Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 462

However, the other party obviously had no intention of letting him go, matching his steps in order to block his path again.

Seeing this, Dong Qing Han sneered, his expression still indifference but his aura gradually becoming dangerous.

“Since you’re one of Yang Kai’s allies, you shouldn’t even think of passing me!” The young man firmly declared, his attitude incredibly rampant and arrogant!

“I was wondering who it was, so it is Young Master Lu,” Dong Qing Han spat disdainfully. This youth was no stranger as he had met him before when Lu Song brought materials and troops to join Yang Kai.

But this youth’s vision was far too poor, easily being tricked by Qiu Yi Meng into angering Yang Kai, subsequently leading to him being driven out and then beaten to a pulp by Huo Xing Chen.

After that incident, Lu Song piled all his grievances and hatred onto Yang Kai, so once his wounds had convalesced he immediately sought out Yang Kang and joined his forces in order to seek revenge on Yang Kai.

Among all the Young Lords who were participating in the Inheritance War, three of them held deep hatred towards Yang Kai. One was Xiang Chu of the Xiang Family, one was Nan Sheng of the Nan Family, and the other was Lu Song.

These three all wanted Yang Kai to die without burial for various reasons, so during this battle for artifacts, the three of them had brought their respective forces and specially targeted those who belonged to Yang Kai’s camp.

Lu Song sneer back, “Young Lord Dong, I don’t have any grudge against you, but you choosing to support Yang Kai makes me unhappy. When this Young Master is unhappy, you won’t be happy either, I advise you to abandon Yang Kai now so you don’t end up dying miserably.”

“Try it if you can!” Dong Qing Han knew that Lu Song only wanted to delay him here so he was too lazy to talk any nonsense with him. After he finished speaking, his slightly chubby body flickered and shot off through the sky like a bolt of lightning.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards followed quickly, flanking him to his left and right.

Lu Song’s expression sank as he angrily shouted, “Want to leave? In your dreams! Stop them!”

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters accompanying Lu Song instantly moved to intercept the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards.

At the same time, countless black lights emerged from Lu Song’s arms and his expression became ferocious.

These black lights gave off an eerie aura and seemed to contain a kind of frigid energy as they swiftly gathered in Lu Song’s hands.

Quickly, two washbasin sized spheres of dark energy appeared atop Lu Song’s palms and pulsed with murderous intent.

Pushing his palms forward, the two masses of energy soared through the air and circled towards Dong Qing Han, attempted to trap him.

Although Lu Song was an arrogant fool, he was still the Young Lord of a first-class family. After so many years of cultivation in such a good environment, obviously he had some decent means.

With Lu Song’s True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation in conjunction with this powerful artifact based attack, he had more than enough capital to thoroughly suppress an opponent at the same cultivation realm as him.

Once someone was caught in this trap, it would be like they fell into a mire, slowing them down significantly.

Dong Qing Han revised his opinion of Lu Song upon seeing this strike. With both of them using high grade artifacts, and given the small difference in their cultivation realms, if they were to really fight, Dong Qing Han would have to spend quite a bit of time to beat Lu Song.

Unfortunately, right now, time was the one thing Dong Qing Han didn’t have enough of.

Tracing the movements of the two energy balls flying towards him, Dong Qing Han took a deep breath and with a great shout, his somewhat fat body quickly shrank, suddenly transforming him from a fatty to a well-built handsome youth. With a booming thunder-like crash, a great crescent blade of wind suddenly appeared and intercepted the two dark energy balls.

(Silavin: Wait… does this mean his fats were a part of his cultivation?)

(Skoll: He prolly has a cultivation technique that stores energy in his fat)

The intense collision led to an explosion of energy which completely dissipated both attacks.

Lu Song’s expression changing to one of shock as he momentarily froze, allowing Dong Qing Han to open up a fair distance between them, his now thin body wrapped in a layer of wind which greatly boosted his speed.

No one knew Dong Qing Han cultivated a wind attribute Secret Art. The first impression most had of this fatty was that he didn’t seem nimble, but right now Dong Qing Han’s movements had become sharp and exquisite, like a soaring hawk racing through the forest canopy.

By the time Lu Song recovered, it was already too late for him to catch up.

However, while Dong Qing Han was delayed by Lu Song’s mysterious artifact, another cultivator had managed to seize the target artifact. Fortunately, this person was only an ordinary True Element Eighth Stage cultivator and he was easily knocked back after a single exchange between him and Dong Qing Han.

Realizing that although the two of them had the equal cultivations, he was not this newcomer’s opponent at all, the man immediately lost heart and awkward threw away the Soul type artifact.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the direction he had thrown the artifact happened to be towards the crowd of spectators.

Seeing this, Lu Song laughed and turned back to the artifact.

Dong Qing Han glanced at the culprit angrily for a moment before not wasting anymore time on him, quickly darting towards the direction the artifact had flown.

Wrapped in a faint glowing radiance, the artifact flew through the air and gradually fell towards a group of spectators. With the previous experience, how could this group of bored onlookers dare get involved again? The group quickly scattered in all directions, none of them willing to even touch this artifact.

Only one man and two women remained where they stood.

The twenty seven or so year old youth and the pair of beautiful twin sisters stared blankly at the artifact flying towards them, all of them smiling wryly in their hearts.

According to its current trajectory, if it wasn’t intercepted by someone else, this artifact would fall almost precisely on top of these three people’s heads, like it had been guiding to them by some invisible force.

As these three youths watched, some hesitance appeared in their eyes, but eventually they didn’t move like everyone else.

Soon, the artifact came to a stop right above one of the sister’s heads, this enchanting flower casually reaching out and grabbing it.

“You’re way too reckless!” The young man muttered, his face paling slightly. Everyone who had tried to snatch one of these artifacts so far had been silently killed a moment later, even catching one temporarily was a big risk.

Those who were here to watch the excitement also showed a trace of pity on their faces, these two sisters were young, beautiful, and enchanting, if they were suddenly killed for no reason it would be quite tragic.

This bold action was also seen by Lu Song and Dong Qing Han. Lu Song, who first arrived, let out an arrogant laugh of victory as he extended his hand, “Girl, hand it over, or you’ll die!”

Although Dong Qing Han’s expression was cold, his heart was filled with anxiety, but there was nothing he could do. From the perspective of these spectators, it didn’t matter if the one in front of them was from the Dong Family or Lu Family, in order to avoid being killed, they would naturally choose to deliver any artifact they caught to the first person who asked.

If this artifact was really picked up by Lu Song, it would be quite hard to get back.

Sure enough, the young woman looked up at Lu Song and flashed a fascinating smile as she nodded, “Okay.”

The charming smile coupled with her enchanting voice stimulated Lu Song greatly, so even in this chaotic and dangerous situation, he couldn’t help feeling his pulse quicken slightly.

Just as he was experiencing this gaff, the young woman casually tossed the artifact in her hands; however, upon leaving her fingers it shot out as fast as a meteor, crossing over Lu Song’s head and flying over to Dong Qing Han.

Dong Qing Han was already on edge, alert to any possible danger lurking around him, so when the artifact suddenly flew at him he instinctively reached out and grabbed it. Startled, he stared at his hand then at the young woman a short distance away, his brow furrowing slightly.

It was as if… he had seen this beautiful young woman somewhere before.

Standing there with his still outstretched hand, Lu Song felt thoroughly embarrassed, and his expression quickly became gloomy, glaring at the young woman as he angrily roared, “You court death!”

The True Qi in his body stirred as he threw a punch filled with murderous intent towards the young woman, his face devoid of any mercy.

On the other hand, the young woman maintained her perfect smile as she lightly waved her hand.

In an instant, the space in front of the young woman warped and an impenetrable barrier formed that not only blocked Lu Song’s killing strike but even reflected it back at him, sending him tumbling awkwardly through the air.

Gasps resounded all around and even Dong Qing Han was dumbfounded.

No one had thought that this enchanting young woman who appeared as delicate as a flower was actually hiding such immense strength.

So young, yet able to force the Young Lord of a first-class family back with a single casual blow, such ability wasn’t something an ordinary person could possess.

“Hmph!” The young woman’s smiling face quickly changed to one of disgust and disdain as she snorted contemptuously. She turned around and disappeared into the crowd in the next instant with her twin and young man hurriedly chasing after her.

A short distance away, Lu Song was still in shock, unable to even utter any words of response. When he confronted Dong Qing Han, even if he was at a disadvantage, he wasn’t powerless to resist like just now; that young woman was obviously not an average person! She was clearly much stronger than both him or Dong Qing Han.

His head filled with complex thoughts, Lu Song’s face gradually turned crimson as his True Qi fluctuated unstably.

Against another first-class family Young Lord his skills had proved inferior, and now even a random nameless spectator had easily bested him, naturally he felt he had lost a great deal of face.

After finally composing himself, his first thought was to order his henchmen to seize that young woman so he could torture her to relieve the hate in his heart but he quickly discovered that she and her companions had already disappeared, causing him to feel helpless and depressed.

“Lu Song, this artifact, this Young Master will graciously accept!” Dong Qing Han raised the Soul type artifact in his hand and loudly declared with a smug look on his face.

The Wind and Cloud Dual Guards also broke off their fight with the two Lu Family masters and immediately returned to Dong Qing Han’s side.

“Just you wait!” Lu Song angrily spat.

Staring back at him, Dong Qing Han’s expression became serious as he earnestly said, “Young Lord Lu, I advise you to leave War City and the Central Capital, or else you will die sooner or later, those who have offended my cousin have never had good ends!”

“We’ll see who dies first, him or me!” Lu Song shot back , not appreciating this advice at all.

Dong Qing Han shook his head slowly, no longer concerning himself with Lu Song and flying back to Yang Kai’s camp.

The confrontation here was only a small event in comparison to the entire battlefield, and the shocking performance of the mysterious young woman was only witnessed by a small group of people who quickly forgot about her as they continued watching the chaotic scene in front of them.

Only Dong Qing Han, on his way back, continued to furrow his brow, unable to recall just where he had seen those beautiful twin sisters, their faces were familiar to him but the impression they gave him just now didn’t match with anyone he had met before which confused him greatly.

What he cared more about though, was the strength of the young woman who had just taken action, there was no doubt she was even stronger than he was!

The ninth batch of Artifacts finally for released and the whole lake was decorated with sparse sprinkles of Heaven Grade artifacts. Blinded by greed and a fervent lust of power, every battle got even more frenzied. As their excitement rose, so did the bloodshed.

Everyone knew that there was only a limited number of treasure for them, so once one managed to get his hands on a piece of treasure, he would be targeted by innumerable people around him. This placed the holder’s life in a precarious situation whereby holding onto his life was difficult enough; let alone the artifact in his hands.

Even so, the cultivators still attempted to take on the risk. This led to the artifacts swapping hands at breakneck pace.

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