Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 450

Her delicate earlobes immediately became bright red, making her seem all the more adorable.

Yang Kai stared at her with an affectionate smile, seemingly wanting to sear her image into his mind.

The pair remained this way for quite some time, the world around them seemingly completely silent.

This simple act of contact had already swept away all the loneliness and longing they had for one another, only leaving behind a sense of innocent happiness.

Xia Ning Chang had never felt so satisfied in her entire life. Although in the past, when Yang Kai looked at her, she had felt his affection, it had never been as straightforward as it was now.

[In his heart, there’s still a place for me…]

The young girl secretly thought to herself, a joyful smile blossoming on her tender face as she shrank her petite body further into Yang Kai’s arms.

At that moment, an invisible Divine Sense suddenly engulfed the pair and a Spiritual Energy pulse carrying a message was directly transmitted to Yang Kai’s mind.

“Smelly brat! This old master is next door! Don’t force me to butcher you right now!”

Upon receiving this message, Yang Kai smiled and sent a thread of his own Divine Sense into the next room, “Treasurer Meng, peeping on your own treasured apprentice isn’t something a respectable Senior should do. You should have some self-respect!”

When this message was passed, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the Divine Sense which belonged to Meng Wu Ya shook greatly for a moment, seemingly unable to remain calm. At that moment, a burst of strange mutterings rang out from next door.

“Master, what happened?” Xia Ning Chang quickly asked.

“Don’t worry, he’s probably just having a bad dream.”

Xia Ning Chang smiled helplessly, apparently aware that Yang Kai was spouting nonsense.

With Yang Kai all but exposing him, Meng Wu Ya didn’t bother trying to conceal himself anymore, instead just blatantly calling out, “Brat, when you’re done come over and see me. I have some things to ask you.”

“Good, I also have something to discuss with you.” Yang Kai nodded gently.

With that said, Meng Wu Ya’s Divine Sense slowly withdrew and no longer surveyed the pair.

Inside the room, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang both looked at each other and broke into smiles. They could finally feel at ease. Although both of them knew that Meng Wu Ya had no ill intent, being stared at so closely by such a powerful master’s Divine Sense was always a bit uncomfortable.

Holding his Little Senior Sister in his arms, Yang Kai took no uncouth actions, just enjoying this warm moment they were sharing.

Xia Ning Chang was soft, so much so that it seemed like there was not a bone in her body, and the gentle scent which lingered about her was clean and refreshing.

“Little Senior Sister is amazing, you’ve already reached the Immortal Ascension First Stage.” Yang Kai couldn’t help but sigh. When he had left Hidden Cloud Peak last time, Xia Ning Chang had been a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator, but now she had already broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary. Such cultivation pace was not lower than his own.

“It’s all thanks to Junior Brother. What exactly was that liquid you left me? After I began taking a drop of it each day, my cultivation speed became much faster than before. All this time I have been discussing Alchemy with Grandmaster Xiao and studying the two Spirit Arrays you gave us rather than focusing on cultivating.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help revealing a look of surprise.

If Xia Ning Chang had enhanced her cultivation to such an extent so quickly without actually trying to, what realm would she have achieved if she were to?

This Little Senior Sister of his really emphasized how Heaven defying her unique physique was.

“That thing is called Myriad Drug Liquid, it can help cleanse one’s body and improve their physique. Do you need more? I still have lots.”

Xia Ning Chang nodded, “I still have some. I only take one drop a day, master also tried taking it but it seems to be useless in solving his injury.”

“Is Treasurer Meng injured?” Yang Kai was shocked. “How was he hurt?”

Little Senior Sister scratched her cheek, her brow wrinkling slightly as she whispered, “I don’t know. Master never told me the whole story. I only know that he was hurt and needs me cultivate assiduously in order to help him.”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn.

A powerful master like Meng Wu Ya was actually injured. Yang Kai had witnessed first-hand his terrible strength. In terms of combat ability, he was far stronger than an average Immortal Ascension Boundary master, and perhaps only those at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary could defeat him.

Also, from his appearance, where was there any sign of injury? Maybe it was some old injury that had never healed properly?

But if it was just some kind of dark injury, the Myriad Drug Milk should work! Yang Kai’s thoughts turned and quickly decided that the next time he saw Meng Wu Ya he would ask.

Treasurer Meng had made no effort to hide his disapproval of Yang Kai being close to Xia Ning Chang, but that was simply a result of him caring for his treasured apprentice. In fact, Treasurer Meng had also taken great care of him, especially during his early time in High Heaven Pavilion; this was something that Yang Kai hadn’t forgotten.

“Junior Brother, have you heard any news about Su Yan?” Xia Ning Chang suddenly asked.

Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help sinking slightly as he shook his head, “I’ve sent out people to inquire but I’ve yet to hear back from them. I still don’t even know where she and the others from High Heaven Pavilion have gone.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be safe.” Xia Ning Chang whispered softly, stretching out her small hand and boldly stroking Yang Kai’s hair to comfort him. “If she hears you are here, she will definitely come to find you.”

“I hope so.” Yang Kai took a deep breath and calmed down, casually changing the subject, “What was that artifact that Little Senior Sister used during earlier today? It actually forced so many Immortal Ascension Boundary masters back.”

Xia Ning Chang smiled and turned her finger slightly, summoning out the star shaped ring that had appeared during the day once more, “This is something master gave me after I broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, the Gathering Star Ring. According to master, it’s a Mysterious Grade Mid -Rank artifact which can store three of Master’s Martial Skill strikes, I only need to stimulate it with a little of my True Qi and Divine Sense in order to activate it.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked, a trace of envy even surfacing in his eyes.

He had been wondering how Xia Ning Chang, even with her special constitution and Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage cultivation, could display such phenomenal strength. Even if she was using a Mysterious Grade artifact, it shouldn’t have been possible.

After all, no matter how powerful the artifact, in the end it still needed the cultivator to provide True Qi and Spiritual Energy.

But after listening to her explanation just now, everything suddenly made sense.

The strike he had witnessed was exactly the same as a Meng Wu Ya’s full powered strike, how could cultivators at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage possible resist?

“ Treasurer Meng’s heritage is immeasurable.” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched slightly, in his mind considering whether he should try to ‘borrow’ a few Mysterious Grade artifacts from Meng Wu Ya.

However, with Meng Wu Ya’s personality, this would be quite difficult. If he had any treasures he would always give them Xia Ning Chang, as for others, even Yang Kai, it was basically a fools dream trying to gaining any advantages from him.

“Well, enough about that,” Yang Kai quickly collected his thoughts and said, “Little Senior Sister, since you have come, you’ll certainly be busy from now on. I’ll turn over everything related to Alchemy to you; I need to improve the strength of my people as soon as possible.”

“En, if it’s about alchemy you can leave it to me,” Xia Ning Chang’s eyes curved into crescent shapes, “I worked hard to improve my Alchemy so I could help you.”

“You simply being here is a big help to me, but don’t work too hard; otherwise Treasurer Meng will never let me hear the end of it.” Yang Kai smiled and said quickly, “Little Senior Sister, relax your Knowledge Sea’s defence.”

“Hm?” Xia Ning Chang looked at Yang Kai curiously, wondering why he would suddenly make such a strange request.

“I have some things about Alchemy to teach you.”

Xia Ning Chang’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Is it something related to those two Spirit Arrays?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Xia Ning Chang immediately let go of her Soul’s defence and in the next moment she felt a huge and shocking Spiritual Energy invaded her Knowledge Sea.

This foreign Divine Sense was huge and aggressive. It seemed to have a sharp edge to it and also contained some sinister and evil attributes. Fortunately, this Divine Sense didn’t carry any malicious intent towards her but it still frightened Xia Ning Chang at first.

Inside her Knowledge Sea, Xia Ning Chang’s Divine Sense condenses into a spiritual clone and tentatively called out, “Junior Brother?”

“En.” Yang Kai also condensed into an image of himself and nodded.

“How did you…” Xia Ning Chang stared dumbfounded at this phantom which was clearly condensed of even more powerful Spiritual Energy than her own, unable to stop herself from wondering how Yang Kai could have such a powerful Divine Sense even though he was only a True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator.

“Even I can’t fully explain it, but it’s not a bad thing.” Yang Kai grinned as he slowly swept his eyes around. He found that the feel of his Little Senior Sister Knowledge Sea was just like her personality, pure and innocent.

Below him was an endless sea that was formed from a myriad of Divine Sense threads. When a cultivator reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, they would open up their Soul’s Knowledge Sea and along with the increase in their strength and Spiritual Energy, this sea would grow larger and larger while the energy contained within it would become stronger and stronger.

Yang Kai had once entered Shan Qing Luo’s Knowledge Sea; compared with Xia Ning Chang’s Knowledge Sea, there were some obvious differences.

The Beguiling Demon Queen, Shan Qing Luo’s Knowledge Sea was suffused with a fascinating temptation, but inside his Little Senior Sister’s Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai only felt a kind of harmonious tranquility.

It seemed as though Xia Ning Chang’s Knowledge Sea could purify the evil within people’s hearts.

Above this peaceful Knowledge Sea, two figures stood facing each other.

“I’m still not familiar with how to use my Divine Sense right now so I can only explain to you what I know. Take down what you can and if there is something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.” Yang Kai sighed helplessly.

When it came to utilizing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai only knew how to use his Soul Skills. If he were more skilled at handling it, he could copy the knowledge in his mind and form a package with his Divine Sense before directly delivering it to his Little Senior Sister, there would be no need to go through the trouble of explaining things.

Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly in response.

And so, Yang Kai began speaking to Xia Ning Chang about the True Alchemic Way.

To this day, Yang Kai had still only extracted a very small part of the knowledge contained in the True Alchemic Way, but this small part still included a variety of magical Spirit Arrays and the experiences of many Alchemy Grandmasters.

These things were worthless to the average person and even to ordinary Alchemists as they were too profound and mysterious. But for an Alchemist of Xia Ning Chang’s talent, they were simply peerless treasures.

With this knowledge, Yang Kai believed that his Little Senior Sister could achieve even greater results in her Alchemy with far less effort, even comprehensively increasing her skills a few times over.

As time passed and the sun and moon rose and set inside this tranquil Knowledge Sea, two illusory figures stood face to face, one person lecturing, one person listening. The atmosphere was peaceful but serious.

Xia Ning Chang’s comprehension ability was extraordinary. There were many pieces of information Yang Kai had obtained from The True Alchemic Way that he still didn’t understand, but after explaining it to Xia Ning Chang and discussing with her, he too gained a lot of benefits.

Gradually, the scene changed from one person imparting knowledge to another to two people expressing their opinions and exploring the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way.

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