Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 467

A moment later, the long sword in his hand swung down, unleashing a sword wave that warped the air around it.

From the direction he had slashed, a fuzzy figure appeared again, grabbing the last Mysterious Grade artifact before transforming into a streak of light.

The speed at which it fled was still outrageous, leaving Yang Kai no chance to make a second attack.

Everything had started so quickly and ended just as fast. By the time the mysterious master had snatched the artifact and disappeared, the other five members of the Yang Family were still hesitating to rush forward.

Atop Po Jing Lake, the red water once again settled and the mysterious master had vanished.

Yang Kai stood mid-air, carrying the Asura Sword in his hand, his expression a little bitter.

For the second time in a single day he had let this person slip away right before his eyes, completely incapable of stopping them!

[Such a strange and mysterious man!]

Suddenly, Yang Kai noticed something, reaching out and grabbing it as it fell through the air but after seeing what it was clearly, he was visibly shocked.

Shoving this object into his sleeve pocket he immediately turned around and return to his camp.

No one knew what it was he caught in the sky above the lake, but everyone saw his reaction and couldn’t help feeling curious!

The six Yang Family Young Lords all glanced back and forth at each other. They tried to glean some clues from their opponents, but everyone’s eyes only contained suspicion and confusion, each of them unable to figure out which of their brothers had recruited such a mysterious master…

The artifact snatching battle was about to come to an end. The eight Mysterious Grade artifacts had been carved up leaving only a small amount of Heaven Grade artifacts to be fought over.

After a half a cup of tea’s time, everything had subsided and the cultivators all returned to their respective camps.

As like in the beginning, six groups stood at the edge of Po Jing Lake, but now, the total number of people had decreased by a quarter, even a large number of Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had fallen!

Among the six brothers, Yang Kang, Yang Shen, and Yang Ying had suffered the biggest losses. When the third batch of artifacts appeared, the three of them had fallen into a trap and as time passed, their disadvantage gradually grew. Fortunately, the fighting had only lasted a short time, otherwise the forces that accompanied them here may have been completely wiped out.

Every cultivator present was now thoroughly fired up, each of them glaring around at their opponents with hate filled eyes. This was actually a normal situation. While the Inheritance War was happening, private retaliation between forces was forbidden, but once it ended, the forces which had developed deep grudges were destined to have life and death contests.

Therefore, even if the artifact snatching battle had ended, the scene was no less tense than while it was happening.

Yang Kai had also lost some troops, but the harvest he reaped was even bigger! Compared to others, the number of artifacts in his camp was undoubtedly more.

In particular, Yang Kai had won two Mysterious Grade artifacts, which were more valuable than any number of lower grade artifacts.

Yang Wei waved his hand and nodded to everyone around the lake. Following this act, he led his people and his captured artifacts away. As though following his lead, his younger brothers, Yang Zhao and Yang Kang immediately followed suit to leave. Soon, even the reluctant Yang Shen and Yang Ying left the scene as well.

After such a big fight, no one was in the mood to keep stirring up trouble.

“Ying Jiu, what’s your situation?” Yang Kai glanced over at Ying Jiu who was sitting cross-legged on the ground nearby after he had been hit with the Qi Binding Seal.

Ying Jiu slowly shook his head, “I can’t mobilize more than a small amount of my True Qi and my meridians have all been sealed. It will take me at least two months to break through.”

Being hit by an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary’s sealing technique, even if the Blood Warriors were strong they wouldn’t be able to undo it easily.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly, Ying Jiu having his True Qi sealed was a big loss for him; the mere idea of his existence hiding in the shadows was a big deterrent to any opponent.

Now that this deterrence didn’t exist, he could only rely on Qu Gao Yi and Xiao Shun. Although they were also very powerful, Ying Jiu was more adept in terms of concealment and assassination.

[I can only wait to see if Meng Wu Ya can lift it. If Treasurer Meng can’t help, then Ying Jiu can only remain idle for two months.]

“Let’s return.” Yang Kai said lightly.

“This is for you!” Dong Qing Han walked up and handed Yang Kai a palm sized sword shaped artifact, it was the Soul type artifact that Yang Kai had seen before.

“You’ve got it.” Yang Kai smiled, happily accepting. The moment he touched it, an icy chill seemed to affect his Divine Sense. This was indeed an artifact that fit well with his Spiritual Energy, it would play a great role for him.

“Your cousin went forth personally, how could I not have obtained it?” Dong Qing Han thumped his chest proudly, “That Lu Song wanted to block this young master but, hah, he overestimated his own skill far too much.”

After a pause though, he sheepishly said, “But regarding my obtaining this artifact successfully, I have to thank that young woman.”

“Young woman?” Yang Kai asked offhandedly as he fiddled with the little sword in his hand.

“En.” Dong Qing Han said as he revealed a thoughtful look, “I feel like I had met her somewhere before, but I can’t remember where. She was the one who threw this thing at me.”

“Which camp was she from?” Yang Kai suddenly felt confused.

“She was among the spectators.”

“A beauty?” When Huo Xing Chen heard the word ‘woman’ he quickly asked this question with a wretched grin.

“Not only beautiful, but also enchanting!” Dong Qing Han wore an expression that screamed ‘I know what you’re thinking’ as he smiled back. “On top of that, she seemed to have had a twin. There was another person next to her who had the looked exactly like her. She was also extremely strong, Lu Song is a True Element Seventh Stage cultivator and is the Young Lord of a first-class family but she easily sent him tumbling with a single move.”

“Twins?” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rose a lot, “What kind of twins?”

Upon hearing the word ‘twins’, Yang Kai suddenly thought about the pair of charming flowers he was familiar with. In fact, he had thought that the people from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall would have shown up at his mansion some time ago, but until now he hadn’t seen them. This made Yang Kai doubt whether these two beautiful sisters were holding a grudge against him; after all, when they had parted at Tai Fang Mountain, Hu Jiao Er’s mood had been quite sullen.

Dong Qing Han was stunned by his cousin’s strong reaction and at a loss for how to describe the young woman he had met. Instead, just pointing his hand in a certain direction and saying, “They were watching the fun from over there, as for where they are now I have no clue.”

At the end of the artifact snatching battle, the crowds that had come to watch the show had also naturally dispersed, a large number of them heading back to War City.

Yang Kai immediately glanced in the direction he pointed but didn’t find any trace of the person he was looking for, quickly releasing his Divine Sense all around to scan the surrounding twenty kilometer radius.

Just after deploying his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found two distinct auras.

These two were different from everyone else around them.

Even if two people appeared similar, they would still have their own unique characteristics.

But the auras of these two people were exactly the same, almost as if they had been carved from the very same mold. Moreover, under the investigation of Yang Kai, the two people not only had the same life aura, even their two True Qis had seemingly merged with each other, forming a kind of mysterious circulation which mutually supported and strengthen one another.

[Found them!]

Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling as he shot off in their direction.

“What are you doing!?” Huo Xing Chen was shocked. This entire place was an unsafe region, so he couldn’t help quickly shouting, “Follow him!”

As one of the Yang Family Young Lords who was participating in the Inheritance War, at any time, under no circumstances should Yang Kai be acting alone, or he would most likely be targeted by powerful enemy masters.

The response of everyone was also quite rapid, quickly collecting the artifacts they had snatched in the previous battle before catching up with Yang Kai’s pace.

Among the crowd of people rupturing to War City, one man and two women walked side by side.

The young man’s face was quite dissatisfied; thinking about the war he had just seen, he couldn’t help feeling his blood boiling slightly, longing to have participated in it.

The two young women didn’t say a word as they casually strode forward.

The appearance of two delicate flowers caused all the cultivators next to them to frequently steal glances but the two women remained indifferent, seemingly quite used to it, not showing any signs of anger or happiness at this attention.

Seeing them act so submissively immediately aroused some bold and impulsive thoughts among their onlookers, some of them thinking that if they were to go up and chat with them they might be able to reap some unexpected benefits.

“Jiao Er, Mei Er, there are a few people staring at us. Would you like me to send packing?” The young man suddenly asked softly.

Hu Jiao Er’s beautiful eyes flashed a bit of disgust and helplessness before shaking her head gently, “No, let’s just get back to War City.”

Yang Kai was still just behind them. If they were to get caught up in a conflict here, they would definitely be seen by him.

It seemed that when they heard the conversation between the two people, the ones in the crowd eager to try their luck noticed that Hu Jiao Er wasn’t willing to cause any trouble here.

If she was worried about provoking others here, obviously she didn’t have a strong background! Moreover, the three of them didn’t seem very old so their strengths shouldn’t be too high, making them even easier to deal with.

Considering all this, from the surrounding crowd of people, a young man with a mature and reliable appeared walked up to the two sisters with a big smile on his face, but before he could speak to them, a shadow suddenly fell from above and blocked his path.

This person not only blocked him, but also blocked the Hu Sisters and Fang Ziji.

The trio almost instinctively circulated their True Qi, preparing to hit back at this unknown assailant.

But when they saw this newcomer’s face, Hu Jiao Er suddenly wore a flustered expression while a happy smile blossomed on Hu Mei Er’s face.

Seeing this enchanting, feminine smile, the young man couldn’t help feeling a little upset, plucking up his courage and rudely asking, “Who are you?”

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at the young man.

“N… nin.. Ninth Young Master…” The youth’s face immediately went white as he spoke incoherently.

“You want something?” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow and said.

“This lowly one doesn’t dare… please carry on Ninth Young Master!” The terrified young man somehow managed to blurt out before quickly fleeing with his companions.

Just now, the battle between Yang Kai and Liu Qing Yao was also seen by him. Not only was his personal strength phenomenal, he had a great many powerful masters at his command as well. How could a small third-class Sect disciple like him have the courage to stick around?

Fearing for his life, the young man’s only thought right now was escaping.

“Brother Yang!” After the man scurried away, Fang Zi Ji smiled lightly and cupped his fists.

“Brother Fang, long time no see.”

When they had parted ways back at Tai Fang Mountain, Fang Zi Ji had said that he would come to participate in the Inheritance War, so him being here now wasn’t a surprise to Yang Kai. During the incident at Tai Fang Mountain, whether it was the members of Storm Hall or Blood Battle Gang, they had all stood unwaveringly on his side which almost lead them into a conflict with the Xiang and Nan Families, so Yang Kai had quite a favourable opinion of this young man.

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