Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 463

Since the battle for these artifacts had begun, none of them had ever moved, only deploying their allies one by one until now only their respective Blood Warrior was left beside them.

The six of them were constantly on alert, secretly observing the movements of their opponents. Yang Kai, Yang Wei, and Yang Zhao didn’t appear anxious while Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying couldn’t help showing some slight agitation. When a cultivator from their camp lost an artifact they would wear bitter expressions, and when they successfully snatched one they would show happy smiles, especially when the grade of the artifact was good.

However, no matter who it was, all of them were quietly waiting for the emergence of the Mysterious Grade artifacts, which they knew would soon appear.

Suddenly, a few thousand meters up, a few faint flashes of light like twinkling stars emerged and an extraordinary fluctuation of energy spread from them.

Everyone felt these energy fluctuations and couldn’t help but look up.

What they saw was these points of light getting brighter and brighter as they approached the lake surface at an incredible speed, like brilliant falling stars with five coloured tails trailing behind them.

The six brothers expressions all brightened as flames lit in their hearts .

The Mysterious Grade artifacts had finally appeared!

What’s more, there were a full eight of them!

This was the grand finale of this snatching battle, the most precious eight artifacts!

Mysterious Grade was the highest grade in this world, whether it was an artifact or pill! Refining Mysterious Grade pills was extremely difficult and refining Mysterious Grade artifacts was even harder, so almost every single Mysterious Grade artifact was equivalent to a first-class forces’ foundational inheritance.

In one shot producing eight Mysterious Grade artifacts, only the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families had such a heritage.

Soon, the eight Mysterious Grade artifacts that appeared in the sky had fallen to a height of a thousand meters and were still picking up speed.

Whether it was the crowd of spectators or the battling cultivators, all of them felt as if a mountain like pressure was descending upon them, this aura was like the precursor to the world’s imminent destruction, causing everyone to shudder in fear.

“Run!” Someone exclaimed as they darted away.

Since the emergence of the third batch of artifacts, every artifact had a single strike sealed within it. If a cultivator wanted to seize it, they first had to endure this attack.

These eight Mysterious Grade artifacts were obviously the same. An attack from a Mysterious Grade artifact was difficult for even an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage master to endure, so what chance would these casual spectators stand?

As soon as this cry rang out, the crowd suddenly transformed into a pack of stray dogs fleeing in panic, each of them activating their own movement skills to get as far away from Po Jing Lake as possible.

Not only did these spectators escape, even the cultivators who had been snatching artifact until now also hurriedly withdrew in order to avoid a head on collision.

The six Yang Family Young Lords didn’t move, all of them staring fixedly at the eight falling stars, the light in their eyes glowing brighter with every breath.

Eight hundred meters, seven hundred…

At this distance, the outline of these eight artifacts could be seen clearly; they were all different shapes and sizes. If one didn’t spend a great deal of time to thoroughly research it, they wouldn’t know what these artifacts really did.

Yang Kai had already released his powerful Divine Sense and inspected the eight artifacts as best he could, most interested in one that appeared to be a mirror.

This mirror revealed a mysterious frigid energy fluctuation, indicating it was probably an artifact with a cold attribute. Although what Yang Kai cultivated was the True Yang Secret Art, he still felt that this mirror may be more powerful than the other artifacts.

Five hundred meters…

As if they had discussed it beforehand, all the Yang Family Young Lords who until now hadn’t moved at all suddenly flew up in to the sky, rushing to intercept these eight artifacts.

Mid-flight, the six brothers silently met each other’s eyes and confirmed each other’s goals. Obviously they didn’t want to have any disputes at the outset.

There was a total of eight artifacts so each of them could grab at least one of them, as for the remaining two pieces, they would belong to whoever could snatch them.

Fortunately for Yang Kai, none of his brothers seemed to have eyes on his goal. With the roles of these Mysterious Grade artifacts still unclear, everyone naturally had the intention to first grab one while avoiding unnecessary fights.

The distance between the six brothers and the eight artifacts quickly shrunk.

Everyone’s True Qi circulated fiercely and the six Blood Warriors who followed the six brothers also gathered their strength.

In a flash, twelve people and eight artifacts collided.

The speed of the six Blood Warriors was a bit faster, rushing ahead of their Young Lords and pushing their True Qi to defend themselves as they each reached out towards their respective target artifacts.

A full powered attack from a Mysterious Grade artifact was not something any of the Young Lords could resist, so the Blood Warriors had to resist these strikes first before they could attempt to seize them

Accompanied by a burst of light so bright that observers couldn’t open their eyes, a fierce wave of energy instantly burst out.

Six muffled snorts rang out at the same time, and from inside the brilliant light, a mysterious pattern seemed to appear.

*Shua shua*, the remaining two unattended artifacts fell to the side, attracting six hot glances, but none of them rushed to seize them, even Yang Kai didn’t dare touch the restriction placed on these Mysterious Grade artifacts.

However, under the gazes of these six people, a lone figure suddenly shot towards one of the two drifting artifacts from below. This person seemed to have flown in right after the six brothers took action.

After seeing the face of this person, Yang Kang couldn’t help but curse, “Bastard, Liu Qing Yao!”

The newcomer was none other than the Central Capital’s First Young Lord. Like the Yang Family Young Lords, he hadn’t taken any action before now, but when the Mysterious Grade artifacts appeared, he finally moved, obviously he had come here with the same goal as the Yang Family brothers.

“Courting death!” Yang Shen coldly snorted, how could the Mysterious Grade artifact’s attack be so easy to bear? Liu Qing Yao was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage, once he touched the restriction around this artifact, even if he didn’t die he would be seriously injured.

But Liu Qing Yao didn’t seem to panic at all, his True Qi suddenly bursting out, causing the robe he was wearing to shine vibrantly. On his robe, images of a great river and a round crescent moon appeared, there was even a fish swimming in the water giving it an almost lifelike appearance. The river surged upwards in great billowing blue waves, forming into a raging torrent which quickly shrouded Liu Qing Yao’s figure.

As this happened, the crescent moon shot out a thousand rays of light towards the Mysterious Grade artifact while the seemingly ordinary fish leapt from the water and transformed into a great and imposing dragon which opened its mouth bit towards the artifact as well.

“Water Moon Blue Wave Armour!” Yang Zhao exclaimed, apparently recognizing this treasure.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. Although he had never heard of this Water Moon Blue Wave Armour, Liu Qing Yao daring to snatch this Mysterious Grade artifact alone was obviously because of it.

This was a rare treasure, capable of both offence and defence; it looked like a Mysterious Grade artifact itself!

Liu Qing Yao was the First Young Lord of the Central Capital. He was also the Liu Family’s inheritor; him having a Mysterious Grade artifact of his own was plausible.

When the dragon and moonlight hit the Mysterious Grade artifact’s barrier, the seal was immediately stimulated and countless golden lights shone out, quickly overwhelming the thousand moon beams.

The dragon struggled for a while longer but eventually lost to the golden lights, bursting into mist and disappearing.

Liu Qing Yao took this opportunity to grab the artifact before the countless golden lights reached him, causing the water curtain surrounding his body to tremble fiercely.

Yang Kang and others secretly stole glances at the situation, praying with all their hearts that Liu Qing Yao would either be repelled or killed.

However, to their disappointment, when the golden lights faded completely, Liu Qing Yao remained. The Central Capital’s First Young Lord stood there, his expression indifferent as he firmly grasped the artifact in his hand.

Just when everyone thought he had succeeded, Liu Qing Yao’s expression changed sharply as his eyes bulged.

From the artifact, suddenly a burst of blue energy like a ribbon shot out and attempted to entangled Liu Qing Yao, immediately wrapping him up in a few layers. This blue energy was extremely strange, even his Water Moon Blue Wave Armour was unable to impede its progress.

“Resist!” Liu Qing Yao angrily roared, the water curtain around his body fiercely swelling, finally slowing the speed at which the blue energy was engulfing him.

The six Yang Family Young Lords saw this unexpected development and were all stunned; however, in the next moment Yang Wei’s expression changed, turning to his nearby Blood Warrior and shouting, “Get back!”

Unfortunately, his warning came too late, Liu Qing Yao had relied on his own artifacts to block the attack of and seize this artifact, how could the six Blood Warriors not have done the same?

Although they didn’t have their own Mysterious Grade artifacts, but they had superb cultivation and strength.

The six Blood Warriors had already grasped the artifacts their respective Young Lords had sought, and by the time Yang Wei shouted out, blue ribbons of energy had already emerged and shot towards the six Blood Warriors, attempting to bind them in place.

As soon as they saw these blue energy ribbons, the six Blood Warriors’ expressions changed greatly. Obviously, they knew the details of these blue ribbons. Without a moment’s hesitation, all six of these masters flew back at their fastest speed, but the blue energy ribbons pursued relentlessly, and quickly overtook them.

No one managed to escape, all of them wound up captured.

Unlike ordinary ropes, these blue energy ribbons immediately disappear into their bodies after they had fully engulfed the six Blood Warriors and didn’t affect their freedom of movement.

Across the distance between them, the six Blood Warriors all looked at each other and with depressed expressions.

“This damn thing!” Tu Feng sighed.

The others also gnashed their teeth as they cursed, “Too sinister!”

Ying Jiu didn’t say a word as he rushed over to Yang Kai’s side and handed over the mirror like artifact before he rapidly flew back to the lakeshore.

Yang Kai stared at his back and frowned. Although he did appear to be wounded, the current Ying Jiu gave him a very different feeling from usual, almost like a tiger that had all its teeth pulled out.

Not only Ying Jiu, but the other Blood Warriors too handed over their seized artifacts before immediately departing.

“What just happened?” Yang Kang muttered, holding a ring like artifact in his hand, completely confused.

“Big Brother, if it’s convenient, would you be so kind as to enlighten your brothers?” Yang Zhao smiled and looked towards Yang Wei.

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