Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 457

The six Yang Family Young Lords all hastily made preparations and set out.

Whether it was wealthy lords or low life gang members, everyone who got the news rushed to Po Jing Lake, ready to watch the fun.

Inside his mansion, Yang Kai rubbed his forehead as he stared out at his group of noisy allies before him. With the exception of the five Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Duan Mu Family who kept their silence, everyone else vehemently expressed their desire to have their force join Yang Kai this time.

Even the five Immortal Ascension masters from the Duan Mu Family who didn’t speak had an unmistakable fighting intent in their eyes.

This charade had gone on for quite some time now and had devolved into a loud mess.

Qiu Yi Meng didn’t know what to do. Most of these people were personal friends of Yang Kai, so unlike with the allies of the other Young Lords, they couldn’t be treated as simple henchmen and casually ordered about.

“Whatever the case, this Young Lord is definitely going to go this time! Damn, how can I, Huo Xing Chen, miss such a big event?” The Huo Family Young Lord made a face that screamed ‘if you don’t take me, I’ll go myself’!

Qiu Yi Meng opened her mouth to also voice her desire to go, but seeing Yang Kai’s current struggle, as his second in command, she felt it best not to add on to this chaos, restraining herself as she waited for Yang Kai to speak.

Looking at these enthusiastic allies, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling.

Contrary to what they were saying, them wanting to go was not because they were bored, or because they were tempted by the thousand artifacts, it was simply because they had all just received those extraordinary pills from Yang Kai and felt they hadn’t given anything back to him yet.

All of them had come here to support him, so now that an opportunity to finally contribute had arrived, who would be willing to give up?

“Draw lots.” Yang Kai finally said, letting them continue to argue would accomplish nothing so he might as well use the simplest method to decide.

The noise in the hall instantly calmed down as everyone turned a surprised expression towards Yang Kai, not having expected him to propose such a method.

However… there was nothing wrong with this idea either.

“Good! Who stays and who goes will be decided by destiny!” Han Xiao Qi smiled slightly and was the first to agreed.

“En, we’ll draw!” Dong Qing Han nodded.

“This Young Lord has no opinion!” Huo Xing Chen grinned meaningfully.

To show fairness, Yang Kai personally held the lots and soon, the results came out.

From his eleven supporters, the Huo Family, Duan Mu Family, Dong Family, Ten Thousand Flower Palace, Reflecting Moon Sect, and Tian Yuan City groups would follow Yang Kai while the rest would remained to guard the mansion in case something came up.

“Any objections?” Yang Kai looked around.

“Alright, I’ll watch the house this time.” Qiu Yi Meng giggled and smiled.

“Good! Let’s go!” Yang Kai expression became serious, swinging his hand as he lead the way, the six forces accompanying him rushing to keep up.

Of the six forces, besides the Huo Family which only brought two Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters, each had at least five Immortal Ascension cultivators. Of these masters, four had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage while the rest had an uneven distribution of strength but none of them were weak.

A total of nearly thirty Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and a large number of True Element Boundary cultivators; a spectacular line up.

At an inn a kilometer outside from Yang Kai’s mansion, at this moment, there was a party of a man and two women in the lobby. All three of these people were youths and two of them were even twins.

The pair of twins both wore light blue dresses and had refined, beautiful features, charming faces, slender waists, tall chests, and jade white skin. Simply by sitting there they frequently caused pedestrians and guests in the inn to stare.

Great beauties were rare, while beautiful twins were even rarer.

(PewPew: If great beauties are rare… why do we seem to meet so many of them!?)

(Silavin: I would think of it as a population of 1/1000 as a great beauty)

However, the expressions upon the beautiful faces of these two flowers weren’t good, one of them seemed helpless and depressed while the other appeared indifferent but with some faint dissatisfaction and resentment between her eyebrows.

As for the young man, he too didn’t seem too happy, smiling helplessly as he sighed over and over again, “Elder Sister, we have been here for more than a month now, do you still not want to go?”

The down sister also nodded, “En, Elder Sister, us staying in this inn won’t solve anything, since we’ve come, why don’t we just go see him?”

“Who do you want to look for?” The last person grumbled angrily, “We aren’t here looking for someone, we…”

“We just came out to play, I know, I know.” The man one again repeated the words he had heard too many times to count. “However, this War City is so chaotic right now. You two sisters living here will draw unwanted attention sooner or later. Haven’t you noticed that more and more people have been staring recently?”

“I won’t go!” The charming young woman firmly declared, “You can go by yourself, I’ll just hide in the room after you leave, problem solved.”

The young man shook his head and sighed again, “Wasn’t it just him hiding his true identity? Besides, it’s not like he was trying to deceive you, the Yang Family has its own rules that forbid him to announce himself, why are you so upset about it still?”

The young woman pursed her lips and pouted, unwilling to argue back.

Just as the young man and young woman were talking, a large number of people rushed out from Yang Kai’s mansion with Yang Kai himself at the head, all of them rushing towards the east.

Looking at the familiar figure fly past, the two beautiful twins’ eyes brightened slightly before suddenly dimming once more.

“Looks like there’s movement!” The young man commented; Yang Kai suddenly taking so many people out, obviously something big was happening. Turning to the two sisters in front of him, he quickly said, “I want to take a look, are you coming?”

“Elder Sister, I want to go!” One of them quickly said.


“Do what you want, but don’t take too long to decide, let’s go!” The young man hurriedly said before rushing out.

The two sisters glanced at each other for a moment before not hesitating to catch up.

Just outside War City, another group of people quickly appeared beside Yang Kai’s. When the two sides noticed one another, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

It was Yang Zhao’s forces! Although a month ago Yang Kai’s supporters had surpassed Yang Zhao’s, as time passed, Yang Zhao had gathered more and more power, so this time, the number of people he had brought out was no less than the number following Yang Kai and amongst them there were many strong masters.

The distance between the two groups was less than three hundred meters but neither side was able to outpace the other.

“Ninth Brother’s Movement Skill is impressive.” Yang Zhao suddenly chuckled, “No wonder Third Brother was taken away by you.”

“Second Brother praises me too much.” Yang Kai also smiled slightly.

“This time Second Brother won’t let off so easy.”

“Any time Second Brother wants to fight, Ninth Brother will be more than happy to accompany you, we can even play now if you’d like!”

Yang Zhao’s smiling face instantly went a little stiff. Facing Yang Kai’s aggressive attitude made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, but he quickly recovered his composure and shook his head, “Another time perhaps. There’ll be plenty of chances for us brothers to compete in the future!”

“True enough!” Yang Kai nodded, not provoking Yang Zhao any further.

As the two brothers spoke, the sound of something cutting through the air suddenly came from behind and a lone figure immediately passed the two groups and shot towards the distance like lightning.

Whether it was Yang Kai or Yang Zhao, neither of them could help staring at the back of this young man.

“Liu Qing Yao!” Huo Xing Chen exclaimed, gnashing his teeth, “That fellow is too arrogant!”

Although he had spoken angrily, there was some helplessness in his voice as well. After all, even Huo Xing Chen had to admit that Liu Qing Yao was far stronger than himself.

However, soaring directly over the heads of these two groups of people and flying away without a single word. His meaning couldn’t be clearer, he didn’t place anyone here in his eyes.

When he heard the exclamation of Huo Xing Chen, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly.

He had only heard the name Liu Qing Yao but until today he had never seen him.

After the start of the Inheritance War, he also learned that Liu Qing Yao had been spectating from inside War City, never helping any of the Yang Family Young Lords or acting against them either.

Obviously he thought none of them deserved his services.

[So he’s Liu Qing Yao! Sure enough, he has enough capital to act arrogantly.]

Yang Zhao couldn’t help snorting, “Ninth Brother, this is my Yang Family’s stage, how can we let an outsider rob the limelight?”

Yang Kai grinned and nodded, “Agreed.”

The smiles on both brothers’ faces were practically identical; immediately, both of them suddenly increasing their speeds, shooting off like a pair of shooting stars.

The people in the two groups behind, no matter who they were, gasped in admiration.

Yang Zhao had broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage a few days ago, and although he had yet to consolidated his cultivation, he had truly crossed the Immortal Ascension watershed.

Being able to suddenly display this kind of speed at the Immortal Ascension First Stage, even faster than what Liu Qing Yao had displayed earlier, was naturally quite impressive.

What was even more amazing was Yang Kai, a trivial True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator that was no slower than Yang Zhao. The Movement Skill he used was indeed profound and made it seem like he could ride the wind itself.

[The Yang Family is really a collection of monsters!] Everyone shook their heads and thought secretly.

Mid-flight, Yang Zhao was also amazed by Yang Kai. It was only by using a special technique that he was able to achieve his current speed, and it was consuming a large amongst of his True Qi to maintain it. In other words, he wouldn’t be able to maintain this speed for a long time. At most he would only be capable of continuing at this pace for an incense stick worth of time before needing to slow down and recover or else he would overdraw his True Qi and suffer some backlash.

On the other hand, his Ninth Brother didn’t seem to be the same; he neither used some special technique nor an artifact, his speed seemed to be completely his own, only requiring him to circulate his True Qi normally to achieve.

At that moment, Yang Zhao felt a sense of disbelief and unwillingness, increasing his speed once more.

However, before he could open any noticeable gap between them, Yang Kai had already caught up, his expression still as light and easy as before, “Second Brother, doing this is quite tiring.”

Seeing and hearing this, Yang Zhao could only smile wryly, “First, we catch up with Liu Qing Yao, then deal with the consequences.”

Yang Kai grinned and nodded, “The Yang Family’s rightful place, I’ll take back. If Second Brother can’t keep up, you should just take a break!”

As soon as these words were said, Yang Zhao suddenly felt a scorching wave of heat burst out beside him as he saw Yang Kai transform into a great fireball, releasing a brilliant radiance before shooting off towards the horizon, instantly closing the gap between him and Liu Qing Yao, the wind trailing behind him sharply cutting past Yang Zhao’s face.

Yang Zhao’s eyes narrowed, letting out a light shout, “As the Second Brother, how can I not answer?”

A halo of light quickly blossomed from Yang Zhao’s body and in a flash, his speed too was raised to the limit.

Seemingly noticing these two people catching up with him, Liu Qing Yao in front couldn’t help glancing back, but before he could focus his vision, a great fireball rushed past him, the heat waves billowing off of it causing his heart to palpitate slightly.

“Hm?” Liu Qing Yao revealed a look of surprise, involuntarily calling out, “Such pure True Qi!”

“Young Lord Liu, we’ll be going on ahead!” Yang Zhao also soared past Liu Qing Yao and let out a big laugh as he flew off into the distance.

(Silavin: The two cousins really are buddies aren’t they?)

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