Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 466

When the dazzling starlight disappeared, Yang Kai let out a loud cough, falling back several dozen meters before stabilizing his stance.

In a frontal confrontation with Liu Qing Yao’s Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Martial Skill, even his Star Mark had been slightly overwhelmed. What’s more, the gap in cultivation between the two of them wasn’t small, and even included the watershed of the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

While Yang Kai had been forced back, Liu Qing Yao’s body also swayed slightly, the huge figure in everyone’s eyes rapidly shrinking, like he had been stabbed by a sword and suddenly deflated.

The terrifying pressure in the air also dispersed, giving everyone feeling akin to seeing a bright moon after the storm clouds passed.

Looking at it now, the two young men were still staring each other down, as if they hadn’t just engaged in an epic exchange of blows.

All of the other Yang Family direct descendants were dumbfounded.

None of them had imagined that Yang Kai was strong to this extent!

All of them knew that his personal strength wasn’t weak, but even if they thought highly of his potential, he was still the youngest amongst them, and now they discovered that one on one, none of them was his opponent!

The question each of them was asking right now though was how he, a True Element Boundary Eighth Stage, could be evenly matched with Liu Qing Yao, an Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage?

Yang Zhao and the others all looked a little unsightly. Although personal strength wasn’t that important in the Inheritance War, as cultivators, each of them sought the peak of martial arts, hoping to one day step into the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, gaining the respect of thousands of people.

This ambition had nothing to do with the Inheritance War or even the position of family heir.

Only Yang Wei shook his head and smiled. In his heart, he was secretly relieved.

(Silavin: I swear. This guy is the best brother out of all the rest.)

“One move left!” Yang Kai shouted after letting out a long breath, staring at Liu Qing Yao as he chuckled lightly.

The latter stared back with a dignified expression, not daring to underestimate Yang Kai again, but after a long silence he unexpectedly shook his head and declared, “No need. Right now you’re still not my opponent! But I will admit that you have the qualifications to challenge me.”

Saying so, he casually tossed something from his hand to Yang Kai, obviously the Mysterious Grade artifact he had just snatched, staring at this youngest Yang Family Young Lord sharply as he said, “I’ll be waiting for you. When you break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, let us fight once more!”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised as he reached out and caught the artifact, his eyes flashing for a moment but eventually just deciding not to say anything more.

For the two moves just now, Liu Qing Yao didn’t use his full strength. This was a fact which Yang Kai understood very well.

But what Liu Qing Yao didn’t know was that he had not used his all either! Yang Kai had only stepped forward because he wanted to obtain this Mysterious Grade artifact. If not for this temptation, he wouldn’t have bothered even speaking to Liu Qing Yao.

But now it seemed that this young man, although somewhat overbearing and arrogant, wasn’t a wicked person.

With the artifact in his hands now, naturally he felt not need to continue this contest.

Seeing Liu Qing Yao toss this artifact he had sacrificed his Water Moon Blue Wave Armour to obtain over to Yang Kai without hesitation, all of the Yang Family Young Lords’ eyes couldn’t help turning slightly red as their breathing sped up.

In the blink of an eye, their Ninth Brother had taken the lead and obtained two Mysterious Grade artifacts!

Turning to look at Yang Wei, Liu Qing Yao nodded lightly, “Eldest Young Lord, I now understand what your Yang Family’s limits are. Your Ninth Brother indeed has more potential than you, but I, Liu Qing Yao, have also not reached my limit yet! We will settle this score later, and decide once and for all who the leader of our generation will be. I look forward to it!”

Saying so, he decisively turned around and left.

The look on the five brother’s faces was a bit complicated. When they turned to stare at Yang Kai, a thick jealousy flashed across their eyes. It seemed like it would be necessary for them to revise their evaluation of their youngest brother again.

As for Yang Kai, his expression remained indifferent, waiting for Liu Qing Yao to leave before immediately flying down towards the lake.

“Shit, there’s still one more!” Yang Kang also regained his wits and quickly chased after Yang Kai. Of the eight Mysterious Grade artifacts, each of the brothers had secured one, Liu Qing Yao snatched one, and the last one had fallen into Po Jing Lake, but after witnessing the might of the sealed attack and Qi Binding Seal implanted on these Mysterious Grade artifacts, no one dared to rush into the lake to find it, so until now, it had been left unattended.

Hearing Yang Kang’s curses, all of the other brothers also came to their senses and flew down as well, lest they allow one of their rivals to take advantage of the situation.

However, no matter who it was, no one dared move too close to Yang Kai.

Now that all of their Blood Warriors had their True Qi sealed, it was equivalent to them having no one guarding them. With Yang Kai’s performance just now, he would be more than capable of capitalizing on this opportunity.

If they were to lose in the Inheritance War for this reason, it would be too pitiful.

Yang Kai also noticed how everyone was acting vigilant towards him but he had no interest in engaging in such a pointless exercise. With so many of their allies nearby, none of his brothers would be easy to capture.

After a short period of time, with no idea how to proceed, the six brothers gave up and returned to their own camps.

The Heaven Grade artifacts from the ninth batch were still being carved up but more than half of them now had owners. Only a small number of them were still up for grabs and were constantly changing hands, the scene now actually more intense than ever before.

The cultivator from the six camps had all suffered multiple casualties.

Huo Xing Chen had fallen back already. Fortunately, his Huo Family hadn’t lost too many people. Although both of his Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage guards were injured, their wounds weren’t too serious. Only two or three of his True Element Boundary cultivators had died.

“Young Lord Kai!” Huo Xing Chen called out with a sullen look, “Would you like me and my forces go clean up the Xiang and Nan Families?”

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at him, not quite sure why he would ask such a question.

“Those bastards Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng and their lackeys have been doing nothing but targeting our people. Fuck, they didn’t even place this Young Master in their eyes. Yang Kai, just give the word and I’ll let my old man bring some people to clean up their two families tomorrow!”

However, Yang Kai just snorted back “Can’t afford to take on some losses? Then don’t participate in the Inheritance War!”

Huo Xing Chen spat dismissively and shot back, “Who says my Huo Family can’t afford to lose? It’s just their actions are far too shameless. I know the rules of the Inheritance War forbid private retaliation against forces which are involved, but this Young Lord is the famous rogue Huo Xing Chen, why should I care about such trivial rules.”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Don’t bother, they’ll pay the price sooner or later.”

Yang Kai had also noticed this situation, he understood just how deep the resent Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng held towards him. So, specifically targeting him was to be expected. However, he also knew that he couldn’t seek revenge in private for this. If he did, it would undoubtedly have a profoundly negative effect. In the future, what forces would dare come participate in the Inheritance War if such acts of revenge became common?

“Fine, fine. You have the final say.” Huo Xing Chen didn’t object any further, “But Young Lord Kai, remember, it’s not just the Xiang and Nan Families but also that idiot Lu Song. When the day comes for them to pay, make sure you bring this Young Lord along, I want to make sure they suffer!”

“That day will definitely come.” Yang Kai snickered.

“Also, that little brat Qiu Zi Ruo is going too far as well. Although he’s not acting as obviously as those three, he’s still actively seeking out conflict with us. I guess he wants to defeat you in order to stabilize his position as the Qiu Family heir.”

Letting out a sigh, he continued, “Having a big sister like Qiu Yi Meng, his life must not be easy. Well, considering we’re all Central Capital people, we can at least let him keep his dog life after this is all over.”

Huo Xing Chen spoke these words as if victory was already assured.

“Enough about that. What’s the situation with that artifact now?” Yang Kai’s eyes turned towards Po Jing Lake and said.

“It’s still down there,” Huo Xing Chen swept his eyes around and said, “Everyone is staring at it but no one dares to go down and retrieve it.”

Yang Kai nodded, with the sealed attack and the Qi Binding Seal still intact, everyone was reluctant to act. Whoever went down first would definitely end up suffering while making life easier for everyone else, no one would do such a thankless act.

In order to resist the sealed attacked from the artifact, one had to be at least an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master to come out unscathed, but even if they successfully blocked this attack it wouldn’t help, the Qi Binding Seal had even managed to ensnare the famous Blood Warriors, general Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage masters definitely couldn’t escape.

In other words, if one of the Young Lords wanted to resist the artifact’s sealed attack and the subsequent Qi Binding Seal, they had to at least sacrifice an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage master.

No one was willing to make such a sacrifice.

Yang Kai’s brows furrowed, also thinking that things had become a little difficult.

Not only him, the other five Young Lords were also caught between their greed and reason.

Yang Kai had already snatched two Mysterious Grade artifacts. In the future, whether he was attacking or defending, he would no doubt occupy a certain advantage, so with one more still available, naturally everyone was eyeing it.

Just as everyone was feeling helpless, from below Po Jing Lake’s surface a violent energy fluctuation broke out.

Whether it was the Yang Family’s direct descendants, their allies, or the spectators who had gathered nearby, all of them quickly glanced back and forth at each other in confusion.

This energy fluctuation was obviously a result of the seal on the Mysterious Grade artifact being touched.

[Had someone sneaked to the bottom of the lake? Which camp were they from?]

Glancing around the surroundings, Yang Kai couldn’t help furrowing his brow because he discovered that all five of his brothers had the same expression as him, wondering who it was that was acting.

Before there was enough time to think things through, a powerful Spiritual Energy immediately erupted from the bottom of the lake.


A loud bang resounded and the entire Po Jing Lake underwent earth-shaking changes. The blood-stained water was driven by this intense Spiritual Energy and like a dragon entering the sea, shot into the sky several dozen meters creating a great spectacle.

Yang Kai’s eyes calmly scanned this water fountain as well as the lake below.

Soon, he caught a glimpse of the gloomy light radiating from the Mysterious Grade artifact which had fallen into the lake.

At the same time the artifact appeared though, a blue energy ribbon emerged from it.

The Qi Binding Seal!

This Qi Binding Seal directly began entangling the air and after it formed a few layers, a vague figure floating above the water of the lake appeared and was bound in place, seemingly unable to move.

“It’s him!” Ying Jiu, who had always remained silent, couldn’t help but exclaim.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate for an instant, leaping up and rushing towards the centre of Po Jing Lake, the corners of his mouth flashing a sharp smile as he pushed his True Qi its limit.

*Shua,* the Asura Sword appeared in Yang Kai’s hand and a massive number of Sword Qi blades appeared like feathers around him, quickly condensing into a single sword wave before shooting out.

He also recognized this vague figure.

It was none other than the mysterious master who had attempted to sneak into the Pill Room that morning!

He hadn’t expected this man’s courage to be so big, even sneaking into this place. Yang Kai figured he had dove into the lake when he was fighting with Liu Qing Yao just now.

With the Blood Warriors all having their True Qi sealed, they obviously couldn’t detect his existence, only Yang Kai could sense him, but he was too weak to worry about, so this mysterious master decided to seize this opportunity.

However, the owner of the artifact had yet to be determined!

[Since you’ve decided to show up in front of everyone here, I’d like to see how you escape!] Yang Kai sneered.

But just as he was thinking so, the blurred figure bound by the Qi Binding Seal unexpectedly burst into mist, just like it had earlier this morning.

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