task for you.”

Xiang Tian Xiao said nothing, just staring at Yang Kai, waiting for him to continue.

Beckoning him over, Yang Kai whispered a few words in Xiang Tian Xiao’s ear before nodding slightly to this Second Young Lord.

Yang Kai then turned to the five Duan Mu Family Immortal Ascension masters and cupped his fists, “Several Seniors please accompany Young Master Xiang back, as for the specific plan of action, ask Qiu Yi Meng to make the appropriate arrangements.”

The five Duan Mu Family masters quickly nodded.

Xiang Tian Xiao then immediately led his own people and the Duan Mu Family members back the way they had come.

“What are you planning?” Huo Xing Chen asked.

Yang Kai frowned and replied seriously “I didn’t know the whole situation before hand, but now that I do, I have to make some arrangements, otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to bring all of them back!”

“Would they dare take action against Medicine King’s Valley’s disciples?” Huo Xing Chen’s eyes narrowed.

“In unusual times, it’s better to be cautious!” Yang Kai took a deep breath and calmly said, “If I was in my brother’s places, I would rather offend Medicine King’s Valley now rather than let such a large group of Alchemists join my enemy. Obviously they won’t kill them, but they’ll certainly at least find an excuse to capture them.”

Listening to his argument, Dong Qing Han and Huo Xing Chen nodded lightly. As long as they didn’t kill people, it means they hadn’t torn all face with Medicine King’s Valley, as long as they prepared an appropriate amount of gifts afterwards they could still settle things peacefully.

War City’s central square.

A group of Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists dressed in all white stood proudly with Dong Qing Yan and Xia Ning Chang standing side by side with Aunt Xiang and Aunt Lan.

This group of people was surrounded on all sides by a large number of people, and as time passed, more Yang Family Young Lords continued to lead large numbers of masters over.

Even though they were surrounded, the group of Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley still wore arrogant and aloof expressions, all of their eyes flashing obvious traces of disdain and contempt; Aunt Xiang and Aunt Lan remained calm and composed.

Only Dong Qing Yan grit her teeth with indignation while Xia Ning Chang showed signs of worry and anxiety, her eyes unconsciously glancing northwest from time to time.

It was said that her Junior Brother’s compound was located in that direction.

On the other hand, the waves of people surrounding the Medicine King’s Valley group didn’t show the least bit of disrespect, on the contrary they all did their best to put on flattering smiles.

Yang Zhao, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying all occupied a corner of the square.

With the exception of Yang Kang whose face showed some traces of depression, the other three brothers all glanced around at each other vigilantly.

Yang Kang was really depressed. When the Medicine King’s Valley’s group arrived in War City, they had entered from the entrance closest to his mansion, and although someone had immediately reported to him about these thirty white robed Alchemists, it was already too late to stop word from spreading.

Although he had managed to successfully intercept this group, news of their arrival still spread rapidly, leading to Yang Zhao, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying appearing here.

Right now, all of the Yang Family Young Lords were frantically hiring Alchemists and Artifact Refiners so it was inevitable that such a group of people appearing in War City would set off a storm.

What made Yang Kang truly want to spit blood was that this group of Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley were incomparable to the Alchemists from any other force.

Not to mention, the leader of the Medicine King’s Valley group was none other than Qin Ze!

Although Qin Ze was already in his forties, and couldn’t be considered a member of the younger generation, he still bore the title of Medicine King’s Valley Young Valley Lord and was widely respected all over the world.

Qin Ze was also famous throughout the Alchemy world, his aptitude was excellent and it was said that he may even reach the same height as Xiao Fu Sheng in time.

It was also rumoured that Qin Ze had recently promoted to Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Alchemist and had been named an Elder of Medicine King’s Valley, now, it seemed such rumours were true.

The four-petal flower embroidered on his chest was the most conclusive evidence.

Glancing around at the rest of this group, half of them were Heaven Grade Alchemists while the rest were Earth Grade Top-Rank.

Seeing this lineup, all of the Yang Family Young Lords were dazzled and jealous.

If such a group of Alchemists could be drawn into their own camp, how many pills could they refine? How many of their people could be supplied with these pills?

The four Young Lords silently pondered to themselves and were shocked to discover that as long as they could continue to supply these Alchemists with materials, within three months, the strength of all the personnel they had could have a substantial increase.

In other words, whoever could win over this group would have a considerable advantage in the Inheritance War, one which would only increase with time.

For a while, the four Yang Family Young Lords, no matter who they were, had their eyes flash brilliantly and their breath heat up.

The temptation these thirty Alchemists brought to them was no less than if they had been thirty naked beauties begging for their affection.

The only thing which was slightly troubling was their arrogant demeanor.

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