Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 468

“Hm, Senior Brother Fang?” Lan Chu Die’s beautiful eyes lit up slightly. Although the two were from different Sects, they had both come from the same region, meeting again after so long she naturally felt a little nostalgic.

“You are… a Junior Sister from High Heaven Pavilion?” Fang Zi Ji didn’t quite recognize Lan Chu Die as she had not been a famous figure back then.

Lan Chu Die nodded with a smile.

Dong Qing Han frowned, examining Fang Zi Ji for a while before suddenly saying, “I remember! I always thought those two girls seemed familiar, they’re Blood Battle Gang’s two flowers!”

The last time Dong Qing Han went to the High Heaven Pavilion, he had also paid attention to the situation of Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang. The charming two flowers and Fang Zi Ji were leading figures in their respective Sects.

However, he hadn’t had any significant contact with the trio, so it took him a while to recognize them.

This also explained why she had thrown the artifact to him.

The crowd behind Huo Xing Chen were also very interested in this group of three, but seeing Hu Jiao Er’s complicated expression, none of them rushed up to disturb them. Instead taking turns greeting Fang Zi Ji, they were secretly listening in on the nearby conversation.

“Why did you hide from me though you’ve already arrived here?” Yang Kai asked Hu Jiao Er.

“Who is hiding from you?” Hu Jiao Er snorted, her face blushing bright red.

“You really weren’t hiding from me?” Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a smile as he stepped forward with an accusatory look.

“Of course not…” Hu Jiao Er muttered, her beautiful eyes fluttering about. “We only arrived here today.”

Yang Kai glanced back at Hu Mei Er, only to see her smiling wryly as she silently exposed her Elder Sister’s white lie.

“Good. Since that’s the case, then you should come back to the house with me.” Yang Kai casually said, not planning on teasing her any more.

Hu Jiao Er snorted back at him though and said, “We just came to War City to play, not to participate in the Inheritance War with you. I’m not going.”

“Mei Er, how about you?” Yang Kai smiled and asks.

“I’ll go!” Hu Mei Er nodded repeatedly.

“Mei Er!” Hu Jiao Er shouted, letting out an exasperated sigh a moment later. Apparently, she hadn’t expected her little sister’s position to be so firm. Yang Kai just asked casually yet she had readily agreed.

Hu Mei Er spit out the tongue cheekily and smiled.

“We’re just a second-class Sect, we won’t be of much help to you. So, do you really still want us to come?” Hu Jiao Er whispered softly, feeling a little embarrassed.

Yang Kai suddenly realized that this was what she really was hesitating over.

The forces which were currently gathered in his mansion, with the exception of Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu’s Reflecting Moon Sect which was a second-class Sect, the rest were all first-class. Therefore, Yang Kai presumed that when Hu Jiao Er learned about this, she felt inferior and had thus hid from him.

“Jiao Er, in the future you and Mei Er will be people who stand at the very peak of this world. You don’t need to care about your second-class Sect origins,” Yang Kai said to her seriously. When they had last met, the two sisters only had True Element Boundary Fifth Stage cultivations but now they had both reached the True Element Boundary Eighth Stage. Additionally, the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art they cultivated was extraordinary, given enough time both of them would no doubt break through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

It could be said that in the future, this world’s summit would have a place for the two of them!

“Do you really think so?” Hu Jiao Er looked a little bit stunned, her enchanting face slowly filling with a brilliant radiance as she stared at Yang Kai with delight, not seeming to have imagined that his evaluation of their two sister was so high.

Yang Kai nodded without hesitation.

“This… seems like they’re falling.” Huo Xing Chen whispered as he stealthily observed.

“Nope, they’ve already fallen.” Fang Zi Ji grinned meaningfully.

“Hahaha, good, I approve!” The Huo Family Young Lord said as he opened his signature folding fan.

(Silavin: WTF? Are they seriously watching a show?)

“Hmm, well, I’ll think about it. I’ll come see you with Mei Er in a few days after I make a decision.” Hu Jiao Er hid her happiness in her heart and said softly, gently pursing her thin red lips, creating a seductive air around her.

Yang Kai suddenly stepped right up to her.

“Wh.. what?” Hu Jiao Er looked confused, leaning away slightly as Yang Kai brought his face closer to hers.

Yang Kai snickered lightly before whispering into her ear, “If you keep escaping, I’ll tell everyone your secret!”

“What secret?” Hu Jiao Er blushed from her neck to the top of her head as Yang Kai’s hot breath blew past her ear, feeling incredibly nervous, like a thousand ants were crawling all over her delicate skin.

“How one side is bigger and one side is small of course!” After whispering so, Yang Kai straightened up and sneered, he eyes intentionally or unintentionally glancing down towards Hu Jiao Er’s perfectly rounded bottom.

Under this unscrupulous gaze, Hu Jiao Er sudden felt like she had been stripped naked, her blood icing over as her face turned red with anger and shame, “Cut the crap!”

Saying so, she unconsciously lifted her hips, emphasizing her lower half’s capital.

“Why ask me something you already know? Anyways, you check for yourself, Mei Er and I will go on ahead.” Finished with what he wanted to say, Yang Kai grabbed Hu Mei Er’s hand and heading back towards War City.

“Yang Kai, why must you act like a shameless rogue!?” Hu Jiao Er stomped her foot in anger for a while.

“Shameless rogue?” Huo Xing Chen straightened himself up and said with indignation, “Girl, what did Yang Kai do to you?”

“None of your damn business!” Hu Jiao Er angrily spat, stomping a few more times before hurriedly chased after Yang Kai, grabbing hold of his free arm and shouting miserably, “I’m not finished with you! You’re going to tell me clearly today!”

“Her attitude is a bit rough, but it seems like she’ll act meek in front of Young Lord Kai.” Huo Xing Chen thought about it and secretly counted the beautiful women who had been charmed by Yang Kai, immediately admiring him for his talent in the field.

The Hu Sisters and Fang Zi Ji weren’t the only ones who had come from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall, both Sects had sent more than twenty people each. Although they couldn’t be compared with the other forces in terms of overall strength, it was still an extremely generous amount of manpower.

Previously, as a result of the two factions being implicated because of High Heaven Pavilion, all of the masters from both Sects were forcefully conscripted into the war with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, so the losses they had suffered were even heavier than other forces.

So among the people who came here from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall, there were only four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, and their cultivation realms weren’t very high.

(Silavin: Wow. Immortal Ascension from them, that’s already asking for a lot)

It was because she had concerns over this that Hu Jiao Er hadn’t been very eager to seek out Yang Kai. Since he was here to participate in the Inheritance War, what he needed most were strong masters, something they were greatly lacking, the strongest amongst them only having reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage.

Guan Chi Le, the Blood Battle Gang Immortal Ascension Boundary Third Stage Elder who had been with them at Tai Fang Mountain was also among them.

Yang Kai, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er stuck together the whole way back to War City and then went to the inn the sisters had been staying at to pick up these people.

About the current situation of the two factions, Yang Kai was clearer than anyone, so naturally he didn’t have any complaints and was instead incredibly grateful they had sent anyone at all.

These people also showed great caution when they saw Yang Kai’s allies. Obviously, because of their recent situation, they had become somewhat timid, constantly tip toeing around like they were on thin ice for fear they might annoy someone and cause trouble for their Sects.

Upon returning to the mansion, Qiu Yi Meng led a large group of people who had stayed behind to greet them with a smile.

As the second in charge in the mansion, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was naturally happy to welcome the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall cultivators. She even happily and intimately chatted with the Hu Sisters, intentionally or unconsciously casting a glance or two over at Yang Kai as she did.

It was obvious to her that these twin sisters’ attitude towards Yang Kai was somewhat unusual. Grinding her teeth in frustration as she silently cursed Yang Kai in her heart. [How can you leave for only a few hours to return back with two rare beauties in tow?]

After such a big battle, there were many things to process.

The living arrangements for the people from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall were handled by Qiu Yi Meng while the other forces which had just participated in the battle busied themselves calculating their gains and losses.

Soon, the results came out.

This time, in the artifact snatching battle, thirty six of Yang Kai’s allies had fallen, four of which were Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, the others were all True Element cultivators. Fortunately, the arrival of the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall people made up for this loss.

No one complained. Ever since they decided to participate in the Inheritance War, everyone had been mentally prepared for this possibility.

As for the thousand artifacts that had appeared at Po Jing Lake, Yang Kai’s people had managed to seize two hundred and four of them.

Yang Kai quickly pushed the tedious task of disseminating these artifacts onto Qiu Yi Meng.

Two hundred and four may seem like a lot, but in fact, artifacts were still in short supply. However, Yang Kai believed that with Qiu Yi Meng’s ability she should be able to work out a fair and optimal distribution so that none of his allied forces had any complaints.

When he finally returned to his room, Yang Kai saw Xia Ning Chang fast asleep on the table.

Little Senior Sister had been performing Alchemy almost nonstop for a while now. Although the Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley were already familiar with Xia Ning Chang’s Alchemic methods and could lighten her burden somewhat, she was still consuming a huge amount of physical and mental strength to keep up with the mansion’s demand.

Opening the door had awakened her, and after seeing Yang Kai returning unharmed, Xia Ning Chang couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

When Yang Kai came over and gently picked her up, his Little Senior Sister no longer panicked like she did the first time, seemingly having gotten used to this kind of intimate contact.

Gently placing her on the bed and pulling up the sheets, Yang Kai sat down next to his Little Senior Sister and waited for her to fall asleep once again.

Smiling lightly, Yang Kai gently brushed Xia Ning Chang’s hair back; looking at her innocent veil covered face with his heart relaxed.

Even until now, he had still not seen the unveiled portrait of his Little Senior Sister. The most he ever saw was back in the Nine Yin Mountain Valley when she had kissed him after opening half her veil.

Regarding the appearance of his Little Senior Sister, Yang Kai not being curious was naturally impossible.

However, he was convinced that when she felt the time was right, this Little Senior Sister of his would definitely show him.

For now… this thin layer of mystery was one of Xia Ning Chang’s most attractive points.

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Kai gave up any idea of sneaking a glimpse of what lay beyond her veil and quietly stepped went out, turning his eyes to the bright moon handing in the night sky.

“Ying Jiu!” Yang Kai suddenly called out.

From the darkness, a thin figure emerged; it seemed that even if he lost the ability to use his True Qi, concealing himself had already become Ying Jiu’s instinct.

“Come with me.”

Ying Jiu nodded slightly and said nothing.

Coming up to the next room over, Yang Kai gently knocked on the door, Meng Wu Ya responding soon after, “Come in.”

Yang Kai pushed open the door and walked inside.

Treasurer Meng sat cross-legged on his bed, circulating some type of profound Secret Art.

When Ying Jiu looked at this old man, his face which was always tranquil like an ancient well twitched slightly. Ever since Meng Wu Ya’s arrival at Yang Kai’s mansion, Ying Jiu had paid special attention to this person.

Not only Ying Jiu, but Qu Gao Yi and Xiao Shun were also curious about him.

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