Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 465

The actions of the Yang Family’s Young Lords had been the focus of everyone attention just now, so the entire scene that had just played out was obviously witnessed by all of them.

Floating midair, Yang Wei felt a little worried. He too didn’t know where his Ninth Brother’s confidence came from. He had long ago thought that that Yang Kai was mysterious and powerful, but after all, that was just his speculations. Before the snatching battle had begun when he had a verbal conflict with Liu Qing Yao, it was indeed Yang Kai he was thinking of, but he had not openly declared so at the time.

If Yang Kai were to mature, he would definitely be qualified to compete with Liu Qing Yao, but now… it was still too early.

After Yang Kang and others stared blankly for a while, they all shook their heads and stepped back, preparing to watch the good show. Although they were brothers with Yang Kai, right now they were also opponents. When he was defeated here by Liu Qing Yao, it would no doubt be a stain on his reputation.

Yang Kai’s radiance had been far too strong for far too long, and now they finally had a chance to see him knocked down a few notches.

“Is this kid crazy?” There were some ridiculing and disdainful voices whispering amongst the spectating crowd, “Daring to fight with the Central Capital’s First Young Lord, these Yang Family direct descendants really are too arrogant!”

“What do you know? In this situation, whether they fight or not, the Yang Family will lose face. Them sending out the youngest isn’t a bad plan. Even if he loses, the Yang Family will also be able to say ‘it’s not that our Yang Family isn’t as good as the Liu Family, it’s just that everyone is too young’.”

There were plenty of self-proclaimed smart and savvy people who expressed this idea, gaining the support of many people who nodded in agreement.

However, there were still some people who chose to quietly watch Yang Kai, wondering if he would show them some kind of earth-shattering means.

These people thought that Yang Kai didn’t seem like an arrogant and boastful youth. Since he dared accept the Central Capital’s First Young Lord’s challenge, he either had mental problems, or his real ability far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes converged on these two people, as for the cultivators from the six different camps fighting over Heaven Grade artifacts; no one seemed to care anymore.

In full view to the public, Yang Kai showed no signs of nervousness, just standing mid-air like a statue, staring back at Liu Qing Yao lightly, nodding casually as he called out, “Young Lord Liu, whenever you’re ready!”

Liu Qing Yao couldn’t help but frown, a touch of resentment creeping into his indifferent expression as he snorted, “I too want to see how you can block three of my moves!”

Just as his voice fell, a terrifying Spiritual Energy broke out.

This Spiritual Energy was filled with ruinous intent, coalescing in an instant and then piercing through the sky like a lance which could rip apart anyone’s mental defences.

When this Spiritual Energy broke out, it was as if Liu Qing Yao was a sleeping dragon which had just awaken, bringing destruction with him.

The Soul type artifacts on all of the Yang Family Young Lords flashed brilliantly as invisible forces appeared around them, blocking the residual waves of Liu Qing Yao’s Divine Sense attack.

Everyone’s face changed, even Yang Wei’s usually indifferent expression became dignified. The last time he had fought against Liu Qing Yao, although he had ultimately lost, it hadn’t been a miserable defeat, but now it was apparent to him that Liu Qing Yao at the time had held back.

No wonder he dared to arrogantly declare no one could resist three of his moves! Even if he had promoted to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage now, Yang Wei still felt it would be difficult for him to withstand three moves.

This guy was different from the Yang Family Young Lords who didn’t wear any Mysterious Grade artifacts. With these high-grade artifacts to act as amplifiers, Liu Qing Yao could display much more strength than his Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage cultivation would suggest!

*Weng weng weng…*

A strange sound echoed through the sky, like a howling voice that penetrated deep into one’s ears, causing one to feel like they had suddenly sunk into a violent destructive vortex. It seemed that even the Heavens couldn’t withstand the impact of such a Divine Sense attack and would soon collapse.

“Such strong Spiritual Energy!” In the crowd, those with higher cultivations unconsciously exclaiming.

As for those with lower strength, under the violent energy fluctuations, their faces contorted painfully.

Many suddenly felt that even gasping for breath became difficult, as if there was a mountain weighing down on their heads, involuntarily stimulating the idea of bending their knees in worship.

“Ninth Brother, be careful!” Yang Wei called out as he hurriedly withdrew, avoiding the center of the Spiritual Energy’s impact. Yang Zhao and the others also quickly retreated a hundred paces before finally stopping.

“Impressive!” At the centre of the vortex of Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai’s eyes brightened and couldn’t help praising.

Liu Qing Yao’s Divine Sense attack, even if it was achieved with the assistance of a Mysterious Grade artifact, indicated that his foundation was quite solid, at least more so than he had anticipated.

Yang Kai estimated that Liu Qing Yao’s Divine Sense strength wasn’t inferior to an average Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth or Sixth Stage master.

Liu Qing Yao’s eyes sharply gawked at Yang Kai. Since he was planning on using a potent Divine Sense attack for his first strike, he obviously did not wish for Yang Kai to last all three moves.

He too had believed that Yang Kai had stepped forward because he was the youngest, so even if he lost it wouldn’t be too shameful. Therefore, he wanted to thoroughly defeat him in a single blow.

But soon, Liu Qing Yao’s eyes flashed.

Having taken his Divine Sense attack head on, his opponent hadn’t suffered at all. Even Yang Wei had to avoid the aftermath of his strike by a hundred meters, yet this Yang Kai who stood in the centre of his Spiritual Energy explosion acted as if he had been hit by a nothing more than a light spring breeze. Forget about showing any discomfort, all that could be seen on his face was strong fighting intent.

After a short time, the horrible Spiritual Energy dissipated and Yang Kai still stood, completely unphased.

He hadn’t taken any damage from this Divine Sense attack!

“Heavens! How can this be? How can he be safe? Am I seeing things?”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.”

“An Immortal Ascension cultivator has an absolute advantage over those at the True Element Boundary. Is the youngest Young Lord of the Yang Family wearing some kind of very high-grade Soul type defensive artifact?”

Everyone among the crowd of spectators who witnessed this confrontation clamoured, many of them refusing to believe their own eyes. Just now, when Liu Qing Yao’s horrible Spiritual Energy erupted, all of them had thought that when the dust had settled, Yang Kai would definitely be seriously injured and suffer a steep price for his arrogance, but now, the result was far too different from their expectations.

Even if he wore some kind of Soul type artifact, was there really any kind of defence that didn’t leak? Also, none of them had even seen the movement of a Soul type artifact on Yang Kai, almost as if he had endured this blow on his own.

“Two moves left!” Yang Kai called out, grinning slightly at Liu Qing Yao.

“How did you…” Liu Qing Yao’s brow furrowed, his face filled with suspicion. As the one who had initiated this attack, he was even more surprised than everyone else. Quickly steadying his expression, his look finally became serious, gently nodding, “Seems you really have some capital. I have underestimated you!”

As soon he spoke these words, he took a step forward. With this step, Liu Qing Yao’s aura changed again. From Yang Kai’s perspective, this Central Capital First Young Lord suddenly seemed many times bigger, but upon staring at him fixedly, Liu Qing Yao was still Liu Qing Yao, nothing had changed.

Staring at him for a moment, Yang Kai soon understood that his opponent’s Martial Skill has caused this illusion in his own mind and quickly steadied his thoughts.

After Liu Qing Yao tread another step, Yang Kai found that even if he concentrated fully, he couldn’t completely stop his thoughts from fluctuating, causing the young man in front of him to once again appear as a giant, even if the affect only lasted a moment.

Third step……

When this step was trod, a buckling sound seemed to emerged from the depths of the void.

It was as if a huge drum was being beat, causing a resonance within the hearts of all who heard it.

“The Liu Family’s Nine Resonant Steps!” Yang Wei’s face changed slightly, muttering under his breath.

The energy between Heaven and Earth had become turbulent and Liu Qing Yao seemed to have transformed into a bottomless pit, madly swallowing the surrounding World Energy.

The fourth step……


The slightly weaker cultivators who had just experienced a violent throbbing in their hearts suddenly felt like their Blood Force and True Qi pulsed strongly, even showing some signs of instability.

The fifth step……

A series of coughs and splashes sounded one after another as everyone whose cultivation was below True Element Fifth Stage, without exception, spat blood.

Even from so far away, Liu Qing Yao’s actions had still precipitated such a strong reaction, the Central Capital younger generation’s first person truly deserved his name!

Sixth step, seventh step…

With each step Liu Qing Yao trod, a strong and powerful throbbing sound resounded, causing the world itself to shudder, almost as if the Heavens and Earth could not bear the weight of his steps.

As the number of steps increased, Liu Qing Yao’s figure quickly become bigger and bigger in everyone’s eyes. At this moment, the Central Capital’s First Young Lord had become a behemoth, his head reaching the clouds, his feet shaking the ground, no matter who it was, from their perspective they could only gaze up at him.

Eighth step, ninth step…

In the eyes of the crowd, Liu Qing Yao’s one step which would be enough to flatten half of War City was about to trample onto Yang Kai’s head. Even though this step seemed oddly slow, it also gave an unavoidable feeling, as if no matter how they tried none could escape being crushed into dust by it.

With this thought flashing across their minds, many people felt as if they were in mortal danger, their faces turning pale as they trembled in fear.

The Liu Family’s Nine Resonant Steps, a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Martial Skill, one of the Liu Family’s core inheritances.

Trod nine steps and shatter the Heavens!

The youngest Yang Family Young Lord finally just as the giant foot was about to step down on him.

His right fist clenched, and then suddenly, in the middle of the day, a starry sky illusion emerged. The myriad stars on this night sky were dazzling and mesmerizing and as his fist punched forward, all of them flashed brilliantly.

Star Mark! Yang Kai had not used this move for a long time, it was not that he didn’t want to use it but rather that he never had an appropriate opportunity to.

All the energy contained in the Star Chart Space on the back of his hand broke out at this moment and the giant foot was met by this starry sky head on.

The momentum of Yang Kai’s attack was astonishing, releasing a terrifying light that seemingly bathed the entire world in its radiance.


The two fierce attacks collided together and set off a massive explosion of energy, perfectly offsetting each other.

The starlight quickly dimmed, but the giant Liu Qing Yao was also shaken, the gargantuan foot that seemed capable of trampling the Heavens and Earth being forced back.

The Liu Family’s Nine Resonant Steps was actually blocked in a frontal contest!

And the one who accomplished this unprecedented feat was only a True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator!

Everyone was shocked, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of them, their thoughts completely chaotic, unable to accept what had just transpired.

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